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Indeterminate leprosy: a therapeutic evaluation

Kar, P.K.; Jha, P.K.; Snehi, P.S.

Indian Journal of Leprosy 64(2): 163-167


ISSN/ISBN: 0254-9395
PMID: 1607714
Accession: 040411921

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Out of 50 cases of indeterminate leprosy, 46 were male and 4 were female. The only clinical finding was a single hypopigmented macule in 38 (76%) cases. Nine (18%) patients had two and three (6%) cases had three hypopigmented macules. All patients were treated with multidrug therapy for one year. At the end of six months, the lesions were still active in 12 (24%) cases. At the end of one year of treatment it was found that 33 (66%) patients became inactive and 3 (6%) cases were still to be active. The study shows that all indeterminate leprosy cases must be treated with multidrug therapy till all signs of activity are subsided.

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