Section 42
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The interactions of the separated strands of satellite DNAs with other DNAs: 1. Conditions for associations of the alpha-satellite of the guinea pig with heterologous double-stranded DNAs

Skinner, D.M.; Chambers, C.A.

Nucleic Acids Research 4(1): 43-62


ISSN/ISBN: 0305-1048
PMID: 405659
DOI: 10.1093/nar/4.1.43
Accession: 041679925

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The separated H- and L-strands of the alpha-satellite of the guinea pig, Cavea porcellus, recovered from centrifugation in alkaline CsC1 gradients, from complexes with 7 different double-stranded (ds) DNAs including those of 1 bacteriophage, 2 prokaryotes, 2 invertebrates and 2 mammals. The complexes are not artifacts due to in vitro labeling of the satellite, methods of collection, the presence of divalent cations, or the fact that trace amounts of single-stranded (ss) DNAs are used. More complex dsDNAs, such as that recovered from nicked RF M13, do not associate with dsDNAs.

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