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Physician importation--a solution to developing countries' rural health care problems?

Zeighami, B.; Zeighami, E.; Mehrabanpour, J.; Javidian, I.; Ronaghy, H.

American Journal of Public Health 68(8): 739-742


ISSN/ISBN: 0090-0036
PMID: 686197
DOI: 10.2105/ajph.68.8.739
Accession: 040977006

Developing countries almost universally suffer from severe health service shortages, particularly in rural areas. Manpower problems are the most critical aspect of the shortages. Iran has recently begun a massive program to increase physician supply in its rural areas by importation of physicians from India, Pakistan, and the Philippines. The present study investigated two questions: What are physicians' reasons for accepting a post in a rural area of another country, and what are the attitudes of residents in such rural areas toward foreign physicians? Results of a questionnaire survey of foreign physicians indicate that the most common reasons for physician acceptance of the posts were higher salaries and the desire to go eventually to a Western country. Results of an interview survey of Iranian consumers indicate that residents of rural areas were far more likely to prefer Iranian auxiliaries than non-Iranian physicians.

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