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Time-out with children. Effects of an explanation and brief parent training on child and parent behaviors

Gardner, H.L.; Forehand, R.; Roberts, M.

Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology 4(3): 277-288


ISSN/ISBN: 0091-0627
PMID: 972210
DOI: 10.1007/bf00917764
Accession: 041812137

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The purpose of the present study was twofold: (a) to determine the effect of an explanation prior to or after time-out on child compliance and on child disruptive behavior during time-out and (b) to determine the effect of brief parent training in time-out on child and parent behaviors. Thirty-two mother-child pairs served as subjects and were assigned to one of the following four groups: control, time-out only, explanation prior to time-out, or explanation following time-out. Each mother-child pair was observed for one session under pretraining, training, and posttraining conditions. The results indicated that time-out significantly increased compliance but the addition of an explanation did not further alter the effectiveness of time-out. Training in the use of time-out decreased the incidence of maternal interruptions but did affect maternal responses that were not trained. Finally, following brief time-out training for noncompliance, the mothers used the procedure only 50% of the time following noncompliance.

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