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Neurotensin modulates the binding characteristics of dopamine D2 receptors in rat striatal membranes also following treatment with toluene

Von Euler, G.; Fuxe, K.; Benfenati, F.; Hansson, T.; Agnati, L.F.; Gustafsson, J.A.

Acta Physiologica Scandinavica 135(4): 443-448


ISSN/ISBN: 0001-6772
PMID: 2525310
DOI: 10.1111/j.1748-1716.1989.tb08602.x
Accession: 040794018

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The effects of neurotensin in vitro (1-100 nM) on the binding characteristics of [3H]N-propylnorapomorphine ([3H]NPA) were analysed in striatal membrane preparations of the adult male rat. Subsequently, it was investigated whether the modulatory effects of 10 nM neurotensin on [3H]NPA binding were altered by treatment with toluene in vivo (80 p.p.m., 3 days, 6 h day-1) and in vitro (19 mumol ml-1). Displacement of [3H]NPA binding by raclopride (IC50 about 15 nM) and SCH 23390 (without effect) indicated that [3H]NPA labelled only D2 dopamine receptors in the present study. Neurotensin was found to reduce the affinity of D2 receptors with a maximum response at 10 nM. At this concentration the KD value was increased by 30-40% without any consistent changes in the number of binding sites. The modulatory effect of neurotensin remained intact also following toluene treatment in vivo and in vitro, although at a higher KD range, since toluene alone increased the KD value of [3H]NPA binding by 40-50%. Thus, the mechanisms mediating the effects of neurotensin and toluene on the D2 receptor are likely to be different. When neurotensin and toluene treatments were combined, the KD values of [3H]NPA binding were about twice as high as in non-treated controls. These additive effects may lead to a severely decreased efficiency of dopamine D2-mediated neurotransmission in vivo.

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