Section 42
Chapter 41,469

Study of Vibrio cholerae fractions. II. a comparison of the immunochemical and biological properties of preparations of alkaline extracts (vibrionin) and the endotoxin of Vibrio cholerae

Rubtsov, I.V.; Martynov, I.V.; Gorshkova, V.I.

Zhurnal Mikrobiologii Epidemiologii i Immunobiologii 10: 49-53


ISSN/ISBN: 0372-9311
PMID: 747006
Accession: 041468172

Comparative study of immuno-chemical and biological properties of vibrionin and cholera vibrio endotoxin showed vibrionin to contain up to 73.5% of protein, whereas endotoxin preparations contained only 25% of protein. Use of disc electrophoresis in polyacrylamide gel permitted to determine the relative electrophoretic mobility of the protein component bands of both preparations. Residual quantities of O-antigenic cholera vibrio determinants were revealed serologically in the vibrionin preparations. Study of biological properties of vibrionin (cholera allergen) demonstrated a possibility of using vibrionin in the capacity of a new bacterial allergen.

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