Influence of radiopaque substance and concentration of contrast media as well as time of infusion on excretion of contrast medium and incidence of side effects

Schmerwitz, W.; Rösch, E.

Rontgen-Blatter; Zeitschrift für Rontgen-Technik und Medizinisch-Wissenschaftliche Photographie 30(2): 71-78


ISSN/ISBN: 0300-8592
PMID: 576505
Accession: 040435318

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Two hepatotropic contrast media in 3 different concentrations each are administered to a total of 727 patients for infusion cholecystography. It is the purpose of the study to investigate frequency of adverse reactions and quality of radiographic demonstration. In regard to tolerance, Endomirabil clearly shows advantages over Biligram. The radiologic demonstration of Endomirabil is somewhat better than with Biligram. The frequency of adverse reactions shows to be influenced by the concentration of the contrast medium as well as time of infusion, which particularly applies to Endomirabil, while in regard to the quality of visualization, ni dependence on either concentration of infusion time could be demonstrated.