Thickness of mammalian cells in culture, the absorption of UV radiation in the cells and the related shift in action spectra

Sakharov, V.N.; Voronkova, L.N.; Blokhin, A.V.

Tsitologiia 27(2): 216-222


ISSN/ISBN: 0041-3771
PMID: 3992662
Accession: 041798040

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The thickness of SPEV cells in monolayer with different cell densities was measured by means of 3-dimensional reconstruction from serial vertical sections. No significant changes in the mean cell thickness were detected despite the wide range of volume and cell density variations. UV absorption at different wave-lengths was measured in various sites of single cells. It is shown that the well known shift between peaks of the UV action spectrum for mammalian and bacteria cells may result from the cell self-shielding at short wavelengths.