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The aminoterminal domain of alpha-tubulin probed by monoclonal antibodies. Recognition of a rarely exposed epitope by the monoclonal antibody 111 B52 C2

Wolff, A.; de Nechaud, B.; Chillet, D.; Gros, F.

Biology of the Cell 63(3): 319-326


ISSN/ISBN: 0248-4900
PMID: 2465048
Accession: 041574355

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The production and identification of a monoclonal antibody, 111 B52 C2, raised against fragments obtained after limited proteolysis of purified tubulin is described. The recognized epitope is located on the aminoterminal domain of the alpha-tubulin subunit and differs from the antigenic sites reacting with the presently existing panel of available monoclonal antibodies. This monoclonal antibody thus constitutes a potentially useful tool to explore interactions between tubulin and other specific ligands.

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