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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 40759

Chapter 40759 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Komissarova, L.A., 1986:
Mutagenic activity of new organophosphorus pesticides

Nielsen, P.A.; Lagersted, A.; Danielsen, S.; Jensen, A.A.; Hart, J.; Larsen, J.C., 1992:
Mutagenic activity of nine N,N-disubstituted hydrazines in the Salmonella/mammalian microsome assay

Ferguson, L.R.; Denny, W.A.; O'Rourke, S.M., 1989:
Mutagenic activity of nitracrine derivatives in Salmonella typhimurium: relationship to drug physicochemical parameters, and to bacterial uvrB and recA genes and plasmid pKM101

Marquardt, H.; Rufino, F.; Weisburger, J.H., 1977:
Mutagenic activity of nitrite-treated foods: human stomach cancer may be related to dietary factors

Goldring, J.M.; Ball, L.M.; Sangaiah, R.; Gold, A., 1987:
Mutagenic activity of nitro-substituted cyclopenta-fused polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons towards Salmonella typhimurium

Morgun, V.V.; Larchenko, E.A., 1978:
Mutagenic activity of nitrosoalkylureas and diazoketones on corn. I

Hof, H., 1985:
Mutagenic activity of nitrothiazole compounds

Min, S.; Chaigneau, M.; Callais, F.; Festy, B., 1989:
Mutagenic activity of organic esters are likely to form from bromo-2 ethanol generated during fumigation using ethylene oxide

Qadri, S.A.; Islam, S.; Ahmad, M., 1992:
Mutagenic activity of oxathiolane steroids: structural requirement for the genotoxic activity in Salmonella and E. coli

Srám, R.J.; Kocisová, J.; Rössner, P.; Binková, B.; Topinka, J.; Bavorová, H., 1990:
Mutagenic activity of paracetamol. A study conducted on volunteers

Srám, R.J.; Kocisová, J.; Rössner, P.; Binková, B.; Topinka, J.; Bavorová, H., 1989:
Mutagenic activity of paracetamol. A study in volunteers

Demura, R.; Tsukada, S.; Kotani, N.; Tateoka, Y.; Narimatsu, S.; Yamamoto, I., 1990:
Mutagenic activity of pyrolysates of cyanocobalamin and some other water-soluble vitamins in the model system with the Salmonella/mammalian microsomes

Nestmann, E.R.; Douglas, G.R.; Matula, T.I.; Grant, C.E.; Kowbel, D.J., 1979:
Mutagenic activity of rhodamine dyes and their impurities as detected by mutation induction in Salmonella and DNA damage in Chinese hamster ovary cells

Golovinsky, E.; Gugova, R.; Norpoth, K.; Mohtashamipur, E., 1991:
Mutagenic activity of some newly synthesized cytostatic 1-(2-chloroethyl)-4-arylacyl-1-nitrososemicarbazides in the Salmonella/mammalian microsome assay

Milvy, P.; Garro, A.J., 1976:
Mutagenic activity of styrene oxide (1,2-epoxyethylbenzene), a presumed styrene metabolite

Khipko, S.E.; Paranich, L.I.; Zvezdaĭ, V.I.; Starchenko, G.D.; Vashchuk, N.A., 1992:
Mutagenic activity of the azo dye Disperse Orange 2K and its basic component Reax dispenser

Chastagnier, M.; Min, S.; Chaigneau, M.; Callais, F.; Festy, B., 1991:
Mutagenic activity of the condensates from thermal decomposition of different polyamides

Tamaro, M.; Dolzani, L.; Monti-Bragadin, C.; Sava, G., 1986:
Mutagenic activity of the dacarbazine analog p-(3,3-dimethyl-1-triazeno)benzoic acid potassium salt in bacterial cells

Vachkova-Petrova, R., 1986:
Mutagenic activity of the organophosphorus insecticide chloracetophon

Alekseenok, A.Ia., 1992:
Mutagenic activity of the plant preparation KAC-81

Sikka, H.C.; Florczyk, P., 1978:
Mutagenic activity of thiocarbamate herbicides in Salmonella typhimurium

Zdzienicka, M.; Zieleńska, M.; Tudek, B.; Szymczyk, T., 1979:
Mutagenic activity of thiram in Ames tester strains of Salmonella typhimurium

Bowden, J.P.; Chung, K.T.; Andrews, A.W., 1976:
Mutagenic activity of tryptophan metabolites produced by rat intestinal microflora

Kerklaan, P.R.; Zoetemelk, C.E.; Mohn, G.R., 1985:
Mutagenic activity of various chemicals in Salmonella strain TA100 and glutathione-deficient derivatives. On the role of glutathione in the detoxification or activation of mutagens inside bacterial cells

Belokon', E.M.; Kirichenko, N.A.; Zhilenko, L.N.; Bogatchuk, A.M.; Musavirov, R.S., 1988:
Mutagenic activity of various substituted 1,3-dioxanes

Muratov, M.M.; Gus'kova, S.I., 1978:
Mutagenic activity of vinyl chloride

Migone, M.; Savi, M., 1978:
Mutagenic agents: detection systems and clinico-pathological correlations

Torosian, A.Ts., 1979:
Mutagenic alterations of antibody biosynthesis

Mayer, B.J.; Hanafusa, H., 1990:
Mutagenic analysis of the v-crk oncogene: requirement for SH2 and SH3 domains and correlation between increased cellular phosphotyrosine and transformation

Bartsch, H.; Malaveille, C.; Barbin, A.; Planche, G., 1979:
Mutagenic and alkylating metabolites of halo-ethylenes, chlorobutadienes and dichlorobutenes produced by rodent or human liver tissues. Evidence for oxirane formation by P450-linked microsomal mono-oxygenases

Rapp, N.S.; Chung, Y.; Shin, S.H.; Hong, I.S.; Jang, J.Y.; Seel, D.J., 1988:
Mutagenic and anti-mutagenic properties of meju and other Korean food products from fermented soybeans

Marquardt, H.; Westendorf, J.; Schaefer, A.; Boldt, J.; De Clercq, E.; Marquardt, H., 1988:
Mutagenic and antimutagenic effects of 5-substituted 2'-deoxyuridines depending on the nature of the 5-substituent

Seredenin, S.B.; Bobkov, I.G.; Durnev, A.D.; Dubovskaia, O.Iu., 1986:
Mutagenic and antimutagenic properties of bemitil

Montesano, R.; Bartsch, H., 1976:
Mutagenic and carcinogenic N-nitroso compounds: possible environmental hazards

Linnik, A.B.; Tolcheev, I.D.; Khitrova, I.A., 1979:
Mutagenic and carcinogenic actions of some polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

Kalina, I.; Konecná, H., 1988:
Mutagenic and carcinogenic effects of polychlorobiphenyls

Pashin, Y.V.; Bakhitova, L.M., 1979:
Mutagenic and carcinogenic properties of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

Glatt, H.; Seidel, A.; Bochnitschek, W.; Marquardt, H.; Marquardt, H.; Hodgson, R.M.; Grover, P.L.; Oesch, F., 1986:
Mutagenic and cell-transforming activities of triol-epoxides as compared to other chrysene metabolites

Schmid, F.A.; Otter, G.M.; Mehta, B.M., 1985:
Mutagenic and chemotherapeutic activity in L1210 leukemia of several monofunctional alkylating agents

Sander, C.; Nilan, R.A.; Kleinhofs, A.; Vig, B.K., 1978:
Mutagenic and chromosome-breaking effects of azide in barley and human leukocytes

Motykiewicz, G.; Michalska, J.; Szeliga, J.; Cimander, B., 1988:
Mutagenic and clastogenic activity of direct-acting components from air pollutants of the Silesian industrial region

Ferguson, L.R.; van Zijl, P., 1988:
Mutagenic and clastogenic activity of nitracrine analogues in cultured V79 Chinese hamster cells

Meier, J.R.; Blazak, W.F.; Knohl, R.B., 1987:
Mutagenic and clastogenic properties of 3-chloro-4-(dichloromethyl)-5-hydroxy-2 (5H)-furanone: a potent bacterial mutagen in drinking water

Ben-Gurion, R., 1979:
Mutagenic and colicine-inducing activity of two antioxidants: pyrogallol and purpurogallin

Näslund, M.; Kláŝterská, I.; Kolman, A.; Ehrenberg, L., 1986:
Mutagenic and comutagenic action of 5'-deoxy-5'-(methylthio)adenosine

Zgaga, Z., 1986 :
Mutagenic and comutagenic effects of ethionine in Escherichia coli K12

Padma, P.R.; Amonkar, A.J.; Bhide, S.V., 1989:
Mutagenic and cytogenetic studies of N'-nitrosonornicotine and 4-(methylnitrosamino)-1-(3-pyridyl)-1-butanone

Wood, A.W.; Goode, R.L.; Chang, R.L.; Levin, W.; Conney, A.H.; Yagi, H.; Dansette, P.M.; Jerina, D.M., 1975:
Mutagenic and cytotoxic activity of benzol[a]pyrene 4,5-, 7,8-, and 9,10-oxides and the six corresponding phenols

Fassina, G.; Collecchi, P.; Carlone, S.; Fulco, R.A.; Esposito, M., 1985:
Mutagenic and cytotoxic effects in V79 Chinese hamster cells treated with cisplatin and cisplatin plus procaine

Yonei, S.; Noda, A.; Tachibana, A.; Akasaka, S., 1986:
Mutagenic and cytotoxic effects of oxygen free radicals generated by methylviologen (paraquat) on Escherichia coli with different DNA-repair capacities

Thomas, H.F., 1986:
Mutagenic and cytotoxic potencies of a series of anthracycline derivatives as measured by His+ reversion, 8-azaguanine resistance and direct plating cytotoxicity tests in Salmonella typhimurium

Chang, C.C.; Philipps, C.; Trosko, J.E.; Hart, R.W., 1977:
Mutagenic and epigenetic influence of caffeine on the frequencies of UV-induced ouabain-resistant Chinese hamster cells

Baltz, R.H.; Stonesifer, J., 1985:
Mutagenic and error-free DNA repair in Streptomyces

Przybojewska, B.; Barański, B.; Spiechowicz, E.; Szymczak, W., 1989:
Mutagenic and genotoxic activity of chosen dyes and surface active compounds used in the textile industry

Giri, A.K., 1986:
Mutagenic and genotoxic effects of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin, a review

Vargas, V.M.; Motta, V.E.; Leitão, A.C.; Henriques, J.A., 1990:
Mutagenic and genotoxic effects of aqueous extracts of Achyrocline satureoides in prokaryotic organisms

Piette, J., 1990:
Mutagenic and genotoxic properties of singlet oxygen

Fedorchuk, S.Ia.; Gus'kova, S.I.; Bokov, A.N., 1991:
Mutagenic and gonadotoxic effects of a primer NTs-0192

Süssmuth, R.; Lingens, F., 1976:
Mutagenic and inactivating effects of methyl alkylaminosulfonates on Escherichia coli

Cabrera-Juárez, E.; Espinosa-Lara, M., 1990:
Mutagenic and lethal action of polychromatic near-ultraviolet (325-400 nm) on Haemophilus influenzae in the presence of nitrogen

Eisenstark, A., 1987:
Mutagenic and lethal effects of near-ultraviolet radiation (290-400 nm) on bacteria and phage

Barbin, A.; Bartsch, H., 1986:
Mutagenic and promutagenic properties of DNA adducts formed by vinyl chloride metabolites

Averbeck, D.; Averbeck, S.; Cundari, E., 1987:
Mutagenic and recombinogenic action of DNA monoadducts photoinduced by the bifunctional furocoumarin 8-methoxypsoralen in yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae)

Ferguson, L.R., 1990:
Mutagenic and recombinogenic consequences of DNA-repair inhibition during treatment with 1,3-bis(2-chloroethyl)-1-nitrosourea in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Hannan, M.A.; Hurley, L.H.; Gairola, C., 1978:
Mutagenic and recombinogenic effects of the antitumor antibiotic anthramycin

Marczinski-Verheugt, E.; Doerfler, W., 1978:
Mutagenic and teratogenic effects of cigarette smoke. A summary of experimental and clinical observations

Perocco, P.; Pane, G.; Santucci, M.A.; Zannotti, M., 1985:
Mutagenic and toxic effects of 4-hydroperoxycyclophosphamide and of 2,4-tetrahydrocyclohexylamine (ASTA-Z-7557) on human lymphocytes cultured in vitro

Watanabe, M.; Suzuki, M.; Watanabe, K.; Suzuki, K.; Usami, N.; Yokoya, A.; Kobayashi, K., 1992:
Mutagenic and transforming effects of soft-X-rays with resonance energy of phosphorus K-absorption edge

Mudry de Pargament, M.D.; Labal de Vinuesa, M.; Larripa, I., 1987:
Mutagenic bioassay of certain pharmacological drugs. I. Thiabendazole (TBZ)

Meier, J.R.; Ringhand, H.P.; Coleman, W.E.; Schenck, K.M.; Munch, J.W.; Streicher, R.P.; Kaylor, W.H.; Kopfler, F.C., 1986:
Mutagenic by-products from chlorination of humic acid

Milković-Kraus, S., 1992:
Mutagenic changes in medical personnel occupationally exposed to antineoplastic drugs

Peterson, A.R.; Peterson, H.; Spears, C.P.; Trosko, J.E.; Sevanian, A., 1988:
Mutagenic characterization of cholesterol epoxides in Chinese hamster V79 cells

Benedict, W.F.; Jones, P.A., 1979:
Mutagenic clastogenic and oncogenic effects of 1-beta-D-arabinofuranosylcytosine

Kurttio, P.; Kalliokoski, P.; Lampelo, S.; Jantunen, M.J., 1990:
Mutagenic compounds in wood-chip drying fumes

Korolev, V.G.; Ivanov, E.L., 1985:
Mutagenic effect and mutation spectrum induced by 3H decay in the 8th position of DNA purine bases in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Grebtsova, N.N.; Lebedeva, S.A.; Cherniavskaia, A.S., 1985:
Mutagenic effect during transduction of (Gm-Km)R markers of the R323 plasmid in Yersinia pestis

Suessmuth, R.; Ackermann, B.; Lingens, F., 1979:
Mutagenic effect of 1.1'-hexamethylene-bis-[(5-p-chlorophenyl)-biguanide

Nehéz, M.; Mazzag, E.; Huszta, E.; Berencsi, G., 1985:
Mutagenic effect of 3-methyl-4-nitro-phenol on the germ-cells of the mouse--a study in vivo

Nehéz, M.; Selypes, A.; Páldy, A.; Schroeter, C., 1978:
Mutagenic effect of a dinitro-o-cresol-containing plant-protective agent

Abilev, S.K.; Fonshteĭn, L.M.; Migachev, G.I.; Andrievskiĭ, A.M., 1979:
Mutagenic effect of a tetrahydrodiazopyrene derivative on bacteria

el-Zawahri, M.; Moubasher, A.; Morad, M.; el-Kady, I., 1977:
Mutagenic effect of aflatoxin B1

el-Zawahri, M.M.; Morad, M.M.; Khishin, A.F., 1990:
Mutagenic effect of aflatoxin G1 in comparison with B1

Andersen, M.; Binderup, M.L.; Kiel, P.; Larsen, H.; Maxild, J., 1979:
Mutagenic effect of aromatic epoxy resins

Malashenko, A.M.; Semenov, K.Kh.; Selezneva, G.P.; Surkova, N.I., 1978:
Mutagenic effect of chemical compounds on laboratory mice

Shapiro, A.A.; Fonshteĭn, L.M., 1979:
Mutagenic effect of cyclophosphane on bacteria in experiments with mammalian intermediaries

Jongen, W.M.; Alink, G.M.; Koeman, J.H., 1978:
Mutagenic effect of dichloromethane on Salmonella typhimurium

Pomerantseva, M.D.; Ramaĭia, 1976:
Mutagenic effect of different types of irradiation on the sex cells of male mice. IX. Duration of preservation of radiation-induced reciprocal translocations during the course of the reproductive period

Pomerantseva, M.D.; Ramaĭia, L.K.; Vilkina, G.A., 1976:
Mutagenic effect of different types of irradiation on the sex cells of male mice. X. Frequency of recessive lethal mutations and reciprocal translocations in the spermatogonia of mice subjected to fractional gamma-irradiation

Kucerová, M.; Zhurkov, V.S.; Polívková, Z.; Ivanova, J.E., 1977:
Mutagenic effect of epichlorohydrin. II. Analysis of chromosomal aberrations in lymphocytes of persons occupationally exposed to epichlorohydrin

Pérez-Chiesa, Y.; Cintrón, C.N., 1986:
Mutagenic effect of fagaronine in Drosophila melanogaster

Skorova, S.V.; Kerkis, I.Ia., 1977:
Mutagenic effect of histamine and bradykinin in a culture of human and mammalian cells

Podol'skaia, S.V., 1986:
Mutagenic effect of human adenovirus type I on the somatic and sex cells of male mice

Pomerantseva, M.D.; Vilkina, G.A.; Ivanov, V.N., 1975:
Mutagenic effect of irradiating different species on the sex cells of male mice. VIII. Frequency of development of reciprocal translocations in the spermatogonia of mice subjected to chronic gamma-irradiation

Bassendowska-Karska, E.; Zawadzka-Kos, M., 1987:
Mutagenic effect of lead chloride in the presence of ethyl alcohol

Moszczyński, P.; Moszczyński, P., 1988:
Mutagenic effect of mercury

Cheng, S.J.; Li, M.H.; Chien, F.; Lou, H.Z.; Zhu, G.F.; Bai, J.F.; Guo, S.P., 1985:
Mutagenic effect of methylbenzylnitrosamine on V79 cells co-cultivated with hepatocytes or esophageal epithelial cells of human, rat and chicken origins

Tankevich, M.E.; Zhukova, R.A.; Zhuravleva, N.P.; Pavlova, T.N., 1989:
Mutagenic effect of mitomycin C on different strains of oleandomycin producer Streptomyces antibioticus

Paronikian, G.M.; Akopian, L.G.; Dabrinian, G.A.; Tumasian, E.A., 1977:
Mutagenic effect of new chemical compounds. IV. Mutagenic effect of dialkylaminoethyl esters of 5,6-dihydro-7H-benz(c)carbazol-carboxylic acids

Stoltz, D.R.; Bendall, R.D.; Miller, C.T., 1976:
Mutagenic effect of nialamide on Salmonella typhimurium

Kalinin, V.L.; Kuznetsova, L.V.; Perumov, D.A., 1985:
Mutagenic effect of o-methylhydroxylamine on the prophage and extracellular phage lambda

Inui, N.; Nishi, Y.; Taketomi, M., 1978:
Mutagenic effect of orally given AF-2 on embryonic cells in pregnant Syrian hamsters

Benova, D.K.; Rupova, I.M.; Iagova, A.Kh.; Bineva, M.V., 1989:
Mutagenic effect of pesticides fastac 10 EK and durs ban 4E studied in a micronucleus test iin mouse bone marrow cells

Moriske, H.J.; Block, I.; Rüden, H., 1986:
Mutagenic effect of polar organic compounds in atmospheric dust of a test site polluted by fires and automobile exhaust

Rafailov, A.M.; Pomerantseva, M.D., 1976:
Mutagenic effect of radiation on mice subjected to gamma irradiation during the embryonic period. I. Frequency of reciprocal translocations in the spermatocytes of mice subjected to gamma-irradiation at different stages of embryogenesis

Pomerantseva, M.D.; Rafailov, A.M., 1976:
Mutagenic effect of radiation on mice, subjected to gamma-irradiation during the embryonic period. III. Frequency of coat color mosaics among mice, heterozygous for recessive mutations, subjected to irradiation during the early periods of embryogenesis

Logvinenko, V.F.; Morgun, V.V., 1978:
Mutagenic effect of several pesticides on durum spring wheat

Malashenko, A.M., 1976:
Mutagenic effect of small doses of diethylsulfate in laboratory mice studied by specific locus method

Marshak, M.I.; Varshaver, N.B.; Surkov, V.V.; Raevskaia, G.B.; Shapiro, N.I., 1986:
Mutagenic effect of the SV40 oncogene: induction of resistance to 6-mercaptopurine and serum independence

Khadzhidekova, V.B.; Benova, D.K.; Ivanov, B.A.; Mileva, M.S.; Kolev, M.I., 1985:
Mutagenic effect of the cytostatic drug thaliblastine on rat bone marrow cells when administered alone and in combination with radiation

Zakharov, I.A.; Korolev, V.G.; Gracheva, L.M., 1978:
Mutagenic effect of the decay of 32p incorporated into mRNA

Malashenko, A.M.; Surkova, N.I., 1975:
Mutagenic effect of thioTEPA in laboratory mice. V. Influence of female genotype on realization of dominant lethal mutations induced in the spermatids of males

Tanooka, H.; Munakata, N., 1978:
Mutagenic effect of tritiated water on spores of Bacillus subtilis

Bruskov, V.I.; Iurov, S.S.; Chernov, B.K.; Bezlepkin, V.G., 1992:
Mutagenic effect on Escherichia coli bacteria of 8-hydroxy-2'-deoxyguanosine--a DNA base damage product induced by oxygen radicals and ionizing radiation

Krell, K.; Jacobson, E.D.; Selby, K., 1979:
Mutagenic effect on L5178Y mouse lymphoma cells by growth in ethylene oxide-sterilized polycarbonate flasks

Conger, B.V.; Carabia, J.V., 1977:
Mutagenic effectiveness and efficiency of sodium azide versus ethyl methanesulfonate in maize: induction of somatic mutations at the yg2 locus by treatment of seeds differing in metabolic state and cell population

Sazonova, L.A.; Suskov, I.I., 1988:
Mutagenic effects in persons in contact with synthetic resins

Degraeve, N.; Chollet, M.C.; Moutschen, J., 1986:
Mutagenic effects induced by organophosphorus compounds

Inui, N.; Kaketomi, M.; Nishi, Y., 1976:
Mutagenic effects of AF-2, a food additive, on embryonic cells of the Syrian golden hamster on transplacental application

Yao, S.N.; Guan, W.B., 1988:
Mutagenic effects of N-methyl-N-nitro-N-nitrosoguanidine (MNNG) and ethyl methanesulfonate (EMS) on chloroquine resistance in Plasmodium berghei ANKA strain

Emerit, I.; Lahoud-Maghani, M., 1989:
Mutagenic effects of TPA-induced clastogenic factor in Chinese hamster cells

Brouns, R.E.; Bos, R.P.; van Gemert, P.J.; Yih-van de Hurk, E.W.; Henderson, P.T., 1979:
Mutagenic effects of benzo[a]pyrene after metabolic activation by hepatic 9000 g supernatants or intact hepatocytes

Matsuoka, K.; Nomura, K.; Hoshino, T., 1990:
Mutagenic effects of brief exposure to bromodeoxyuridine on mouse FM3A cells

Goncharova, R.I.; Zabrejko, S.; Kozachenko, V.I.; Pashin YuV, 1988:
Mutagenic effects of dimethyl terephthalate on mouse somatic cells in vivo

Nakatsuka, S.; Tanaka, H.; Namba, M., 1990:
Mutagenic effects of ferric nitrilotriacetate (Fe-NTA) on V79 Chinese hamster cells and its inhibitory effects on cell-cell communication

Srb, V., 1977:
Mutagenic effects of hair dyes

Stupin, I.V.; Dombrovskiĭ, A.M.; Novokshonov, A.I.; Belova, L.L.; Belous, G.G., 1990:
Mutagenic effects of ionized plasma light flux

Schroeder, T.M.; Stahl-Maugé, C., 1979:
Mutagenic effects of isonicotinic acid hydracide in Fanconi's anemia

Maslat, A.O.; Haas, H.J., 1989:
Mutagenic effects of lead (II) bromide

Rusina, O.Iu.; Drzhevetskaia, I.I.; Mirskaia, E.E., 1990:
Mutagenic effects of newly synthesized pesticides in the bacterial testing system

Knasmüller, S.; Szakmary, A., 1992:
Mutagenic effects of niridazole in animal-mediated and in liquid suspension assays using Escherichia coli K-12 as an indicator

Vig, B.K., 1979:
Mutagenic effects of some anticancer antibiotics

Rasmuson, A., 1985:
Mutagenic effects of some water-soluble metal compounds in a somatic eye-color test system in Drosophila melanogaster

Papadopoulo, D.; Moustacchi, E., 1990:
Mutagenic effects photoinduced in normal human lymphoblasts by a monofunctional pyridopsoralen in comparison to 8-methoxypsoralen

Gatti, G.L.; Toffoli, F., 1978:
Mutagenic equivalence between ionizing radiation and radiomimetic substances

Ishida, F.; Kondo, H.; Fukushima, M.; Kamei, T., 1987:
Mutagenic evaluation of etintidine (BL-5641), a novel histamine H2-receptor antagonist, using reverse mutation tests in bacteria and forward mutation tests in V79 Chinese hamster cells

Goodman, D.R.; Hakkinen, P.J.; Nemenzo, J.H.; Vore, M., 1977:
Mutagenic evaluation of nitrofuran derivatives in Salmonella typhimurium, by the micronucleus test, and by in vivo cytogenetics

Hite, M.; Skeggs, H., 1979:
Mutagenic evaluation of nitroparaffins in the Salmonella typhimurium/mammalian-microsome test and the micronucleus test

Lopez-de-Cerain, A.; García, E.; Gullón, A.; Recalde, J.I.; Monge, A., 1990:
Mutagenic evaluation of some triazino indoles using the Salmonella/mammalian microsome assay

Lin, T.G., 1986:
Mutagenic evaluation of the Chinese drug C, L, T, G pill consisting of Daphne genkwa, Euphorbia kansui, Euphorbia pekinensis, Glycyrrhiza uralensis tested in Salmonella typhimurium and B. subtilis

Shobha Devi, P.; Polasa, H., 1986:
Mutagenic evaluation of tromaril (N-beta-phenylethylanthranilic acid), a novel anti-inflammatory drug, using mammalian test systems

Rossi, S.C.; Topal, M.D., 1991:
Mutagenic frequencies of site-specifically located O6-methylguanine in wild-type Escherichia coli and in a strain deficient in ada-methyltransferase

Tyrrell, R.M., 1978:
Mutagenic interaction between near-(365 nm) and far-(254 nm)ultraviolet radiation in repair-proficient and excision-deficient strains of Escherichia coli

Aebersold, P.M., 1976:
Mutagenic mechanism of 5-bromodeoxyuridine in Chinese hamster cells

Clemmensen, S.; Lam, H.; Büchert, A., 1985:
Mutagenic metabolites in rat urine after dermal exposure to 1,3-diaminobenzene

Wild, D.; Dirr, A., 1989:
Mutagenic nitrenes/nitrenium ions from azido-imidazoarenes and their structure-activity relationships

Ohnishi, Y.; Kinouchi, T.; Tsutsui, H.; Uejima, M.; Nishifuji, K., 1985:
Mutagenic nitropyrenes in foods

Negishi, K.; Tamanoi, K.; Ishii, M.; Kawakami, M.; Yamashita, Y.; Hayatsu, H., 1988:
Mutagenic nucleoside analog N4-aminocytidine: metabolism, incorporation into DNA, and mutagenesis in Escherichia coli

Brockman, H.E.; de Serres, F.J., 1991:
Mutagenic potency and specificity of procarbazine in the ad-3 forward-mutation test in growing cultures of heterokaryon 12 of Neurospora crassa

Smith, G.J.; Grisham, J.W.; Bentley, K.S., 1988:
Mutagenic potency at the Na+/K+ ATPase locus correlates with cycle-dependent killing of 10T1/2 cells

Ishiguro, Y.; Santodonato, J.; Neal, M.W., 1988:
Mutagenic potency of chlorofuranones and related compounds in Salmonella

Brams, A.; de Meester, C., 1992:
Mutagenic potency of heterocyclic amines towards Salmonella typhimurium; possible causes of variability in the results observed

Phillips, D.H.; Glatt, H.R.; Seidel, A.; Bochnitschek, W.; Oesch, F.; Grover, P.L., 1986:
Mutagenic potential of DNA adducts formed by diol-epoxides, triol-epoxides and the K-region epoxide of chrysene in mammalian cells

Preston, B.D.; Singer, B.; Loeb, L.A., 1986:
Mutagenic potential of O4-methylthymine in vivo determined by an enzymatic approach to site-specific mutagenesis

Trentacoste, J.; Thompson, K.; Parrish, R.K.; Hajek, A.; Berman, M.R.; Ganjei, P., 1987:
Mutagenic potential of a 193-nm excimer laser on fibroblasts in tissue culture

De Clercq, E.; Cassiman, J.J., 1986:
Mutagenic potential of anti-herpes agents

Maurya, A.K.; Goyle, S., 1985:
Mutagenic potential of anticonvulsant diphyenylhydantoin (DPH) on human lymphocytes in vitro

Donnelly, K.C.; Brown, K.W.; Estiri, M.; Jones, D.H.; Safe, S., 1988:
Mutagenic potential of binary mixtures of nitro-polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and related compounds

Inoue, T.; Murakami, K.; Fujii, T., 1986:
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