Section 42
Chapter 41,751

The saccharide components of wood hydrolysates--a constituent part of the fermentation media for the biosynthesis of beta-lactam antibiotics

Velvard, L.; Vozar, M.; Rolko, P.

Antibiotiki i Khimioterapiia 33(7): 491-493


ISSN/ISBN: 0235-2990
PMID: 3142375
Accession: 041750820

Spruce and ash wood were subjected to acid hydrolysis. The hydrolysates were paper chromatographed for the presence of saccharides. The following monosaccharides were detected: D-xylose, D-mannose, D-glucose, D-galactose and L-arabinose. The monosaccharides and L-rhamnose in addition in the form of concentrated solutions were used as part of lactose in production of penicillin V. Similarly, the whole amounts of D-glucose and saccharose were substituted in biosynthesis of cephalosporin C. With regard to the results it follows that hydrolysates of the conifers and especially of the hardwood can substitute part of the fermentation medium components in production of penicillin V and cephalosporin C.

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