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Presence of distinct transcriptional regulatory elements in the 5'-flanking region shared by the chicken H3 histone gene homopair

Takami, Y.; Nakayama, T.

Nucleic Acids Research 20(12): 3037-3041


ISSN/ISBN: 0305-1048
PMID: 1620599
DOI: 10.1093/nar/20.12.3037
Accession: 041048602

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The chicken H3 histone gene family contains nine members belonging to two major histone gene clusters. Six of these genes have been sequenced and shown to encode two different H3 protein variants. Five H3 genes (H3-I, -II, -IV, -V, and -VI) encode the same amino acid sequence (class I) and another H3 gene (H3-III) differs from class I in a single amino acid (IIe113-Met) (class II). H3-II and H3-III have inverted orientations and share a 5' intergenic region of about 900 bp. To understand the regulation of expression of these two genes, we fused the 5'-flanking region to the CAT gene in inverted orientations to generate two chimeric plasmids, pH3-II-900 and pH3-III-900. Transient CAT assays using these constructs indicated that the promoter of H3-III is more active than that of H3-II. CAT assays with deletion mutants showed that H3-II and H3-III each possess a particular transcription regulatory sequence 5' adjacent to their coding sequence. In addition, the functional sequences of H3-II have no effect on expression of H3-III and vice versa. These results suggest that the regulations of expression of the two H3 genes are distinct.

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