Section 42
Chapter 41,149

Quantitative analysis of the lung CT in normal subjects and in patients with noncardiac pulmonary edema

Torresin, A.; Gattinoni, L.; Pesenti, A.; Baglioni, S.; Brambilla, R.; Eulisse, G.; Nastri, G.

La Radiologia Medica 78(6): 626-631


ISSN/ISBN: 0033-8362
PMID: 2697032
Accession: 041148394

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A quantitative analysis was performed of the CT images relative to 7 normal human subjects and to 22 patients affected with ARF (Acute Respiratory Failure). The CT scanner image quality was investigated, and the unit was checked with quality control procedures, in order to assure reliability and reproducibility. In every patient the lung was scanned at 3 different levels--basis, hilum and apex. The frequency distribution of CT numbers was studied. The lung areas were calculated for the different conditions, and the data correlated with functional lung data. A method was then tested to evaluate lung weight; the data obtained did not differ from literature data. All the patients were treated with different positive and expiratory pressure (PEEP). For different PEEP values, the quantitative data from CT analysis were correlated with morphofunctional indices.

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