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Chapter 40,638

Managing both members of a two-pharmacist couple: the employer's perspective

Myers, C.E.

American Journal of Hospital Pharmacy 44(12): 2732-2735


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-9289
PMID: 3434583
Accession: 040637188

Employer considerations in hiring and managing the two-pharmacist couple are discussed. In recruiting one member of a two-pharmacist couple, an employer may need to consider hiring the other spouse, especially if the employment requires relocation and if the institution is the only practice site in the area. Managers should be aware of potential difficulties associated with this practice, such as the potential for formal charges if illegal discrimination is perceived as a motive for selecting a candidate. If one spouse is not acceptable, the employer could provide assistance in locating another position. In some organizations, family members cannot supervise, or even work with, one another. Employers should review policies concerning organizational working relationships with two-pharmacist couples. In terms of scheduling, two-pharmacist couples may have work-schedule preferences that are difficult to accommodate. Although organizations have traditionally designed compensation packages for individuals, some nonsalary benefits may be handled more efficiently on a family basis. Problems can arise when individuals in two-pharmacist couples are promoted at different times and frequencies. This possibility should be discussed with both employees at the time of hiring and reviewed as promotions occur. The resignation or dismissal of one spouse may lead to the departure of the other. If this type of staff loss occurs frequently, other staff may perceive the hiring of two-pharmacist couples as a poor management practice. When hiring and managing both spouses in a dual-career couple, managers can minimize potential problems by maintaining good communication with the couple and other staff.

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