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Studies on the mechanism of different collagen glucosyltransferase reactions (Golgi apparatus, smooth endoplasmic reticulum, rough endoplasmic reticulum) in chick embryo liver

Bortolato, M.; Radisson, J.; Azzar, G.; Got, R.

International Journal of Biochemistry 24(2): 243-248


ISSN/ISBN: 0020-711X
PMID: 1531132
DOI: 10.1016/0020-711x(92)90253-w
Accession: 041464868

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1. The galactosylhydroxylysylglucosyltransferase (GGT) specific to collagen is located in the RER (rough endoplasmic reticulum), SER (smooth endoplasmic reticulum) and Golgi apparatus for the chick embryo liver. 2. The UDP-glucose collagen glucosyltransferase activities in chick embryo liver were solubilized by Nonidet P-40. 3. The mechanism of collagen glucosyltransferase reaction was studied with enzyme preparation of Golgi apparatus CF2, smooth endoplasmic reticulum CF4 and rough endoplasmic reticulum CF8. 4. For the three fractions, data obtained in experiments were consistent with a sequential ordered mechanism in which the substrates are bound to the enzyme in the following order: Mn2+, collagen and UDP-glucose substrate, with different values for Km and Vmax.

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