Section 42
Chapter 41,097

Promoting productivity of individuals with psychiatric disorders in the work setting

Hunter, E.F.

Aaohn Journal Official Journal of the American Association of Occupational Health Nurses 38(6): 271-277


ISSN/ISBN: 0891-0162
PMID: 2357258
DOI: 10.1177/216507999003800604
Accession: 041096810

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Just as physical supports have been provided for the physically disabled in the work environment, psychological supports are needed for the psychiatrically disabled. The occupational health nurse is the best trained and most cost effective health team member to develop the training programs that would provide these psychological supports in the work setting. A four phase comprehensive program is needed to destigmatize psychiatric disabilities and develop adequate support systems. Among the most prevalent psychiatric disabilities, episodes of symptom exacerbation can be managed with the help of a trained peer support person.

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