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Peritonitis secondary to dialysis tubing contamination among patients undergoing continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis

Rubin, J.; McElroy, R.

American Journal of Kidney Diseases the Official Journal of the National Kidney Foundation 14(2): 92-95


ISSN/ISBN: 0272-6386
PMID: 2757022
DOI: 10.1016/s0272-6386(89)80182-9
Accession: 040947524

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Patients were asked to report all dialysis system contaminations occurring from December 1985 through May 1988 to the home training facility. There were 74 instances of peritoneal dialysis system contamination, 20 of which resulted in peritonitis. Prophylactic antibiotics were used in 48 of 54 episodes not resulting in peritonitis. Three cultures yielded gram-positive organisms without clinical peritonitis becoming evident. Fourteen of the 20 episodes of peritonitis had received antibiotics prophylactically. System contaminations were classified into tears or holes of the catheter at the adapter on the Tenckhoff catheter or at the tubing connection to the dialysate bag and breaks of the connecting devices from either dialysis catheter to dialysis tubing or dialysis tubing to dialysate bag. System contaminations accounted for 20 of the 333 episodes of peritonitis that occurred during this time. Identifying system contamination is useful because prophylactic antibiotic therapy may prevent peritonitis.

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