Aprotinin-ACD-blood: I. Experimental studies on the effect of aprotinin on the plasmatic and thrombocytic coagulation

Harke, H.; Gennrich, M.

Der Anaesthesist 29(5): 266-276


ISSN/ISBN: 0003-2417
PMID: 6158885
Accession: 042312594

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Aprotinin interrupts the spontaneous formation of microaggregates in stored blood. The analysis of the aprotinin-induced effects on the plasmatic and thrombocytic clotting systems showed a correlation between concentration and inhibitory effects of aprotinin on clotting factor VIII, IX, XI, XII as well as on the enzyme-induced second phase aggregation of the platelets. The effect of aprotinin on inhibition of platelet aggregation is probably due to binding of enzymes located in the membrane. The membrane stabilizing effect of aprotinin is discussed. Also in different experimental models using enzyme kinetic designs under maximal aprotinin inhibition a normalization of platelet functions could be immediately reached under transfusion analogous conditions. It is therefore, assumed that transfusion of aprotinin-ACD-Blood does not alter the coagulation mechanism of the patient.