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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 41248

Chapter 41248 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Ripley, B.D.; Cox, D.F., 1978:
Residues of ethylenebis(dithiocarbamate) and ethylenethiourea in treated tomatoes and commercial tomato products

Hrdlicka, J., 1990:
Residues of inhibitory agents in the tissues of slaughter-house animals--comparison of microbiological methods of agar diffusion

Frank, R.; Braun, H.E.; Ripley, B.D., 1990:
Residues of insecticides, and fungicides in fruit produced in Ontario, Canada, 1986-1988

Benecke, R.; Ortwein, J.; Ennet, D.; Frauenberger, H., 1989:
Residues of lindane and DDT in drugs from wild medicinal plants in a cultivated forest. 2

Chirkina, T.F., 1976:
Residues of nitrates and nitrites in finished cheeses

Rodziewicz, L.; Hajduk, A., 1989:
Residues of organic chlorinated pesticides in the fat of game from eastern Poland

Benecke, R.; Thieme, H.; Brotka, J., 1986:
Residues of organochlorine compounds in plant drugs. 1. Gas chromatographic determination of residues of organochlorine insecticides

Kveseth, N.J.; Bjerk, J.E., 1975:
Residues of organochlorine insecticides and PCBs in some Norweigian foods

Ludwicki, J.K.; Góralczyk, K.; Czaja, K., 1992:
Residues of organochlorine insecticides in foods in the years 1986-1990

Vargas Melo, A.; Vallejo, M.C., 1990:
Residues of organochlorine insecticides in human and bovine milk in Colombia

Espinosa González, J.; Thiel, R., 1988:
Residues of organochlorine insecticides in national products

Canonne, P.; Mamarbachi, G., 1975:
Residues of organochlorine insecticides in sediments of a high estuary of Fleuve St-Laurent

Rodziewicz, L.; Hajduk, A., 1991:
Residues of organochlorine insecticides in the fat of game animals from eastern Poland 1988-1989

Ahmed, M.T.; Ismail, S.M., 1991:
Residues of organochlorine pesticides in fish, crab and sediment from El Temsah Lake, Suez Canal, Egypt and their effect on mitochondrial ATPase of the New Zealand white rabbit

Dejonckheere, W.; Steurbaut, W.; Verstraeten, R.; Kips, R.H., 1978:
Residues of organochlorine pesticides in human fat in Belgium

van Haver, W.; Vandezande, A.; Gordts, L., 1977:
Residues of organochlorine pesticides in various foodstuffs: foodstuffs of animal origin

Hollstein, A., 1991:
Residues of organochlorine pesticides, PCB's and chlorophenols in fish from commercial ponds and fish hatcheries from the waters in the area of Frankfurt (Oder)

White, D.H.; Kaiser, T.E., 1976:
Residues of organochlorines and heavy metals in ruddy ducks from the Delaware River, 1973

Renvall, S.; Lindskog, E.; Clementz, E., 1975:
Residues of organophosphorus pesticides in fruits and vegetables on the Swedish market from July 1967 to April 1973

Gutenmann, W.H.; Ebel, J.G.; Kuntz, H.T.; Yourstone, K.S.; Lisk, D.J., 1992:
Residues of p,p'-DDE and mercury in lake trout as a function of age

Ingr, I., 1976:
Residues of perchlorethylene and petroleum in rendered fats and in feeding meals

Bjorseth, A.; Lunde, G.; Dybing, E., 1977:
Residues of persistent chlorinated hydrocarbons in human tissues as studied by neutron activation analysis and gas chromatography

Ennet, D.; Hauschild, J.; Pank, F., 1978:
Residues of plant protection products and agents for controlling biological processes in drugs of the pharmacopoeia of the GDR, edition 2. 1. General aspects of packaging of plant protection products and agents for controlling biological processes in botanical drugs in the GDR

Goedicke, H.J., 1987:
Residues of plant protective agents on plant surfaces as a source of poisoning and possibilities of standardizing exposure

Kampe, W., 1985:
Residues of plant protective compounds in feed

Hrubá, D.; Dubský, H.; Totusek, J.; Koukalová, H., 1988:
Residues of polychlorinated biphenyls in breast milk of women non-occupationally exposed to PCBs

Krauthacker, B.; Reiner, E.; Lindström, G.; Rappe, C., 1989:
Residues of polychlorinated-dibenzodioxins, -dibenzofurans and -biphenyls in human milk samples collected in a continental town in Croatia, Yugoslavia

Schmidt, U., 1976:
Residues of procaine penicillin G after intramuscular administration to swine

Kaĭsina, O.V.; Krylova, N.A.; Krasnikova, I.I.; Lin, N.P., 1979:
Residues of surface-active agents in children's linens

Stoianova-Radoeva, S., 1978:
Residues of the antifluke preparations, dovenix and acredist, in sheep milk and their effect on the biochemical blood indices of sheep

Seiber, J.N.; Winterlin, W.L.; McChesney, M.M., 1979:
Residues of toxaphene, DEF, and paraquat in plant parts and gin waste from a treated cotton field

Hapke, H.J., 1979:
Residues of toxic substances in foodstuffs

Anonymous, 1985:
Residues of veterinary drugs in foods. Report of a joint FAO/WHO expert consultation, Rome, 29 October-5 November 1984

Declercq, B., 1989:
Residues--Good agricultural practice

Crawford, I., 1988:
Residues--drugs and growth promoters

Turney, J.P., 1979:
Resignation from the NHS

Dun, R.; Whitten, L.K., 1976:
Resignation of editor

Ofenstein, C., 1975:
Resignation--a problem of advanced age? Treatment of psychogenic and somatogenic geriatric complaints

Allen, D.; Scott, G., 1992:
Resigned on pay but not on prescribing

Williams, A.E.; Pellicciotti, B., 1985:
Resigning with style

Sinnema, G., 1991:
Resilience among children with special health-care needs and among their families

Wagnild, G.; Young, H.M., 1990:
Resilience among older women

Fine, S.B., 1991:
Resilience and human adaptability: who rises above adversity? 1990 Eleanor Clarke Slagle Lecture

Hechtman, L., 1991:
Resilience and vulnerability in long term outcome of attention deficit hyperactive disorder

Heinrichs, E.; Kobes, L.W.; Lotzmann, U., 1988:
Resilience of the human TMJ in transverse direction

Kadner, K.D., 1989:
Resilience. Responding to adversity

Richmond, J.B.; Beardslee, W.R., 1988:
Resiliency: research and practical implications for pediatricians

Beardslee, W.R.; Podorefsky, D., 1988:
Resilient adolescents whose parents have serious affective and other psychiatric disorders: importance of self-understanding and relationships

Fitch, K.A., 1976:
Resilient and terrazzo floor care methods

Anonymous, 1987:
Resilient bacteria making our antibiotics ineffective

Cowen, E.L.; Work, W.C., 1988:
Resilient children, psychological wellness, and primary prevention

Larsen, H.D.; McDonald, G.T.; Purcell, J.P., 1977:
Resilient denture linings

Clarke, D.A., 1975:
Resilient lining materials

Douglas, W.H., 1979:
Resilient soft materials in dentistry

Dashevskiĭ, A.I.; L'vovskiĭ, V.M.; Krivenkov, S.G., 1977:
Resilient tension in the sclera and mechanism of formation of residual microdeformations in myopization of the eye

Iino, S., 1976:
Resin T3 uptake, thyroxine and free thyroxine index--interpretation of the data

Hosoya, Y.; Nakamura, N.; Ando, K.; Matsui, T.; Kashima, C.; Goto, G., 1990:
Resin adhesion on the primary ground enamel. (2) Influence of the etched enamel

Hosoya, Y.; Nakamura, N.; Ando, K.; Kashima, C.; Matsui, T.; Goto, G., 1990:
Resin adhesion on the primary ground enamel. (Report 1). Influence of the etching times

Hosoya, Y.; Nakamura, N.; Kashima, C.; Ando, K.; Ikeda, Y.; Takakaze, A.; Matsui, T.; Goto, G., 1991:
Resin adhesion on the young permanent ground enamel (Report 3)

Hosoya, Y.; Nakamura, N.; Shinagawa, H.; Goto, G., 1989:
Resin adhesion to the ground enamel. Influence of the ground depths of the enamel and etching times (1)

Hosoya, Y.; Goto, G., 1992:
Resin adhesion to the ground primary enamel: influence of etching times and thermal cycling test

Barkmeier, W.W.; Cooley, R.L., 1989:
Resin adhesive systems: in vitro evaluation of dentin bond strength and marginal microleakage

Rengo, R.; Crea, D.; De Fazio, P.; Fortunato, L.; Trotta, G., 1989:
Resin and glass-ionomer sealants. Indications, mechanism of action, and application technics

Jokela-Hietamäki, M.; Rantanen, T., 1987:
Resin bond to electrolytically etched cobalt-chromium alloys

Hansson, O., 1986:
Resin bonded bridges. III: Enamel and dentin retention, mechanical and adhesive cements, cementation technics

Thomas, G.D., 1986:
Resin bonded bridges: current techniques

Saunders, W.P., 1989:
Resin bonded bridgework: a review

Seto, B.G.; Avera, S.; Kagawa, T., 1985:
Resin bonded etched cast cingulum rest retainers for removable partial dentures

Wiltshire, W.A., 1986 :
Resin bonded fixed partial dentures utilizing additional pin retention

Buchgreitz, J., 1990:
Resin bonded metal-ceramic bridge

Buchgreitz, J., 1989:
Resin bonded porcelain veneer facings

Taggart, J.A., 1990:
Resin bonded spring cantilever bridge

Kern, M.; Strub, J.R., 1990:
Resin bonding bridges--state of the art

Kanca, J., 1992:
Resin bonding to wet substrate. 1. Bonding to dentin

Kanca, J., 1992:
Resin bonding to wet substrate. II. Bonding to enamel

Weston, M.J.; Mellon, P.J.; Langley, P.G.; Hughes, R.D.; Dunlop, E.H.; Gazzard, B.G.; Williams, R., 1975:
Resin column perfusion with whole blood or plasma separated by the continuous flow celltrifuge

Travers, V.; Kanaujia, R.R.; Ikuta, Y., 1987:
Resin corrosion cast in experimental evaluation of femoral microanastomosis

Duncanson, M.G.; Miranda, F.J.; Probst, R.T., 1986:
Resin dentin bonding agents--rationale and results

Takamata, T.; Setcos, J.C., 1989:
Resin denture bases: review of accuracy and methods of polymerization

Diamond, M., 1987:
Resin fiberglass bonded retainer

Fujii, B.; Shimizu, T.; Kobayashi, H., 1978:
Resin filling and secondary dental caries

Della Volpe, M., 1986:
Resin fillings in the molar through the back door? Preventive resin restorations (PRR)

Takahashi, H.; Hirayama, K.; Ikegami, Y., 1975:
Resin for methyl mercury elimination in rats

Ono, M.; Fujimoto, K.; Kawata, M.; Fukunaga, T.; Kawasaki, T.; Miyahara, K., 1992:
Resin glycosides. XIII. Operculins VI, XI, XII, XIII, XIV and XV, the ether-soluble resin glycosides (jalapin) from rhizoma jalapae braziliensis (roots of Ipomoea operculata)

Heath, A., 1985:
Resin haemoperfusion for quinine poisoning

Sedej, R.; Zatezić, D., 1979:
Resin hardness and granulation of polymethylmethacrylate pearls

Raja, R.M., 1986:
Resin hemoperfusion for drug intoxication--an update

Lynn, R.I.; Honig, C.L.; Jatlow, P.I.; Kliger, A.S., 1979:
Resin hemoperfusion for treatment of ethchlorvynol overdose

Gleeson, G.H.; Nicotero, J.R.; Duffy, F.C.; Kennedy, F.B.; Ticzon, A.R., 1978:
Resin hemoperfusion in acute digoxin intoxication

Zhao, J., 1986:
Resin hemoperfusion in the treatment of severe hypnotic intoxication

Gubbe, H., 1987:
Resin inlays. Correct use prevents errors

Tometsko, A.M.; Schreiner, M.; Comstock, J., 1975:
Resin probe analysis. II. Amino acid coupling reactions

Skurnik, H., 1977:
Resin registration for interocclusal records

Pierrat, D., 1990:
Resin replaces the traditional gypsums

Love, L.D.; Breitman, J.B., 1985:
Resin retention by immersion-etched alloy

Kern, W.; Kirchner, S.; Vanek, E., 1990:
Resin versus standard blood culture media used with the new BACTEC automated infrared system: an evaluation in febrile granulocytopenic patients

Ali, A.; Cassidy, M.; Gilmour, A., 1992:
Resin-Bonded bridges: 1. Development and casting design

Foreman, P.C., 1988:
Resin-bonded acid-etched onlays in two cases of gross attrition

Booth, P.A.; Collins, I.G., 1990:
Resin-bonded arch bars

Walker, R.S.; Cerniglia, G.; Barrilleaux, D.; Kataoka, S., 1987:
Resin-bonded bridge modification

Price, R.B.; Harrison, R.L., 1989:
Resin-bonded bridges for the pediatric patient

van der Veen, J.H.; Bronsdijk, A.E.; van de Poel, A.C., 1988:
Resin-bonded bridges with tin-electroplated retainers--results after three years

Venner, K., 1990:
Resin-bonded bridges--current trends

Hansson, O., 1986:
Resin-bonded bridges. 1: Method

Kaukinen, J.; Apse, P., 1990:
Resin-bonded bridges. A matter of case selection

Creugers, N.H., 1991:
Resin-bonded bridges. A status report for the American Journal of Dentistry

Tay, W.M., 1988:
Resin-bonded bridges: 1. Methods and materials

Tay, W.M., 1988:
Resin-bonded bridges: 2. Clinical considerations

Ali, A.; Cassidy, M.; Gilmour, A., 1992:
Resin-bonded bridges: 2. Treatment planning, clinical gases and failures

Madjar, D.; Divon-Kupershmidt, I., 1992:
Resin-bonded cast coverage for fractured posterior teeth

Taylor, T.D.; Gerrow, J.D.; Brudvik, J.S., 1988:
Resin-bonded components for maxillofacial prosthesis construction: a clinical trial

Marinello, C.P.; Scharer, P., 1987:
Resin-bonded etched cast extracoronal attachments for removable partial dentures: clinical experiences

Marinello, C.P.; Schärer, P.; Meyenberg, K., 1991:
Resin-bonded etched castings with extracoronal attachments for removable partial dentures

Lyon, H.E., 1985:
Resin-bonded etched-metal rest seats

Bloxham, G.P., 1990:
Resin-bonded fixed partial dentures for abutment teeth with existing occlusal restorations

Chang, H.K.; Zidan, O.; Lee, I.K.; Gomez-Marin, O., 1991:
Resin-bonded fixed partial dentures: a recall study

Treasure, P.; Jones, S.A.; Treasure, B., 1990:
Resin-bonded palatal stops for the management of a deep traumatic overbite--a case report

Isidor, F.; Stokholm, R., 1992:
Resin-bonded prostheses for posterior teeth

Rothermel, R.A.; Kelly, J.R., 1986:
Resin-bonded prostheses: microleakage and luting agent thickness of etched and cast-meshwork retainers

Marinello, C.P.; Meyenberg, K.; Schärer, P., 1991:
Resin-bonded prosthodontics. The incorporation of resin-bonded elements

Cohen, S.R.; Blitzer, R.M.; Rieger, W.J.; Mingledorff, E.B.; Songsakul, A., 1987 :
Resin-bonded retainers with custom-made precision attachment for anterior alveolar ridge defect in patients with cleft

Goebel, G.G.; Young, H.M., 1987:
Resin-bonded retainers: a review of the literature (1984-1987). Look where we are today!

Situnayake, R.D.; McConkey, B., 1985:
Resin-coated 5-aminosalicylic acid (Asacol) in rheumatoid arthritis

Wilson, A.D., 1990:
Resin-modified glass-ionomer cements

Hansson, O., 1986:
Resin-retained bridges. 2. Preparations, construction design, choice of materials and dimension analysis

Gilpatrick, R.O.; Ross, J.A.; Simonsen, R.J., 1991:
Resin-to-enamel bond strengths with various etching times

Heitmann, T.; Asmussen, E., 1991:
Resin/dentin interphase

Szallasi, A.; Blumberg, P.M., 1989:
Resiniferatoxin, a phorbol-related diterpene, acts as an ultrapotent analog of capsaicin, the irritant constituent in red pepper

Dray, A.; Bettaney, J.; Forster, P., 1990:
Resiniferatoxin, a potent capsaicin-like stimulator of peripheral nociceptors in the neonatal rat tail in vitro

Franco-Cereceda, A., 1991:
Resiniferatoxin-, capsaicin- and CGRP-evoked porcine coronary vasodilatation is independent of EDRF mechanisms but antagonized by CGRP(8-37)

Franco-Cereceda, A.; Lou, Y.P.; Lundberg, J.M., 1990 :
Resiniferatoxin-evoked CGRP release and bronchoconstriction in the guinea-pig lung are inhibited by ruthenium red

Szolcsanyi, J.; Szallasi, A.; Szallasi, Z.; Joo, F.; Blumberg, P.M., 1991:
Resiniferatoxin. An ultrapotent neurotoxin of capsaicin-sensitive primary afferent neurons

Wagner, B.; Krochmalnic, G.; Penman, S., 1986:
Resinless section electron microscopy of HeLa cell mitotic architecture

Wang, X.; Traub, P., 1991:
Resinless section immunogold electron microscopy of karyo-cytoskeletal frameworks of eukaryotic cells cultured in vitro. Absence of a salt-stable nuclear matrix from mouse plasmacytoma MPC-11 cells

Suzuki, E.; Miyazaki, T.; Miyaji, T., 1988:
Resinoid grinding wheels of electric conduction

Natiella, J.R.; Fischman, S.L., 1975:
Resins as dental implants

Desprez, D.; Fiszon, E., 1985:
Resins for enamel pit and fissure sealing. Principles and current concepts

Leonardi, P.; Giampaolo, E.T.; Machado Cucci, A.L., 1990:
Resins for esthetic veneering of fixed dentures. 3. Simultaneous analysis of dimensional change variables and weight change as a function of materials, storage condition and time

Mastrocola, R.; Ziter, W.D., 1975:
Resins in oral surgery

Cunat, J.J., 1975:
Resins in orthodontics

Singh, S.; Maheswari, P.K.; Saxena, N., 1979:
Resins in periodontal splinting

Guzmán Párraga, R., 1987:
Resins in posterior teeth: clinical study

Franz, G.F., 1988:
Resins in restorative dental materials: reactor response

Jacotot, B., 1978:
Resins in the treatment of hypercholesterolemia

Bayne, S.C., 1988:
Resins: reactor response

Voeten, A.C., 1991:
Resistance against Baycox?

Pardon, P., 1977:
Resistance against a subcutaneous Brucella challenge of mice immunized with living or dead Brucella or by transfer of immune serum

Pöche, H.; Zakrzewski, S.; Nierhaus, K.H., 1979:
Resistance against cycloheximide in cell lines from Chinese hamster and human cells is conferred by the large subunit of cytoplasmic ribosomes

Kroon, D., 1988:
Resistance against genetic counseling

Nakahara, H.; Ishikawa, T.; Kondo, I.; Miwa, T.; Watanabe, K., 1975:
Resistance against heavy metals of Clostridium perfringens collected at the South Pole

Shah, P.M.; Just, G.; Weigand, G.; Stille, W., 1987:
Resistance against new gyrase inhibitors--1985/86

Berglund, E., 1985:
Resistance against research in education is a myth. Interview by Viveka Holmertz

Bhatt, S.B.; Kendall, A.P.; Lin, E.S.; Oh, T.E., 1992:
Resistance and additional inspiratory work imposed by the laryngeal mask airway. A comparison with tracheal tubes

de Jong, J.H., 1988:
Resistance and avoidance. Avoidance behavior of nurses in general hospitals. I

de Jong, J.H., 1988:
Resistance and avoidance. Avoidance behavior of nurses in general hospitals. II

Arnaud, J.P.; Eloy, R.; Weill-Bousson, M.; Greneir, J.F.; Adloff, M., 1977:
Resistance and biological tolerance of six "inert" parietal protheses. Experimental and critical study

Svirskaia, E.I.; Makovskaia, V.A., 1990:
Resistance and capacitance functions of gastric vessels under the action of noradrenaline

Takebayashi, H., 1986:
Resistance and capacitance of Nitella during transient and constant conditions

Otsuka, M., 1985:
Resistance and capacitance of the clam shell during rest using alternating current

Miyazaki, M., 1985:
Resistance and capacitance of the human nail using alternating current

Takamatsu, K., 1989:
Resistance and capacitance of the human skin at the transient and constant condition applied by the finite alternating potential

Pugovkin, A.P.; Artem'eva, A.I.; Lazarev, S.G., 1992:
Resistance and capacity function of blood vessels of the brain during activation of its cholinergic mechanisms

Lambert, K., 1976:
Resistance and counter-resistance

McCarthy, J.B., 1989:
Resistance and countertransference in child and adolescent psychotherapy

Rechav, Y.; Heller-Haupt, A.; Varma, M.G., 1989:
Resistance and cross-resistance in guinea-pigs and rabbits to immature stages of ixodid ticks

Wilkoff, L.J.; Dulmadge, E.A., 1978:
Resistance and cross-resistance of cultured leukemia P388 cells to vincristine, adriamycin, adriamycin analogs, and actinomycin D

Steerenberg, P.A.; Vendrik, C.P.; de Jong, W.H.; de Groot, G.; Fichtinger-Schepman, A.M.; Scheefhals, A.P.; Schornagel, J.H., 1988:
Resistance and cross-resistance of the IgM immunocytoma in the LOU/M Wsl rat for cisplatin, carboplatin, and iproplatin

Vijayalaxmi; Burkart, W., 1989:
Resistance and cross-resistance to chromosome damage in human blood lymphocytes adapted to bleomycin

Steiner, S., 1991:
Resistance and defense in supervision. From clinical practice of individual and team supervision (with special reference to institutional aspects)

Fregonesi, L.A.; Campos, G.M.; Panzeri, H., 1990:
Resistance and deformation of acrylic resin reinforced with cut and ground fiberglass. 1. Rupture tension

Fregonesi, L.A.; Campos, G.M.; Panzeri, H., 1990 :
Resistance and deformation of acrylic resin reinforced with cut and ground fiberglass. 2. Rupture lengthening

Fregonesi, L.A.; Campos, G.M.; Panzeri, H., 1990:
Resistance and deformation of acrylic resin reinforced with cut and ground fiberglass. 3. Modus of elasticity

Thoma, K.; Heckenmüller, H.; Oschmann, R., 1987:
Resistance and disintegration behavior of gastric juice-resistant drug products. 3. Pharmaceutical-technological and analytical studies of gastric juice-resistant commercial preparations

Günter Sander, F., 1990:
Resistance and elasticity of orthodontic wires from considerations of super elastic materials

Varenne, A.; Camous, J.P.; Jourdan, J.; Guiran, J.B., 1976:
Resistance and facilitation gradient in synchronized cardiac stimulation in the dog

Nakao, J.; Hess, R.G.; Bachmann, P.A.; Mahnel, H., 1978:
Resistance and inactivity of transmissible gastroenteritis virus of swine (TGE)

Pérez Fontán, J.J.; Heldt, G.P.; Gregory, G.A., 1985:
Resistance and inertia of endotracheal tubes used in infants during periodic flow

Azevedo, J.L.; Santana, E.P.; Bonatelli, R., 1977:
Resistance and mitotic instability to chloroneb and 1,4-oxathiin in Aspergillus nidulans

Block, R.; Skogan, W.G., 1986:
Resistance and nonfatal outcomes in stranger-to-stranger predatory crime

Mann, J.E.; Foley, E.; Sperelakis, N., 1977:
Resistance and potential profiles in the cleft between two myocardial cells: electrical analog and computer simulations

McCarthy, J.B., 1985:
Resistance and primitive anxiety

Torpakov, F.G.; Iamshchikov, A.V., 1976:
Resistance and productivity swine in relation to rate of air circulation

Schindl, R., 1976:
Resistance and pulse frequency in broncholytic dosage aerosols

Satoh, I.; Yamaguchi, R.; Kumagami, H., 1978:
Resistance and regenerability of the facial nerve in experimental trauma

del Nero Viera, G.; Miñana Laliga, R.; Garrido Martínez, M.; Ramos Navarro, J.M., 1990:
Resistance and retention as critical factors in silver amalgam restoration of endodontic posterior teeth. A clinical focus

Scott, G.W.; Otto, W.J., 1979:
Resistance and sphincter-like properties of the cystic duct

Buzlama, V.S.; Suleĭmanov, S.M.; Dolgopolov, V.N.; Konovalov, N.N.; Retskiĭ, M.I., 1978:
Resistance and stress in the etiology of dyspepsia in calves

Toman, M.; Franz, J.; Zralý, Z.; Stĕpánek, J., 1988:
Resistance and the local immune response to rotavirus infection after intrauterine immunization of calves and in non-immunized calves

Arnulf, G., 1975:
Resistance and tolerance of myocardium in ischemia: experimental results

Hahn, C.; Simonet, F., 1975:
Resistance and tolerance of the myocardium to ischemia

Wittmann, L.; Wittmann, S., 1986:
Resistance as chance. On the reconceptualization of the resistance concept in behavior therapy

Liedtke, R.; Lempa, W.; Künsebeck, H.W., 1991:
Resistance behavior and symptoms after one year of inpatient psychosomatic therapy

Neubert, R., 1986:
Resistance behavior of atypical mycobacteria to antibiotics and sulfonamides

Sikuler, E.; Moran, A., 1991:
Resistance calculation and expression

Greenwood, D.; O'Grady, F., 1975:
Resistance categories of enterobacteria to beta-lactam antibiotics

Bush, K.; Tanaka, S.K.; Bonner, D.P.; Sykes, R.B., 1985:
Resistance caused by decreased penetration of beta-lactam antibiotics into Enterobacter cloacae

Tirado, M.; Hermida, M.; Reig, R.; Esteva, C.; Vidal, R.; Roy, C., 1989:
Resistance caused by hyperproduction of chromosomal beta-lactamase in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Spath, P.; Schmalzl, F.; Spitler, L.E.; Petz, L.; Cooper, N.; Fudenberg, H.H., 1978:
Resistance deficiency in multiple myeloma

Alestig, K.; Dornbusch, K.; Ericson, C.; Kallings, L.O.; Kamme, C.; Nordbring, F.; Norrby, R.; Wallmark, G., 1978:
Resistance determination of bacteria: new classification in sensitive groups--S, I and R

Wiedemann, B.; Zühlsdorf, M.T., 1989:
Resistance development to fluoroquinolones in Europe

Verhulst, J.C.; van der Vijver, F.J., 1990:
Resistance during psychotherapy and behavior therapy

Brown, M., 1989:
Resistance exercise effects on aging skeletal muscle in rats

Thomas, T.R.; Ridder, M.B., 1989:
Resistance exercise program effects on abdominal function and physique

Zelante, F., 1979:
Resistance factors in the oral cavity

Mosin, V.I.; Ermolaeva, N.Iu.; Pasechnikov, V.D.; Virganskiĭ, A.O., 1987:
Resistance factors of the gastric mucosa in patients with stomach ulcer

Kudriashov, I.A.; Tkachenko, B.I., 1987:
Resistance function of venous vessels and filtration-absorptive processes in skeletal muscles

Lonai, P.; Haran-Ghera, N., 1977:
Resistance genes to murine leukemia in the I immune response gene region of the H-2 complex

Roulston, W.J.; Nolan, J., 1975:
Resistance in Boophilus microplus to cholinesterase inhibition and alterations in the site of action

Nansen, P., 1975:
Resistance in cattle to Fasciola hepatica induced by gamma-ray attenuated larvae: results from a controlled field trial

Janny, P.; Flori, B.; Georget, A.M.; Veyre, A., 1975:
Resistance in cerebrospinal fluid flow in normal pressure hydrocephalus

Kris, A.O., 1985:
Resistance in convergent and in divergent conflicts

Gravitz, M.A., 1985:
Resistance in investigative hypnosis: determinants and management

Harrison, G.A.; Stross, W.P.; Rubin, M.P.; Davies, R.M.; Speller, D.C., 1985:
Resistance in oral streptococci after repeated three-dose erythromycin prophylaxis

Harrison, G.A.; Rubin, M.P.; Davies, R.M.; Speller, D.C., 1985:
Resistance in oral streptococci after repetition of a single-dose amoxycillin prophylactic regimen

Munjack, D.J.; Oziel, L.J., 1978:
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Resistance machine for power skating of hockey players

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Resistance of Escherichia coli to nourseothricin (streptothricin): sensitization of resistant strains by abolition of its outer membrane resistance

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Resistance of Klebsiella pneumoniae to drugs

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Resistance of Pseudomonas aeruginosa to imipenem

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Resistance of Pseudomonas aeruginosa to imipenem is independent of beta-lactamase production

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Resistance of Salmonella

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Resistance of Shigella, Salmonella, and other selected enteric pathogens to antimicrobial agents

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Resistance of aged cells to virus replication

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Resistance of anti-pollution circuits

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Resistance of bacteria to antibiotics

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Resistance of bees to nosematosis and the genetic method of prevention

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Resistance of cavity walls of composite filled teeth

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Resistance of clinical isolates of Haemophilus influenzae

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Resistance of clinical strains of Proteus to various beta-lactam antibiotics

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Resistance of cortical neurons to oxygen deficit

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Resistance of cultures of Neisseria gonorrhoeae to spectinomycin

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Resistance of cytolytic lymphocytes to perforin-mediated killing. Murine cytotoxic T lymphocytes and human natural killer cells do not contain functional soluble homologous restriction factor or other specific soluble protective factors

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Resistance of cytotoxic T lymphocytes to lysis by a clone of cytotoxic T lymphocytes

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Resistance of earthworms Lumbricus terrestris and Allolobophora turgida to the fungicide captan 50 W.P

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Resistance of endotracheal tubes used for neonatal intensive care

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Resistance of exogenous DNA in thymocyte nuclei to the action of pancreatic DNAase

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Resistance of expiratory positive pressure valves

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Resistance of female guinea pig fertility to efficient iso-immunization with spermatozoa autoantigens

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Resistance of germfree rats to indomethacin-induced intestinal lesions

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Resistance of gram negative bacteria to new generation cephalosporins and the role of beta-lactamases in this type of resistance

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Resistance of gram-negative bacteria against cefaclor and other antibiotics

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Resistance of group D streptococci to beta-lactam antibiotics

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Resistance of heart valve bioprosthesis to the proteolytic effect of collagenase and elastase

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Resistance of helper T lymphocytes to cyclophosphamide

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Resistance of high and low antibody responder lines of mice to the growth of avirulent (BCG) and virulent (H37Rv) strains of mycobacteria

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Resistance of highly pathogenic Naegleria fowleri amoebae to complement-mediated lysis

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Resistance of hinges to wear

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Resistance of horse alpha 1-proteinase inhibitor to perchloric acid denaturation and a simplified purification procedure resulting therefrom

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Resistance of hospital strains of microorganisms to antibiotics and antiseptics

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Resistance of human bronchial epithelial cells to teleocidin in a two-stage carcinogenesis experiment

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Resistance of human leukemic and normal lymphocytes to drug-induced DNA cleavage and low levels of DNA topoisomerase II

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Resistance of human melanoma cells against the cytotoxic and complement-enhancing activities of doxorubicin

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Resistance of human melanoma cells to ultraviolet radiation

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Resistance of human ovarian cancer cells to tumor necrosis factor and lymphokine-activated killer cells: correlation with expression of HER2/neu oncogenes

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Resistance of normal, unstimulated, CD8+ T cells to lysis by cytotoxic granules from cloned T cell lines

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Resistance of plateau-phase human normal and xeroderma pigmentosum fibroblasts to the cytotoxic effect of ultraviolet light

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Resistance of polyploid cultures of Candida utilis to the action of ultraviolet rays

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Resistance of the press to contraception

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Resistance testing of malignant tumors. Possibility of analysis of the clinical development of secondary resistance to cytostatic drugs

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Resistance to 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3 of cultured psoriatic epidermal keratinocytes isolated from involved and uninvolved skin

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Resistance to a non-immunogenic tumor, induced by Corynebacterium parvum or Listeria monocytogenes, is abrogated by anti-interferon gamma

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Resistance to activated F IX concentrate (FEIBA)

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Resistance to interferon-alpha in a mouse B-cell lymphoma involves DNA methylation

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Resistance to intrauterine devices

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Resistance to isolation among elderly widows

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Resistance to mandatory AIDS testing

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Resistance to mechanical contraception

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Resistance to medical ulcer therapy--possible reasons and management

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Resistance to role implementation

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Resistance to the pill

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