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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 41711

Chapter 41711 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Derman, H.; Dorsey, D.B., 1991:
The pathology of regulation

Kryzhanovskiĭ, G.N., 1990:
The pathology of regulatory mechanisms

Rowlands, D.T.; Hill, G.S.; Zmijewski, C.M., 1976:
The pathology of renal homograft rejection. A review

Tighe, J.R., 1977:
The pathology of renal ischaemia

Lupo, F.; Peracchio, D.; Capellaro, L., 1990:
The pathology of self-destruction. Personal experience. Clinico-statistical aspects

Eckert, W.G., 1977:
The pathology of self-mutilation and destructive acts: a forensic study and review

Schmidt, D., 1992:
The pathology of soft tissue sarcomas

Enjoji, M., 1992:
The pathology of soft tissue tumors: current issues

Adler, C.P., 1989:
The pathology of spinal diseases

Geboes, K.; Desmet, V., 1978:
The pathology of stomach carcinoma

Davies, T.S.; Nielsen, S.W.; Kircher, C.H., 1976:
The pathology of subacute methylmerculialism in swine

Bharati, S.; Lev, M., 1985:
The pathology of sudden death

Copeland, A.R., 1986:
The pathology of sudden death in hypertensive individuals

Pinkert, R., 1976:
The pathology of temporomandibular joint luxations--anatomical studies on temporomandibular joint preparations

Bahramann, E., 1976:
The pathology of testicular neoplasms

Prange, H.; Kosmehl, H.; Katenkamp, D., 1987:
The pathology of testicular tumors in dogs. 2. Morphology and comparative morphologic aspects

Griem, W.; Weinhold, E., 1976:
The pathology of the Maedi disease of sheep

Chan, K.W.; Fu, K.H.; Ling, J., 1988:
The pathology of the appendix in Hong Kong

Grattan, C.E.; Boon, A.P.; Eady, R.A.; Winkelmann, R.K., 1990:
The pathology of the autologous serum skin test response in chronic urticaria resembles IgE-mediated late-phase reactions

Rappaport, H.R., 1977 :
The pathology of the extracutaneous lesions of mycosis fungoides

Brandt, F.; Zhou, H.M.; Shi, Z.R.; Kadzda, J.; Dhople, A.M.; Kolk, A.; Schmidt, D.S., 1990:
The pathology of the eye in armadillos experimentally infected with Mycobacterium leprae

Frankel, K.A.; Rosser, R.J., 1976:
The pathology of the heart in progressive muscular dystrophy: epimyocardial fibrosis

Daniel, P.M.; Treip, C.S., 1977:
The pathology of the hypothalamus

Yvergneaux, J.P.; Bauwens, E.; Yvergneaux, E.; Barraya, L.; Pujol-Soler, R., 1975:
The pathology of the infundibulum of the sphincter of Oddi

Mirra, J.M.; Amstutz, H.C.; Matos, M.; Gold, R., 1976:
The pathology of the joint tissues and its clinical relevance in prosthesis failure

Powell, L.W.; Kerr, J.F., 1975:
The pathology of the liver in hemochromatosis

Edwards, C.; Macartney, J.; Rooke, G.; Ward, F., 1975:
The pathology of the lung in byssinotics

Smith, P.; Heath, D., 1975:
The pathology of the lung in paraquat poisoning

Swash, M.; Fox, K.P., 1976:
The pathology of the muscle spindle in Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Scaravilli, F.; Sinclair, E.; Arango, J.C.; Manji, H.; Lucas, S.; Harrison, M.J., 1992:
The pathology of the posterior root ganglia in AIDS and its relationship to the pallor of the gracile tract

Wagenvoort, C.A., 1975:
The pathology of the pulmonary vasculature in various forms of pulmonary hypertension

Murphy, M.L., 1987:
The pathology of the right heart in chronic hypertrophy and failure

Perugia, L.; Postacchini, F., 1985:
The pathology of the rotator cuff of the shoulder

Gaddini, R., 1977:
The pathology of the self as a basis of psychosomatic disorders

Hassan, N.M.; Neiman, R.S., 1985:
The pathology of the spleen in steroid-treated immune thrombocytopenic purpura

Bourée, P., 1992:
The pathology of the transplanted black African

Remotti, G.; De Virgiliis, G., 1979:
The pathology of the uterine cervix

Brady, M.P.; Hennessy, T.P.; Barrett, J., 1975:
The pathology of the vermiform appendix and its relationship to clinical diagnosis

Williams, E.D., 1975:
The pathology of thyroid malignancy

Menghini, L.; Durzi, S.; Terzi, G.; Pillitu, A.; Carletti, N.; Degli Albizi, S., 1992:
The pathology of thyroid nodules. Our experience

Abrahams, C.; Ballard, R.C.; Sutter, E.E., 1979:
The pathology of trachoma in a black South African population. Light microscopical, histochemical and electron microscopical findings

Billingham, M.E., 1990:
The pathology of transplanted hearts

Moerman, P.; Fryns, J.P.; van der Steen, K.; Kleczkowska, A.; Lauweryns, J., 1988:
The pathology of trisomy 13 syndrome. A study of 12 cases

Rosai, J.; Ackerman, L.V., 1979:
The pathology of tumors, part III: grading, staging & classification

Peh, S.C.; Cheah, P.L.; Sengupta, S., 1988:
The pathology of tumour and "tumour-like" lesions of bone in the University Hospital, Kuala Lumpur

Hudgson, P.; Fulthorpe, J.J., 1975:
The pathology of type II skeletal muscle glycogenosis. A light and electron-microscopic study

Georgsson, G.; Nathanson, N.; Pálsson, P.A.; Pétursson, G., 1976:
The pathology of visna and maedi in sheep

Forrester, J.V.; Grierson, I.; Lee, W.R., 1979:
The pathology of vitreous hemorrhage. II. Ultrastructure

Jacoby, R.O.; Buxton, D.; Reid, H.W., 1988:
The pathology of wildebeest-associated malignant catarrhal fever in hamsters, rats and guinea-pigs

Buxton, D.; Jacoby, R.O.; Reid, H.W.; Goodall, P.A., 1988:
The pathology of "sheep-associated" malignant catarrhal fever in the hamster

Hybásek, I., 1979:
The pathology, clinical findings and therapeutic results of functional resection of the larynx for cancer

D'Amico, J.C., 1976:
The pathomechanics of adult rheumatoid arthritis affecting the foot

Frost, H.M., 1985:
The pathomechanics of osteoporoses

Sutherland, D.H.; Cooper, L., 1978:
The pathomechanics of progressive crouch gait in spastic diplegia

Káli, A.; Gloviczky, Z.; Urai, L., 1978:
The pathomechanism of Raynaud's phenomena in the neurovascular brachial plexus syndrome

Arnoldi, C.C.; Reimann, I., 1979:
The pathomechanism of human coxarthrosis

Asano, T.; Johshita, H.; Gotoh, O.; Usui, M.; Koide, T.; Shigeno, T.; Takakura, K., 1985:
The pathomechanism underlying ischemic brain edema: the role of Na+, K+-ATPase of the brain microvessels

Zemskov, V.S.; Kiseleva, A.F.; Skiba, V.V.; Gichka, S.G.; Khmel'nitskiĭ, S.I.; Cheverdiuk, D.A., 1992:
The pathomorphogenetic characteristics of the wall of the common bile duct in cholestasis

Rozenberg, V.D., 1989:
The pathomorphologic characteristics of the arrhythmogenic heart

Rozenberg, V.D., 1989:
The pathomorphologic differential diagnosis of cardiomyopathies (based on data from postmortem contrast cardioventriculography)

Bronshteĭn, M.E., 1990:
The pathomorphological aspects of endogenous hypercorticism (a lecture)

Semenov, S.P.; Konovalov, G.V.; Taros, L.Iu.; Kudriavtseva, V.K., 1990:
The pathomorphological changes in the brain and internal organs in experimental influenza infection in mice

Brovina, N.N.; Nastashinskaia, L.M., 1990:
The pathomorphological changes in the epiphysis in chronic alcoholism

Abdazimov, A.D., 1991:
The pathomorphological changes in the gingiva of workers engaged in copper, zinc and lead manufacture

Streliukhina, N.A.; Mamyrbaev, A.A.; Lukashev, A.A., 1992:
The pathomorphological changes in the internal organs in experimental chronic red phosphorus poisoning

Lazareva, O.A.; Zolotukhin, V.A.; Kalenova, L.F., 1991:
The pathomorphological changes in the liver and immune system organs of golden hamsters with experimental opisthorchiasis and tuberculosis infections

Bykovskaia, S.I.; Zuev, V.A.; Kharitonova, A.M.; Ignat'eva, N.G., 1991:
The pathomorphological changes in the organs and tissues of mice with congenital pathology induced by the inactivated influenza virus

Blagodarov, V.N.; Khaĭdarly, I.N., 1991:
The pathomorphological changes in the parietal pleura in exudative pleurisy

Dakov, I.; Vlasov, V.; Marinov, V., 1990:
The pathomorphological changes in the pleura of rabbits with artificial pneumothorax and uropolin pleurography

Gordienko, V.M.; Mishenkova, E.L.; Radzievskiĭ, A.A., 1990:
The pathomorphological characteristics of the action on the body of the antitumor antibiotic asterin under stress conditions

Os'minkin, V.A., 1990:
The pathomorphological characteristics of the lung tissue in death from supercooling in cases of a block of the pulmonary barrier function

Pashinian, G.A.; Dobrovol'skiĭ, G.F.; Alimova, R.G.; Romadanovskiĭ, P.O., 1992:
The pathomorphological characteristics of the vascular plexuses and ependyma of the cerebral ventricles in human craniocerebral trauma

Bergmann, V.; Gräfe, A., 1990:
The pathomorphology and pathogenesis of acute cardiovascular failure in swine. 1. Histopathologic findings in the myocardium of swine of different age groups

Gräfe, A.; Bergmann, V.; Seifert, H., 1990:
The pathomorphology and pathogenesis of acute cardiovascular failure in swine. 2. Histopathologic findings in the myocardium of swine of different populations

Bergmann, V.; Gräfe, A.; Seifert, H., 1990:
The pathomorphology and pathogenesis of acute cardiovascular failure in swine. 3. Histopathologic findings in the myocardium of swine with transport-related cardiovascular insufficiency

Ogbuihi, S., 1989:
The pathomorphology of chronic alcohol-associated myocardial changes

Taatz, H.; Stiefel, A., 1977:
The pathomorphology of chronic apical periodontitis

Guarda, F.; Negro, M., 1989:
The pathomorphology of endocardiosis in swine

Kasumova, S.Iu.; Akshulakov, S.K., 1989:
The pathomorphology of hypophyseal adenomas

Delling, G.; Dreyer, T.; Hahn, M.; Röser, K.; Vogel, M.; Welkerling, H.; Wolf, E., 1990:
The pathomorphology of metabolic osteopathies--the information potentials of iliac crest biopsies, the pathophysiology and the latest ideas on the structure of the spongiosa

Boĭko, I.G.; Siliaeva, N.F., 1991:
The pathomorphology of the eye in the perinatal period

Nikolaeva, T.N.; Spivak, L.A., 1991:
The pathomorphology of the intra- and extraorganic neural apparatus of the heart in congenital defects

Ruf, G.; Mappes, H.J.; Lausen, M.; Schöffel, U.; Koch, H.; Farthmann, E.H., 1989:
The pathomorphology of the liver after unilateral hepatic duct obstruction with laboratory-chemical observations of the course in the dog

Isaev, I.M., 1989:
The pathomorphology of the superior cervical sympathetic ganglia in burns

Guliamov, M.G.; Nazarov, A.F., 1988:
The pathomorphosis of alcoholic delirium

Shchepin, I.O., 1992:
The pathomorphosis of reactive psychoses in the forensic psychiatric clinic

Presswalla, F.B., 1978:
The pathophysics and pathomechanics of trauma

Averbuch, M.; Levo, Y., 1986:
The pathophysiologic and therapeutic significance of circulating anticoagulants in SLE

Boley, S.J.; Sprayregen, S.; Sammartano, R.J.; Adams, A.; Kleinhaus, S., 1977:
The pathophysiologic basis for the angiographic signs of vascular ectasias of the colon

Duska, F.; Hadas, L.; Volenec, K.; Palicka, V.; Mazurová, Y.; Vizd'a, J.; Kafka, P.; Urbanová, E.; Kuba, M.; Veverková, O., 1989:
The pathophysiologic basis for the incorporation of 99mTc-pyrophosphate into myocardial infarct

Neill, W.A.; Ritzmann, L.W.; Selden, R., 1977:
The pathophysiologic basis of acute coronary insufficiency. Observations favoring the hypothesis of intermittent reversible coronary obstruction

Grigor'eva, T.G., 1990:
The pathophysiologic characteristics of skin flaps prepared experimentally by the method of dermotension

Kato, A.; Hishida, A., 1991:
The pathophysiologic mechanisms of acute renal failure

Gängler, P.; Seinige, U., 1979:
The pathophysiologic reactivity of the endodontium and periodontium

Tracey, K.J.; Lowry, S.F.; Cerami, A., 1988:
The pathophysiologic role of cachectin/TNF in septic shock and cachexia

Savarino, V.; Mela, G.S.; Celle, G., 1990:
The pathophysiologic role of nocturnal acid secretion in gastric ulcers

Freston, J.W., 1988:
The pathophysiological and pharmacological basis of peptic ulcer therapy

Poriadin, G.V.; Sharpan', I.V., 1988:
The pathophysiological bases of drug addiction and abuse

Berger, D.; Beger, H.G., 1992:
The pathophysiological bases of peritonitis therapy

Kolesnichenko, I.P.; Zinchenko, V.A.; Chesnokov, V.V., 1991:
The pathophysiological basis for the treatment of patients with a vertebrogenic pain syndrome localized in the lumbosacral region

Curtis, M.J., 1991:
The pathophysiological basis of arrhythmogenesis in myocardial ischemia and reperfusion: possible target for intervention

Kroó, M.; Rezác, O.; Parízek, J., 1975:
The pathophysiological basis of monitoring vital functions in neurosurgical patients. Comprehensive review

Sikuler, E.; Groszmann, R.J., 1986:
The pathophysiological basis of the pharmacological treatment of portal hypertension

Sikorski, J.; Pardy, B.J.; Bradfield, J.W.; Dudley, H.A., 1977:
The pathophysiological changes of experimental fat embolism: early pre-hypoxaemic changes

Berezovskaia, Z.B.; Mishchuk, I.I.; Slepova, I.G.; Karasik, O.L., 1992:
The pathophysiological characteristics of anaphylactic shock

Grando, S.A.; Glukhen'kiĭ, B.T.; Barabash, T.M.; Zaslavskiĭ, L.I.; Cherniavskiĭ, A.I., 1990:
The pathophysiological disorders and experimental therapy in pemphigus and pemphigoid

Goldstein, M.; Kuga, S.; Shimizu, Y.; Meller, E., 1986:
The pathophysiological functions mediated by D1 dopamine receptors

Brezis, M.; Rosen, S.N.; Epstein, F.H., 1989:
The pathophysiological implications of medullary hypoxia

Zer, M.; Wolloch, Y.; Dintsman, M., 1977:
The pathophysiological mechanism of the gastro-esophageal reflux and hiatus hernia syndrome

Gromova, E.A., 1990:
The pathophysiological problems of emotional memory

Heuer, H.; Casals-Stenzel, J., 1989:
The pathophysiological role of PAF in anaphylactic lung reaction in the guinea pig and in endotoxin shock evidenced by the specific PAF-antagonist WEB 2086

Saitoh, S.; Shimamoto, K.; Nakagawa, M.; Yamaguchi, Y.; Matsuda, K.; Kuroda, S.; Ura, N.; Iimura, O., 1988:
The pathophysiological role of digitalis-like substance in essential hypertension

Shirasaki, H.; Kojima, T.; Asakura, K.; Kataura, A.; Shimamoto, K.; Iimura, O., 1989:
The pathophysiological role of kinin and chemical mediators on experimental allergic rhinitis

Shen, Y.Z.; Li, C.L., 1991:
The pathophysiological role of the platelet activating factor

Sasaki, H.; Kawasaki, T.; Abe, K., 1978:
The pathophysiological significance of increased renal kallikrein excretion in Bartter's syndrome

Jaeschke, H., 1990:
The pathophysiological significance of increased tight-junctional permeability during oestrogen cholestasis

Lee, D.B.; Zawada, E.T.; Kleeman, C.R., 1978:
The pathophysiology and clinical aspects of hypercalcemic disorders

Knochel, J.P., 1977:
The pathophysiology and clinical characteristics of severe hypophosphatemia

Brown, M.D., 1992:
The pathophysiology and diagnosis of low back pain and sciatica

Kostis, J.B.; Moreyra, A.E.; Natarajan, N.; Hosler, M.; Kuo, P.T.; Conn, H.L., 1979:
The pathophysiology and diverse etiology of septal perforator compression

Gill, J., 1991:
The pathophysiology and epidemiology of myocardial infarction. A review

Fein, S.A.; Frishman, W.H., 1987:
The pathophysiology and management of primary pulmonary hypertension

Smith, L.H., 1990:
The pathophysiology and medical treatment of urolithiasis

Moriya, W., 1978:
The pathophysiology and metabolic information of the red blood cells in liver diseases--changes in oxygenation properties in blood

Zador, G., 1977:
The pathophysiology and methods of treatment of climacteric disorders

Hodler, J.; Hunkeler, H., 1976:
The pathophysiology and pathobiochemistry of uremia

McDermott, W.V., 1979:
The pathophysiology and surgical management of portal hypertension

Rossi, E.C., 1977:
The pathophysiology and therapy of hemolytic anemia

Cohen, S.; Snape, W.J., 1978:
The pathophysiology and treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease: new concepts

Incaudo, G.; Gershwin, M.E.; Nagy, S.M., 1986:
The pathophysiology and treatment of sinusitis

Martin, E., 1990:
The pathophysiology of AIDS

Kurtzman, N.A.; Gutierrez, L.F., 1975:
The pathophysiology of Bartter syndrome

Boley, S.J., 1975:
The pathophysiology of Hirschsprung's disease- a continuing search

Teitelbaum, D.H.; Caniano, D.A.; Qualman, S.J., 1989:
The pathophysiology of Hirschsprung's-associated enterocolitis: importance of histologic correlates

Emmett, M.; Goldfarb, S.; Agus, Z.S.; Narins, R.G., 1977:
The pathophysiology of acid-base changes in chronically phosphate-depleted rats: bone-kidney interactions

Hunt, J.L.; Mason, A.D.; Masterson, T.S.; Pruitt, B.A., 1976:
The pathophysiology of acute electric injuries

Pender, M.P., 1988:
The pathophysiology of acute experimental allergic encephalomyelitis induced by whole spinal cord in the Lewis rat

Trapnell, J.E., 1976:
The pathophysiology of acute pancreatitis and the use of trasylol in treatment

Hall, D.A., 1976:
The pathophysiology of ageing collagen

Malagelada, J.R., 1986:
The pathophysiology of alcoholic pancreatitis

Belsito, D.V., 1989:
The pathophysiology of allergic contact hypersensitivity

Meroni, P.L.; Tincani, A.; Harris, E.N.; Valesini, G.; Hughes, G.R.; Balestrieri, G., 1989:
The pathophysiology of anti-phospholipid antibodies

Takigawa, M.; Sakamoto, T.; Nakayama, F.; Tamamori, T., 1992:
The pathophysiology of atopic dermatitis

Kay, P.H.; Brass, T.; Lincoln, C., 1989:
The pathophysiology of atypical tamponade in infants undergoing cardiac surgery

McConnell, J.D., 1991:
The pathophysiology of benign prostatic hyperplasia

Klír, P.; Pospísil, J.; Dienstbier, Z.; Skala, E., 1978:
The pathophysiology of blood coagulation in irradiated rats

Teitelbaum, S.L.; Bullough, P.G., 1979:
The pathophysiology of bone and joint disease

Holgate, S.T., 1986 :
The pathophysiology of bronchial asthma and targets for its drug treatment

Vishnevskiĭ, A.A.; Nikoladze, G.D., 1988:
The pathophysiology of bullous pulmonary emphysema

Hauben, D.; Mahler, D., 1979:
The pathophysiology of burn disease

Shabetai, R., 1976:
The pathophysiology of cardiac tamponade

Betz, E., 1987:
The pathophysiology of cerebral circulation

Hoff, J.T.; Wilson, C.B., 1977:
The pathophysiology of cervical spondylotic radiculopathy and myelopathy

Weibel, K., 1979:
The pathophysiology of chondromalacia patellae and patellofemoral arthrography

Manu, P.; Lane, T.J.; Matthews, D.A., 1992:
The pathophysiology of chronic fatigue syndrome: confirmations, contradictions, and conjectures

Dwarakanath, G.K.; Warfield, C.A., 1988:
The pathophysiology of chronic pain

Armenaka, M.; Rosenstreich, D.L., 1992:
The pathophysiology of chronic urticaria

Phillips, T.M.; Holohan, T.V.; Korac, S.; More, N.S.; Queen, W.D., 1985:
The pathophysiology of circulating immune complexes: their role in host-tumor interactions and removal by immunoadsorption therapy

Norris, S.H.; Buell, J.C.; Kurtzman, N.A., 1987:
The pathophysiology of cirrhotic edema: a reexamination of the "underfilling" and "overflow" hypotheses

Shetter, A.G.; Demakas, J.J., 1979:
The pathophysiology of concussion: a review

Plum, F., 1986:
The pathophysiology of dementia

Sears, T.A.; Bostock, H.; Sheratt, M., 1978:
The pathophysiology of demyelination and its implications for the symptomatic treatment of multiple sclerosis

Hernandez, C.G., 1989:
The pathophysiology of diabetes mellitus: an update (continuing education credit)

Turnberg, L.A., 1979:
The pathophysiology of diarrhoea

Ogli, K., 1987:
The pathophysiology of drown and near-drown

Donovan, I.A.; Green, G.; Dykes, P.W.; Owens, C.; Clendinnen, B.G.; Alexander-Williams, J., 1975:
The pathophysiology of duodenitis

Korczyn, A.D., 1978:
The pathophysiology of dystonia

Rose, R.M.; Fuglestad, J.M.; Skornik, W.A.; Hammer, S.M.; Wolfthal, S.F.; Beck, B.D.; Brain, J.D., 1988:
The pathophysiology of enhanced susceptibility to murine cytomegalovirus respiratory infection during short-term exposure to 5 ppm nitrogen dioxide

Jonasson, O.; Jones, C.W.; Bauman, A.; John, E.; Manaligod, J.; Tso, M.O., 1985:
The pathophysiology of experimental insulin-deficient diabetes in the monkey. Implications for pancreatic transplantation

Pijls, N.H.; Berden, H.J.; Hendrick, J.M.; Willems, F.F.; van der Werf, T., 1990:
The pathophysiology of external heart massage

Albers, C., 1976:
The pathophysiology of fever

Godlowski, Z.Z., 1975:
The pathophysiology of fluctuant hearing loss

Krediet, R.T.; Struijk, D.G.; Boeschoten, E.W.; van der Reijden, H.J.; Kemperman, F.A.; Arisz, L., 1989:
The pathophysiology of fluid transport in continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis

Pedley, T.A., 1978:
The pathophysiology of focal epilepsy: neurophysiological considerations

Warner, K.G.; Demling, R.H., 1986:
The pathophysiology of free-fall injury

Hinder, R.A., 1986:
The pathophysiology of gastric electrical activity and emptying

Marks, I.N., 1979:
The pathophysiology of gastric surgery

Olbe, L., 1979:
The pathophysiology of gastric ulcer

Sanada, M.; Takahashi, M.; Kishi, K.; Moriyama, Y.; Shibata, A., 1979:
The pathophysiology of granuloid precursor cells in patients with chronic myelogenous leukemia

Condorelli, M.; Trimarco, B.; Volpe, M., 1991:
The pathophysiology of heart failure

Ballas, S.K., 1990:
The pathophysiology of hemolytic anemias

Frackowiak, R.S., 1985:
The pathophysiology of human cerebral ischaemia: a new perspective obtained with positron tomography

Bryant-Armstrong, B., 1988:
The pathophysiology of human immunodeficiency virus infections

Peters, S.P.; Schleimer, R.P.; Naclerio, R.M.; MacGlashan, D.W.; Togias, A.G.; Proud, D.; Freeland, H.S.; Fox, C.; Adkinson, N.F.; Lichtenstein, L.M., 1987:
The pathophysiology of human mast cells. In vitro and in vivo function

Kurokawa, K., 1987:
The pathophysiology of hypercalcemia

Nutter, D.O.; Wickliffe, C.; Gilbert, C.A.; Moody, C.; King, S.B., 1975:
The pathophysiology of idiopathic mitral valve prolapse

Rothberg, C.S.; Weir, B.K.; Overton, T.R.; Grace, M., 1977:
The pathophysiology of induced SAH in the spontaneously breathing Cynomolgus monkey using different volumes of fresh autogenous blood

Traber, D.L.; Linares, H.A.; Herndon, D.N.; Prien, T., 1988:
The pathophysiology of inhalation injury--a review

Mason, J., 1986:
The pathophysiology of ischaemic acute renal failure. A new hypothesis about the initiation phase

Weseloh, G.; Liebig, K., 1978:
The pathophysiology of joints--value of biochemical study methods (proceedings)

Lance, J.W., 1985:
The pathophysiology of migraine

Hotter, A.N., 1990:
The pathophysiology of multi-system organ failure in the trauma patient

Schiff, R.D.; Oliff, A., 1986:
The pathophysiology of murine retrovirus-induced leukemias

Pender, M.P., 1988:
The pathophysiology of myelin basic protein-induced acute experimental allergic encephalomyelitis in the Lewis rat

Furman, R.E.; Barchi, R.L., 1978:
The pathophysiology of myotonia produced by aromatic carboxylic acids

Lundborg, G.; Dahlin, L.B., 1992:
The pathophysiology of nerve compression

Hill, H.G.; Pitkow, H.S.; Davis, R.H., 1977:
The pathophysiology of osteomyelitis

Dargie, J.D.; Berry, C.I.; Parkins, J.J., 1979:
The pathophysiology of ovine fascioliasis: studies on the feed intake and digestibility, body weight and nitrogen balance of sheep given rations of hay or hay plus a pelleted supplement

Kuncl, R.W.; Pestronk, A.; Drachman, D.B.; Rechthand, E., 1986:
The pathophysiology of penicillamine-induced myasthenia gravis

Nilas, L.; Christiansen, C., 1989:
The pathophysiology of peri- and postmenopausal bone loss

Loriaux, D.L., 1989:
The pathophysiology of precocious puberty

Weening, J.J.; Van Guldener, C.; Daha, M.R.; Klar, N.; van der Wal, A.; Prins, F.A., 1987:
The pathophysiology of protein-overload proteinuria

Sundmacher, R., 1977:
The pathophysiology of recurrent herpes simplex virus disease

Clunie, G.J., 1977:
The pathophysiology of renal hypertension

Vertes, V.; Ghose, M.K., 1975:
The pathophysiology of renovascular hypertension

Tsacopoulos, M., 1977:
The pathophysiology of retinal artery and vein thromboses

Panayi, G.S., 1988:
The pathophysiology of rheumatoid arthritis

Newcomb, R.W., 1989:
The pathophysiology of rhinitis

Raphael, G.D.; Meredith, S.D.; Baraniuk, J.N.; Druce, H.M.; Banks, S.M.; Kaliner, M.A., 1989:
The pathophysiology of rhinitis. II. Assessment of the sources of protein in histamine-induced nasal secretions

Meredith, S.D.; Raphael, G.D.; Baraniuk, J.N.; Banks, S.M.; Kaliner, M.A., 1989:
The pathophysiology of rhinitis. III. The control of IgG secretion

Raphael, G.D.; Igarashi, Y.; White, M.V.; Kaliner, M.A., 1991:
The pathophysiology of rhinitis. V. Sources of protein in allergen-induced nasal secretions

Fleischmajer, R., 1977:
The pathophysiology of scleroderma

Arturson, M.G., 1985:
The pathophysiology of severe thermal injury

Hotter, A.N., 1989:
The pathophysiology of shock brain

Anders, T.F.; Guilleminault, C., 1976:
The pathophysiology of sleep disorders in pediatrics. Part I. Sleep in infancy

Stephenson, S.F.; Esrig, B.C.; Polk, H.C.; Fulton, R.L., 1975:
The pathophysiology of smoke inhalation injury

Levy, M., 1978:
The pathophysiology of sodium balance

Eidelberg, E., 1977:
The pathophysiology of spinal cord injury

Staskin, D.R.; Zimmern, P.E.; Hadley, H.R.; Raz, S., 1985:
The pathophysiology of stress incontinence

Vargas Fernandez, L., 1976:
The pathophysiology of stress. Part 1

Vargas Fernández, L., 1977:
The pathophysiology of stress. Part III

Kronish, J.W.; Gonnering, R.S.; Dortzbach, R.K.; Rankin, J.H.; Reid, D.L.; Phernetton, T.M., 1990:
The pathophysiology of the anophthalmic socket. Part I. Analysis of orbital blood flow

Kronish, J.W.; Gonnering, R.S.; Dortzbach, R.K.; Rankin, J.H.; Reid, D.L.; Phernetton, T.M.; Pitts, W.C.; Berry, G.J., 1990:
The pathophysiology of the anophthalmic socket. Part II. Analysis of orbital fat

Rorabeck, C.H.; Clarke, K.M., 1978:
The pathophysiology of the anterior tibial compartment syndrome: an experimental investigation

Rorabeck, C.H.; Macnab, I., 1975:
The pathophysiology of the anterior tibial compartmental syndrome

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The pathway to success: perseverance--prevention

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The patient

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The patient advocate as adversary

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The patient and his family receiving welfare payment

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The patient and technic

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The patient and the environment in the rehabilitation process

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The patient and the machine

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The patient and the mental stress of hospital recovery

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The patient and the nurse: the ideal attitude of the nurse expected by a patient

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The patient and the nursing staff; the observer and the observed

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The patient and the physician

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The patient and the professional: partners in sickness and in health

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The patient as a flight passenger

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The patient as a human being

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The patient as a partner - goal setting in modern nursing

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The patient as a person

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The patient as a selfobject. A form of countertransference

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The patient as a therapist

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The patient as consumer?

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The patient as expert

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The patient as historian

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The patient as human being in the center

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The patient as interface between genes and the environment

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The patient as partner in the treatment course

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The patient as person: an empty phrase?

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The patient as teacher

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The patient as text: a model of clinical hermeneutics

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The patient at risk

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The patient at risk in the ambulatory surgical setting

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The patient care audit

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The patient care team and aphasic patients

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The patient care team in the hospital ward: the place of the nursing student

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The patient care team--experiences with a problematic therapeutic interaction figure in psychiatry

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The patient care technician--help in critical times

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The patient chose to die: why?

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The patient classification system. I. The allocation of nursing personnel

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The patient comes first--a commitment we all share

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The patient comment card: a system to gather customer feedback

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The patient comment form is a hospital performance indicator

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The patient customer

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The patient does not improve role of psychosomatic consultation

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The patient education and information system of the "Bad Reichenhaller Model"

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The patient education bridge

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The patient education document

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The patient educator role in nursing

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The patient encounter as a model for business

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The patient facing his own disease

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The patient factor in oral rehabilitation

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The patient failed therapy

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The patient following PTCA

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The patient following heart transplantation

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The patient following heart valve replacement

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The patient following kidney transplantation

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The patient from whom I have learned the most: undiagnosed pulmonary emboli are still with us

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The patient had AIDS: facing my fears

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The patient has chronic lung disease. Then what? He needs comprehensive services. There's hope in the ALA/ATS task force plan

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The patient history: a source of prognostic data in breast cancer

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The patient history: an outline for collection

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The patient in danger of infection

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The patient in long-term medicine. An analysis after central referral over a 10-year period

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The patient in pain: handling the guilt feelings

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The patient in pain: legal issues in competency assessment

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The patient in perspective. Nursing care of children undergoing parenteral nutrition

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The patient in proper light

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The patient in psychotherapy

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The patient in radiotherapy--psychological problems in the relations with tumor patients

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The patient in the accusative. Physician-patient relationship in the speechless consultation

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The patient in the ambulatory dental service

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The patient in the community setting

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The patient in the family and the family in the patient

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The patient in the health care system

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The patient in the highly tense atmosphere of institutions. An evaluation of social medicine consultation at a district health office

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The patient in the juridical relationship: observations on patients' rights

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The patient in the operating suite

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The patient in the process of accepting death - a study through conference method at the surgical ward, Seibo Hospital

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The patient in the psychoanalyst's consulting room--the first consultation as a psychoanalytic encounter

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The patient insurance's injury registry: feedback of experiences to the health care services has a preventive effect

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The patient is (almost) always right

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The patient is a person

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The patient is a person--and so is the nurse

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The patient is important in the operating room

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The patient is not a blank sheet

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The patient is responsible

Gallop, R., 1985:
The patient is splitting. Everyone knows and nothing changes

Newman, H.N., 1988:
The patient is statistically the appropriate unit for periodontal study

Anonymous, 1990:
The patient is "outraged" .... the physician responds!

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The patient judgment system: reliability and validity

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The patient kept on a machine at his home. The patient and the machine

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The patient knows we care

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The patient letter

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The patient lives--but does the person survive?

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The patient material of a hospital for nonspecific respiratory diseases as shown by bronchological test results

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The patient needs to talk

Shannon, M., 1991:
The patient nobody wanted

Jones, H., 1989:
The patient nurse

Biancuzzo, M., 1991:
The patient observer: does the hands-and-knees posture during labor help to rotate the occiput posterior fetus?

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The patient observer: what really happened at the bedside?

Perez, P.G., 1989:
The patient observer: what really led to these cesarean births?

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The patient of the pneumologist in 4 decades. Epidemiologic and socioeconomic viewpoints

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The patient on TPN. RN master care plan

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The patient on a ventilator

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The patient on strict immobilization on a turning bed

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The patient on the doorstep

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The patient or his illness

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The patient package insert

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The patient package insert. Is it safe and effective?

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The patient package insert: consumer education

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The patient record of the use of hormonal contraceptives--a possibility for better monitoring

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The patient register. A useful instrument as a source of health information?

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The patient registries of the National Board of Health and Welfare

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The patient rejection scale: cross-cultural consistency

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The patient report "General Gynecology"--an important building block in electronic data processing documentation in the gynecological department of the Dresden Medical Academy

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The patient rights advocate

Anonymous, 1975:
The patient speaks: the bogeyman of yesterday is in your chair today, doctor

Anonymous, 1975:
The patient speaks: "...remember, I have to live with what you do..."

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The patient teaching record. A form to document patient education

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The patient undergoing amputation of the lower limbs and the changes in activities of daily living

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The patient underneath the cast

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The patient using a pacemaker at his family-physicians

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The patient who can't remember to take her meds

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The patient who falls--and falls again: defining the aged at risk

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The patient who had undergone surgery for congenital cardiopathy: general problems

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The patient who has undergone cesarean section and the care of her infant

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The patient who wants help with a will

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The patient with AIDS. Management procedures

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The patient with Alzheimer's disease: retaining the right to make medical treatment decisions

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The patient with a colostomy and its appropriate care

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The patient with a colostomy: his admission by the hospital system

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The patient with a long-term indwelling catheter

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The patient with a pigmented lesion

Anonymous, 1976:
The patient with a renal mass

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The patient with a stoma facing his new body image

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The patient with a terminal illness. The medical untouchables

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The patient with a urinary stoma. Nursing management and patient education

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The patient with abdominal injuries

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The patient with acute myocardial infarction: assessing quality of care in one emergency department

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The patient with alcoholic cardiomyopathy

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The patient with an aorto-bifemoral prosthesis. Role of the nurse

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The patient with an artificial anus

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The patient with an ileostomy. Nursing management and patient education

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The patient with angina: the importance of careful listening

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The patient with arterial hypertension under outpatient treatment. The influence of variables, the knowledge of the complications of the disease and the expectations regarding nursing care (III)

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The patient with artificial respiration in the intensive care unit

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The patient with asbestos exposure

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The patient with aspiration drainage. Nursing care

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The patient with bronchospasm: assessment, triage, and teaching adjuncts

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The patient with cancer and his or her family

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The patient with cancer: social and clinical perspectives for the dentist

Anonymous, 1987 :
The patient with cardiomyopathy

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The patient with carotid reversible cerebral ischemic attack. Clinico-instrumental pathogenetic diagnosis

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The patient with chronic disease in need of care. Nursing guidance with the coping mechanism

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The patient with chronic pain

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The patient with chronic pelvic pain

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The patient with chronic undiagnosed abdominal pain

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The patient with combined deficiency of neuraminidase and 21-hydroxylase

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The patient with congestive heart failure. Teaching implications

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The patient with epilepsy--a nursing perspective

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The patient with essential hypertension

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The patient with factitious disorder as active sufferer and passive power: a linguistic analysis of self presentation by a patient in therapeutic interaction

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The patient with functional disorders

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The patient with gonococcal infection

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The patient with hearing impairment

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The patient with heart disease in dental practice

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The patient with heart disease: preoperative evaluation and preparation

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The patient with hemorrhage and prolonged bleeding time: classification and differential diagnosis

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The patient with hypertension: a scheme for management

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The patient with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

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The patient with ichthyosis. Report of a case

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The patient with incurable cancer and palliative medicine in Mexico

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The patient with left heart assist device: nursing management

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The patient with life threatening asthma

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The patient with low back pain

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The patient with lower urinary tract trauma

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The patient with lung cancer

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The patient with lupus nephritis: a nursing perspective

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The patient with multiple sclerosis

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The patient with multiple sclerosis at home

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The patient with multiple trauma

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The patient with multiple trauma and facial injuries

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The patient with multiple trauma and vertebro-medullary injuries

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The patient with multiple trauma: relational approach to the patient in the recovery room

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The patient with multiple traumas

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The patient with newly diagnosed diabetes mellitus

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The patient with noncardiogenic pulmonary edema

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The patient with peripheral arterial occulsive disease

Ashby, D., 1990:
The patient with peripheral vascular disease

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The patient with polymorphous light dermatosis. Skin type, hardening and other light-associated markers

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The patient with poor resistance

Strohmeyer, G.; Peerenboom, H., 1975:
The patient with portacaval anastomosis

Altshuler, A.; Hilden, D., 1977:
The patient with portal hypertension

Schick, L., 1991:
The patient with post-transurethral resection of the prostate syndrome

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The patient with pseudotumor cerebri and disseminated lupus erythematosus

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The patient with psychogenic and psychosomatic pain. Outline of psychoanalytically oriented nosology

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The patient with refractory genital warts in the STD-clinic. Treatment failure with CO2-laser

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The patient with renal disease. Some implications for dental hygiene practice

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The patient with rheumatism as chronically ill patient

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The patient with schizophrenia: helping you stay in touch with reality

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The patient with scoliosis. Carole, a girl treated with bracing

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The patient with scoliosis. Spinal fusion: emotional stress and adjustment

de Toledo, C.H., 1979:
The patient with scoliosis. The defect: classification and detection

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The patient with situational illness behavior

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The patient with sudden visual loss (nontraumatic)--concepts

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The patient with suspected meningitis

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The patient with symptomatic chronic anterior cruciate ligament insufficiency. Results of minimal arthroscopic surgery and rehabilitation

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The patient with systemic lupus erythematosus

Tovbett, M.P., 1978:
The patient with systemic lupus erythematous

Higgs, D.J., 1990:
The patient with testicular cancer: nursing management of chemotherapy

Steinhagen, P.; Riecken, E.O., 1975:
The patient with the operated on stomach

Brugada, P.; Andries, E., 1991:
The patient with ventricular arrhythmias can be offered optimal treatment on the basis of simple clinical variables

Geary, C.B., 1987:
The patient with viral cardiomyopathy

Veltin, A., 1975:
The patient working in a psychiatric hospital

Semenovskiĭ, A.V., 1988:
The patient's age in different pathogenetic variants of choriocarcinoma in pregnancy and treatment results

Gough, G., 1986:
The patient's auditory environment

Aydelotte, M.K., 1978:
The patient's bill of rights - implications for the health care system

Werner, H., 1992:
The patient's biography in anthroposophic medicine. An aid for diagnosis and therapy

Surgenor, D.M., 1987:
The patient's blood is the safest blood

Duplantie, A., 1989:
The patient's chart: a concern of the Committee for Standardization of Forms

Crigger, B.J., 1991:
The patient's choice

Sklar, C., 1978:
The patient's choice vs. the nurse's judgment

Ackroyd, D.E., 1986:
The patient's complaint

Uhlenbruck, W., 1975:
The patient's contractual right to information from the transfusing physician

Anonymous, 1991:
The patient's dilemma. 1911

Rozovsky, L.E., 1979 :
The patient's duty to himself

Rozovsky, L.E., 1987:
The patient's duty to himself. How this is seen in the practice

Cerrato, P.L., 1992:
The patient's eating--why is he losing weight?

Beacock, C., 1990:
The patient's environment. Ecology and mental handicap

Salt, J., 1990:
The patient's environment. The involvement of relatives

Whelton, J., 1990:
The patient's environment. The obstetric care system

Wikblad, K.F.; Wibell, L.B.; Montin, K.R., 1990:
The patient's experience of diabetes and its treatment: construction of an attitude scale by a semantic differential technique

Anonymous, 1975:
The patient's face: typical dental malpractice cases

Holmes, P., 1991:
The patient's friend

van Weel, C.; Meijboom-de Jong, B.; van Weert, H., 1990:
The patient's functional status; clinimetrics in family practice

Wathen, W.F., 1988:
The patient's interest

Davison, A., 1992:
The patient's interests need safeguarding

Zumkley, H., 1976:
The patient's intolerance of dentures from the internal medicine veiwpoint

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The patient's intolerance of dentures from the point of view of various medical specialties

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The patient's legal responsibility

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The patient's mental demands of a nurse

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The patient's motivation for oral hygiene--a psychological consideration

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The patient's not for turning

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The patient's opinion

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The patient's opinion and assessment of a general practice in an urban district

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The patient's opinion of day care vein surgery

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The patient's patient. Interview by Teena Chadwell

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The patient's perception of the analyst: the hidden transference

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The patient's periodontal record. Its legal implications

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The patient's perspective

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The patient's perspective: prosumers

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The patient's psychiatric encounters

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The patient's question: important determinant for quality of medical actions

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The patient's reaction to ventilation

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The patient's records and the defense of dental malpractice claims

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The patient's representative: whose side is she on?

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The patient's request: an important determinant for quality of medical care

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The patient's right of access to his hospital and medical records

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The patient's right to die

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The patient's right to know

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The patient's right to know. 2. A major dilemma continues unresolved

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The patient's right to live or die

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The patient's right to refuse treatment

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The patient's role in assessing the value of diagnostic tests

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The patient's role in diagnostic tests

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The patient's role in medical decision making

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The patient's self-protection

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The patient's sleep--its evaluation in the nursing care record

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The patient's story: integrating the patient- and physician-centered approaches to interviewing

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The patient's view of breast cancer trials

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The patient's view of general practice in an urban area

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The patient's view of the role of the primary care physician in abortion

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The patient's view of therapy

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The patient's viewpoint on TMJ implants

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The patient's wish for treatment--exemplified by inpatient psychotherapy

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The patient's world

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The patient, a protagonist in his own care. Ulcers and other lesions of the skin

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The patient, above all

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The patient, family and physician on the path to treatment partnership. Case report of a 19 year schizoaffective disease course

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The patient, the doctor, Chlamydia law and reality

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The patient, the nurse and the doctor

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The patient, the whole patient, and nothing but the patient

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The patient--his anxiety and his assessment of the dentist as variables in the compliance model

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The patient--the centre of nursing

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The patient--the real objective

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The patient-care gap

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The patient-clientele of a neurological intensive-care unit

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The patient-counselor relationship in a cross-cultural context

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The patient-doctor relationship

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The patient-driven practice

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The patient-machine-physician relation

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The patient-physician relationship within the system of integrated socialist health care

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The patient-physician relationship: compliance revisited

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The patient-therapist relationship in crisis intervention

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The patient-therapist relationship in occupational therapy: understanding visions and images

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The patient/physician relationship in the management of diabetes mellitus

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The patient: first, last, always

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The patient: his choice, his care and his degree of satisfaction

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The patients for thyroidectomy

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The patients of the 5th Ward (antics of patients in a psychiatric ward) 7. The problem of the ward keys(2)

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The patients of the 5th Ward. (antics of patients in a psychiatric ward) 6. The problem of the ward key (1)

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The patients who accidentally learned the nature of their illnesses

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The patients your colleagues hate to nurse

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The patients' and nurses' viewpoint of the significance of nursing care activities

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The patients' and referring physicians' evaluation of the benefit of examination by a specialist

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The patients' experience of hospital admissions

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The patients' reactions to the psychoanalyst's vacation: a Horneyan perspective

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The patients' right to access to their clinical history

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The patients' right to see the record

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The patients' sleep and the nurse

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The patrist drift

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The patron saints of breast disease

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The patrons of a middle-american "hippy bar"

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The patrons of physicians, Cosmos and Damian, in Czech art

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The pattern ERG in response to colored stimuli

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The pattern and attitude of Nigerian women in Benin City towards female sterilisation

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The pattern and characteristics of the electrical activity of the gastrointestinal tract

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The pattern and control of eruptive tooth movements

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The pattern design for evaluation of castability of nickel-chromium alloys

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The pattern electroretinogram in diabetic retinopathy

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The pattern electroretinogram in patients with optic nerve disease

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The pattern evoked responses (VER) in optic neuritis

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The pattern flash elicited P300-complex (PF-P300): a new method for studying cognitive processes of the brain

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The pattern flash elicited P300-complex (PF-P300): dynamics of its topographic scalp distribution in different states of visual attention

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The pattern of 72-kDa heat shock protein-like immunoreactivity in the rat brain following flurothyl-induced status epilepticus

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The pattern of GAP-43 immunostaining changes in the rat hippocampal formation during reactive synaptogenesis

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The pattern of HIV infection in a southern state and city: a model for the outpatient clinic

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The pattern of HLA-DR and HLA-DQ antigen expression on clonable subpopulations of human myeloid progenitor cells

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The pattern of X-chromosome inactivation in the embryonic and extra-embryonic tissues of post-implantation digynic triploid LT/Sv strain mouse embryos

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The pattern of [3H]cyclofoxy retention in rat brain after in vivo injection corresponds to the in vitro opiate receptor distribution

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The pattern of acceptance by Blacks of family planning facilities in relation to socio-economic status

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The pattern of accumulation of cauliflower mosaic virus-specific products in infected turnips

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The pattern of acquisition of plaques and tangles in the brains of patients under 50 years of age with Down's syndrome

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The pattern of adult medical admissions in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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The pattern of adult medical emergencies in Africa

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The pattern of amyloidosis in a Malaysian patient population

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The pattern of arteriosclerotic changes in the peripheral arteries and the role of physical exercise

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The pattern of attendance at general practice in the years before the diagnosis of cervical cancer. A case control study

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The pattern of breathing in patients with chronic airflow obstruction

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The pattern of bronchial asthma in benin in the equatorial forest zone of Nigeria

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The pattern of burn care in a regional burn unit

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The pattern of cell division in the early development of the sea urchin. Paracentrotus lividus

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The pattern of contact of immigrant workers with the primary physician in the city of Copenhagen

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The pattern of corneal graft rejection

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The pattern of disease

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The pattern of disease in Africa and the western way of life

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The pattern of endothelial cell boundaries in regenerated aortae

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The pattern of famine in Bangladesh

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The pattern of fractures and dislocations in western Nigeria

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The pattern of hand injury sustained in the overturning motor vehicle

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The pattern of human growth. Factors conditioning and regulating growth

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The pattern of injuries in 470 pedestrains killed in road accidents

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The pattern of injury in motor cycle accidents in a country area

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The pattern of innervation of a polyneural muscle: axolotl iliotibialis

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The pattern of intramural veins of the left ventricle of the human heart

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The pattern of joining (JH) gene usage in the human IgH chain is established predominantly at the B precursor cell stage

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The pattern of joint involvement in hands with arthritis at the base of the thumb

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The pattern of lactate dehydrogenase isoenzymes in testicular germ cell tumors differs from that of the liver

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The pattern of leucocyte response to surgical trauma in the African Negro

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The pattern of lung injury induced after pulmonary exposure to tumor necrosis factor-alpha depends on the route of administration

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The pattern of malignant lymphoreticular cell proliferation and its relevance to chemotherapy

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The pattern of malnutrition in Zaria

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The pattern of measles attacks in the district of Tábor during the 1961-1962 period

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The pattern of measles in Ilorin

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The pattern of medical contacts in a geographically isolated mine village in Greenland

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The pattern of memory loss resulting from intravenously administered diazepam

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The pattern of metabolism of 2-acetylaminofluorene in carcinogen-induced hepatocyte nodules in comparison to normal liver

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The pattern of metastases in Nigerian breast cancer patients

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The pattern of motor activity, light, and melatonin production in Syrian hamsters

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The pattern of motor cycle injuries sustained by motor cyclists in Victoria in 1974 and 1975

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The pattern of muscarinic acetylcholine receptor binding in the avian forebrain

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The pattern of muscle involvement in poliomyelitis of the upper limb

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The pattern of mycobacterial antigen recognition in sera from Mantoux-negative individuals is essentially unaffected by bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccination in either south India or London

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The pattern of myeloid suppression and recovery after the addition of methotrexate to murine long-term bone marrow culture

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The pattern of myocardial fibrosis in chronic Chagas' heart disease

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The pattern of neural tube defects created by secondary reopening of the neural tube

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The pattern of neurological deterioration and the mechanism of neurological deficit in syringomyelia

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