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Partial transformation of human thyroid epithelial cells by mutant Ha-ras oncogene

Lemoine, N.R.; Staddon, S.; Bond, J.; Wyllie, F.S.; Shaw, J.J.; Wynford-Thomas, D.

Oncogene 5(12): 1833-1837


ISSN/ISBN: 0950-9232
PMID: 1704496
Accession: 040914971

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We have previously shown that activation of ras oncogenes by mutation is a frequent early event in human thyroid neoplasia. Using amphotropic retroviral vectors to achieve gene transfer, we demonstrate here that human primary thyroid epithelial cells can be partially transformed by an activated cellular or viral Ha-ras oncogene, in the absence of a cooperating oncogene. The transformation event induced by ras involves temporary rescue from senescence for up to 20 rounds of cell division together with morphological alteration, growth factor independence and anchorage independence. It has therefore been possible to reconstruct in vitro a key early event in the genesis of human epithelial neoplasia.

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