Section 42
Chapter 41,082

Production of B-tropic murine leukemia virus by somatic cell hybrids between mouse peritoneal macrophages and simian virus 40-transformed human cells

Huebner, K.; Croce, C.M.

Journal of Virology 18(3): 1143-1146


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-538X
PMID: 178920
Accession: 041081263

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Simian virus 40 (SV40)-transformed human cells (LN-SV) were fused with BALB/c peritoneal macrophages (BALB/c X LN-SV) and with C57BL peritoneal macrophages (C57BL X LN-SV) and hybrid clones, all of which had segregated human chromosomes and contained the entire complement of mouse chromosomes, were isolated. All 15 BALB/c X LN-SV hybrid clones were producing varying titers (10 to 10(6) plaque-forming units/ml) of B-tropic murine leukemia virus, whereas none of the nine C57BL X LN-SV hybrid clones was producing detectable ecotropic murine leukemia virus.

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