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Interaction of beta-lactam antibiotics on bilirubin-albumin complex: comparison by three methods, total bilirubin, unbound bilirubin and erythrocyte-bound bilirubin

Gulian, J.M.; Dalmasso, C.; Gonard, V.

ChemoTherapy 36(2): 91-97


ISSN/ISBN: 0009-3157
PMID: 2311445
DOI: 10.1159/000238753
Accession: 040465646

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The effects of 'third-generation' cephalosporins and penicillin analogues on the concentrations of total unconjugated bilirubin, unbound bilirubin and erythrocyte-bound bilirubin were determined in blood samples. This study was performed, in vitro, at two bilirubin/albumin molar ratios and at various concentrations of antibiotics. The most effective displacers, considering the three methods, were antibiotics tightly bound to albumin: ceftriaxone and cefotetan. Cefoperazone, which is bound to albumin as tightly as these two antibiotics, caused no significant increase in unbound bilirubin but should be considered as a displacer drug on the basis of the variations of erythrocyte-bound bilirubin and total bilirubin. We suggest that drug interaction on bilirubin-albumin binding be investigated by several methods.

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