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Anatomo-clinical aspects of ganglionic tuberculosis in Senegal: comparative study between the 60's and 80-90's apropos of 139 cases

Woto-Gaye, G.; Boissy, L.; Mendes, V.; Boye, I.A.; Boucal, J.C.; Ndiaye, P.D.

Dakar Medical 39(1): 31-35


ISSN/ISBN: 0049-1101
PMID: 7493517
Accession: 042267654

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The authors report the results of a retrospective and comparative study of anatomo-clinical aspects of ganglionic tuberculosis carried out over two periods of five years each: first period: 1962-1966; second period: 1988-1992. This study shows a higher prevalence of this disease among children during the first period with an odd ratio of 4.36. In the second period, young adults are the most affected particularly the age group between 30 and 39. The possible role of the HIV virus in this phenomenon has been pointed out. The most common histological forms were the subacute ones with a distinct prevalence during the second period, on the opposite of the acute and chronic forms.

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