Section 41
Chapter 40,412

Indeterminate leprosy: a clinical and histopathological evaluation

Paksoy, N.

Indian Journal of Leprosy 59(4): 399-404


ISSN/ISBN: 0254-9395
PMID: 3451924
Accession: 040411920

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27 histologically confirmed indeterminate leprosy cases were evaluated clinically and histopathologically at the SLR & TC, Karigiri, South India in 1985. The main clinical finding was a single or multiple (up to 3) patches. This was found in 25 (92%) of 27 cases. 2 cases only showed an area of anaesthesia without any skin lesion. Loss of sensation was present in 22 cases (81%). Histologically all cases (100%) showed lymphohistiocytic infiltration around the dermal structures and around/in the dermal nerves. AF bacilli were found in 17 cases (63%). They were detected most commonly in cellular infiltrate in the dermis (7 cases, 26%) and secondly in the dermal nerves (5 cases, 14%). Careful search and deeper sections increased the chance of detecting bacilli. Criteria for histological diagnosis were also discussed.

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