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The fronto-orbital approach in the treatment of post-traumatic fronto-basal cerebrospinal rhinorrhoea in children

Pirsig, W.; Limmer, P.

Hno 23(3): 74-81


ISSN/ISBN: 0017-6192
PMID: 1205989
Accession: 041655983

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This paper deals with the advantages and limits of the paranasal (fronto-orbital) extradural approach for closing the leakage in 11 children with cerebrospinal rhinorrhoea after fronto-basal fractures. According to the classification of Escher, particularly the more localized types (II, III, IV) of lesions in the frontal base can be treated with good functional and cosmetic results: there was one partial failure out of 12 operations for closing the leakage in the frontal base of the skull.

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