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The cytogenetic effect of natural modifiers of mutagenesis in a human lymphocyte culture: the modification of the mutagenic effect by recombinant interferon in vitro in the lymphocytes of bronchial asthma patients and of healthy donors

Movsesian, E.S.; Sarkisian, T.F.; Arutiunian, R.M.

Tsitologiia i Genetika 24(2): 21-24


ISSN/ISBN: 0564-3783
PMID: 1695773
Accession: 041602271

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The significant protective effect of recombinant interferon in the cultures of lymphocytes of healthy donors and patients with bronchial asthma has been revealed. The cytogenetic damage were stimulated by alkylating agents thioTEPA and photrin during their administration at the stages Gi-S of the cell cycle. No differences were revealed in the action of mutagens and protector in the patients and healthy persons.