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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 42350

Chapter 42350 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Josić, D.; Hofermaas, R.; Bauer, C.; Reutter, W., 1984:
Automatic amino acid and sugar analysis of glycoproteins

Senn, M.; McLafferty, F.W., 1966:
Automatic amino-acid-sequence determination in peptides

Smith, J.R., 1974:
Automatic analysis and detection of EEG spikes

Anonymous, 1966:
Automatic analysis apparatus

Mutoh, S.; Itoh, M.; Sasaki, K.; Yamagishi, Y.; Ohta, H.; Iwata, H.; Kawai, T., 1983:
Automatic analysis by an enzymatic method and its clinical application. 1. Automatic analysis of blood sialic acid by IL MCA F/LS

Kaiser, E.; Petersén, I., 1966:
Automatic analysis in EEG. 1. Tape-computer system for spectal analysis. 2. Reverse correlation

Kunze, K., 1971:
Automatic analysis in clinical electromyography

Marten, J.F., 1965:
Automatic analysis in the food industry

Drohocki, Z.A., 1970:
Automatic analysis of E.E.G. amplitude spectrum modifications in hyperpnea

Shaw, J.C., 1969:
Automatic analysis of EEG topography with an analogue computer

Shirai, Y.; Take, M.; Ishizaka, K., 1981:
Automatic analysis of EMG in the patients with low back pain

Meyer, J., 1971:
Automatic analysis of Frank's orthogonal ECG derivations

Rieger, H.; Rémond, A.; Lairy, G.C.; Lesevre, N., 1969:
Automatic analysis of alpha rhythm organization

Campbell, R.W.; Gardiner, P.; Murray, A., 1984:
Automatic analysis of ambulatory ECG records

von Wilm, M., 1970:
Automatic analysis of amino-acid sequences in proteins and peptides

Wada, H.; Taneda, M.; Oka, M.; Seki, T., 1974:
Automatic analysis of biogenic amines. (3) Analytical conditions of dansyl histamine

Bykov, P.E.; Titov, I.M.; Fedchenkov, K.A., 1980:
Automatic analysis of biological microstructures by trizonal scanning microscopy

Blinkov, S.M.; Ivanitskiĭ, G.R., 1968:
Automatic analysis of brain cells

Zhdanov, A.M., 1974:
Automatic analysis of cardiac biopotentials

Fieschi, C.; Agnoli, A.; Prencipe, M., 1971:
Automatic analysis of cerebral blood flow

Pasteur, X.; Azema, J.; Jourlin, M.; Laurent, J.L., 1983:
Automatic analysis of cervicovaginal smears. III. Homogeneity and heterogeneity of cell populations in a semi-automatic and automatic program

Lessard, C.S.; Sances, A.; Larson, S.J.; Hosek, R.S.; Lof, N., 1971:
Automatic analysis of continuous EEG

Roos, F.; Vigneron, C.; Ries-Bourgaux, M.; Studievic, C.; Siest, G., 1969:
Automatic analysis of creatine-phospho-kinase. Application to the chromatography of tissue isoenzymes

Zender, R.; Falbriard, A., 1965:
Automatic analysis of creatinine in serum and in urine. "Normal" values of blood creatinine and creatinine clearance in man

Bergenius, J.; Gransberg, L.; Borg, E., 1981:
Automatic analysis of electro-oculographic (EOG) recordings. Application to audio-vestibular diagnosis

Jagielski, J.; Niewiadomski, J.; Szolomicki, H.; Utzig, A., 1974:
Automatic analysis of electrocardiograms

Johnson, R.; Vergriète, J.C.; Tremblay, J., 1971:
Automatic analysis of electrocardiograms and vectorcardiograms

Grant, W.H.; Oliver, G.D.; Mitchell, B.A., 1972:
Automatic analysis of empirically derived LET spectra

Kutuev, A.B., 1969:
Automatic analysis of evoked potentials

Nelson, T.R.; Verba, J.W.; Bhargava, V.; Shabetai, R.; Slutsky, R., 1983:
Automatic analysis of left ventricular ejection fraction using stroke volume images

Anonymous, 1970:
Automatic analysis of mercury in urine

Levratti, M.G.; Pastena, L.; Verdecchia, A., 1972:
Automatic analysis of modifications in the evoked cortical potentials

Fisher, M.A.; Milner-Brown, H.S.; Garcia, H.S., 1985:
Automatic analysis of motor unit potentials with varying loads

Kunze, K.; Erbslöh, R., 1969:
Automatic analysis of muscle action potentials and the possibility of its clinical uses

Boykins, R.A.; Liu, T.Y., 1980:
Automatic analysis of neutral sugar components in glycoproteins and complex carbohydrates

Amic, J.; Hauton, J.; Lafont, H.; Montet, J.C.; Teissier, N., 1969:
Automatic analysis of phospholipids dissolved in acetic acid

Lanquart, J.P.; Stanus, E.; Kerkhofs, M.; Linkowski, P.; Mendlewicz, J., 1994:
Automatic analysis of pneumologic signals

Gaillard, J.M.; Simmen, A.E.; Tissot, R., 1971:
Automatic analysis of polygraphic sleep recordings

Gaillard, J.M.; Simmen, A.E.; Bastard, G.; Tissot, R., 1971:
Automatic analysis of polyraph recordings of sleep

Danhiez, P., 1980:
Automatic analysis of radiologic negatives

Ito, N.; Saki, A.; Makino, H., 1974:
Automatic analysis of serum proteins by immunological reactions. 1. Determination of beta lipoproteins

Mizuta, W.; Fukuda, K.; Ashida, H., 1983:
Automatic analysis of serum sialic acids by Hitachi 726

Gaillard, J.M.; Krassoïevitch, M.; Tissot, R., 1972:
Automatic analysis of sleep by a hybrid system: new results

Antalóczy, Z., 1971:
Automatic analysis of spatial cardiac vectors by the triaxicardiometer

Brähler, E.; Zenz, H., 1974:
Automatic analysis of speech behavior in psychotherapy

Furnée, E.H.; Halbertsma, J.M.; Klunder, G.; Miller, S.; Nieukerke, K.J.; van der Burg, J.; van der Meché, F.G., 1974:
Automatic analysis of stepping movements in cats by means of a television system and a digital computer

Zecchi, P.; Iannarelli, M.; Ardanese, F.; Loperfido, F.; Bellocci, F.; Fenici, R.; Ansalone, G., 1980:
Automatic analysis of systolic time intervals using polygraphic examinations

Hajnsek, F.; Puskarić, N., 1967:
Automatic analysis of temporal brain tumors using Petersen's analyser and photic stimulation

Stålberg, E.; Chu, J.; Bril, V.; Nandedkar, S.; Stålberg, S.; Ericsson, M., 1983:
Automatic analysis of the EMG interference pattern

Serra, C.; Baculo, G., 1974 :
Automatic analysis of the action potential by Willison's method: preliminary results

Gumener, P.I.; Motylianskaia, R.E.; Sukharev, A.G.; Artamonov, V.N.; Zykov, A.K., 1973:
Automatic analysis of the degree of body stress during a process of measured physical work of varying intensity (based on the characteristics of the parameters of the regulation of physiological functions)

Ferro-Milone, F.; Starita, A.; Perfetti, C.C.; Denoth, F., 1969:
Automatic analysis of the discharge rate of motor units during voluntary contraction

Ducimetière, P.; Gélin, J., 1973:
Automatic analysis of the electrocardiogram

Gelin, J.; Rochemaure, J.; Lenègre, J.; Ducimetière, P.; Thieffry, M.; Schwartz, D., 1968:
Automatic analysis of the electrocardiogram. 1. Method and initial results

Gelin, J.; Ducimetiere, P.; Kahn, J.; Rochemaure, J.; Lenègre, J., 1971:
Automatic analysis of the electrocardiogram. Tests of an analysis program and technical considerations

Ferrer, M.T.; Cruz Martinez, A.; Perez Conde, M.C.; Mingo, P., 1984:
Automatic analysis of the electromyogram. 1. Study in healthy subjects

Touraine, A.; Bajada, S.; Dollfus-Samson, D., 1980:
Automatic analysis of the electromyogram: technique and results in healthy and ill subjects

Bourgois, R.; Desmet, C.; van Remoortere, P.; Bens, J.; Burny, F.; Donkerwolcke, M., 1980:
Automatic analysis of the human gait with a hybrid computer system

Círek, Z.; Pesta, J., 1974:
Automatic analysis of the nystagmogram using divided total deviation

Rossi, B.; Sartucci, F.; Starita, A., 1984:
Automatic analysis of the spontaneous EMG activity during ischaemic test in tetany

Lenzi, P.; Franzini, C., 1983:
Automatic analysis of time-sequence parameters in unit cell activity

Danhiez, P., 1980:
Automatic analysis of tomography of the temporomandibular joint

Horii, Y., 1983:
Automatic analysis of voice fundamental frequency and intensity using a visi-pitch

Gottesmann, C.; Juan de Mendoza, J.L.; Lacoste, G.; Lallement, B.; Rodi, M.; Rodrigues, L.; Tasset, M., 1971:
Automatic analysis of wake-sleep states in rats

Vidiukov, V.I.; Kasatkin, I.N.; Kal'nitskaia, E.F.; Mironov, S.P.; Rotenberg, E.M., 1980:
Automatic analysis-based scintigram classification

Anonymous, 1970:
Automatic analyzer

Omori, S.; Kashima, M., 1974:
Automatic analyzer and data in-put

Hudemann, H., 1970:
Automatic analyzer for the complement fixation reaction

Poltrock, S.E.; Lansman, M.; Hunt, E., 1982:
Automatic and controlled attention processes in auditory target detection

Favreau, M.; Segalowitz, N.S., 1983:
Automatic and controlled processes in the first- and second-language reading of fluent bilinguals

Shiffrin, R.M.; Schneider, W., 1984:
Automatic and controlled processing revisited

Flowers, J.H.; Nelson, S.M.; Carson, D.; Larsen, L., 1984:
Automatic and expectancy-based priming effects in a digit naming task

Burkhardt, H.; Burkhardt, F.; Wepler, R.; Rommel, K., 1974:
Automatic and manual determinations of hydroxyproline in urine. A comparison of three methods

Ito, T.; Kuwahara, S.; Yokota, T., 1983:
Automatic and manual latex agglutination tests for measurement of cholera toxin and heat-labile enterotoxin of Escherichia coli

Malyshev, V.D.; Shvedova, I.S., 1965:
Automatic and manual respiration as a method of treating patients suffering from acute respiratory insufficiency

Wenzel, M.; Hoffmann, K., 1971:
Automatic and nondestructive scanning of 14 C and 3 H on two-dimensional chromatograms

Rump, R.; Chambron, J.; Roy, Y., 1970:
Automatic and numerical recording of melting curves of nucleic acids

Carles, J.; Abravanel, G., 1970:
Automatic and simultaneous determination of amino acids and guanidines

Rothwell, J.C.; Traub, M.M.; Marsden, C.D., 1982:
Automatic and "voluntary' responses compensating for disturbances of human thumb movements

Trotman, R.E., 1969:
Automatic apparatus for Wassermann and Reiter complement-fixation tests utilizing the 'discrete-analysis' principle

Prokoptsev, V.M.; Boĭnovich, M.M., 1969:
Automatic apparatus for amperometric titration

Tarasov, V.N., 1965:
Automatic apparatus for decanting cell suspensions and nutritive media

Gatti, G.L.; Moricca Michalek, H., 1970:
Automatic apparatus for recording anesthesia time in small rats

Silverman, M.P.; Oyama, V.I., 1968:
Automatic apparatus for sampling and preparing gases for mass spectral analysis in studies of carbon isotope fractionation during methane metabolism

Lund-Johansen, P.; Mørkrid, L.; Anfinsen, K.M.; Wiik, G., 1980:
Automatic apparatus for self recording of blood pressure

Grob, E.C.; Boschetti, A.; Morgenthaler, J.J., 1970:
Automatic apparatus for the continuous preparation of synchronous algae cultures

Wolter, F.; Urmantscheeva, T.G.; Baumann, H.; Chasabova, W.A.; Martin, G., 1973:
Automatic apparatus for the elaboration of conditioned reflexes in apes in the primatological chair

Fedorov, V.K.; Sitdikov, M.Kh., 1974:
Automatic apparatus for the eliciting and recording of conditioned reflexes in small laboratory animals

Cove, D.J., 1970:
Automatic apparatus for the spectrophotometric assay of certain enzymes

Nakatani, H.; Sawa, M., 1984:
Automatic applanation tonometer

Mathieu, P.; Treuil, J.J.; Revol, L., 1965:
Automatic application of a manual method of determination of phenols

Meyer, J., 1981:
Automatic arrhythmia analysis

Anonymous, 1984:
Automatic articulator for complete dentures

Simard, J.M.; Friedman, W.A., 1984:
Automatic artifact rejection during intraoperative recording of somatosensory evoked potentials. Technical note

Canali, E.; Di Concetto, G., 1968:
Automatic artificial respiration in a case of acute pulmonary miliary tuberculosis

Buxtorf, J.C.; Lemort, N., 1981:
Automatic assay of circulating immune complexes induced by oral contraceptives

Tykva, R.; Jelínek, R.; Seifertová, M., 1974:
Automatic assay of the distribution of 3H-, 14C- and 32P-labelled compounds within an early chick embryo by a semiconductor detector

Schettini, F.; Mautone, A.; Zizzadoro, P.; Bratta, A., 1971:
Automatic assay of the osmotic fragility of erythrocytes. Applications in pediatrics

Sano, K.; Kanamori, K.; Shiba, A.; Nakao, M., 1981:
Automatic assay of urinary protein using Coomassie Brilliant Blue G-250

Hancox, A.J.; Scrimshire, D.A.; Wardman, R.E.; Taylor, M.P., 1982:
Automatic assessment of respiratory deadspace

Liebhart, J.; Małolepszy, J.; Liebhart, E.; Bartkowiak, A.; Machaj, Z.; Panaszek, B.; Patkowski, J.; Dec, J., 1983:
Automatic assistance in the diagnosis of chronic and nonspecific lung diseases and bronchial asthma. I. Use of Wilks' lambda statistics for the selection of an optimal set of variables for a diagnostic model

Liebhart, J.; Małolepszy, J.; Liebhart, E.; Bartkowiak, A.; Machaj, Z.; Panaszek, B.; Patkowski, J.; Dec, J., 1983:
Automatic assistance in the diagnosis of chronic nonspecific lung diseases and bronchial asthma. II. Process of automatic differentiation of diseases with classical methods of discriminative analysis using variables of a quantitative character

Case, C.L.; Gillette, P.C., 1993:
Automatic atrial and junctional tachycardias in the pediatric patient: strategies for diagnosis and management

Cervellera, G.; Salonna, F.; Quaranta, A., 1970:
Automatic audiometry and masking effect. (Physiological research)

Istre, C.O.; Burton, M., 1969:
Automatic audiometry for detecting malingering

Maspétiol, R.; Semette, D.; Morand, R.; Chauvet, J., 1970:
Automatic audiometry for tumors of the 8th cranial nerve

Greiner, G.F.; Conraux, C., 1970:
Automatic audiometry in central syndromes

Guerrier, Y.; Basseres, F., 1970:
Automatic audiometry in radicular lesions

Mallea Canizares, I., 1972:
Automatic audiometry in the diagnosis of Meniere's disease

Cervellera, G.; Salonna, F.; Quaranta, A., 1970:
Automatic audiometry under masking effect in hypacusic subjects

Aström, K.G.; Sundström, J.C.; Lindgren, P.G.; Ahlström, K.H., 1995:
Automatic biopsy instruments used through a coaxial bone biopsy system with an eccentric drill tip

Mayr, K., 1967:
Automatic blood cell count using the autocytometer

Miwa, S., 1972:
Automatic blood cell counter

Ishiguchi, Y.; Kawashima, M.; Ishizu, K.; Hara, H., 1969:
Automatic blood cell counter SMA-4

Watanabe, K.; Niiyamatsu, T.; Shibata, S.; Yamamoto, M., 1971:
Automatic blood cell counter--thrombocytes

Spies, H., 1974:
Automatic blood circulation monitoring in eclampsia

Schmitt, H., 1969:
Automatic blood group and factor studies in blood donors

Björk, V.O., 1967:
Automatic blood level regulation in the disc oxygenator

Barth, H.H.; Grasser, I.; Wirtz, J., 1983:
Automatic blood pressure determination in dental treatment

Anonymous, 1969:
Automatic blood pressure recorder

Bürgi, W.; Marti, H.R.; Gugler, E.; Kühni, M.; Schnell, E.; Violaki, S., 1983:
Automatic blood smear differentiation using the Coulter Electronics Diff 3-50 system

Chow, C.K.; Kaneko, T., 1972:
Automatic boundary detection of the left ventricle from cineangiograms

Della Corte, M.; Voegelin, M.R., 1982:
Automatic boundary identification of a region in gamma camera image

Sturbois, G.; Tournaire, M.; Ripoche, A.; Le Houezec, R.; Sureau, C.; Lepage, F., 1974:
Automatic calculation of surfaces in slowing of the fetal heart rate

Burgeat, M.; Fontelle, P.; Danon, J.; Coevoet, A.; Lecam, D., 1969:
Automatic calibration of eye movements

Iarullin, K.Kh.; Utiamyshev, R.I.; Tukshaitov, R.Kh.; Kharybin, N.K., 1971:
Automatic calibration of rheograms

Pietruski, J.; Konopski, M., 1972:
Automatic calibrator PK of the type designed by us for nystagmography

Barrett, J.C.; Bennett, R.; Buckmaster, J., 1966:
Automatic carbon monoxide monitor

Bleifeld, W.; Effert, S.; Merx, W.; Irnich, W., 1969:
Automatic cardiac monitoring using tape recorders

Schneider, W.; Fisk, A.D., 1984:
Automatic category search and its transfer

Anonymous, 1965:
Automatic cell counter and analyzer

Anderson, E.C.; Carlson, D.L.; Glascock, R.B.; Larkins, J.H.; Perrings, J.D.; Walters, R.A., 1966:
Automatic cell counter for mammalian cells in suspension culture. LA-3610-MS

Nazyrov, R.N.; Kanaev, V.F., 1973:
Automatic chain-binding machine

Seifert, A.; Janecki, J., 1966:
Automatic chromodiagnosis of the liver

Lundsteen, C.; Bjerregaard, B.; Granum, E.; Philip, J.; Philip, K., 1980:
Automatic chromosome analysis. I. A simple method for classification of B- and D-group chromosomes represented by band transition sequences

Klensch, H., 1966:
Automatic chronaximetry

Krajca, V., 1984:
Automatic classification of EEG segments and extraction of representative ones by dynamic clusters method

Stoddard, A.M., 1984:
Automatic classification of biomedical information when classification error is unknown

Coatrieux, J.L.; Toulouse, P.; Rouvrais, B.; Le Bars, R., 1983:
Automatic classification of electromyographic signals

Deller, J.R.; Anderson, D.J., 1980:
Automatic classification of laryngeal dysfunction using the roots of the digital inverse filter

Kasatkin, I.N.; Vidiukov, V.I.; Obukhov, N.V.; Rotenberg, E.M.; Vyrenkova, N.Iu., 1982:
Automatic classification of lung scintigrams

Klimenko, V.M.; Kaplunovskiĭ, A.S.; Neroslavskiĭ, I.A., 1972:
Automatic classification of multiparametric experimental data

Katano, K.; Ishii, N.; Iwata, A.; Suzumura, N.; Terashima, M., 1982:
Automatic classification of sleep staging by autoregressive model of EEG

Lindenmark, H., 1972:
Automatic cleaning and disinfection of instruments. A new type of instrument tray

Robertshaw, R.G., 1982:
Automatic cleaning and disinfection of suction bottles

Anonymous, 1969:
Automatic clinical analyser using discrete reaction packs

Maeda, M.; Yamada, R., 1985:
Automatic collection system of waste scintillator solution using micro robots

Odintsov, D.T.; Ponomarev, I.T., 1970:
Automatic collector for chromatography on ion-exchange and fractionation on columns

Smythe, A., 1965:
Automatic collimation in fluoroscopy with image intensifier

MacNair, D.S., 1966:
Automatic color film processing in the pathology laboratory

Nomoto, S.; Kanai, M.; Saito, K.; Miwa, S., 1968:
Automatic colorimetric analysis in the utilization of the autoanalyzer and its adaptation to enzyme measurement. 1. Evaluation of its flow diagram and equipment

Wadman, S.K.; De Bree, P.K.; Van der Heiden, C.; Van Sprang, F.J., 1971:
Automatic column chromatographic analysis of urinary and serum imidazoles in patients with histidinaemia and normals

Hori, M., 1969:
Automatic column chromatographic method for insect-moulting steroids

Courtois, B.; Distel, R.; Chignon, J.C., 1968:
Automatic comparison of traces: application to vectorcardiography

Jordan, P.; Kaczmar, U., 1966:
Automatic compensation for fluorescence quenching and other interfering factors which occur in scintillation counting of radioactive substances in solution

Losev, I.I.; Meshcherskiĭ, R.M.; Rudskiĭ, A.A., 1966:
Automatic compensation for input capacitance in microelectrode studies

Voigt, U.; Faber, D.; Hamacher, M.; Lang, N., 1973:
Automatic composition of medical reports using data processing in obstetrics

Oribe, J., 1974:
Automatic computation of students' attendance

Matsuda, H.; Toyama, S.; Sezaki, N.; Ukena, K., 1972:
Automatic computation of the cardiothoracic ratio

Sezaki, N.; Ukena, K., 1973:
Automatic computation of the cardiothoracic ratio with application to mass screening

Skobelev, L.I.; From, A.A.; Mikhailov, G.V.; Bogomolov, M.D., 1972:
Automatic computation of the volumes of the fraction precipitators in the industrial production of blood preparations

O'Reilly, R.J.; Cooper, R.E.; Ronai, P.M., 1972:
Automatic computer analysis of digital dynamic radionuclide studies of the cerebral circulation

Buda, A.J.; Delp, E.J.; Meyer, C.R.; Jenkins, J.M.; Smith, D.N.; Bookstein, F.L.; Pitt, B., 1983:
Automatic computer processing of digital 2-dimensional echocardiograms

Bancroft, W.H.; Tucker, M.; Jackson, D.H.; Eddleman, E.E., 1973:
Automatic computer processing of ultralow frequency ballistocardiograms

Johnson, M.L.; Khairallah, E.A.; Yphantis, D.A., 1972:
Automatic computer-compatible digital data acquisition system for amino acid analysis

Angeleri, F.; Scarpino, O.; Mauro, A.M.; Giuliani, G., 1980:
Automatic computerized investigation on EEG interictal spikes of human focal epilepsies

Husák, T., 1972:
Automatic computers in the training of physicians

Rypka, E.W.; Babb, R., 1970:
Automatic construction and use of an identification scheme

Maublant, J.; Meignan, M.; Veyre, A.; Meyniel, G., 1981:
Automatic construction of pulmonary functional images

Yamate, N.; Matsumura, T.; Tonomura, M., 1969:
Automatic continuous analyzer of lead in the atmosphere

Freund, H., 1967:
Automatic continuous determination of pyruvic acid: Description of the method and its application to simultaneous determination of blood pyruvic acid, blood lactic aicd and blood sugar

Bachmann, K.; Zerzawy, R., 1969:
Automatic continuous pulse deficit registration during rest and physical exertion

Koivo, A.J., 1980:
Automatic continuous-time blood pressure control in dogs by means of hypotensive drug injection

Smirnov, A.I.; Starinskii YuG, 1974:
Automatic contractions of the specific ventricular muscle of the isolated rabbit heart

Passariello, R.; Salvolini, U.; Rossi, P.; Simonetti, G.; Pasquini, U., 1980:
Automatic contrast medium injector for computed tomography

Ruban, E.A.; Kafarov, V.V., 1966:
Automatic control and regulation of the process of biosynthesis of antibiotics

Marinow, N.; Hennig, E.; Frank, J.; Baer, P.; Keilbach, H.; Bücherl, E.S., 1983:
Automatic control and regulation of two rollerpumps for biventricular bypass

Kato, A., 1966:
Automatic control mechanism in the rat liver enzyme system of methionine metabolism

Honda, N., 1968:
Automatic control mechanism of intranephrotic circulation

van der Mark, F.; Meijer, J.H., 1974:
Automatic control of Installations for experiments relating to physiological research of the visual system

Ojeda, S.R.; Ramírez, V.D., 1969:
Automatic control of LH and FSH secretion by short feedback circuits in immature rats

Sumin, A.V.; Sokolov, A.I.; Itkin, G.P.; Kremnev, V.A.; Kiselev, I.M., 1980:
Automatic control of an artificial heart with an autonomous energy source

MacLennan, D.G.; Pirt, S.J., 1966:
Automatic control of dissolved oxygen concentration in stirred microbial cultures

Ward, D.S.; Michels, D.B.; Swanson, G.D.; Bellville, J.W., 1974:
Automatic control of end-expiratory carbon dioxide

Kuznetz, L.H., 1980:
Automatic control of human thermal comfort by a liquid-cooled garment

Kane, G.R.; Clark, J.W.; Bourland, H.M.; Hartley, C.J., 1971:
Automatic control of intra-aortic balloon pumping

Stephenson, R.P., 1968:
Automatic control of isolated smooth muscle with digital print-out of contraction size

Normann, N.A.; Noon, G.P.; DeBakey, M.E.; Ross, J.N., 1974:
Automatic control of pneumatic blood pumps

del Castillo, J.; Specht, P.; Auerbach, A., 1982:
Automatic control of potential and agonist-induced current across the endplate membrane by drug electrophoresis

Eguchi, S., 1969:
Automatic control of sensory movement in articulation, with special reference to vowel formation

Egawa, J.; Ito, K., 1971:
Automatic control of telecobalt unit by transit dose measurement. I. Experimental formula for tissue-air ratios

Suzuki, M.; Chimura, T.; Watanabe, T., 1970:
Automatic control of temperature in the incubator

Obraztsova, E.N.; Novikov, V.A.; Frangulian, L.A.; Kosareva, N.N., 1973:
Automatic control of tetraethyl lead concentrations in the air of industrial premises

Simonsberger, P.; Slattenscheck, W.; Gröpl, L.; Adam, H., 1983:
Automatic control of the transport of film in scanning electron microscopic documentation based on the Cambridge Stereoscan 250 TP microscope

Fujikura, I.; Wada, H.; Anzai, N.; Kawase, M.; Okada, T., 1970:
Automatic control of the weight-balanced disposable oxygenator

Webb, P.; Annis, J.F.; Troutman, S.J., 1968:
Automatic control of water cooling in space suits. Contract Rep. NASA CR-1085

Dmitriev, M.T.; Lestrovoĭ, A.P., 1982:
Automatic control over air pollution

Novikov, I.V.; Gus'kov, G.V.; Saĭfutdinov, M.M.; Klubkov, V.G.; Metel'skaia, G.N., 1982:
Automatic control over water quality in the population's water supply lines

Cooper, W.J.; Snashall, M.G., 1974:
Automatic conversion of slide synchronizing pulses on audio tape

Webb, P.; Troutman, S.J.; Annis, J.F., 1970:
Automatic cooling in water cooled space suits

Dmitriev, M.T.; Al'perin, V.Z., 1971:
Automatic coulometric analyzer of atmospheric ozone

Moses, V., 1965:
Automatic counting of radioactivity of two-dimensional paper chromatograms

Sterling, W.K., 1967:
Automatic crank gives more security

Tarasov, V.N., 1967:
Automatic culturing of cells and viruses

Anonymous, 1970:
Automatic cushioning versus safety belts

Zimmermann, A., 1982:
Automatic cytodiagnostic of bladder cancer

Stigsby, B.; Obrist, W.D.; Sulg, I.A., 1973:
Automatic data acquisition and period-amplitude analysis of the electroencephalogram

Morrison, G.E.; Lindberg, D.A., 1969:
Automatic data acquisition apparatus for multiple chemistry analyzers

Koberg, W., 1969:
Automatic data collection and electronic data processing of cleft lips and palates

Anonymous, 1968:
Automatic data processing

Fabris, F.; Feruglio, F.S.; Macchione, C.; Piazza, A., 1972:
Automatic data processing and geriatrics: experience and perspectives

de Haene, R.; Wambersie, A., 1971:
Automatic data processing and radiology

Haeger, K.; Mellner, C.; Wulff, H.B., 1967:
Automatic data processing and surgical records

Roussel, G.; Brouet, G.; Canetti, G., 1972:
Automatic data processing during a controlled therapeutic trial in multiple tuberculosis units (survey 6.9.12)

Utiamyshev, R.I.; Solomatin, V.V.; Kalashnikov, V.P.; Khandzhian, O.A.; Volovich, V.M., 1982:
Automatic data processing during mass chest x-ray

Wuthe, H.; Vogel, J.; Lau, E.; Hess, G.; Stier, M.; Harzendorf, E., 1973:
Automatic data processing fitting roentgen film densimetry

Ericsson, H.; Kjellander, J.; Ljunggren, A.; Wittboldt, S., 1966:
Automatic data processing in clinical bacteriology

Bierfreund, H.J.; Wuttig, S., 1983:
Automatic data processing in dental practice

Hellman, D.; Persson, L., 1970:
Automatic data processing in health care: new approach to the patient's registration

Stach, J., 1965:
Automatic data processing in health services

Adamczyk, J., 1983:
Automatic data processing in mass screening of the population

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Automatic data processing in the basic documentation of psychiatric medical records

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Automatic data processing in the hospital of tomorrow. New information systems in hospital medicine

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Automatic data processing of biological and cytological findings

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Automatic data processing of case records

Sawazumi, K., 1981:
Automatic data processing of the fetal heart rate

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Automatic data processing records for the registration of results of quantitative urine and serum analyses in urinary calculi dispensatory

Tan, A.T.; Silvonen, J., 1965:
Automatic data processing system in the hospitals of Lyon

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Automatic data processing systems for blood centers

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Automatic data processing techniques for carcinogenesis studies

Anonymous, 1974:
Automatic data processing within health care must be set for safety against unauthorized information tapping

Anonymous, 1968:
Automatic data processing--a pilot project of the Manitoba Hospital Association

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Automatic data processing. Present and potential. A challenge to nurses

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Automatic data recording and analysis of motor activities in the open-field test

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Automatic data recording and electronic data processing in clinical diagnosis

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Automatic data screening: a practcal solution to the multivariate problem in clinical data

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Automatic defibrillation

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Automatic defibrillation in man. The initial surgical experience

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Automatic defibrillation in man: is it feasible?

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Automatic defibrillator or anti-arrhythmia drugs for the therapy of patients who survived heart arrest or with syncopal ventricular arrhythmias? A critical analysis of the models relative to the studies in progress

Carozzi, G., 1980:
Automatic dental film developers

Zhang, X.; Fetrow, J.S.; Rennie, W.A.; Waltz, D.L.; Berg, G., 1993:
Automatic derivation of substructures yields novel structural building blocks in globular proteins

Aeschlimann, J.M.; Aellig, A.; Deom, A., 1983:
Automatic design of a linear or logarithmic scale. Application to plotting of conversion scales

Tucker, J.H., 1971:
Automatic detection and classification of cells in cervical smears

Anonymous, 1970:
Automatic detection and defibrillation of lethal arrhythmias--a new concept

Engelken, E.J., 1969:
Automatic detection and display of arrhythmias in long-term ECG tape recordings. SAM-TR-69-7

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Automatic detection and identification of anti-erythrocyte allo-antibodies

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Automatic detection and identification of antierythrocyte antibodies. Preliminary results obtained by the trypsin-albumin-dextran method

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Automatic detection and interpretation of locomotive activities of single animals in groups

Leboeuf, A.; Boeverts, M., 1981:
Automatic detection and modification of aberrant behaviors: two case studies

Lucas, E.A.; Wilson, F.J.; Johnson, W., 1984:
Automatic detection at the polygraph of malposition of the Hewlett-Packard ear oximeter

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Automatic detection of abnormal shadows in the lung in thoracic photofluorography

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Automatic detection of eye movements in REM sleep using the electrooculogram

Lauersen, N.H.; Hochberg, H.M., 1982:
Automatic detection of fetal movement by Doppler ultrasound during non-stress testing

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Automatic detection of genetically transmitted abnormalities

Baudoin, C.E.; Lay, B.J.; Klein, J.C., 1984:
Automatic detection of microaneurysms in diabetic fluorescein angiography

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Automatic detection of pacemaker pulses in ambulatory ECG recording

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Automatic detection of sleep spindles by analysis of harmonic components

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Automatic detection of syphilis on Groupamatic. Preliminary results

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Automatic detection of the K-complex in sleep electroencephalograms

Risner, G.D.; Schmitt, N.M.; Bissett, J.K., 1974:
Automatic detection of the effective refractory period of the A-V node

Billings, R.J., 1981:
Automatic detection, measurement and documentation of the visual evoked potential using a commercial microprocessor-equipped averager

Maggi, N.; Casavecchia, G.; Cavatorta, L., 1970:
Automatic determination of L-DOPA in extracts of natural origin

Freund, H.; Marbach, J.; Vogt, J.J., 1969:
Automatic determination of L-malic acid

Plaquet, R.; Ledeme, N.; Vincent-Fiquet, O.; Biserte, G., 1973:
Automatic determination of alkaline leucine aminopeptidase in human serum. A test of hepatic cytolysis more sensitive than transaminases?

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Automatic determination of amino acid decarboxylases

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Automatic determination of benzylpenicillin and other semisynthetic penicillins. II

Schweisheimer, W., 1972:
Automatic determination of blood groups

Matte, C., 1969:
Automatic determination of blood groups. Development of an experimental apparatus

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Automatic determination of caffeine in analgesic preparations

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Automatic determination of cardiac output using an impedance plethysmography

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Automatic determination of chlorides with a centrifugal analyzer

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Automatic determination of cholesterol using dextran sulfate precipitation as pretreatment

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Automatic determination of creatine using the diacetyl reaction

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Automatic determination of enzyme activities in animal sera with Reaction Rate Analyzer 8600. 1. Comparison of automated and manual methods for transaminases, lactate dehydrogenase and LDH-isoenzymes (alpha-HBDH)

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Automatic determination of ethinyl estradiol in pharmaceutical preparations

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Automatic determination of fibrinolysis

Galli, A.; Jeanmaire, J., 1965:
Automatic determination of fructose by the thiobarbituric acid reaction

Harding, U., 1970:
Automatic determination of galactose in whole blood

Mor, J.R.; Zimmerli, A.; Fiechter, A., 1973:
Automatic determination of glucose, ethanol, amino nitrogen, and ammonia. Cell counting and data processing

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Automatic determination of hydrogen peroxide and application to the kinetic study of catalase

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Automatic determination of lactic acid. Possibilities of use in continuous experiments

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Automatic determination of lysozyme in the urine of different leukemias: characterization and purification of a lysozyme onlyin patients having acute myeloblastic leukemia

Lindstedt, G.; Skare, I., 1971:
Automatic determination of mercury in biological samples

Guilino, G., 1982:
Automatic determination of objectively measurable characteristic parameters - black vertex power of spectacle lenses and refraction of the eye

Ceriotti, G.; Lollis, B.; De Nadai Frank, A., 1971:
Automatic determination of ornithine carbamyltransferase

Mahuzier, G.; Desmoulins, R., 1969:
Automatic determination of ornithine-carbamyl-transferase activity

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Automatic determination of orthophosphate, ammoniacal nitrogen and total carbohydrate in fermentation media

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Automatic determination of phosphohexose isomerase by the reaction to thiobarbituric acid

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Automatic determination of proteases in pharmaceutical products

Dorsche, J.; Nyssen, M., 1967:
Automatic determination of serum iron

Antalóczy, Z., 1971:
Automatic determination of spatial heart vectors using a triaxicardiometer

Dinulescu, E.; Ganea, E.; Olteanu, M., 1973:
Automatic determination of stable iodine in thyroid tissue

Cavatorta, L.; Lodi, L.; Rangone, R., 1970:
Automatic determination of steroid phosphates with tetrazolium blue

Smilovici, W.; Abbal, M.; de Boissezon, J.F.; Ducos, J., 1972:
Automatic determination of substances inhibiting anti-i and anti-I antibodies in various biological fluids

Bertoli, F., 1984:
Automatic determination of the exposure time in dental radiology

Büktas, U., 1966:
Automatic determination of the mean respiration frequency by simultaneous plotting of the respiration curve

Parker, J.M.; Dubas, T.C., 1973:
Automatic determination of the pain threshold to electroshock and the effects of 9 -THC

Krakau, C.E.; Stigmar, G., 1971:
Automatic determination of the resolving power of the eye

Girard, M.L.; Canal, J.; Jouannelle, J., 1966:
Automatic determination of trypsin activity

Dreux, C.; Leymarie, J., 1968:
Automatic determination of urinary hydroxyproline

Young, D.S., 1969:
Automatic determination of urine volume from weight of sample

Cavalli, R.; Rurali, C., 1971:
Automatic determination of vitamin C, PP, E and B6 in pharmaceutical preparations

Kesner, L.; Muntwyler, E., 1966:
Automatic determination of weak organic acids by partition column chromatography and indicator titration

Anonymous, 1968:
Automatic developer, "Pentakon Ear". (German Democratic Republic)

Siertsema, J.V.; Blanksma, L.J.; Biewenga, W., 1982:
Automatic development of retinal fluorescein angiograms

Lokhvitskiĭ, S.V.; Afendulov, S.A.; Malkin, V.S.; Strizhko, A.V., 1984:
Automatic device for cooling the pancreas

Oken, D.E.; Jackson, B.; Kornetsky, K.L.; Dilley, J.R., 1980:
Automatic device for cross-circulation experiments or prolonged infusion in rats

Barkov, N.K.; Krivopalov, V.A., 1965:
Automatic device for developing conditioned reflexes

Shevchenko, B.S.; Starostina, L.V., 1983:
Automatic device for drip infusion systems

Voswinckel, W., 1971:
Automatic device for long-time supervision, classification and recording of heart arrythmias

Takó, J.; Krasznai, I.; Bános, C.; Pogány, G.; Kapus, I., 1972:
Automatic device for radiorenography by exclusion of blood circulation

Kotin, A.M.; Savel'ev, V.D., 1982:
Automatic device for studying maze learning and certain other indices of higher nervous activity in the rat and in the mouse

Cassat, R.; Pont, M., 1972:
Automatic device for the dosage of chlorine in organic compounds

Newman, R.H.; Jones, W.L.; Jenkins, R.W., 1969:
Automatic device for the evaluation of total mainstream cigarette smoke

Macků, J.; Mĕlka, J.; Doskocil, Z., 1965:
Automatic device for the study of conditioned electric defense reflexes in rats

Zuiani, C.; Bazzocchi, M.; Dalpiaz, G.; Anania, G.; Di Loreto, C., 1995:
Automatic devices for histologic biopsy of the breast. Comparison of 2 systems

Graichen, H.; Rascati, R.; Gonzalez, R.R., 1982:
Automatic dew-point temperature sensor

Sano, T.; Suzuki, F., 1967:
Automatic diagnosis by ADALINE using the patterns of the vector electrocardiogram

Yoshimura, S.; Shimoji, E.; Kodaira, K., 1971:
Automatic diagnosis in phonocardiography (clinical medicine)

Pape, H.; Odriozola, J.; Möhr, J., 1973:
Automatic diagnosis of bone marrow smears in an on line method with a net of threshold logic elements

Liebhart, J.; Małolepszy, J.; Liebhart, E.; Krusińska, E.; Bartkowiak, A., 1984:
Automatic diagnosis of bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis and pulmonary emphysema

Takayama, J.I., 1969:
Automatic diagnosis of congenital heart diseases by electronic computer

Yasui, S.; Yokoi, M.; Watanabe, Y.; Okamoto, N.; Mizuno, Y., 1969:
Automatic diagnosis of electrocardiogram and its application

Masturzo, A., 1969:
Automatic diagnosis of gout

Kollár, J.; Csontó, J., 1981:
Automatic diagnosis of ischaemic heart disease

Itoshima, T.; Shimada, Y.; Osaki, H.; Hashimoto, H., 1973:
Automatic diagnosis of liver cirrhosis

Dolabchian, Z.L.; Krishchian, E.M.; Tatinian, N.G., 1972:
Automatic diagnosis of ventricular myocardial hypertrophies using computer technology

Boyer, P.; Dreyfus, J.F.; Fargeas, X., 1984:
Automatic diagnostic assistance in psychiatry

Luzhnikov, E.A.; Gasparian, S.A.; Voloshin, G.Ia.; Burlakov, I.A.; Dagaev, V.N., 1983:
Automatic differential diagnosis of comatose states in acute poisoning using a computer dialog setup

Hawker, C.D., 1969:
Automatic digital integration of radioimmunoassay chromatoelectrophoresis peaks

Knapp, G.; Leopold, H., 1974:
Automatic digital system for quantitative kinetic analysis--application to catalytic determination of thyroid hormones

Cerný, E., 1968:
Automatic dilator for surgery on the maxillary sinus

Schyra, B., 1970:
Automatic disconnection for infusions

Dinwoodie, H.P.; Howell, R.W., 1973:
Automatic disease coding: the 'fruit-machine' method in general practice

Zoch, H.D., 1966:
Automatic dishwasher in dental practice

Goedicke, W., 1969:
Automatic disinfection and sterilization of instruments

Orellana, M., 1970:
Automatic dispenser for resistance tablets

Smecka, V.; Dofková, L., 1970 :
Automatic dispensing of medical preparations in hospitals

Baum, R.P.; Voytinsky, V.G.; Mityaev, V.V., 1974:
Automatic dispersion analysis in microbial population studies: problems and applications

Kawamura, T.; Wada, J.; Inegaki, Y.; Watanabe, T., 1984:
Automatic display of epicardial mapping of right atrium: experimental and clinical uses

Johnson, A.; Rodeheaver, G.T.; Durand, L.S.; Edgerton, M.T.; Edlich, R.F., 1981:
Automatic disposable stapling devices for wound closure

Röttger, P.; Reul, H.; Klein, I.; Sunkel, H., 1969:
Automatic documentation and statistical evaluation of pathological and anatomical diagnosis reports

Levery, F., 1966:
Automatic documentation in medicine

Anonymous, 1970:
Automatic doors

Petrov, A.M., 1968:
Automatic dosimeter for continuous feeding of small concentrations of gases in experimental studies

Anonymous, 1968:
Automatic double-chamber medicinal vial

Anonymous, 1971:
Automatic double-injection needle

Tomiie, F.; Aihara, T.; Tanaka, O.; Iguchi, H.; Munechika, H.; Ohsawa, T., 1983:
Automatic drip infusion apparatus for retrograde urethrography

Saracca, L., 1982:
Automatic echotomography with water bath in breast diagnosis

Viamonte, M.; Hobbs, J., 1967:
Automatic electric injector: development to prevent electromechanical hazards of selective angiocardiography

Dolabchian, Z.L.; Krishchian, E.M.; Vardanian, V.B.; Saakian, A.V.; Tatinian, N.G., 1972:
Automatic electrocardiographic diagnosis of myocardial infarct using a digital computer

Hochberg, H.; Calatayud, J.B.; Crow, R.; Weihrer, A.L.; McAllister, J.; Caceres, C.A., 1969:
Automatic electrocardiographic monitoring in the coronary care unit

Green, G.C.; Schwarze, J.W.; Gilmour, M.N., 1969:
Automatic electrode selection device for monitoring pH

Cook, K.J.; Mantel, J., 1966:
Automatic electron dosimetry system for a microwave linear accelerator

Ford, P.; Hoodless, D.J., 1971:
Automatic electronic oxygen supply

Martini, J.; Horande, M.; Daguill, R.; Mosquera, A., 1967:
Automatic electronic rheotomy: concepts and construction

Nikitin, I.K., 1974:
Automatic electronic switch for studying the probability characteristics of the human auditory analyzer

Horsfall, A.; Pywell, M.; Baird, C.W.; Horacek, I., 1966:
Automatic electrophoresis

Myers, J.; Gelblat, M.; Enterline, H.T., 1970:
Automatic encoding of pathology data. Computer-readable surgical pathology data as a by-product of typed pathology reports

Akiyama, T., 1968:
Automatic enlargement of the atrophic conjunctival fornix

Vandermeers, A.; Vandermeers-Piret, M.C.; Christophe, J., 1971:
Automatic enzyme analysis by successive recordings of reaction kinetics. General method and application to analysis of pancreatic -amylase

Bochkarev, E.G.; Mikhaĭlov, V.A., 1970:
Automatic equipment for registering isodose distribution

Dumas, J.C., 1969:
Automatic equipment for the maintenance of rodents in constantly overhydrated state

Kelly, A.; Davis, R.E., 1967:
Automatic erythrocyte volume analysis. Price-Jones curve determination

Boigné, J.M.; Boigné, N., 1968:
Automatic estimation of urea and glucose in 20 microliter samples

Wilson, B.W., 1966:
Automatic estimation of urea using urease and alkaline phenol

Matousek, M., 1967:
Automatic evaluation of EEG background activity

Matousek, M.; Petersén, I., 1973:
Automatic evaluation of EEG background activity by means of age-dependent EEG quotients

Elsmann, G., 1974:
Automatic evaluation of biosignals using special pattern recognition procedures

Polacco, F.; Capuzzo, M., 1972:
Automatic evaluation of triglycerides with an enzymatic method

Geok, G.T., 1967:
Automatic exchange transfusion

Trubnikov, I.I., 1969:
Automatic exhauster

Gadet, L.; Sultan, J., 1972:
Automatic exposers and radiographic film

Rémy, J., 1972:
Automatic exposers in radiophotography, cineradiography and ampligraphy

Smythe, A.D., 1966:
Automatic exposure control in general radiography

Preussner, P.R., 1995:
Automatic exposure control in retinal laser therapy

Viallet, P.; Viallet, J.F.; Fermaud, H.; Navarre, M., 1972:
Automatic exposure in radiology

Bourne, D., 1967:
Automatic exposure in routine work

Pfeiler, M., 1972:
Automatic exposure in tomography

Tyers, G.F.; Wolfson, S.K., 1969:
Automatic external cardiac massage. An adjunct to recovery from moderate general hypothermia, profound preferential cerebral hypothermia, and prolonged cardiopulmonary arrest

Cummins, R.O.; Eisenberg, M.S.; Bergner, L.; Hallstrom, A.; Hearne, T.; Murray, J.A., 1984:
Automatic external defibrillation: evaluations of its role in the home and in emergency medical services

Ko, H.; Royer, M.E., 1972:
Automatic extraction and analysis of serum triglycerides

Gobbi, P.G.; Carones, F.; Brancato, R.; Carena, M.; Fortini, A.; Scagliotti, F.; Morico, A.; Venturi, E., 1995:
Automatic eye tracker for excimer laser photorefractive keratectomy

Losev, I.I.; Ioffe, M.E.; D'iakonov, V.L.; Savvateev, A.A.; Gerasimov, I.T., 1969:
Automatic feeding for studying instrumental conditioned reflexes in dogs

Agarwal, S.K.; Dickens, J.V.; Friesen, E.J., 1980:
Automatic field light termination device

Anonymous, 1984:
Automatic filing of data in pathologic anatomy

Liebetrau, B., 1974:
Automatic filling apparatus for the Oris-filling instrument

Aisenbrey, H., 1972:
Automatic film processing of the image amplifier exposures

Shatskiĭ, B.A.; Mitroshin, E.I., 1969:
Automatic fine tuner in monitoring television systems

Müller, M.; Isenschmid, M.; Bührer, M.; Bircher, J., 1984:
Automatic finger plethysmography as a human pharmacologic research tool. A methodologic study

Pernier, J., 1972:
Automatic fitting of densities of probability of intervals between potentials under the law of Wiener

Dogliotti, A.M.; Guglielmini, G.; Margaglia, F.; Dellepiane, M., 1965:
Automatic fixation aortic valve

Demanez, J.P.; Ledoux, A., 1970:
Automatic fixation mechanisms and vestibular stimulation. Their study in central pathology with ocular fixation index during caloric tests

Talapa, A.I., 1982:
Automatic float-sampler for continuous liquid sampling

Michels, D.M., 1970:
Automatic floor stocking

Miller, J.H.; Prescott, E.; Carpenter, G., 1970:
Automatic fluid replacement and blood pressure control during dialysis

Grimbleby, J.B.; Talbot, C.G., 1983:
Automatic focusing of medical endoscope cameras

Hartman, J., 1968:
Automatic food distribution system described at meeting

Olive, J.P., 1971:
Automatic formant tracking by a Newton-Raphson technique

Watt, J.G., 1972:
Automatic fractionaion of plasma proteins

Oranskii, I.E.; Nesterov, L.N., 1968:
Automatic frequency-interval analysis of the acceleration kinetocardiography

Kick, S.A.; Simmons, J.A., 1984:
Automatic gain control in the bat's sonar receiver and the neuroethology of echolocation

Stockwell, P.B.; Sawyer, R., 1970:
Automatic gas chromatography

Korbut, V.L., 1980:
Automatic gas exchange control of the autotrophic component in a life support system for heterotrophic organisms

Ana'ev, V.G.; Ovchinnikov, V.I., 1970:
Automatic gas injector for lymphography

Old, J.M.; Hancock, D.M.; Parr-Burman, H.B., 1969:
Automatic gastrointestinal suction

Kawai, H.; Tamura, S.; Kani, K., 1985:
Automatic generation of retinal sensitivity map using infrared fundus television images

Harden, R.M.; Lever, R.; Lindsay, A.; Watson, J.; Dunn, W.; Holroyd, C., 1970:
Automatic hand viewers and cassette play-back units

Masturzo, A., 1971:
Automatic health check-up. Presentation of a method of automatic diagnosis by biomedical data "weighing"

Faust, U.; Schultz, P., 1973:
Automatic heat-sterilization device as a laboratory aid

Vondrová, V.; Stopka, J., 1972:
Automatic heater of liquids for ORL use

von Knorre, G.H.; Schröder, G., 1971:
Automatic heterotopy using phase-dependent time-limited protection blockade

Schleusener, S.A., 1968:
Automatic high speed particle sizing using a gas laser

Namba, H.; Miyawaki, K.; Sugiyama, S., 1965:
Automatic history taking machine

Anonymous, 1971:
Automatic hormone extractor

Kosaka, J.; Okuyama, M.; Takeda, N.; Imai, T.; Goto, E., 1983:
Automatic hypoglycemia associated with metastatic liver neoplasm

Rosenberg, S.A.; Ledeen, K.S.; Kline, T., 1969:
Automatic identification and measurement of cells by computer

Lefevre, C.; Le Cardinal, G.; Richalet, J.; Rivière, R.; Kellershohn, C., 1972:
Automatic identification of a system of compartments with physiological pre-estimation of exchanges

Pernier, J.; Echallier, J.F., 1973:
Automatic identification of parameters of a theoretical law on a small computer: application to laws of distribution of probability of intervals between action potentials

Bradbury, S., 1981:
Automatic image analysers and their use in anatomy

Herbarth, O.; Bredel, H., 1983:
Automatic immission monitoring and immission prognosis

Hauer, R.N.; Wever, E.F.; Crijns, H.J., 1993:
Automatic implantable cardioverter defibrillator: cost effectiveness

Mower, M.M.; Reid, P.R.; Watkins, L.; Griffith, L.S.; Platia, E.V.; Bach, S.M.; Imran, M.; Juanteguy, J.M.; Mirowski, M., 1984:
Automatic implantable cardioverter-defibrillator structural characteristics

Mower, M.M., 1995:
Automatic implantable cardioverter-defibrillator: history and future developments

Mirowski, M.; Mower, M.M.; Reid, P.R.; Watkins, L., 1983:
Automatic implantable defibrillator

Stack, J.M.; Houston, C.; Mirowski, M.; Mower, M.; Watkins, L.; Reid, P.R., 1982:
Automatic implantable defibrillator for the patient with recurrent refractory malignant ventricular arrhythmias: case report

Leenhardt, A.; Thomas, O.; Bel, A.; Bizot, J.; Coumel, P.; Slama, R., 1994:
Automatic implantable defibrillators: long-term results

Obadia, J.F.; Rescigno, G.; Kirkorian, G.; Durand, P.G.; George, M.; Chassignolle, J.F.; Touboul, P., 1994:
Automatic implantable defibrillators; subdiaphragmatic insertion

Cook, D.W., 1981:
Automatic incubator for use with modified A-1 test for enumerating fecal coliform bacteria in shellfish growing waters

Kasatiya, S.S.; Birry, A., 1971:
Automatic indirect immunofluorescence applied to syphilis serology (AFTA)

Bertram, B.; von Wallenberg, E.L.; Meyer-Erkelenz, J.D., 1981:
Automatic indirect measurement of blood pressure in resting and exercising subjects: analysis of the Korotkov sound pattern; variable "time gate" for artifact suppression

Iakimidi, A.K., 1969:
Automatic information bureau

Max, J.; Despringre, A., 1973:
Automatic information of electronystagmography data

Partiot, A.; Pierson, A.; Renault, B.; Widlöcher, D.; Jouvent, R., 1994:
Automatic information processing, the frontal system and blunted affect. From clinical dimensions to cognitive processes toward a psychobiological explanation of temperament

Grando, A.A.; Zadorozhnyĭ, E.M.; Tsiborovskiĭ, O.M., 1980:
Automatic information-managing system for the dispensary care of industrial enterprise workers

Várszegi, I.; Vertetics, J., 1971:
Automatic injection device

Iakovets, V.V., 1980:
Automatic injector for angiography

Klimenko, G.A.; Gubka, A.V., 1982:
Automatic injector for aorto-arteriography

Jackson, M., 1982:
Automatic injector for thermodilution cardiac outputs

Riitano, F., 1974:
Automatic instrument for alternate irrigation of different liquids with simultaneous aspiration in endodontic treatment of root canals

Ratliff, C.R.; Casey, A.E.; Thrasher, G.S., 1967:
Automatic instrumentation for mass screening procedures in metabolic profile studies

Andersen, R.; Smedby, B.; Eklund, G., 1971:
Automatic interaction detector program for analyzing health survey data

Franzen, E., 1971:
Automatic intermittent insufflation of the tracheotomy tube cuff

Elmslie, R.G.; Hugh, T.B., 1966:
Automatic intermittent suction device for gastric decompression

Frost, J.D.; Hillman, C.E.; Kellaway, P., 1980:
Automatic interpretation of EEG: analysis of background activity

Mothes, P.; Clémenty, J.; Broustet, J.P.; Besse, P., 1972:
Automatic interpretation of the electrocardiogram

Fernet, P.; Boneu, B.; Bouquet, H.; Bley, J.; Bierme, R., 1972:
Automatic interpretation of the hemostasis report. Preliminary note

Toyooka, H.; Nishiyama, H.; Tsutsumi, H.; Fuke, N.; Aruga, T.; Mii, K., 1983:
Automatic intracranial pressure controlling system with two negative feedback loops; application to patients with severe head trauma

Shlykov, I.A., 1980:
Automatic intragastric titration of gastric secretion

Price, J.L.; Besseling, J.L., 1971:
Automatic intravenous drip controller

Paladini, A.; Di Lieto, A.; Martinelli, P.; Di Meglio, A., 1980:
Automatic intravenous perfusion of oxytocin in labor induction

Mondino, A., 1970:
Automatic ion-exchange chromatography of amino acids. Experimental studies for optimising resin column dimensions

Pettersson, C., 1967:
Automatic isodensity recorder for photographic dosimetry

Binder, W., 1974:
Automatic isodose printer for stationary fields in radiotherapy

Binder, W., 1973:
Automatic isodosis printer for stationary and non-stationary vertical fields in radiotherapy

Baraka, A.; Muallem, M.; Dajani, A., 1984:
Automatic jet injector for ventilation of children anesthetized by the T-piece circuit

Caspersson, T.; Castleman, K.R.; Lomakka, G.; Modest, E.J.; Moller, A.; Nathan, R.; Wall, R.J.; Zech, L., 1971:
Automatic karyotyping of quinacrine mustard stained human chromosomes

Sugawara, J.; Kanamori, Y.; Sakamoto, T., 1980:
Automatic landmark extraction from the mandibular cephalometric tracings

Ujec, E.; Dvorák, V.; Horesovský, M., 1970:
Automatic leaping shift of microelectrodes

Matsumura, K.; Nakase, E.; Haiyama, T.; Utsunomiya, S., 1995:
Automatic left ventricular volume measurements on contrast-enhanced ultrafast cine magnetic resonance imaging

Parkhouse, R.E., 1973:
Automatic library

Jötten, G., 1972:
Automatic light exposure with the use of image amplifier method

Schneider, P.; Eisenhut, R., 1974:
Automatic light regulation for activity studies

Sinitsyn, R.V.; Shilko, V.N., 1969:
Automatic linear programming for selection of optimal irradiation methods

Fosslien, E.; Musil, F., 1970:
Automatic lipid extraction and thin-layer chromatography application with a prgrammed flow system

Hatano, H.; Sumizu, K.; Rokushika, S.; Murakami, F., 1970:
Automatic liquid chromatography of primary mono- and diamines on a cation-exchange resin

Guyon, F.; Lecomte-Joulin, V.; Falcy, C.; Dupeyron, J.P., 1984:
Automatic liquid chromatography of urinary dopamine

Caisey, J.D.; Riordan, B.D., 1973:
Automatic logging and processing of auto analyzer peaks with on off-line, time-sharing computer

Anonymous, 1971:
Automatic machines for silver recovery

Phillips, W.E.; Phuphanich, S.; Velthuizen, R.P.; Silbiger, M.L., 1995:
Automatic magnetic resonance tissue characterization for three-dimensional magnetic resonance imaging of the brain

Zhorov, I.S.; Smirnov, V.G.; Mikhel'son, V.A.; Kotova, G.P.; Nikitina, L.G., 1970:
Automatic maintenance and regulation of depth of anesthesia

Darbinian, T.M.; Cherniakhovskii, F.R.; Chebotar', G.I., 1965:
Automatic maintenance of adequate artificial pulmonary ventilation (preliminary communication)

Bondarchuk, V.I., 1973:
Automatic maintenance of muscle relaxation during general anesthesia

Darbinian, T.M.; Perel'mutr, A.S.; Navzorov, V.P., 1970:
Automatic maitenance of a given depth of anesthesia

Nagasawa, H.; Miyamoto, M.; Fujimoto, M.; Kuretani, K., 1973:
Automatic management of mice. I. Growth of mice maintaintained in a wire-mesh cage

Fujimoto, M.; Miyamoto, M.; Nagasawa, H.; Kuretani, K., 1974:
Automatic management of mice. II. Device for instrument of automatic drinking water supply

Novario, P.G.; Pagliano, B.; Gervasio, R.; Denti, E., 1973:
Automatic management system in a hemodialysis center

Gerbstädt, H.; Schmidt, M.W., 1966:
Automatic manufacture of narrow-bore glass capillaries, glass rods and micropipettes

Gerbstädt, H.; Schmidt, M.W., 1967:
Automatic manufacturing of glass capillaries and glass filaments true to size

Tagliasco, V.; Fisher, F.; Arrigo, L.; Avanzino, G.L.; Ermirio, R., 1970:
Automatic map tracer for study of the origin and diffusion of excitation in cardiac structures in vitro

Dreyer, W.J.; Kuppermann, A.; Boettger, H.G.; Giffin, C.E.; Norris, D.D.; Grotch, S.L.; Theard, L.P., 1974:
Automatic mass-spectrometric analysis: preliminary report on development of novel mass-spectrometric system for biomedical applications

Debru, J.L.; Doyon, B.; Morin, B.; Mallion, J.M.; Cau, G., 1981:
Automatic measure of arterial pressure using the oscillometric method (Dynamap 845)

Tomori, Z.; Frndová, H.; Stritz, I.; Tomori, Z., 1983:
Automatic measurement and evaluation of various time intervals with a modified TI-59 calculator

Domingo, N.; Amic, J.; Hauton, J., 1972:
Automatic measurement of bile salts in bile with 3 -hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase

Wolff, H.S., 1969:
Automatic measurement of blood pressure without arterial puncture

Blackburn, J.P.; Martindale, D.D.; Miller, J., 1974:
Automatic measurement of chest drainage by an ultrasonic system

Chernov, V.N., 1967:
Automatic measurement of discharge of fluid media under sterile conditions

Vigneron, C.; Gos, G.; Streif, F., 1970:
Automatic measurement of hemoglobinemia. Application to the control of the plasma pooling before and after lyophilisation

DeRosier, D.J.; Munk, P.; Cox, D.J., 1972:
Automatic measurement of interference photographs from the ultracentrifuge

Meade, F.; Saunders, M.J.; Hyett, F.; Reynolds, J.A.; Pearl, N.; Cotes, J.E., 1965:
Automatic measurement of lung function

Rohmer, F.; Collard, M.; Conraux, C.; Max, J., 1971:
Automatic measurement of parameters in clinical vestibulometry

Gbikpi-Benissan, G.; Varene, P.; Marguinaud, G.; Vaida, P.; Cardinaud, J.P.; Franck, J.B.; Verjus, P., 1981:
Automatic measurement of respiratory gas exchange. Application to artificially ventilated patients

Hausmanowa-Petrusewicz, I.; Gawnoński, R.; Kopeć, J.; Decowski, M.; Moroz, Z., 1968:
Automatic measurement of some EMG parameters

Kidder, D.E.; Hill, F.W.; Stevens, J.A., 1972:
Automatic measurement of some mucosal carbohydrases

Hausmanowa-Petrusewicz, I.; Gawroński, R.; Decowski, M.; Kopeć, J.; Moroz, Z., 1969:
Automatic measurement of the distribution of the duration of motor unit potentials in the electromyographic record

Akazome, T., 1971:
Automatic measurement of the electrocardiogram by the digital computer

Krinskiĭ, I.V.; Nikolaeva, N.V.; Pereverzev, B.L.; Chernov, A.P.; Chernykh, V.I., 1971:
Automatic measurement of the optical density of micro objects

Bignon, J.; André-Bougaran, J., 1969:
Automatic measurement of the rat lung alveolar surface by means of a quantitative television microscope

Safir, A., 1972:
Automatic measurement of the refractive properties of the eye

Lewis, F.J.; Moses, V.K.; Quinn, M.L.; Petrovick, M.L., 1968:
Automatic measurement of tidal volume in postoperative patients

Isaacson, L.C.; Douglas, R.J.; Pepler, J., 1971:
Automatic measurement of voltage and short-circuit current across amphibian epithelia

Suga, H., 1972:
Automatic measurement, calculation and differentiation of dye dilution curves

Hausmanowa-Petrusewicz, I.; Gawroński, R.; Decowski, M.; Kopeć, J.; Moroz, Z., 1969:
Automatic measurements of the distribution of duration of motor unit potentials in electromyographic records

Schüle, W.; Monroe, L.J., 1971:
Automatic measuring device for the determination of temperature conduction of floors

Maret, K.H.; Billups, J.O.; Peters, R.M.; West, J.B., 1984:
Automatic mechanical alveolar gas sampler for multiple-sample collection in field

Kuhlendahl, H., 1968:
Automatic mechanical control

Momose, T., 1967:
Automatic melting point apparatus with air bath furnace

Munck, H., 1966:
Automatic membership of sections

Köhler, H.; Hellthaler, G.; Donath, R., 1974:
Automatic method for determination of butanol-extractable iodine

Coudon, B.; Bouige, D., 1973:
Automatic method for determination of total serum lipids, using the sulfophosphovanillic reaction

Jordan, C., 1981:
Automatic method for measuring mouth occlusion pressure response to carbon dioxide inhalation

Saccani, F.; Pitrolo, G., 1970:
Automatic method for the determination of erythromycin in fermentation broths

Saccani, F.; Pitrolo, G., 1970:
Automatic method in the determination of cycloserine in fermentation broths

Lamy, J.N.; Lamy-Provansal, J.; Jund, R.; Weill, J.D., 1968:
Automatic method of estimation of the catalase (E.C. 1-11-1-6) in the blood and in the erythrocyte

Agroskin, L.S.; Kaminir, L.B.; Litinskaia, L.L.; Khrust, I.R., 1967:
Automatic methods for receiving and treating cytophotometric data

Fernández, M.N.; Mosquera, M.A.; Bajo, R.; Barbolla, L.; Alvarez, B., 1973:
Automatic methods for the analysis of hematologic elements. Evaluation of the SMA-4A and Coulter S autoanalysis

Gembitskiĭ, E.V.; Koval', I.F., 1980:
Automatic methods for the clinical analysis of blood

Hankiewicz, J., 1968:
Automatic methods in clinical biochemistry with use of the autoanalyzer

Kowalczyk, J.; Warchalewski, J., 1968:
Automatic methods of amino acid determination based on column ion-exchanger chromatography

Leutin, V.P.; Abuladze, G.V., 1974:
Automatic methods of seismoactogram analysis for studying spontaneous and evoked motor activity

Sawyer, R.; Stockwell, P.B.; Tucker, K.B., 1970:
Automatic methods of solvent extraction. II. Continuous extraction of low concentrations of non-ionic detergent from water

Fol'b, I.L., 1965:
Automatic microburet for amperometric titration

Pré, J.; Boigné, J.M., 1966:
Automatic microdetermination of serum alkaline phosphatase activity

Korolev, E.B.; Kriukov, I.D., 1974:
Automatic microelectrode insertion and fixation for chronic study of neuronal activity in cats and dogs

Luger, A.; Spendlingwimmer, I., 1974:
Automatic microhemagglutination test with Treponema pallidum antigen

White, D.N.; Hanna, L.F., 1974:
Automatic midline echoencephalography. Examination of 3,333 consecutive cases with the automatic midline computer

Rose, L.A., 1982:
Automatic mixing machine

Drum, W., 1966:
Automatic mixing of silicate cements. (Silicap and Silamat)

Furman, S., 1993:
Automatic mode change

Reshod'ko, L.V., 1974:
Automatic models and machine experiments in studying biological systems (the example of smooth muscle tissue)

Uhley, H.N., 1973:
Automatic monitoring for all patients

Lewis, F.J.; Deller, S.; Yokochi, H.; Rosi, P.S.; Quinn, M.L.; Kite, M.; Rabin, S., 1970:
Automatic monitoring in the postoperative recovery room

Delavault, E.; Saumon, G.; Georges, R., 1984:
Automatic monitoring of breath-to-breath occlusion pressure and ventilatory parameters during CO2 rebreathing

Kuhlendahl, H.; Schulze, J., 1969:
Automatic monitoring of patients and mechanical data processing in the field of intensive neurosurgical care

Akhutin, V.M.; Kiselev, V.G.; Kunaev, N.N.; Pashkovskii, A.N.; Pisarev, A.A.; Ul'yanov, N.A., 1968:
Automatic monitoring of physiological functions during surgical operations

Droppa, J., 1969:
Automatic mouth retractor for tonsillectomy under anesthesia

Kozakiewicz, A., 1966:
Automatic movements in a case of congenital ptosis

Gardini, S.; Denoth, F.; Gandini-Collodel, E., 1969:
Automatic multi-exponential analysis of adaptive autonomic regulation (cardiorhythmogram)

Eisinger, F.; Vaïsse, B.; Poggi, L., 1982:
Automatic non-ambulatory measurement of arterial pressure. Computer data-analysis of the evaluation of antihypertensive treatment

Hausmann, D.; Rommelsheim, K., 1983:
Automatic non-invasive blood pressure determination--comparative determinations and experiences with the DINAMAP Vital Data 845 XT Monitor in the intensive care station

Skobelev, L.I.; Nikitenko, A.I., 1970:
Automatic nongraduated regulation of the processes of precipitation of protein solutions

Walker, B.L., 1970:
Automatic normalization of gas chromatographic data with a desk-top computer

Georges, R.; Saumon, G.; Basset, G.; Turiaf, J., 1972:
Automatic numerical treatment of analog data. Application to respiratory physiopathology

Knoll, H.A.; Mohrman, R.; Maier, W.L., 1970:
Automatic objective refraction in an office practice

Safir, A.; Knoll, H.; Mohrman, R., 1970:
Automatic objective refraction. Report of a clinical trial

Roth, N., 1965:
Automatic optometer for use with the undrugged human eye

Keller, J.M.; Edwards, F.M.; Rundle, R., 1981:
Automatic outlining of regions on CT scans

Walz, F.H.; Wehren, A.; Niggli, E.; Fehlmann, W.; Bürgi, J., 1983:
Automatic over-all and detail photography of autopsies

Imai, K.; Hayashi, A.; Suzuki, T., 1980:
Automatic oxygen equilibrium determination and its clinical application--recent topics

Greenwood, C.L., 1971:
Automatic oxygen system

Francis, J.G.; Turnbull, A.C.; Thomas, F.F., 1970:
Automatic oxytocin infusion equipment for induction of labour

Oxborrow, G.S.; Nierman, M.L.; Heisick, J.E.; Lanier, J.M., 1981:
Automatic particle counters used for regulatory monitoring of particulates in LVPs: statistical analysis

Gillingham, F.J.; Greening, J.R.; Simpson, D.C.; Whatmore, W.J., 1966:
Automatic patient monitoring in the ward

Yokouchi, H.; Yamamoto, S.; Suzuki, T.; Matsui, M.; Kato, K., 1974:
Automatic pattern recognition of fundus photography. I. Pattern recognition of crossing phenomena of fundus photography by extraction of contour lines of blood vessels

Jones, R.T., 1970:
Automatic peptide chromatography

Glossmann, H.; Köttgen, E.; Braunitzer, G., 1970:
Automatic peptide mapping with a liquid chromatograph

Douglas, G.R., 1980:
Automatic perimetry

Brusini, P., 1983:
Automatic perimetry in neuro-ophthalmology

Heijl, A., 1982:
Automatic perimetry results in more accurate diagnosis and makes more examinations possible per day

Halberg, G.P., 1980:
Automatic perimetry: the limits of dependability

Peachey, J., 1969:
Automatic peritoneal dialyser

Köhler, P.; Baufeld, H., 1972:
Automatic photometer based on the building block principle

Brandt, A.B.; Akopov, E.I., 1966:
Automatic photometric device for the measurement of the density of monocellular algae

Reissner, I., 1965:
Automatic planning of diagnostic and therapeutic measures?

Rowan, R.M., 1972:
Automatic platelet counters

Davis, R.E.; Green, R.E., 1967:
Automatic platelet counting with the Couler particle counter

Giesdorf, T., 1973:
Automatic polishing in a hot water bath

Saev, S.K.; Penkov, S.K., 1972:
Automatic portable respirator based on a jet stream priniciple

Pietrogrande, A.; Guerrato, A.; Bortoletti, B.; Dalla Fini, G., 1984:
Automatic potentiometric micro-determination of basic nitrogen in organic compounds

Drohocki, Z.A., 1971:
Automatic power spectral analysis of the EEG during overbreathing

Hargest, T.S., 1983:
Automatic power transfer switches

Zelenin, R.P.; Snytko, N.P.; Ushkov, N.P., 1983:
Automatic precision injector for lymphography

Devesa, J.; Avedillo, D.; Morales, V.; Nunez Puertas, A., 1984:
Automatic preoperative classification of carcinoma of the colon and rectum

Kindler, E.; Vítek, F., 1970:
Automatic preparation of computer models

Strauch, L., 1971:
Automatic preparative disk electrophoresis with controlled elution

Grisolia, S.; Moore, K.; Luque, J.; Grady, H., 1969:
Automatic procedure for the microestimation of 2,3-diphosphoglycerate

Kinloch, J., 1969:
Automatic processing

Cagnard, J.P., 1967:
Automatic processing of blood donors' file cards

De Lorenzo, R., 1981:
Automatic processing of data on environmental vinyl chloride monomer obtained by automatic gas chromatography

Hasher, L.; Zacks, R.T., 1984:
Automatic processing of fundamental information: the case of frequency of occurrence

Solow, B., 1969:
Automatic processing of growth data

Giesdorf, T., 1973:
Automatic processing of hard wax

Carozzi, G., 1982:
Automatic processing of intraoral films

Chef, R.; Tibaux, G.; Pelzer, A., 1969:
Automatic processing of medical records without previous codification. Application to vaginal cytology

Feldman, M.I.; Bozen, S., 1968:
Automatic processing of periapical films

Stika, L.; Kubát, K.; Nekvinda, V., 1970:
Automatic processing of prescriptions from circuit physicians of a Prague polyclinic

Sablin, I.N.; Sandrikov, V.A.; Orbelova, V.V.; Flerov, E.V., 1973:
Automatic processing of results of measurement of blood flow through central vessels

Rémond, A., 1970:
Automatic processing of sleep EEG's

Becker, H., 1972:
Automatic processing of surgical biopsy reports

Pelzer, A., 1968:
Automatic processing of the medical file without previous codification: cytological use

Cope, D.J., 1970:
Automatic processing. A method of economising on essential services

Egan, R.L.; Wright, G.R.; Timms, D.T., 1973:
Automatic processor for Eastman Kodak industrial X-ray film, type M (Estar Base)

Gero, A.J., 1984:
Automatic processor problem solving

Hamacher, M.; Lang, N.; Voigt, U., 1973:
Automatic production of a doctors letter in obstetrics, based of computerized data

Longmore, D.B.; Parsons, F.M., 1966:
Automatic production of dialysing fluid

Kalnaes, O.; Munk, J., 1972:
Automatic production of isodose curves

Zaslavskiĭ, S.Ia.; Ivanov-Muromskiĭ, K.A., 1969:
Automatic prognosis of the course of diseases by means of digital computers

Choroszczak, Z., 1966:
Automatic protection of roentgen tube during continuous and repeated loads

Sterling, W.K., 1967:
Automatic protective device in paper cutting machines

Gravesen, J.J., 1984:
Automatic pushing doors in shops

Misurec, J.; Chmelar, M., 1972:
Automatic quantification of EEG in he clinical psychopharmacology. A new type of interval analyser

Balashev, B.N., 1968:
Automatic quantitative analysis of various simultaneously recorded cardiovascular functions in hygienic studies

Tintoré, I., 1981:
Automatic quantitative evaluation of spontaneous motor activity. Validation of the method

Yang, S.L., 1981:
Automatic quenching correction method for samples having both chemical and colour quenching in liquid scintillation counting

Siede, K., 1970:
Automatic radiographic film development for the dental practice

Pepper, M.G.; Diffey, B.L., 1980:
Automatic read-out device for ultraviolet-radiation polymer-film dosimeters

Bruning, J.W.; Douglas, R.; Scholtus, M.; van Rood, J.J., 1972:
Automatic reading and recording of the microlymphocytotoxicity test

Courcol, R.; Martin, G., 1983:
Automatic reading of microtitration plates: identification of Enterobacteriaceae and determination of their minimal inhibitory concentrations

Ludwick, J.D.; Lashock, J.J.; Connally, R.E.; Nickola, P.W., 1968:
Automatic real time air monitoring of 85Kr utilizing the 4096 memory of a multiparameter analyzer

Melton, H.E.; Collins, S.M.; Skorton, D.J., 1983:
Automatic real-time endocardial edge detection in two-dimensional echocardiography

Hanley, J.; Rickles, W.R.; Crandall, P.H.; Walter, R.D., 1972:
Automatic recognition of EEG correlates of behavior in a chronic schizophrenic patient

Tsukerman, B.M.; Abul'khanov, A.R.; Finkel'shteĭn, I.E., 1984:
Automatic recognition of RR-intervals of sinus origin from real electrocardiographic signals

Pronk, R.A.; Simons, A.J., 1982:
Automatic recognition of abnormal EEG activity during open heart and carotid surgery

Gotman, J., 1982:
Automatic recognition of epileptic seizures in the EEG

Caspi, P.; Legoffic, J.P.; Richalet, J., 1974:
Automatic recognition of motor unit potentials

Gardette, R.; Mallet, A.; Bisconte, J.C., 1981:
Automatic recognition of nervous structures by image analysis. A pattern recognition method applied to the study of mouse cerebellum

Goldberg, P.; Samson-Dolfus, D.; Grémy, F., 1969:
Automatic recognition of paroxystic waves on EEG

Probst, W.H., 1969:
Automatic recognition of pattern groups in the EEG

Loizou, P.; Dorman, M.; Spanias, A., 1995:
Automatic recognition of syllable-final nasals preceded by /epsilon/

Reus, J.F.; Carroll, J.; Gantt, W.H., 1970:
Automatic recorder manipulator

Toyoshima, E.; Maruhashi, H.; Matsui, K.; Mano, Y.; Ando, K., 1981:
Automatic recording and analysis of the ambulatory dynamics of cerebellar ataxic mice-rolling mouse Nagoya, Reeler and Weaver

Halldal, P., 1969:
Automatic recording of action spectra of photobiological processes, spectrophotometric analyses, fluorescence measurements and recording of the first derivative of the absorption curve in one simple unit

Kitabatake, T.; Hinata, H.; Kurihara, S., 1971:
Automatic recording of dose distribution in moving-field radiotherapy

Grigor'ev, G.P.; Degtiarev, V.M., 1965:
Automatic recording of erythrograms by the EFA-1 densitometer

Kliats, A.Ia., 1972:
Automatic recording of integral acid erythrograms on potentiometer KSP-4

Bacon, R.; Schowen, R.L., 1971:
Automatic recording of pressure-time data

Dietze, R., 1973:
Automatic recording of radiographic findings for practice--system PAR

Cowan, A.; Cowan, P., 1972:
Automatic recording of the abstinence syndrome in opioid-dependent mice

Yabuki, S.; Wada, A.; Uemura, K.I., 1969:
Automatic recording of the melting curves of nucleic acids

Cowan, A.; Cowan, P.; Whittle, B.A., 1971:
Automatic recording of the mouse abstinence syndrome

Gryczyński, M., 1974:
Automatic recording of the test of thresthold tone disappearance

Pointel, J.P.; Petit, B.; Walrant, P.; Chicaud, P.; Drouin, P.; Debry, G., 1983:
Automatic recording of venous hysteresis. Results in the normal subject and in varicose patients

Okuyama, T., 1966:
Automatic recording potentiometric titration apparatus for microdetermination

Hughes-Jones, N.C.; Norley, I.; Hunt, V., 1972:
Automatic red cell washing machine for quantitative assay of anti-D concentration

Bronner, A.; Dreyfuss, J.F., 1980:
Automatic refraction

Safir, A.; Kulikowski, C.; Deuschle, K., 1973:
Automatic refraction: how it is done: some clinical results

Storozhuk, B.G., 1980:
Automatic registration of erythrocyte aggregation

Lakakh, V.A.; Ovets'ka, N.M., 1972:
Automatic registration of the dynamics of oxygen consumption and body temperature regulation in small animals

Nefedov, V.P.; Petushkov, V.N.; Gurevich, I.L.; Samoĭlov, V.A.; Iasnikov, I.L., 1970:
Automatic registration of the kinetics of acid resistance of an erythrocyte population

Gösswald, R.; Lettau, E.; Mennecien, W., 1966:
Automatic registration of the motility of mice

Lorenz, R., 1969:
Automatic registration of vegetative regulation data

Blanka, F.; Eysselt, M.; Blanka, D.; Kinc, J., 1967:
Automatic registrator of radioactivity on electrophoreograms and chromatograms of own construction

Darbinjan, T.M., 1966:
Automatic regulation of artificial pulmonary ventilation

Thoma, H., 1973:
Automatic regulation of heart synchronically blood circulation pumps

Uchytil, B., 1971:
Automatic regulator of temperature and water dosimeter for caloric investigation of the vestibular analyser function

Millard, J.B., 1970:
Automatic release knee stabilizing calliper

Cody, D.T.; Simonton, K.M.; Hallberg, O.E., 1967:
Automatic repetitive decompression of the saccule in endolymphatic hydrops (tack operation). Preliminary report

Zaffiri, O.; Ruggerini, R., 1967:
Automatic respirator and Takaoka's universal ventilator

Garozzo, A.; Biondi, S., 1969:
Automatic respirator for oxygenation and anesthesia of small animals

Tasini, Y., 1965:
Automatic respirators

Devereaux, M.W.; Keane, J.R.; Davis, R.L., 1973:
Automatic respiratory failure associated with infarction of the medulla. Report of two cases with pathologic study of one

Turney, S.Z.; McCluggage, C.; Blumenfeld, W.; McAslan, T.C.; Cowley, R.A., 1972:
Automatic respiratory gas monitoring

Parel, J.M.; Crock, G.; O'Day, D.; Wigley, A., 1968:
Automatic retinal camera for fluorescein angiography

Warren, M.M., 1981:
Automatic retractor holder: new self-retaining retractor

Teinturier, P.; Levai, J.P.; Fabre, J.L.; Terver, S.; Jaramillo, V., 1984:
Automatic retroversion of the femur neck during fasciculated nailing of pertrochanteric fractures by the Ender method

Epstein, R.A.; Epstein, M.A., 1980:
Automatic rezeroing of drifting physiologic signals

Schuster, W.; Gajewski, H., 1967:
Automatic roentgen exposure in pediatrics

Anonymous, 1972:
Automatic rotating tourniquets

Eisler, W.J., 1968:
Automatic sample collector for continuous cultures

Johnson, R.; Gentile, J.H.; Cheer, S., 1974:
Automatic sample injector. Its application in the analysis of adenosine triphosphate

Degtiarev, I.N.; Konovalov, V.M.; Chernobrovkin, A.P., 1971:
Automatic sampler for sewage

Kraus, P.; Krátký, J., 1981:
Automatic sampler of alveolar gases

Lang, A.H.; Nurkkanen, P.; Vaahtoranta, K.M., 1971:
Automatic sampling and averaging of electromyographic unit potentials

Vaĭsman, I.I.; Shatilin, V.D., 1973:
Automatic sampling devices for sewage and surface water

Baum, F.; Brell, H.; Deuter, H., 1971:
Automatic sampling-apparatus for the determination of emission from heating systems for solid and liquid fuels

Tammes, A.R.; Steadman, R.M.; Hunter, D.T., 1970:
Automatic scale contraction for the SMA 12-60

Skinner, H.C.; Hunt, H.T.; Griswold, J., 1980:
Automatic scanning and analysis of multiple-sample Guinier x-ray power diffraction films

Spriggs, A.I., 1969:
Automatic scanning for cervical smears

Seim, T.; Prydz, S.; Holtsmark, T., 1972:
Automatic scanning spectrophotometer with punch tape output for bio-applications

Etchells, A.H.; Clarkson, D.G., 1971:
Automatic scanning system for radiation dose distributions

Meyer, F.; van Driel, A., 1980:
Automatic screening of Papanicolaou stained cervical smears with the T. A. S

Bond, R.L.; Mazumder, M.K.; Testerman, M.K.; Hsieh, D., 1973:
Automatic screening of biological specimens by optical correlation

Simal, M.; Blondiau, P., 1983:
Automatic screening tympanometry in school medicine

Orduian, G.S., 1971:
Automatic search for neurons using a pacing micromanipulator

Sterling, W.K., 1971:
Automatic security control instrument

Matousek, V.; Louvar, B.; Lengerová, A., 1973:
Automatic selection of donor-recipient genotype combinations incompatible for a desirable number of H-2 specificities

Arvidsson, A.; Grassino, A.; Lindström, L., 1984:
Automatic selection of uncontaminated electromyogram as applied to respiratory muscle fatigue

Kron, J.; Wenkel, R.; Ohme, W.D., 1982:
Automatic semicontinuous peritoneal dialysis with volumetric cycle control

McDicken, W.N.; Evans, D.H.; Robertson, D.A., 1974:
Automatic sensitivity control in diagnostic ultrasonics

Morisi, G.; Accardi, N., 1973:
Automatic separation and determination of glucosamine and galactosamine, using ion exchange chromatography

Garrett, E.R.; Cazali, R., 1967:
Automatic sequence and photo control system for simultaneous ultracentrifugation in the analytical ultracentrifuge

Shindo, S.; Tada, Y.; Kamiya, K.; Suzuki, O.; Kobayashi, M.; Iyori, K.; Ishimoto, T., 1995:
Automatic sequential pneumatic tourniquet (pneumatic stocking) for distal bypass

Minato, K.; Kuwahara, M.; Yonekura, Y.; Ishii, Y.; Torizuka, K., 1980:
Automatic setting of regions of interest on RI angiocardiography for the generation of washout curves

Feychting, H.; Settergren, G., 1966:
Automatic sighing-device

Dörmer, P.; Brinkmann, W.; Stieber, A.; Stich, W., 1966:
Automatic silver granule count in unicellular autoradiography. A new photometric method for quantitative autoradiography

Polacco, F., 1971:
Automatic simultaneous determination of total lipids and total cholesterol

Baumstark, J.S., 1971:
Automatic siphon device for addition of the liquid phase to the chromatographic stage of peptide maps

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Automatic sodium fluxometry

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Automatic sorting of cells by cytofluorography

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Automatic sound-intesity amplifiers-storage in electric hearing aids

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Automatic source positioning for Cathetron treatments

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Automatic speaker verification using cepstral measurements

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Automatic spectrophotometric and densitometric determination of the hemoglobin A2 fraction

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Automatic spectrophotometrical method for simultaneous analysis of cholesterol and triglycerides in the plasma

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Automatic sphygmomanometric tests of military pilots in flight

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Automatic spirographic analysis. Results of the demonstration held at COPD-68

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Automatic stabilization of the oxygen tension in gas mixtures using a rapid polarographic oxygen electrode

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Automatic stabilization of the pressure in the large arteries during blood flow changes

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Automatic standard radiologic reports. A simple system

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Automatic staplers for vaginal hysterectomy and colpoplaties

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Automatic stapling devices

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Automatic stapling devices in the surgery of the lung and the bronchial tree

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Automatic stapling techniques in abdominal hysterectomy

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Automatic starter for paper chromatograms

Giaquinto, S.; Marciano, F., 1971:
Automatic stimulation triggered by EEG spindles

Finn, A., 1969:
Automatic stop orders can stop trouble

Debecker, J.; Carmeliet, J., 1974:
Automatic suppression of eye movement and muscle artifacts when averaging tape recorded cerebral evoked potentials

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Automatic surgical angiography

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Automatic surveillance and treatment of critically ill patients

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Automatic sutures in surgery

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Automatic sutures in surgery of the digestive tract. Initial results

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Automatic suturing devices in lung surgery

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Automatic switch-vane to a stationary installation for collecting maximal 1-time samples of atmospheric air

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Automatic synchronization of growth of "Escherichia coli"

Bowkiewicz, J.; Klamut, M.; Zakrzewski, M.; Zaluska, J., 1965:
Automatic syringe for angiography

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Automatic system for vaginal applications of therapeutic mud in gynecologic patients

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Automatic tachycardia recognition

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Automatic technic of estimating of bilirubin in the bile by the Jendrassik method

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Automatic techniques in enzymes simulation

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Automatic temperature control for liquid-cooled flight suits. NADC-AC-6702

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Automatic test unit for alignment of directional Doppler velocimeters

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Automatic text analysis

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Automatic theatre cameras: a review

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Automatic thoracentesis

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Automatic thoracic radiography in various phases of respiration and cardiac contraction

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Automatic tissue processing with low viscosity nitrocellulose in tetrahydrofuran for large histological specimens

Taverniti, L.; Accornero, N., 1983:
Automatic topography of the central visual field (between 20) of glaucoma patients

Mogilev, A.M., 1968:
Automatic transistorized apparatus for the determination of blood circulation rate by the method of occlusin plethysmogrzphy

Skliar, M.A.; Chevtaev, G.T., 1981:
Automatic transmission of patient medical record data via a telephone communication channel

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Automatic transmission vehicle injuries

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Automatic transportation in the hospital

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Automatic treatment of information and its applications in health activities. Notes on systems of automatic treatment of information

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Automatic treatment of radioimmunoassay data

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Automatic trigger for the UEMV-100 electron microscope

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Automatic triggering of neurostimulation as a function of several e.e.g. parameters

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Automatic tube centering for x-ray pictures taken by overhead tube fluoroscopic control

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Automatic tuning for sharpness in electroluminescent visula prostheses

Lidén, G.; Harford, E.; Hallén, O., 1974:
Automatic tympanometry in clinical practice

Grotemeyer, P.; Hasse, R.D.; Selle, G.A., 1974:
Automatic typewriters resp. word-processing machines

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Automatic ultramicrotome drive for routine medical histology with the electron microscope

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Automatic ultrasonic blood pressure measurement in children: a feasibility study

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Automatic ultrasonic measurement of brachial and popliteal blood pressures for health testing

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Automatic ultrasonic sterilizing apparatus

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Automatic ultrasound monitoring of blood pressure during induced hypotension

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Automatic urine sugar analysis

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Automatic vacuum systems for paraffin wax impregnation of tissues

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Automatic vending

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Automatic ventilation with the Ayre's T-piece. A modification of the Nuffield Series 200 ventilator for neonatal and paediatric use

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Automatic versus standard audiometry

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Automatic vessel segmentation and quantification of the rat aortic ring assay of angiogenesis

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Automatic view box

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Automatic vision meters and the degree of understanding of those examined

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Automatic visual field tests

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Automatic visual pursuit in infants born normally and in asphyxia

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Automatic volumetry system of gallbladder using ultrasonic tomography

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Automatic vs manual injections for thermodilution cardiac output determinations

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Automatic warming of mineralized water for irrigation of the vagina

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Automatic water mixing device

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Automatic water recovery system. AMRL-TR-67-155

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Automatic watering device for owl monkeys

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Automatic weighing of gypsum products and water

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Automatic weight control on a rotary tabletting machine using a digital measuring system

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Automatic weight-control in a rotary tabletting machine

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Automatic white blood cell differential analysis

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Automatic writing as a psychiatric problem

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Automatic writing of letters on heart-catheterization findings by a digital computer

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Automatic zero strain compensation of in vivo bone strain recordings

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Automatic, on-line printout of peak systolic and diastolic blood pressure

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Automatic-demand pump for cardiopulmonary bypass

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Automatical analysis of histological structures in the case of orotic acid induced alterations of spongiosa

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Automatically controlled air-bubble trap for use in haemodialysis

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Automatically controlled bipolar electrocoagulation--"COA-COMP"

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Automatically controlled continuous recovery of plasma protein fractions for clinical use. A preliminary report

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Automatically controlled ergospirographic function analysis with direct electronic data processing

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Automatically controlled recording and processing of thalamic unit discharges in human sterotaxic operation

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Automatically dosed photocoagulation for the purpose of achieving reproducible effects in the fundus

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Automatically drawn correlation ellipses

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Automatically inflated cuffed tube for ventilatory support

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Automatically registering emission measuring device with the infrared analyzer Infralyt 2 T

Anonymous, 1970:
Automatically regulated screened radiography apparatus

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Automatically-focusing cinemicrographic systems for in vivo microcirculatory research

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Automaticity and automatic rhythms

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Automaticity and entrance block induced by focal depolarization of mammalian ventricular tissues

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Automaticity in fusional vergence therapy

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Automaticity induced by Ca++ chelating agents in isolated rabbit left atria

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Automaticity of subsidiary pacemakers of patients with dysfunction of the sinus node

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Automaticity of the alimentary tract: observation on the fetal alimentary tract, the so-called ganglion-free intestine and the anastomosed organ

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Automaticity: mechanisms and electrocardiographic consequences

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Automating assay of methotrexate

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Automating internal audit data

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Automating medical records

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Automating method validation and system suitability testing in HPLC and CE

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Automating narrative records

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Automating nurses' notes

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Automating nurses' notes--first step in a computerized record system

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Automating nursing's paper work

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Automating the EEG report

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Automating the expertise of the neuropsychologist

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Automating the hidden and embedded figures tests

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Automating the nursing history and care plan

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Automating the paperwork

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Automating the psychiatric case study

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Automation EMG analysis, a new approach

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Automation and computer science in blood transfusion

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Automation and computer science in nephrology

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Automation and data processing

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Automation and data processing in pathology

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Automation and documentation in the blood transfusion service

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Automation and education

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Automation and its affect on nursing

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Automation and its effect on hospital planning

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Automation and its impact on the clinical laboratory. Fundamental technologies must be developed before successful automation can be accomplished

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Automation and its implications in Australia

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Automation and laboratory precision in clinical chemistry

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Automation and medical ethics

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Automation and nursing

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Automation and psychiatry. A review

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Automation and staff nurses' patient management activities

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Automation and stress

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Automation and technology: a key to professionalized care

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Automation and the clinical laboratory

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Automation and the cows

Anonymous, 1968:
Automation and the nurse

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Automation and the nurse. Entry of the computer to the ward station

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Automation and the price of progress

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Automation and the system of the hospital laboratory

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Automation and the technologist

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Automation and you.....

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Automation as it affects nursing today and in a decade

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Automation as it affects the general nurse and her patients

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Automation at St. Elizabeth: more care, fewer people, less paperwork, lower cost

Anonymous, 1969:
Automation by computers of clinical analysis laboratories

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Automation can be an assistive device

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Automation for a new central laundry

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Automation from the industrial medicine viewpoint

Anonymous, 1972:
Automation helps treat patients in center for the critically 3

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Automation in a physiotherapy room

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Automation in a state mental health system

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Automation in action

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Automation in analyses. II. Automatic analytical control of drugs containing Vitamin B-12

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Automation in analyses. IV. Determination of glucose and urea in blood by a new automatic method

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Automation in analysis. 3. Analytical automatic control of pharmaceutic compounds containing tetracycline

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Automation in analysis. V. Automatic analytical control of pharmaceutical specialties containing pantothenic acid, calcium pantothenate, sodium pantothenate

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Automation in analysis. vi. Apparatus for automatic dilutions

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Automation in analytical and clinical chemistry. 8. Semiautomatic determination of the blood glucose level using deproteinization on paper carriers

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Automation in analytical chemistry gains wide acceptance

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Automation in anatomic pathology

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Automation in cardiology

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Automation in clinical and chemical laboratories

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Automation in clinical chemical analyses

Anonymous, 1968:
Automation in clinical chemistry

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Automation in clinical chemistry and electronic data processing

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Automation in clinical laboratory

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Automation in clinics

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Automation in diagnostic bacteriology

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Automation in diagnostic cytology

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Automation in diagnostic radiology--a critique

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Automation in enzymology. Critical and comparative study

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Automation in hearing tests in children

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Automation in hematology with automatic presentation of the specimen and hemoglobin determination bases on the international standard method

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Automation in hospital services

Popescu, S., 1970:
Automation in medical biochemistry

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Automation in medicine

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Automation in microbiological analysis: determination of tetracycline by means of B. Cereus and of vitamin B 12 means of L. Leichmannii

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Automation in microbiology: a physician's viewpoint

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Automation in patient care; the legal perspective

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Automation in penicillin fermentation

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Automation in perspective

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Automation in radiation therapy

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Automation in surgery and anesthesiology

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Automation in the biomedical laboratory

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Automation in the blood group serological laboratory

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Automation in the blood transfusion laboratory. 3. Use of the autoanalyzer in a prenatal consultation program

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Automation in the blood transfusion laboratory. II. ABO grouping, Rh and Kell typing, antibody screening, and VD testing of blood donations in the autoanalyzer

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Automation in the blood transfusion laboratory: I. Antibody dectection and quantitation in the technicon autoanalyzer

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Automation in the clinical chemical laboratory

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Automation in the clinical laboratory

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Automation in the development of modern medicine

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Automation in the health and welfare field--the good and the bad

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Automation in the hospital. Mutual association of man and machine

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Automation in the laboratory. On-line computers are providing new freedom in the design and conduct of experiments

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Automation in the microbiology laboratory

Anonymous, 1971:
Automation in the microbiology of antibiotic therapy

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Automation in the nuclear medicine laboratory: an algorithm for interpolation on a 5 point standard curve

Schöniger, W., 1967:
Automation in the organic microelement analysis?

Packer, C.L., 1971:
Automation in the personnel department

Anonymous, 1970:
Automation in the practice of medicine

Blain, G., 1969:
Automation in the service of medical evaluation

Guter, P., 1966:
Automation in the setting of dental fees for work done under insurance policy

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Automation of Limulus amoebocyte lysate pyrogen testing

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Automation of Public Health laboratories. Report on an orientation trip financed by the WHO (January 1969)

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Automation of T4 and TSH radioimmunoassay in the neonatal screening for hypothyroidism in south-west France

Anonymous, 1971:
Automation of a biology laboratory by computer

Adem, C.G.; Harness, J.B., 1983:
Automation of a cryopreservation apparatus

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Automation of a differential method for determination of B and SV rifomycins

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Automation of a flocculation test for syphilis

Vittorio, N.; Oloff, C.M.; Sellers, D.R., 1984:
Automation of a fluorometric method for the determination of 2-deoxy-D-glucose

Webert, D.W.; Cohen, D., 1971:
Automation of a hemagglutination-inhibition test for parainfluenza 3 antibodies in bovine sera

Casis, E.; Aguirrebeitia, M.J.; Iriarte, J.A., 1981:
Automation of a kinetic factor x assay

Ellis, G.; Goldberg, D.M., 1972:
Automation of a kinetic spectrophotometric assay for ATP: creatine phosphotransferase activity suitable for human serum and muscle extracts

Stout, G.W.; Lewis, J.S., 1971:
Automation of an indirect fluorescent antibody test for syphilis

Carret, G.; Flandrois, J.P., 1982:
Automation of antibiograms. Effect on the response delay of bacteriologic tests

Arret, B., 1972:
Automation of antibiotic assays

Koblov, L.F.; Kukuruza, E.N.; Markova, A.M., 1970:
Automation of biochemical analyses and the processing of their results in a computer

Kotenev, B.M.; Puzyrevskiĭ, A.K., 1971:
Automation of biochemical studies

Miwa, S., 1969:
Automation of blood cell count

Pierre, R.V., 1980:
Automation of blood film preparation and staining utilizing the technicon autoslide

Lange, G.; Farr, W.; Haschen, R.J., 1968:
Automation of blood glucose determination using the flow principle

Hughes-Jones, N.C., 1965:
Automation of blood group determinations using radioactively labelled antibodies

Steen, S.N.; Crane, R., 1969:
Automation of body-plethysmographic measurements

Voronkov, O.V.; Sizova, G.I.; Frenkel', L.A., 1983:
Automation of calculations for determining the demand for medical supplies

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Automation of cancer cytology utilizing the image analysis system: from fundamental research to practical use