Section 42
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The gene encoding the T-cell surface protein T4 is located on human chromosome 12

Isobe, M.; Huebner, K.; Maddon, P.J.; Littman, D.R.; Axel, R.; Croce, C.M.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 83(12): 4399-4402


ISSN/ISBN: 0027-8424
PMID: 3086883
DOI: 10.1073/pnas.83.12.4399
Accession: 041657900

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The surface glycoproteins T4 and T8 define functionally distinct populations of T lymphocytes. We have obtained cDNA and genomic clones encoding the T4 molecule and used these as probes to determine the chromosomal location of this gene. Genomic blotting experiments, along with in situ hybridization analyses, indicate that the T4 gene resides on the short arm of human chromosome 12, at region p12-pter. Thus, the T4 gene is not linked to any known member of the immunoglobulin gene family, including its counterpart gene, T8, which resides on human chromosome 2 immediately distal to the immunoglobulin kappa locus.

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