Section 43
Chapter 42,171

Acupuncture--cultural perspectives. 1. The Western view

Steiner, R.P.

Postgraduate Medicine 74(4): 60-67


ISSN/ISBN: 0032-5481
PMID: 6604909
Accession: 042170742

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While acupuncture has been popularized in the lay press for the past decade, its therapeutic efficacy has often been clouded by issues of Oriental mystique and difficulties in understanding a foreign medical system. Numerous studies have explored the mechanism by which acupuncture works. The effects of acupuncture constitute a generalized systemic reaction with far-reaching consequences. Acupuncture has numerous clinical applications in obstetrics and dentistry, as well as use in the treatment of asthma, musculoskeletal disorders, various addictions, angina pectoris, peptic ulcer disease, functional bowel disorders, and acute bacillary dysentery.

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