Primary drug resistance to both rifampicin and dapsone in a paucibacillary leprosy patient

Koranne, R.V.; Srivastava, G.

Indian Journal of Leprosy 60(1): 90-92


ISSN/ISBN: 0254-9395
PMID: 3060548
Accession: 041065070

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A thirty-one year old male patient was diagnosed and treated for a pure or better primary neuritic case of leprosy with dapsone (100 mg daily for 2 years) and rifampicin (600 mg daily for 6 months). From the very outset, the patient did not show any improvement; on the top of it, he subsequently, developed a cutaneous patch, which on histopathological examination, revealed classical features of BT leprosy. Acid-fast bacilli were absent both in skin slit smear and histologic section. A primary resistance to both dapsone and rifampicin, even in paucibacillary patient, is speculated.