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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 42219

Chapter 42219 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Alterations in the activity of the adrenergic nervous system in heart failure
, Ucla Forum in Medical Sciences 10: 289-294 (1970)

Alterations in the aminoacids comprising the proteins of normal aqueous humor in rabbits after prolonged treatment with dexamethasone
, Minerva Oftalmologica 8(4): 107-109 (1966)

Alterations in the androgen metabolism of the female guinea-pig during pregnancy
, Steroids 42(2): 137-146 (1983)

Alterations in the antibacterial properties of rabbit pulmonary macrophages exposed to wood smoke
, American Review of Respiratory Disease 129(1): 76-81 (1984)

Alterations in the antibody response to bovine serum albumin by capsular polysaccharide of Klebsiella pneumoniae
, Journal of Immunology 107(4): 1112-1121 (1971)

Alterations in the aorta of Gallus domesticus injected with ground homologous and heterologous aorta. Comparison with spontaneous lesions
, Pathologia Europaea 7(2): 131-142 (1972)

Alterations in the apparent tissue factor (thromboplastin) expression in HeLa cells by a cellular factor Xa inhibitor
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 761(1): 109-118 (1983)

Alterations in the bactericidal ability of rabbit alveolar macrophages as a result of tumbling stress
, American Journal of Pathology 70(1): 57-68 (1973)

Alterations in the bactericidal capacity of the rat lung after immunosuppression
, Antimicrobial Agents and ChemoTherapy 9: 468-472 (1969)

Alterations in the baroreceptor reflex in conscious dogs with heart failure
, Journal of Clinical Investigation 51(4): 715-724 (1972)

Alterations in the baseline sister-chromatid exchange frequency in human lymphocyte culture following a number of cell divisions
, Mutation Research 127(2): 149-153 (1984)

Alterations in the basement membrane (heparan sulfate) proteoglycan in diabetic mice
, Diabetes 31(2): 185-188 (1982)

Alterations in the behavioral effects of LSD by pretreatment with para-chlorophenylalanine and alpha-methyl-para-tyrosine
, Psychopharmacologia 18(4): 387-406 (1970)

Alterations in the binding of 3H-testosterone during development in the rat
, Neuroendocrinology 8(2): 107-115 (1971)

Alterations in the biochemical properties of central dopamine synapses following chronic postnatal PbCO3 exposure
, Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics 214(3): 642-650 (1980)

Alterations in the carbohydrate and lipid metabolism during gastric test using 2-deoxy-D-glucose as a stimulant
, Przeglad Lekarski 37(11): 743-747 (1980)

Alterations in the cell envelope of Escherichia coli late in bacteriophage T4 infection
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 596(2): 210-222 (1980)

Alterations in the cellular immune response of patients with cerebral glioma, benign intracranial tumour, and spontaneous subarachnoid haemorrhage measured in vitro by the leucocyte migration inhibition test
, Neurological Research 5(1): 61-75 (1983)

Alterations in the cerebral threshold for seizure activity during wakefulness and different sleep stages in animals
, Neirofiziologiia 6(6): 577-584 (1974)

Alterations in the characteristics of sugar uptake by mouse cells transformed by murine sarcoma viruses
, Journal of the National Cancer Institute 43(5): 1091-1096 (1969)

Alterations in the charge and size selectivity barrier of the glomerular filter in aminonucleoside nephrosis in rats
, Laboratory Investigation; a Journal of Technical Methods and Pathology 44(3): 271-279 (1981)

Alterations in the circadian system in advanced age
, Ciba Foundation Symposium 183: 212 (1995)

Alterations in the circulatory response to exercise following a meal and their relationship to postprandial angina pectoris
, Circulation 44(1): 90-100 (1971)

Alterations in the collagen framework of osteoarthritic cartilage and subchondral bone
, International Orthopaedics 5(1): 47-52 (1981)

Alterations in the components of ribonucleotide reductase in hydroxyurea-resistant hamster cells
, Bioscience Reports 3(8): 741-748 (1983)

Alterations in the composition and metabolism of the inner aortic wall associated with increased polyol pathway activity
, Hormone and Metabolic Research 4: 169-171 (1974)

Alterations in the concentration of cholesterol in bile after administration of human growth hormone
, Pediatric Research 8(7): 710-714 (1974)

Alterations in the content of amino acid neurotransmitters before the onset and during the course of methoxypyridoxine-induced seizures in individual rabbit brain regions
, Journal of Neurochemistry 40(6): 1571-1580 (1983)

Alterations in the content of glycogen and mineral components in the hepatic tissue under the influence of Dzhermuk mineral water
, Voprosy Kurortologii Fizioterapii i Lechebnoi Fizicheskoi Kultury 31(5): 403-405 (1966)

Alterations in the content of ketone bodies and nonesterified fatty acids in the blood of healthy persons after glucose load
, Problemy Endokrinologii 14(6): 50-52 (1968)

Alterations in the cyclase system of skeletal muscles and in the content of cyclic nucleotides in blood plasma of rats after the administration of caffeine
, Voprosy Meditsinskoi Khimii 29(4): 47-51 (1983)

Alterations in the cytoplasmic membrane proteins of various chlorate-resistant mutants of Escherichia coli
, Journal of Bacteriology 108(1): 564-570 (1971)

Alterations in the cytotoxic activity of Crohn's disease peripheral blood T cells expressing different T-cell receptor variable gene products
, Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 371b: 1293-1296 (1995)

Alterations in the distribution of glycoproteins in epithelial cells of murine colon after injection of tunicamycin
, Cell and Tissue Research 210(1): 121-132 (1980)

Alterations in the distribution of labeled ribonucleic acid in polyribosomes from Escherichia coli infected with bacteriophage R17
, Journal of Virology 8(4): 446-454 (1971)

Alterations in the distribution of yellow fluorescing rabbit pinealocytes produced by P-chlorophenylalanine and different conditions of illumination
, Journal of Neural Transmission 33(2): 91-111 (1972)

Alterations in the duration, pitch, and intensity of spoken passages successively heard and repeated several times
, Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 46(4): 1051-1052 (1969)

Alterations in the dynamic and static properties of the stretch reflex obtained at various rates of stretch during different stages of clinical spasticity
, Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology 25(4): 408-409 (1968)

Alterations in the electrocardiogram of spontaneously hypertensive rats by chronic antihypertensive therapy with captopril
, Clinical and Experimental Hypertension. Part A Theory and Practice 4(6): 977-987 (1982)

Alterations in the electrocardiogram of the fetal lamb as a sign of fetal asphyxia. A comparison between the scalp lead and the precordial lead
, Acta Obstetricia et Gynecologica Scandinavica 59(5): 411-415 (1980)

Alterations in the enzymatic activity in granulomas in chronic granulomatous periodontitis
, Stomatologiia 48(6): 19-22 (1969)

Alterations in the enzymatic activity of plasma of guinea pigs infected with Junín virus
, Archiv für die Gesamte Virusforschung 30(2): 217-223 (1970)

Alterations in the enzyme activity and polypeptide composition of rat hepatic endoplasmic reticulum during acute exposure to 2-acetylaminofluorene
, Chemico-Biological Interactions 39(3): 279-299 (1982)

Alterations in the enzyme activity of students with increased body temperature during examinations
, Journal de Physiologie 63(3): 463-464 (1971)

Alterations in the epithelial surface of A-Jax mouse palatal shelves prior to and during palatal fusion: a scanning electron microscopic study
, Anatomical Record 176(3): 361-375 (1973)

Alterations in the epithelial surface of human palatal shelves prior to and during fusion: a scanning electron microscopic study
, Anatomical Record 180(1): 111-135 (1974)

Alterations in the expression of Ia antigens in F1 hybrid mice
, Immunogenetics 14(6): 507-516 (1981)

Alterations in the facial skeleton of the guinea pig following a lesion of the trigeminal motor nucleus
, American Journal of Orthodontics 78(1): 66-80 (1980)

Alterations in the fatty acid composition of depot fat associated with obesity
, Annals of the new York Academy of Sciences 131(1): 476-484 (1965)

Alterations in the fine structure of cardiac muscle mitochondria induced by hyperthyroidism
, Anatomical Record 178(3): 539-549 (1974)

Alterations in the fine structure of nucleoli in sympathetic neurons following NGF-antiserum treatment
, Brain Research 12(1): 54-73 (1969)

Alterations in the fine structure of the rat epididymis after vasectomy
, Anatomical Record 173(3): 277-299 (1972)

Alterations in the fine structure of tropocollagen and its aggregates after various fixation and embedding procedures
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 236(1): 303-308 (1971)

Alterations in the formation of rat dentine and enamel induced by various ions
, Archives of Oral Biology 14(9): 1045-1064 (1969)

Alterations in the fraction of oxygen in inspired gas affect rates of renal prostaglandin E2 synthesis in anesthetized dogs
, Experientia 37(12): 1293-1294 (1981)

Alterations in the functional capacity of mitochondria in hemorrhagic shock
, Surgery 68(1): 40-47 (1970)

Alterations in the ganglioside pattern during brain development
, Pharmaceutisch Weekblad 104(27): 783-790 (1969)

Alterations in the gastro-intestinal functions during the development of adjuvant disease in rats
, Agents and Actions 15(3-4): 392-397 (1984)

Alterations in the gene expression in tumors
, Lijecnicki Vjesnik 103(4-5): 201-203 (1981)

Alterations in the heart sarcolemmal Ca2+ transport activity by some beta-adrenergic antagonists
, Basic Research in Cardiology 79(6): 620-626 (1984)

Alterations in the heme biosynthetic pathway as an index of exposure to toxins
, Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology 60(7): 1017-1026 (1982)

Alterations in the heme-carbon monoxide bond strength
, Annals of the new York Academy of Sciences 174(1): 172-176 (1970)

Alterations in the humoral immune response and tumor frequencies in mice exposed to benzo[a]pyrene and X-rays before or after birth
, Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health 10(4-5): 817-835 (1982)

Alterations in the immunogenicity and antigenicity of mammalian erythrocytes following treatment with neuraminidase
, Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 145(1): 168-172 (1974)

Alterations in the incorporation of (3H)lysine into proteins of the medial pre-optic area and specific hypothalamic nuclei after ovariectomy in the adult female rat
, Journal of Endocrinology 60(2): 377-378 (1974)

Alterations in the ipsi- and contralateral afferent inputs of dorsal horn cells produced by capsaicin treatment of one sciatic nerve in the rat
, Brain Research 248(1): 97-107 (1982)

Alterations in the kinetics of methotrexate transport during growth of L1210 murine leukemia cells in culture
, Molecular Pharmacology 18(2): 274-280 (1980)

Alterations in the late components of evoked potentials to stimuli of various signal significance under normal conditions and with focal pathology of the brain
, Zhurnal Vysshei Nervnoi Deiatelnosti Imeni i P Pavlova 23(4): 782-790 (1973)

Alterations in the latency of hepatic microsomal hexose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase under various in vivo and in vitro conditions
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 672(2): 165-175 (1981)

Alterations in the lenticular proteins of rats on riboflavin deficient diet
, Current Eye Research 2(12): 829-834 (1982)

Alterations in the levels of deoxyuridine triphosphatase, uracil-DNA glycosylase and AP endonuclease during the cell cycle
, Experimental Cell Research 125(2): 493-497 (1980)

Alterations in the levels of peptide hydrolases and other enzymes in brush-border and soluble fractions of rat small intestinal mucosa during starvation and refeeding
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 321(1): 262-273 (1973)

Alterations in the levels of some serum proteins and serum enzymes during treatment with an oral contraceptive
, Ugeskrift for Laeger 132(16): 738-741 (1970)

Alterations in the levels of stem cells (CFU-s) and plaque-forming cells (PFC) in mice during chronic phenylhydrazine-induced hemolytic anemia
, Journal of Experimental Zoology 211(3): 357-360 (1980)

Alterations in the lipids of human hepatic bile after the oral administration of bile salts
, Surgery Gynecology and Obstetrics 132(1): 36-42 (1971)

Alterations in the liver of rats fed on a food ration containing thermally oxidized sunflower oil
, Voprosy Pitaniia 28(5): 46-50 (1969)

Alterations in the lung following the administration of ozone
, Archives of Internal Medicine 128(1): 81-87 (1971)

Alterations in the lungs of sheep after implantation of the Akutsu total artificial heart
, Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery 65(4): 629-634 (1973)

Alterations in the maternal behavior of rats rearing hypothyroid and hyperthyroid offspring
, Developmental Psychobiology 13(2): 111-121 (1980)

Alterations in the maturation and structure of ribosomal precursor RNA in Novikoff hepatoma cells induced by 5-fluorocytidine
, Biochemistry 23(12): 2651-2656 (1984)

Alterations in the maxillary bones in hypophyseal nanism
, Stomatologiia 45(4): 31-33 (1966)

Alterations in the metabolism of transfer RNA during erythroid differentiation of the Friend erythroleukemia cell
, Experimental Cell Research 129(2): 415-424 (1980)

Alterations in the microcirculation of the skeletal muscle during the intraarterial infusion of vasodilating agents
, Naunyn-Schmiedeberg'sArchivesofPharmacology282(Suppl):Suppl282:r101 (1974)

Alterations in the microphysiology of glial cells and neurons and their environment in injured brain
, Clinical Neurosurgery 19: 69-83 (1972)

Alterations in the mitochondria of human osteosarcoma cells with glucocorticoids
, Cancer Research 34(11): 2946-2952 (1974)

Alterations in the molecular weight distribution of proteins in rat brain synaptosomes during aging and centrophenoxine treatment of old rats
, Mechanisms of Ageing and Development 28(2-3): 171-176 (1984)

Alterations in the morphology of Bacillus subtilis after exposure to beta-lysin and ultraviolet light
, Journal of Bacteriology 95(5): 1892-1902 (1968)

Alterations in the morphology of rat liver cells influenced by insulin
, Anatomical Record 166(4): 575-585 (1970)

Alterations in the mouse cecum and its flora produced by antibacterial drugs
, Journal of Experimental Medicine 128(1): 97-110 (1968)

Alterations in the mucosa of the nasal cavity of rabbits in chronic radiation sickness evoked by prolonged administration of radioactive iron (Fe-56)
, Zhurnal Ushnykh Nosovykh i Gorlovykh Boleznei 27(6): 33-36 (1967)

Alterations in the nocturnal sleep cycle resulting from LSD
, Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology 21(4): 313-324 (1966)

Alterations in the non-specific cortical afference during hyperventilation
, Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology 23(6): 532-538 (1967)

Alterations in the number and affinity of junctional acetylcholine receptors in a myopathy with tubular aggregates. A newly recognized receptor defect
, Brain 104(2): 279-295 (1981)

Alterations in the oral microbial flora accompanying local and systemic drug therapy
, Journal of Periodontology 40(7): 421-423 (1969)

Alterations in the oral mucosa caused by chemotherapeutic agents. A histologic study
, Journal of Dermatologic Surgery and Oncology 7(12): 1019-1025 (1981)

Alterations in the organisation of cytokeratin filaments in normal and malignant human colonic epithelial cells during mitosis
, Cell and Tissue Research 233(3): 619-628 (1983)

Alterations in the organization of phosphatidylcholine/cholesterol bilayers by tetrahydrocannabinol
, Journal of Biological Chemistry 258(13): 8298-8303 (1983)

Alterations in the outer membrane of the cell envelope of heptose-deficient mutants of Escherichia coli
, Journal of Bacteriology 117(2): 527-543 (1974)

Alterations in the oxygen deficit-oxygen debt relationships with beta-adrenergic receptor blockade in man
, Journal of Physiology 349: 375-387 (1984)

Alterations in the pathogenicity of Escherichia coli K-12 after transfer of plasmid and chromosomal genes from Shigella flexneri
, Infection and Immunity 39(3): 1392-1402 (1983)

Alterations in the pathophysiological understanding of organs. Esophageal diseases (I)
, Zfa. Zeitschrift für Allgemeinmedizin 56(29): 1898-1902 (1980)

Alterations in the pattern of daunomycin-induced chromosomal aberrations by inhibitors of protein and DNA synthesis
, Mutation Research 9(6): 607-614 (1970)

Alterations in the patterns of insulin secretion before and after diagnosis of IDDM
, Diabetes Care 18(4): 568-571 (1995)

Alterations in the permeability of articular cartilage by proteolytic enzymes
, Arthritis and Rheumatism 15(3): 302-308 (1972 )

Alterations in the phase structure of the cardiac cycle in decortication
, Fiziolohichnyi Zhurnal 13(1): 43-48 (1967)

Alterations in the phenotype of hairy cells during culture in the presence of PHA: requirement for T cells
, Blood 59(5): 895-899 (1982)

Alterations in the phospholipid composition of Escherichia coli B during growth at different temperatures
, Journal of Bacteriology 100(3): 1342-1349 (1969)

Alterations in the phospholipid composition of Rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides and other bacteria induced by Tris
, Journal of Bacteriology 152(2): 595-606 (1982)

Alterations in the phosphorylation of (3H)uridine and RNA synthesis in rat thymus cells after glucose depletion and treatment with prednisolone
, European Journal of Biochemistry 16(3): 541-548 (1970)

Alterations in the plasma proteins and lipids of human and canine blood in bubble and disc oxygenators
, Scandinavian Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery 6(2): 172-177 (1972)

Alterations in the polynucleosomal structure of chromatin by poly ADP-ribosylation of nuclear proteins
, Princess Takamatsu Symposia 12: 189-204 (1982)

Alterations in the postnatal development of the cerebellar cortex due to zinc deficiency. II. Impaired maturation of Purkinje cells
, Brain Research 318(1): 11-20 (1984)

Alterations in the postnatal development of the cerebellar cortex due to zinc deficiency. III. Impaired dendritic differentiation of basket and stellate cells
, Brain Research 318(1): 21-26 (1984)

Alterations in the properties of beta-adrenergic receptors of myocardial membranes in aging: impairments in agonist-receptor interactions and guanine nucleotide regulation accompany diminished catecholamine-responsiveness of adenylate cyclase
, Mechanisms of Ageing and Development 19(2): 127-139 (1982)

Alterations in the pulsatile blood filling and bioelectrical activity of the brain during hyperventilation by persons with early manifestations of autonomic-vascular dysfunction
, Zhurnal Nevropatologii i Psikhiatrii Imeni S.S. Korsakova 74(6): 838-842 (1974)

Alterations in the rat electrocardiogram induced by stationary magnetic fields
, Bioelectromagnetics 2(4): 357-370 (1981)

Alterations in the rat renal glycosaminoglycans in streptozotocin-induced diabetes
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 755(2): 237-243 (1983)

Alterations in the rate of hemoglobin synthesis during chick embryogenesis
, Journal of Cellular Physiology 79(1): 111-116 (1972)

Alterations in the rate of phospholipid exchange between cell membranes
, Laboratory Investigation; a Journal of Technical Methods and Pathology 30(4): 500-504 (1974)

Alterations in the recognition of nucleoside analogues as substrates by the deoxythymidine kinase of a 5-methoxymethyldeoxyuridine-resistant mutant of herpes simplex virus type 1
, Journal of General Virology 64: 2767-2770 (1983)

Alterations in the regulation of circulation in experimental anaemia
, Acta Physiologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 36(3): 247-255 (1969)

Alterations in the relative amounts of specific mRNA species in the developing human brain in Down's syndrome
, Biochemical Journal 220(1): 179-187 (1984)

Alterations in the renal hemodynamics induced by increased renal vein pressure in the rabbit kidney
, Japanese Heart Journal 7(3): 289-299 (1966)

Alterations in the renographic curves in floating kidneys
, Lijecnicki Vjesnik 102(9): 522-526 (1980)

Alterations in the reproductive performance of habrobracon females following combined treatments with ethylurea and sodium nitrate or nitrite
, Mutation Research 88(2): 179-189 (1981)

Alterations in the resorption of drugs in irradiated organisms
, Therapie 22(6): 1421-1428 (1967)

Alterations in the ribonucleic acids on digestion of liver microsomes with pancreatic ribonuclease
, Revue Canadienne de Biologie 29(1): 19-34 (1970)

Alterations in the sedimentation profiles of polysomes during early development of the sea urchin, Hemicentrotus pulcherrimus
, Tokushima Journal of Experimental Medicine 20: 41-44 (1973)

Alterations in the sensitivity pattern after use of trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole for two years in the treatment of urinary tract infections
, ChemoTherapy 20(2): 97-101 (1974)

Alterations in the sensitivity to effectors of rat liver acetyl-CoA carboxylase following trypsin treatment
, Life Sciences 8(22): 1157-1165 (1969)

Alterations in the serum electrolyte levels of women during high altitude (4,300 m) acclimatization
, International Journal of Biometeorology 14(2): 201-209 (1970)

Alterations in the sleep patterns of infants and young children following acute head injuries
, Acta Paediatrica Scandinavica 59(5): 565-571 (1970)

Alterations in the sleep-wakefulness cycle in rats after administration of (-)-LSD or BOL-148: a comparison with (+)-LSD
, British Journal of Pharmacology 44(2): 354p (1972)

Alterations in the sleep-waking cycle induced by cooling of the locus coeruleus area
, Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology 54(5): 570-578 (1982)

Alterations in the small intestine mucosa in intestinal lymphoma
, Revista Espanola de Las Enfermedades del Aparato Digestivo 31(2): 177-188 (1970)

Alterations in the spermatogenic pattern after L-dopa
, Indian Journal of Medical Research 71: 46-52 (1980)

Alterations in the structure and function of Escherichia coli alkaline phosphatase due to Zn2+ binding
, Biochemistry 8(2): 588-593 (1969)

Alterations in the structure and function of the rough-surfaced endoplasmic reticulum during necrosis in vitro
, American Journal of Pathology 53(2): 315-329 (1968)

Alterations in the structure of deoxyribonucleic acid on chemical methylation
, Biochemistry 10(17): 3290-3295 (1971)

Alterations in the structure of the Octopus vulgaris chromatophore by cytochalasin B
, Experientia 30(7): 803-805 (1974)

Alterations in the structure of the dental amalgam, caused during the inclusion of the specimens for metallography
, Estomatologia E Cultura 2(2): 7-12 (1968)

Alterations in the structure of the oligosaccharide of vesicular stomatitis virus G protein by swainsonine
, Journal of Virology 46(1): 60-69 (1983 )

Alterations in the structure of uterine epithelial cells during in vitro incubation
, Cytobios 5(19): 201-207 (1972)

Alterations in the structure, chemistry, and metabolism of the articular cartilage in osteoarthritis of the human hip
, Hip 1982: 126-145 (1982)

Alterations in the structure, function, and chemistry of C fibers following local application of vinblastine to the sciatic nerve of the rat
, Journal of Neuroscience 4(2): 430-441 (1984)

Alterations in the subcellular distribution of Guanylate cyclase and its responsiveness to nitric oxide in diethylstilbestrol-induced renal tumors
, Cancer 50(1): 78-84 (1982)

Alterations in the surface charge of heart muscle cells during interaction with Trypanosoma cruzi
, Cell Biophysics 26(1): 21-44 (1995)

Alterations in the susceptibility of cultured mouse cells to transformation by murine sarcoma virus (HARVEY)
, Journal of General Virology 12(2): 95-104 (1971)

Alterations in the sympathetic nervous activity during vasodilator therapy by nitroprusside and prazosin in patients with congestive heart failure
, Kokyu to Junkan. Respiration and Circulation 29(7): 723-726 (1981)

Alterations in the temporomandibular joint
, Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, and Oral Pathology 36(5): 625-631 (1973)

Alterations in the timing of PMS-induced ovulation following pinealectomy
, Neuroendocrinology 5(5): 281-289 (1969)

Alterations in the topoisomerase II alpha gene, messenger RNA, and subcellular protein distribution as well as reduced expression of the DNA topoisomerase II beta enzyme in a mitoxantrone-resistant HL-60 human leukemia cell line
, Cancer Research 55(8): 1707-1716 (1995)

Alterations in the toxicity of cis-dichlorodiammineplatinum-II and in tissue localization of platinum as a function of NaCl concentration in the vehicle of administration
, Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 61(1): 99-108 (1981)

Alterations in the transfer RNA population of hepatoma 9618A as compared with normal rat liver
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 254(3): 415-418 (1971)

Alterations in the transport and processing of Rous sarcoma virus envelope glycoproteins mutated in the signal and anchor regions
, Journal of Cellular Biochemistry 23(1-4): 81-94 (1983)

Alterations in the turnover of brain norepinephrine and dopamine in alcohol-dependent rats
, Journal of Neurochemistry 23(3): 549-552 (1974)

Alterations in the urinary concentration ability after experimental depletion of glycosaminoglycans in the renal medulla of the rabbit
, Journal de Physiologie 64(4): 317-332 (1972)

Alterations in the uterine environment produced by IUDS
, Journal of Reproduction and Fertility 19(3): 511-518 (1969)

Alterations in the values or tests of thyroid function in rabbits with immunologically produced thyroiditis
, Laboratory Investigation; a Journal of Technical Methods and Pathology 15(5): 885-895 (1966)

Alterations in the volume of the intercellular space between epithelial cells of the hamster cheek-pouch: quantitative studies of normal and carcinogen-treated tissues
, Journal of Oral Pathology 13(3): 244-254 (1984)

Alterations in thiol and calcium-ion homoeostasis during hydroperoxide and drug metabolism in hepatocytes
, Biochemical Society Transactions 12(1): 23-28 (1984)

Alterations in thyroid function after cholecystographic contrast agents
, Australian and New Zealand Journal of Medicine 12(2): 192-195 (1982)

Alterations in thyroid function in patients with systemic illness: the "euthyroid sick syndrome"
, Endocrine Reviews 3(2): 164-217 (1982)

Alterations in thyroid hormone metabolism during chemotherapy in patients with testicular carcinoma
, Clinical Endocrinology 16(3): 303-313 (1982)

Alterations in thyroxine (T 4 ) and tri-iodothyronine (T 3 ) binding to serum proteins by heat
, Journal of Laboratory and Clinical Medicine 78(6): 999-1000 (1971)

Alterations in tight junctions of human endometrial epithelial cells during normal menstrual cycle--freeze-fracture electron microscopic study
, Nihon Sanka Fujinka Gakkai Zasshi 37(12): 2847-2852 (1985)

Alterations in tissue and serum ceruloplasmin concentration associated with inflammation
, Journal of Dental Research 46(6): 1171-1176 (1967)

Alterations in tissue distribution of 99mTc-pertechnetate in rats given stannous tin
, Journal of Nuclear Medicine 15(3): 151-155 (1974)

Alterations in tissue glutathione levels following traumatic shock
, Advances in Shock Research 5: 37-45 (1981)

Alterations in tolerance of hemorrhage due to surgery and duration of anesthesia
, Journal of Applied Physiology 28(2): 178-182 (1970)

Alterations in tooth preparations for surveyed crowns
, General Dentistry 32(6): 498-500 (1984)

Alterations in trace amine and trace acid concentrations in isolated aggressive mice
, Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior 17(6): 1291-1294 (1982)

Alterations in transmembrane potential of adenohypophysial cells in elevated potassium and calcium-free media
, Endocrinology 92(4): 1084-1088 (1973)

Alterations in transplanted viable sheep aortic valves in dogs: follow-up studies to 23 months
, Surgery 69(5): 762-771 (1971)

Alterations in tremor regulation after intracaudate injections of calcium ions or disodium edetate
, Neuropharmacology 10(5): 613-619 (1971)

Alterations in tryptophan metabolism in man after irradiation
, International Journal of Radiation Biology and Related Studies in Physics Chemistry and Medicine 11(5): 487-494 (1966)

Alterations in tumor microvasculature during hyperthermia
, Radiology 137(2): 515-521 (1980)

Alterations in turnover and endogenous levels of norepinephrine in cerebral cortex following electrical stimulation and acute axotomy of cerebral noradrenergic pathways
, European Journal of Pharmacology 23(3): 276-282 (1973)

Alterations in turnover of labelled precursors incorporated into rat liver nuclear macromolecules during azo dye feeding
, Chemico-Biological Interactions 4(4): 287-296 (1972)

Alterations in two conserved regions of promoter sequence lead to altered rates of polymerase binding and levels of gene expression
, Nucleic Acids Research 8(12): 2709-2723 (1980 )

Alterations in uptake and release rates for GABA, glutamate, and glutamine during biochemical maturation of highly purified cultures of cerebral cortical neurons, a GABAergic preparation
, Journal of Neurochemistry 42(4): 951-960 (1984)

Alterations in urinary VMA levels following cigarette smoking, coffee drinking and alcohol consumption
, Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology 24(3): 240-242 (1980)

Alterations in uterine and placental prostaglandin F and E with gestational age in the rat
, Prostaglandins 24(4): 567-574 (1982)

Alterations in uterine contractility "in vitro" by extracts of necrosed uterine myomas
, Revista Espanola de Obstetricia y Ginecologia 32(188): 131-136 (1973)

Alterations in various blood and urine indices in acute burns of the esophagus
, Zhurnal Ushnykh Nosovykh i Gorlovykh Boleznei 32(2): 89-90 (1972)

Alterations in various serum protein and serum enzyme levels during treatment with sequence-type oral contraceptives
, Ugeskrift for Laeger 133(11): 487-489 (1971)

Alterations in vascular sensitivity to vasoactive agents after discontinuation of propranolol in SHR
, Hypertension 6(2 Pt 1): 249-254 (1984)

Alterations in vascular smooth muscle mass in the spontaneously hypertensive rat. Role of cellular hypertrophy, hyperploidy, and hyperplasia
, Circulation Research 51(3): 280-289 (1982)

Alterations in vasomotor tone in congestive heart failure
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Alterations in ventilatory function and breathing patterns following surgical trauma
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