Section 42
Chapter 41,603

The cytogenetic effect of natural mutagenesis modifiers in a human lymphocyte culture. The action of aminobenzamide during the gibberellic acid induction of chromosome aberrations

Zalinian, G.G.; Arutiunian, R.M.; Sarkisian, G.G.

Tsitologiia i Genetika 24(3): 31-34


ISSN/ISBN: 0564-3783
PMID: 2238097
Accession: 041602272

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The 3-aminobenzamide sensibilization of the cytogenetic activity of gibberellic acid in the culture of human lymphocytes has been investigated. Two-three-fold increase of the chromosome aberrations induced by gibberellic acid, irrespective of the time of 3-aminobenzamide addition to the cultures (the 28th, 46th, 72th hrs of the cultivation) is shown.

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