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Left pancreatectomy with preservation of the spleen without its pedicle. Apropos of 13 cases

Pradère, B.; Julio, C.H.; Rimailho, J.; Bloom, E.; Comy, M.; Concina, D.; Maquin, P.; Gouzi, J.L.

Annales de Chirurgie 46(7): 620-624


ISSN/ISBN: 0003-3944
PMID: 1456694
Accession: 040561843

Overwhelming post splenectomy infections in childhood were first described by King and Shumaker in 1952. This septic risk, although a matter of controversy, also exists in adults. Thus, splenic conservation must become a surgical concern in left pancreas resections for benign or traumatic diseases. The authors report their experience with a simplified procedure in which the splenic pedicle is resected "en bloc" with the left pancreas. This technique has been employed in thirteen patients, in whom spleen could be preserved in twelve, without operative mortality and a low morbidity rate.

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