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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 42358

Chapter 42358 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Knight, D.J., 1981:
Babesia rodhaini and Plasmodium berghei. A highly active series of chlorophenoxyalkoxy-substituted diamino-dihydrotriazines against experimental infections in mice

Roberts, J.A.; Tracey-Patte, P., 1974:
Babesia rodhaini: effects of the immune system in mice

Thomas, S.E.; Wilson, D.E.; Mason, T.E., 1982:
Babesia, Theileria and Anaplasma spp. infecting sable antelope, Hippotragus niger (Harris, 1838), in southern Africa

Uilenberg, G., 1969:
Babesiasis and anaplasmosis of cattle in Madagascar. II. Influence of splenectomy

Vermeil, C.; Menut, J.; Miegeville, M.; Cruziat, J.; Julienne, F.; Morin, O.; Roger, A.P.; Marjolet, M.; Bouillard, C., 1983:
Babesiasis, pediatric malaria: does confusion exist in Africa?

Decia, C.; Castro, E.R., 1968:
Babesiasis: electrophoretic studies of bovine serum experimentally infected with B. bigemina

Rowin, K.S.; Tanowitz, H.B.; Rubinstein, A.; Kunkel, M.; Wittner, M., 1984:
Babesiosis in asplenic hosts

Raucher, H.S.; Jaffin, H.; Glass, J.L., 1984:
Babesiosis in pregnancy

Rosner, F.; Zarrabi, M.H.; Benach, J.L.; Habicht, G.S., 1984:
Babesiosis in splenectomized adults. Review of 22 reported cases

Loutan, L., 1995:
Babesiosis, a little-known zoonosis

Sinclair, H.C., 1980:
Babies and children: fluids in balance

Behrmann, M.M.; Lahm, L., 1984:
Babies and robots: technology to assist learning of young multiple disabled children

Hyon-Jomier, M., 1969:
Babies at risk. Prevention, case-finding and early treatment of neurological disorders

Girling, D.J.; Scopes, J.W.; Wigglesworth, J.S., 1972:
Babies born alive after intrauterine transfusions for severe rhesus haemolytic disease

Kass, L.R., 1971:
Babies by means of in vitro fertilization: unethical experiments on the unborn?

Anonymous, 1981:
Babies cross-infected with Listeria monocytogenes

Tyler, R.M.; Dammers, J.; van der Linden, C., 1981:
Babies eat "sheepskins"

Anonymous, 1971:
Babies have fathers, too

Ustick, R., 1982:
Babies having babies

Allison-Tomlinson, M., 1981:
Babies having babies: the epidemic of teenage pregnancies

Mason, L.B.; Sidbury, J.B., 1984:
Babies hospital, 1920-1978

Jones, I.H., 1981:
Babies need BLISS

Wallinga, D., 1995:
Babies on the verge of having babies

Berg, M., 1983:
Babies or old people--all get help from Margaretha. Interview by Viveka Holmertz

Fairburn, A.C.; Tredinnick, A.W., 1980:
Babies removed from their parents at birth: 160 statutory care actions

Gottschalk, E., 1971:
Babies should lie on the stomach

Eriksson, B.O.; Rosén, K.; Rosén, K.G.; Engström, L.M.; Grøgaard, J.; Bille, B.; Ekström, B.; Lagercrantz, H.; Norvenius, G., 1984:
Babies swimming--experience and guidelines

Gnus, M., 1972:
Babies who fail to thrive

Wright, C.; Cresswell, T., 1995:
Babies' deaths linked to suboptimal care

Coles, E.R., 1983:
Babies' sleeping habits

Hellige, J.B., 1994:
Babies, bath water, and the chicken's way out

Robertson, A., 1981:
Babies, births, basics

Goldsmith, J.R., 1995:
Babies, bread, and basic science: input output relationships do not generalize

Connell, J.R., 1969:
Babies, dehydration, and aspirin

McCrory, W.W., 1972:
Babies, hormones and kidneys--a new look at development

Konitz, H., 1972:
Babinet's principle in electron optics

Tylicka, T., 1969:
Babinski's reflex in premature infants

Chiche, P., 1965:
Babinski's sign and sodium chloride

Estañol, B.; Jiménez-Gil, F.J.; Cárdenas, E.; Corona, T., 1995:
Babinski's sign: statistical validity of a classic sign in medicine

Zavalishin, I.A., 1969:
Babinski's symptom in lateral amyotrophic sclerosis

Gdakowicz, B.; Niezabitowski, K., 1970:
Babinski-Gendron meningitis necrotoxica reactiva with unusual intensity in the course of middle cerebral artery occlusion

Szállási, A.; Babits, M., 1983:
Babits' diseases

Tylicka, T., 1965:
Babiński's sign during sleep and wakeful states in children with nervous system diseases

Briedigkeit, W.; Pietsch, I.; Syllm-Rapoport, I., 1971:
Babkin's hand and mouth reflex in newborn infants

Saal, F.; Cavalieri, F.; Sitbon, M.; Périés, J., 1983:
Baboon Endogenous C type Virus induces syncytium formation in Epstein barr virus (EBV) carrying lymphoblastoid human cell lines

Horie, K., 1983:
Baboon as an animal model for research of human reproduction

Cohen, M.; Rein, A.; Stephens, R.M.; O'Connell, C.; Gilden, R.V.; Shure, M.; Nicolson, M.O.; McAllister, R.M.; Davidson, N., 1981:
Baboon endogenous virus genome: molecular cloning and structural characterization of nondefective viral genomes from DNA of a baboon cell strain

Grigg, P.; Preston, J.B., 1971:
Baboon flexor and extensor fusimotor neurons and their modulation by motor cortex

Terblanche, J.; Dent, D.M.; Uys, C.J.; Hickman, R.; Ackermann, J.R.; Harrison, G.G.; Biebuyck, J.F.; Saunders, S.J., 1970:
Baboon into pig liver and kidney xenotransplantation

Johnston, G.S.; Gotshall, E.; van Heerden, P.D.; Murphy, G.P., 1969:
Baboon kidney excretion of 203Hg-chlormerodrin during isolated bloodless perfusion

Wolgemuth, D.J.; Jagiello, G.M.; Henderson, A.S., 1980 :
Baboon late diplotene oocytes contain micronucleoli and a low level of extra rDNA templates

Rowell, T.E., 1970:
Baboon menstrual cycles affected by social environment

Anonymous, 1969:
Baboon milk

Burgess, B.J.; Vos, G.H.; Grobbelaar, B.G., 1972:
Baboon peripheral lymphocyte response to phytohaemagglutinin

Katcher, A.L., 1984:
Baby Doe and the prognosis committee

Solomon, S., 1984:
Baby Doe cases raise questions about government role

Annas, G.J., 1983:
Baby Doe redux: doctors as child abusers

Holden, C., 1984:
Baby Doe rules issued

Linenthal, A.J., 1984:
Baby Doe, et al

Kendig, E.L., 1984:
Baby Doe: government vs medicine

Donohue, L., 1994:
Baby Friendly Hospitals in China

McGoldrick, K.E., 1984:
Baby Jane Doe: questions and quagmires

Dick, C., 1966:
Baby Jane; a nursing care study

Post, S.G., 1995:
Baby K: medical futility and the free exercise of religion

Capron, A.M., 1995:
Baby Ryan and virtual futility

Elliott, P.F., 1967:
Baby Shane; the study of a baby with intra-uterine growth retardation, foetal malnutrition and prematurity

Boivin, J., 1995:
Baby and me--out 1,2,3

Wild, D., 1971:
Baby battering and its prevention

Stephan, C.W.; Langlois, J.H., 1984:
Baby beautiful: adult attributions of infant competence as a function of infant attractiveness

Wilson, B., 1980:
Baby boom: new patient explosion

Montague, M., 1983:
Baby booms and benefit bludging. Are young women the victims of a myth?

Tuncer, O., 1971:
Baby bottle

Berman, M.H., 1973:
Baby bottle caries. Diagnosis and treatment

Anonymous, 1984:
Baby buggies and car seats: a safety checklist for parents

Cumming, F., 1969:
Baby by appointment

O'Toole, R.; Dubin, R., 1968:
Baby feeding and body sway: an experiment in George Herbert Mead's "taking the role of the other"

Anonymous, 1967:
Baby food as special dietary foods

Benz, M.M.; Kohler, E., 1980:
Baby food exchanges and feeding the diabetic infant

Anonymous, 1973:
Baby is teething

Armstead, R.C.; Gorman, J.K., 1995:
Baby love and budget relief: some promising practices in prenatal managed care in Medicaid

Armstrong, K.R., 1966:
Baby magic

Heffernan, A.; Mott, S., 1984:
Baby massage--a teaching model

Lyall, R.; Skipworth, G.E., 1980:
Baby milk dispensing

Zumrawi, F.; Vaughan, J.P.; Simmonds, S.P., 1981:
Baby milk in Khartoum Province--how many tins does a pharmacy sell?

Flint, C., 1980:
Baby mortality: getting it right for mother and baby

Newson, K., 1980:
Baby mortality: it's not just a question of cash

Farquhar, J.W., 1974:
Baby of a phenylketonuric mother. Inferences drawn from a single case

McIntosh, N., 1984:
Baby of a schoolgirl

Lumsdon, K., 1995:
Baby pictures. Rural health network turns 1

Anonymous, 1981:
Baby pig deaths

Hayden, G.F.; Sproul, G.T., 1984:
Baby powder use in infant skin care. Parental knowledge and determinants of powder usage

Mofenson, H.C.; Greensher, J.; DiTomasso, A.; Okun, S., 1981:
Baby powder--a hazard!

Hunnisett, F.W., 1970:
Baby sitters--on your toes

Cathcart, M., 1965:
Baby technician

Gunn, L.G., 1965:
Baby teeth and color television

Sendut, I.H.; Tan, K.K.; Rivara, F., 1995:
Baby walker associated scalding injuries seen at University Hospital Kuala Lumpur

Fazen, L.E.; Felizberto, P.I., 1982:
Baby walker injuries

Wellman, S.; Paulson, J.A., 1984:
Baby walker-related injuries

Néron, P.; Néron, I., 1969:
Baby wears glasses

Williams, J.M., 1966:
Baby with Pierre Robin syndrome

Mosser, F., 1995:
Baby's first summer: searching for new tastes

Gol'dis, S.N., 1972:
Baby's rubber teething rings and pacifiers

Young, D., 1995:
Baby-Friendly Expert Work Group in the United States: blowing the whistle

Battle, C.U.; Pruzansky, S., 1972:
Baby-bottle caries

Kasemsarn, P.; Ngarmpiyasakul, C.; Phongpanich, S.; Pulkasisri, N., 1995:
Baby-friendly hospital: how to sustain?

Jones, K., 1971:
Babycare hygiene

Rawlins, T., 1981:
Babysitting: a survival guide

Holub, A.; Babák, E., 1973:
Babák's work and current physiology

Pivovarov, I.P.; Sidorenko, G.I.; Tkachenko, A.V.; Goldberg, E.S.; Akimov, A.M.; Volkova, R.S.; Shelakova, V.V., 1970:
Bac. cereus as an agent of human food poisoning

Matthias, D.; Karasek, E., 1968:
Bac. subtilis infection in swine and its importance for the etiology and pathogenesis of the so-called enzootic cardiac death of the pig

Mashimo, K., 1982:

Farr, B.; Scheld, M.; Gwaltney, J.; Sydnor, A.; Sande, M., 1983:
Bacampicillin HCl in the treatment of acute maxillary sinusitis

Anonymous, 1981:
Bacampicillin hydrochloride (Spectrobid)

Nagano, T.; Abe, K.; Takenoshita, K., 1984:
Bacampicillin hydrochloride in surgical wound infections in the oral cavity

Scheife, R.T.; Neu, H.C., 1982:
Bacampicillin hydrochloride: chemistry, pharmacology, and clinical use

Sorri, M.; Peltomäki, E.; Jokinen, K., 1981:
Bacampicillin in acute maxillary sinusitis: concentration in sinus secretion and clinical effect. A randomized, double-blind study of two dosage regimens

Chodosh, S., 1983:
Bacampicillin in chronic bronchitis: clinical experience

Simelaro, J.P.; Henwood, C.; Desalvo, A., 1983:
Bacampicillin in the treatment of acute sinusitis and bronchopulmonary disease

Rebattu, J.P.; Cajgfinger, H., 1981:
Bacampicillin in the treatment of upper airway infections

Mogabgab, W.; Pollock, B.; Holmes, B.; Beville, R., 1983:
Bacampicillin in therapy of lower respiratory infections

Tauchnitz, C.; Ezold, R.; Kleint, V., 1984:
Bacampicillin in urinary tract infections tolerance in patients with impaired kidney and liver function

Campbell, S., 1983:
Bacampicillin treatment of pneumococcal pneumonia in high risk patients

von Sydow, C.; Einarsson, S.; Grafford, K.; Hansson, P.; Jensen, C., 1981:
Bacampicillin twice daily in acute maxillary sinusitis: an alternative dosage regimen

Maesen, F.P.; Davies, B.I.; Sjövall, J., 1981:
Bacampicillin twice daily: a dose-response study in acute exacerbations of chronic bronchitis

Richard, G.A.; Iravani, A.; LeFrock, J.L.; Mogabgab, W., 1981:
Bacampicillin vs. amoxicillin for treatment of acute infections of the urinary tract

Schultz, C.M.; Niedringhaus, L.K., 1995:
Baccalaureate and Higher Degree Program's Accreditation Committee reports on evaluation data

Anonymous, 1970:
Baccalaureate and Masters Degree Programs in Nursing accredited by NLN, 1970-71. Department of Baccalaureate and Higher Degree Programs

Anonymous, 1969:
Baccalaureate and Masters Degree Programs in nursing accredited by NLN, 1969-70

Anonymous, 1982:
Baccalaureate and master's degree program in nursing accredited by the NLN 1982-83

Anonymous, 1980:
Baccalaureate and master's degree programs in nursing accredited by the NLN 1980-1981

Anonymous, 1981:
Baccalaureate and master's degree programs in nursing accredited by the NLN 1981-82

Anonymous, 1995:
Baccalaureate and master's degree programs in nursing accredited by the NLN 1995-96

Anonymous, 1983:
Baccalaureate and master's degree programs in nursing accredited by the nln 1983-84

Anonymous, 1966:
Baccalaureate and masters degree programs in nursing accredited by NLN, 1966-67

Anonymous, 1967:
Baccalaureate and masters degree programs in nursing accredited by NLN, 1967

Anonymous, 1968:
Baccalaureate and masters degree programs in nursing accredited by NLN, 1968-69

Anonymous, 1971:
Baccalaureate and masters degree programs in nursing accredited by NLN, 1971-2

Anonymous, 1972:
Baccalaureate and masters degree programs in nursing accredited by NLN--1972-73

Anonymous, 1973:
Baccalaureate and masters degree programs in nursing accredited by NLN--1973-4

Anonymous, 1974:
Baccalaureate and masters degree programs in nursing accredited by NLN--1974-75

Collins, B.W.; Strozier, V., 1971:
Baccalaureate and practical nursing students learn together

Sison Diamante, R., 1974:
Baccalaureate basic programs in nursing in the Philippines: summary

Sims, L.S.; Smiciklas-Wright, H.; Shannon, B., 1984:
Baccalaureate degree education for nutritionists/dietetic professionals working with the aging

Pearson, B.D., 1973:
Baccalaureate degree extended

Francis, E., 1970:
Baccalaureate degree for West Indian nurses

Anonymous, 1967:
Baccalaureate degree training in bacteriology

Lawrence, M.M., 1983:
Baccalaureate degree--the issue of entry into nursing practice

Hunter, E.L.; Rossman, P.P., 1980:
Baccalaureate dental hygiene graduates' perceptions of community dental health employment

Reed, F.C., 1967:
Baccalaureate education and professional practice

Smith, G.R., 1983:
Baccalaureate education and the professionalization of nursing

Jacoby, M.K., 1983:
Baccalaureate education for registered nurses

Tate, B.L., 1971:
Baccalaureate education in Rhode Island. History and purposes of baccalaureate education in nursing outlined

Barker, V., 1972:
Baccalaureate education in a rural setting

Anonymous, 1980:
Baccalaureate education in nursing: key to a professional career in nursing 1980-81

Anonymous, 1981:
Baccalaureate education in nursing: key to a professional career in nursing 1981-82

Anonymous, 1983:
Baccalaureate education in nursing: key to a professional career in nursing 1983-84

Anonymous, 1984:
Baccalaureate education in nursing: key to a professional career in nursing 1984-85

Anonymous, 1974:
Baccalaureate education in nursing: key to professional career in nursing 1974-75

Riddle, J., 1965:
Baccalaureate education of nurses vs OR experience

Hegstad, L.N.; Grove, S.K., 1983:
Baccalaureate education: a foundation for practice

Lam, R.L.; Avecilla, L.S., 1980:
Baccalaureate level education in radiologic technology: results of a survey

Clemence, B.A.; Saunders, J.M., 1971:
Baccalaureate nursing education in Nigeria

Fritz, E., 1966:
Baccalaureate nursing education. What is its job?

Bauman, M.B., 1972:
Baccalaureate nursing in a selected number of English speaking countries

Watson, L.J.; Kilian, G., 1981:
Baccalaureate nursing program for generic and R.N. students: an overview of St. Mary of the Plains College

Zeleznik, C.; Hojat, M.; Veloski, J., 1983:
Baccalaureate preparation for medical school: does type of degree make a difference?

Fagin, C.M.; Goodwin, B., 1972:
Baccalaureate preparation for primary care

McGivern, D., 1974 :
Baccalaureate preparation of the nurse practitioner

Anonymous, 1984:
Baccalaureate programs accredited for public health nursing preparation

Anonymous, 1981:
Baccalaureate programs accredited for public health nursing preparation 1981-1982

Anonymous, 1982:
Baccalaureate programs accredited for public health nursing preparation 1982-1983

Anonymous, 1971:
Baccalaureate programs accredited for public health nursing preparation--1971-72

Anonymous, 1974:
Baccalaureate programs accredited for public health nursing preparation; 1974-1975

Anonymous, 1966:
Baccalaureate programs for R.N.'s

Hagopian, G.; Kilpack, V., 1974:
Baccalaureate students learn assessment skills

Olesen, V.L.; Davis, F., 1966:
Baccalaureate students' images of nursing. A follow-up report

Brown, J.S.; Swift, Y.B.; Oberman, M.L., 1974:
Baccalaureate students' images of nursing: a replication

Olson, E.M., 1983:
Baccalaureate students' perceptions of factors assisting knowledge application in the clinical laboratory

Cates, J., 1973:
Baccalaureates in psychology 1969 and 1970

Rebora, A.; Crovato, F.; Bertamino, R.; Nunzi, E., 1984:
Baccaredda-Sézary syndrome

Shoji, N.; Umeyama, A.; Yoshikawa, K.; Nagai, M.; Arihara, S., 1994:
Baccharane glycosides from seeds of Impatiens balsamina

Fabro, F., 1981:
Bacchiochi vs. Johnson Memorial Hospital

Saint, E.G., 1970:
Bacchus transported. Purporting to be an historical impression of alcoholism in Australia

Tamai, K.; Fukuda, J.; Seo, N.; Koyama, T., 1971:
Baceteriological and clinical studies of Doxycycline syrup in dental and oral surgery. Basic and clinical studies of doxycycline capsules in oral surgery

Acevedo, T.; Vanenzuela, F.; Lechuga, R.; Polic, J.; Daigre, J.; Ortega, N.; Bravo, W., 1968:
Bacground for a possible program of dental care for hospital patients of the Medical Service of the Hospital at Talca

Anonymous, 1973:
Bach mai: spectrum of reactions

Jackson, D.M.; Bach, J.S.; Handel, O.E.; Taylor, J., 1968:
Bach, Handel, and the Chevalier Taylor

Ober, W.B.; Bach; Handel; Taylor, J., 1969:
Bach, Handel, and "Chevalier" John Taylor, M.D., ophthalmiater

Anonymous, 1982:
Bachelor of nursing degree for registered nurses at Victoria University--a non-event for 1983

Anonymous, 1969:
Bachelor of science degree program in radiologic technology

Connelly, T.J.; Becker, A.; McDonald, J.W., 1982:
Bachelor scurvy

Haller, J.S., 1973:
Bachelor's disease. Etiology, pathology, and treatment of spermatorrhea in the nineteenth century

Bender, R., 1971:
Bachelor's in technical nursing

Guardiola Formento, A.; López Martín, V.; Rodríguez Costa, T.; López de Letona, A.A.; Pascual Castroviejo, I., 1973:
Bachman Lange syndrome. Report of 6 cases

Anonymous, 1972:
Bacid, lactinex and yogurt

Zawar, P.B.; Holla, V.V.; Patil, S.M.; Zawar, M.P.; Chawhan, R.N., 1983:
Bacillaemia in lepra reaction: its correlation with liver pathology

Bost, F.; Brion, J.P.; Peoc'h, M.; Pinel, N.; Recule, C.; Le Marc'hadour, F.; Pasquier, D.; Micoud, M.; Pasquier, B., 1994:
Bacillary angiomatosis related to Rochalimaea quintana. Anatomoclinical and ultrastructural study of cutaneous localizations in AIDS

Oteo, J.A.; Rosel, L.; Blanco, J.R.; Sancho, J., 1995:
Bacillary angiomatosis. A report of a new case

Koehler, J.E., 1994:
Bacillary angiomatosis: investigation of the unusual interactions between Rochalimaea bacilli and endothelial cells

Urguev, K.R., 1972:
Bacillary carrier state in infectious enterotoxemia of sheep

Job, C.K.; Chehl, S.; Hastings, R.C., 1983:
Bacillary clearance in a lepromatoid nude mouse following an infection with mouse hepatitis virus

Rossi, P.; Schmid, G.; Sternini, M., 1966:
Bacillary dispersions in the lymphatic system during chronic pulmonary tuberculosis. (Histo-bacteriological studies)

Bijkerk, H.; van Os, M., 1984:
Bacillary dysentery (Shigella flexneri type 2) caused by shrimps

Stypułkowska-Misiurewicz, H.; Adonajło, A., 1982:
Bacillary dysentery - 1980

Stypułkowska-Misiurewicz, H., 1983:
Bacillary dysentery - 1981

Stypułkowska-Misiurewicz, H.; Adonajło, A., 1984:
Bacillary dysentery 1982

Verdaguer, S.; Gaubert, Y.; Phelippon, M.; Churet, J.; Thierry, M.; Legros, B.; Carteaud, M., 1965:
Bacillary dysentery and Fiessinger-Leroy-Reiter syndrome

Rokossowski, H., 1980:
Bacillary dysentery and giardiasis foci in a closed children's community

Dalens, B.; Picon, G.; Arnal, J.C.; Maurin, J.L.; Unal, D., 1980:
Bacillary dysentery and hemolytic-uremic syndrome. Apropos of a case

Macaden, R.; Gokul, B.N.; Pereira, P.; Bhat, P., 1980:
Bacillary dysentery due to multidrug resistant Sh. dysenteriae type 1

Boghiţoiu, G.; Ohmt, E.; Naciu, C.; Cîmpan, F.; Maierean, C.; Mihăilă, M.; Zebreniuc, I., 1972:
Bacillary dysentery in a group of neuropsychic children

Rampengan, T.H.; Ongkie, A.S.; Wantania, J.M.; Munir, M., 1982:
Bacillary dysentery in children below five years of age at the general hospital, Manado

Takasaka, M.; Honjo, S.; Cho, F.; Imaizumi, K.; Ogawa, H., 1971:
Bacillary dysentery in cynomolgus monkeys following the administration with Shigella flexneri 2A by the anal route

Franche, M.; Vîţă, A.; Oană, C.; Cuciureanu, G.; Micu, I.; Blîndu, P.; Hurmuzache, T.; Cercel, I.; Moraru, P., 1969:
Bacillary dysentery in the city of Jassy in the period 1958-1967

Maierean, C., 1981:
Bacillary dysentery in the range of the diarrhetic diseases

Szturm-Rubinsten, S.; Piéchaud, D.; d'Hauteville, H., 1970:
Bacillary dysentery, an endemic disease

Fernandez, L.A., 1966:
Bacillary dysentery. An institutional outbreak of Shigella sonnei: treatment of 36 cases with nalidixic acid

Kovaleva, V.V.; Andreeva, Z.M.; Kamalov, I.I.; Gladkova, K.B., 1974:
Bacillary forms of Neisseria

Jones, G.R.; Swindle, B.C., 1965:
Bacillary hemoglobinuria (redwater disease) in Florida

Kaustová, J.; Mikesková, H.; Svandová, E.; Kubín, M.; Vaverková, E., 1982:
Bacillary tuberculosis information system: automated evaluation of laboratory-born data in the Czech Socialist Republic

Birth, C.A.; Calmette, L.C.; Guérin, J.M., 1974:
Bacille Calmette-Guérin (BCG). Léon Charles Albert Calmette 1863-1933 Jean-Marie Camille Guérin 1872-1961

Thomas, J.W.; Plenderleith, I.H.; Landi, S.; Basco, V.E.; Clements, D.V., 1983:
Bacille Calmette-Guérin as maintenance therapy for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma

Fine, P.E., 1995:
Bacille Calmette-Guérin vaccines: a rough guide

Smith, D.W., 1971:
Bacillemia in primary tuberculosis

Watson, J.H.; Haubrich, W.S., 1969:
Bacilli bodies in the lumen and epithelium of the jejunum in Whipple's disease

Denis, F., 1971:
Bacilli in marine environment: study of 120 strains

Mikolajcik, E.M.; Koka, M., 1968:
Bacilli in milk. I. Spore germination and growth

Bilek, M.; Bilińska, M., 1967:
Bacilli of the Salmonella group in city sewage

Phillips, M.J.; Finlay, J.M., 1967:
Bacilli-lipid associations in Whipple's disease

Brun, J.; Perrin-Fayolle, M.; Magnin, F.; Kofman, J.; Tuaillon, J., 1968:
Bacilliferous or nonbacilliferous pulmonary cancers with chronic infiltrative or cavitary type radiologic development

Oudet, P., 1972:
Bacilliferous tuberculosis and sensitivity of Koch bacilli to tuberculostatic drugs (current situation in a French hospital service)

Rahamim, E.; Sandri, C.; Akert, K.; Abraham, M., 1980:
Bacilliform inclusions in cells of the proximal pars distalis in the pituitary of four species of Tilapia (Teleostei)

Mhammedi, A.; Peypoux, F.; Besson, F.; Michel, G., 1982:
Bacillomycin F, a new antibiotic of iturin group: isolation and characterization

Jonquières, D.L.; Sánchez Caballero, H., 1981:
Bacilloscopic involution in dimorphous Virchowians treated with sulfones - Comparison with Virchowian patients treated with identical dosage

Little, P.J., 1965:
Bacilluria in pregnancy

Netto, N.R.; Lemos, G.C., 1984:
Bacillus Calmette-Guerin immunotherapy of infiltrating bladder cancer

Lamm, D.L.; Thor, D.E.; Harris, S.C.; Reyna, J.A.; Stogdill, V.D.; Radwin, H.M., 1980:
Bacillus Calmette-Guerin immunotherapy of superficial bladder cancer

Laucius, J.F.; Bodurtha, A.J.; Mastrangelo, M.J.; Creech, R.H., 1974:
Bacillus Calmette-Guerin in the treatment of neoplastic disease

Wing, E.J., 1981:
Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) decreases resistance to Listeria monocytogenes infection in mice

Giunta, J.L.; Reif, A.E.; Shklar, G., 1974:
Bacillus Calmette-Guérin and antilymphocyte serum in carcinogenesis. Effects on the hamster pouch

Bisping, W., 1963:
Bacillus Calmette-Guérin and brucella "Buck 19"--two cultures for vaccination purposes of worldwide importance

Davies, M., 1982:
Bacillus Calmette-Guérin as an anti-tumor agent. The interaction with cells of the mammalian immune system

O'Donnell, M.A.; DeWolf, W.C., 1995:
Bacillus Calmette-Guérin immunotherapy for superficial bladder cancer. New prospects for an old warhorse

Akaza, H.; Hinotsu, S.; Aso, Y.; Kakizoe, T.; Koiso, K., 1995:
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Bacillus cereus infections

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Back again?

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Back in the present

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Back in touch

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Back the PAC

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Back to Methuselah? Opportunities for preventive medicine

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Back to Robin Hood--retail

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Back to Vesalius, 1970

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Back to a more health-oriented narcotic policy?

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Back to anesthesia

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Back to basics in exodontia and oral surgery

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Back to basics! An American appeal for integrative biomedical research

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Back to basics, nursing educators face up to needs of the eighties

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Back to basics--health statistics in the Philippines--a critical review

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Back to basics. Sound off!

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Back to basics. Would you hang these i.v. solutions?

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Back to basics: communicating with your aphasic patients

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Back to basics: controlling postoperative infection

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Back to basics: diverticular disease

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Back to basics: skin care in the elderly

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Back to basics?

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Back to blaming parents?

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Back to fundamentalism

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Back to grass roots: communication and motivation

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Back to human medicine

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Back to it

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Back to nature in medicine?

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Back to nature--or plastics in the lead?

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Back to nursing, 1969

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Back to nursing; making a comeback

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Back to our bases

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Back to parenchymal inflammation? Pathogenesis of fluid production by the ileum in experimental cholera: an unusual type of host response to bacterial agents

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Back to school for the child on long-term hemodialysis

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Back to school for the child with cancer

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Back to school: training opportunities in school-based health centers

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Back to school: vision problems

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Back to self care?

Webb, P.A., 1982:
Back to self help?

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Back to smoke pollution

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Back to some basics of health lesson planning

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Back to square one

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Back to the basics--but the basics must include science

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Back to the bin?

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Back to the hospital?

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Back to the patient's bedside, but how?

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Back to the smoking jacket?

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Back transport of neonates: improved efficiency of tertiary nursery bed utilization

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Back treatment needs revolution, says report

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Back trouble and findings on the spine of drivers of heavy construction machinery

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Back trouble from the point of view of a physician working for the employer

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Back ward society, 1981: implications for residential treatment and staff training

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Back where we started

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Back-count possibilities of alcohol levels in the blood

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Back-crossing F1 (BN X PVG) rats with the PVG strain gives hybrids with high natural killer (NK) cell activity

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Back-diffusion of H +

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Back-door doctor. A study in private enterprise

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Back-door politics?

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