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Chapter 41,112

Protein utilization of mixed feed rations in lactating pigs with reference to the essential amino acid content of the feed proteins. 2. Report. Utilization of the feed proteins in the use of soy bean extraction residue, waste liquor yeast, horse bean meal fish meal and maize gluten for a basic ration

Kracht, W.; Hennig, A.; Gruhn, K.

Archiv für Tierernährung 26(4): 267-274


ISSN/ISBN: 0003-942X
PMID: 1035091
Accession: 041111552

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Nitrogen trials were performed on lactating pigs to investigate the utilization of protein from some feeding rations. The basal ration fed to the sows consisted of ground barley+oats+flaked potatoes or ground barley+sugar beet chips. The basal ration was supplemented with a protein source. The protein feeds used were extracted soya bean meal, horse bean meal, fish meal, maize gluten and waste liquor yeast. Data for the average biological value of the dietary proteins were as follows (in the given order of protein feeds): 61%, 59%, 54%, 58% and 37%. PPV data were: 44%, 43%, 39%, 44% and 28%. The proteins of nearly all rations were deficient in lysine when compared with the range of amino acids present in the proteins of sow milk.