Section 42
Chapter 41,729

The question of root resorption. Is the risk of root resorption related to the typology of the face?

Bacon, W.; Reziciner, V.; Tschill, P.

L' Orthodontie Francaise 60 Pt 2: 559-573


ISSN/ISBN: 0078-6608
PMID: 2490238
Accession: 041728458

The mechanisms involved in root resorption are of the same nature than those leading to bone resorption. The state of calcification and the local conditions in the microenvironment are responsible for the different responses of alveolar bone and root with regard to calcified matrix resorption. Root resorption is commonly observed in association with impacted cuspids, acute chronical trauma, inflammatory or idiopathic conditions. Root resorption is more frequent in females and is independent on facial typology or orthodontic technique. Critical conditions to root integrity are often associated with heavy forces and periodontal ligament disruption. Root anatomy may also be a predisposing factor to resorption. Systematic radiological examination is the only way to control the onset of a root resorption process in orthodontic therapy.

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