Section 42
Chapter 41,099

Properties of reassortants of human and avian influenza viruses. Reproduction in MDCK cells at suboptimum temperatures

Finskaia, N.N.; Smirnov, I.A.; Rudneva, I.A.; Kaverin, N.V.

Molekuliarnaia Genetika Mikrobiologiia i Virusologiia 4: 26-29


ISSN/ISBN: 0208-0613
PMID: 3405232
Accession: 041098760

A series of reassortants has been constructed by crossing of UV-inactivated avian influenza virus of H3N8 subtype and live human influenza virus of H1N1 subtype, adapted to growth in continuous canine kidney cell line (MDCK). The analysis of RNA duplexes has shown that the reassortants contain HA gene of avian influenza virus whereas the other genes belong to human parent virus. The reassortants were efficiently reproduced in MDCK cells at low temperature (limiting for the avian parent virus). The data suggest that the avian virus HA gene does not hamper the reproduction of reassortant viruses in mammalian cells under the conditions unfavorable for the multiplication of avian influenza subtype H3N8 viruses.

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