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Plasma hemoglobin. Comparison between 2 methods of determination

Khayat, M.C.; Laforet, F.; Bureau, F.; Thomas, M.; Drosdowsky, M.

Pathologie-Biologie 37(3): 236-240


ISSN/ISBN: 0369-8114
PMID: 2657606
Accession: 040990522

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The methods used to titrate plasmatic haemoglobin, an analysis which is of great interest to cardiac surgery, must be very accurate because the levels are much lower than those found in whole blood. This work introduces a comparison between two methods: the ammoniacal water method and Cripps's differential method. After studying various criteria (repeatability, limit of detection, accuracy, reference values, stability of the reaction), and after studying the correlation between each method and the benzidin method, used as reference method, as well as the correlation between all of them, Cripp's method turns out to be the closest to the benzidin method, as well as being simpler, more accurate, more specific, and also easier to use than the ammoniacal water method, the only problem occurring at the stage of the preparation of the standard solution.

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