Mitral valve replacement with the Smeloff-Cutter prosthesis. Experience with 154 patients and comparison with results of replacement with a Starr-Edwards prosthesis

Oxman, H.A.; Connolly, D.C.; Ellis, F.H.

Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery 69(2): 247-254


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-5223
PMID: 1113542
Accession: 040709952

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Mitral valve replacement with the Smeloff-Cutter (S-C) prothesis was performed in 154 patients between September, 1965, and January, 1970. In 84, only the mitral valve was replaced; in the remainder, other valves were reconstructed or replaced. The hospital and late mortality rates for isolated replacement were 6 and 25 per cent, respectively. Comparable figures for the Starr-Edwards (S-E) (Models 6000 and 6120) prosthesis during this period were 11 and 23 per cent. Similar rates of thromboembolism were associated with the use of either prosthesis in surviving patients (27 per cent for the S-C valve and 30 per cent for the S-E valve). In spite of the acceptable hospital mortality rate for the S-C valve, it is not now considered suitable for clinical use because of the high late mortality rate and the high risk of thromboembolism that accompany its use.