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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 42359

Chapter 42359 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Matas, L.; Martí, C.; Morera, M.A.; Sierra, M.; Vilamala, A.; Corcoy, F., 1995:
Bacteremia in 13 general hospitals of the province of Barcelona. Prospective study of 1,674 episodes. Group of Microbiologists of the County Hospitals of Catalonia

Bruun, B.; Sloth, K.; Bentzon, M.W.; Frederiksen, W., 1983:
Bacteremia in 1977-78. Bacterial diagnoses and antibiotic sensitivity

Anonymous, 1983:
Bacteremia in Salmonella gastroenteritis

Ljungman, P.; Malmborg, A.S.; Nyström, B.; Tillegård, A., 1984:
Bacteremia in a Swedish university hospital: a one-year prospective study in 1981 and a comparison with 1975-76

Setia, U.; Serventi, I.; Lorenz, P., 1984:
Bacteremia in a long-term care facility. Spectrum and mortality

Klein, J.O., 1984:
Bacteremia in ambulatory children

Kolker, I.I.; Grishina, I.A.; Minokova, G.L., 1972:
Bacteremia in burned patients

Wald, E.R.; Minkowski, J.M., 1980:
Bacteremia in childhood

Byrne, W.J.; Euler, A.R.; Campbell, M.; Eisenach, K.D., 1982 :
Bacteremia in children following upper gastrointestinal endoscopy or colonoscopy

Lacroix, J.; Chabot, G.; Delage, G.; Jeliu, G., 1982:
Bacteremia in children under the age of 1

Drach, G.S.; Reznik, S.R., 1982:
Bacteremia in children with acute appendicitis

Sapico, F.L.; Bessman, A.N.; Canawati, H.N., 1982:
Bacteremia in diabetic patients with infected lower extremities

Madsen, G.; Strandgaard, S.; Thomsen, V.F., 1985:
Bacteremia in elderly patients in a department of internal medicine

Kochetygov, N.I.; Krasnopevtseva, O.S.; Iakovlev, A.M., 1968:
Bacteremia in experimental burns with different degrees of tissue heating

McGowan, J.E.; Bratton, L.; Klein, J.O.; Finland, M., 1973:
Bacteremia in febrile children seen in a "walk-in" pediatric clinic

Berkowitz, F.E., 1984:
Bacteremia in hospitalized black South African children. A one-year study emphasizing nosocomial bacteremia and bacteremia in severely malnourished children

Brook, I.; Napolitano, A.; Controni, G., 1981:
Bacteremia in hospitalized children: a one-year experience

Krotova, T.A.; Gerasimova, M.V., 1966:
Bacteremia in leukosis. 3. A study of cultures isolated from the blood and other tissues of patients with acute leukosis

Siegel, J.D., 1995 :
Bacteremia in neutropenic children

Krauss, A.N.; Caliendo, T.J.; Kannan, M.M., 1972:
Bacteremia in newborn infants

Fedorov, V.V., 1994:
Bacteremia in patients at a cardiological clinic

McCarthy, M.M.; Rourk, M.H.; Spock, A., 1980:
Bacteremia in patients with cystic fibrosis

Javaloyas de Morlius, M.; Ariza Cardenal, J.; Gudiol Munté, F., 1984:
Bacteremia in patients with hepatic cirrhosis. Etiopathogenic analysis and prognosis of 92 cases

Godt, H.H., 1966:
Bacteremia in prostatectomy. Blood culture tests in connection with prostatectomy

Smith, J.W.; Southern, P.M.; Lehmann, J.D., 1970:
Bacteremia in septic abortion: complications and treatment

Neu, H.C., 1981:
Bacteremia in the 1980s with special reference to the role of cefotaxime

Mamattah, H.J.; Beard, C.H.; Jones, D.M., 1973:
Bacteremia in the burned patient

Noguchi, Y., 1984:
Bacteremia in the compromised host

Fierer, J.; Talner, L.; Braude, A.I., 1971:
Bacteremia in the pathogenesis of retrograde E. coli pyelonephritis in the rat

Jacobs, J.A.; Pietersen, H.G.; Stobberingh, E.E.; Soeters, P.B., 1994:
Bacteremia involving the "Streptococcus milleri" group: analysis of 19 cases

Harris, R.E.; Marraro, R.V.; Ugenas, A.J., 1980:
Bacteremia or pelvic infection--a consequence of gynecologic biopsies?

Harris, L.F.; Alford, R.H.; Dan, B.B.; Savage, A.M., 1980:
Bacteremia related to IV cannulation: variability of underlying venous infection

Szemesi, I.; Fajtha, F., 1970:
Bacteremia shock syndrome in obstetrics

Kurosu, I., 1995:
Bacteremia with Acinetobacter species--clinicopathological characteristics of 27 cases

Sonnenwirth, A.C., 1970:
Bacteremia with and without meningitis due to Yersinia enterocolitica, Edwardsiella tarda, Comamonas terrigena, and Pseudomonas maltophilia

Romans, A.R.; App, G.R., 1971:
Bacteremia, a result from oral irrigation in subjects with gingivitis

Frontera Izquierdo, P.; Cabezuelo Huerta, G., 1980:
Bacteremia, lumbar puncture and pneumococcal meningitis

Speggos, M.N.; Makropodara, A.A.; Psaromita, K.D.; Batopoulou, K.T., 1974:
Bacteremia, rheumatic fever and cardiovascular diseases

Tomljenović, V.; Vrsalović, K.; Petricević, I., 1980:
Bacteremia, sepsis and septic meningitis in patients hospitalized in the Hospital of Infectious Diseases, Zagreb during 1978 and 1979

Leshin, L.S.; Malven, P.V., 1984:
Bacteremia-induced changes in pituitary hormone release and effect of naloxone

Yamasaku, F.; Takeda, H.; Kawashima, S.; Magara, E.; Kinoshita, Y., 1974:
Bacteremia. 2. Therapeutic effects and adverse effects of massive doses of penicillin G and cephalosporin antibiotics in subacute bacterial endocarditis

Crocker, S.H.; Eddy, D.O.; Obenauf, R.N.; Wismar, B.L.; Lowery, B.D., 1981:
Bacteremia: host-specific lung clearance and pulmonary failure

Conner, H.D.; Haberman, S.; Collings, C.K.; Winford, T.E., 1967:
Bacteremias following periodontal scaling in patients with healthy appearing gingiva

Bodner, S.J.; Koenig, M.G.; Goodman, J.S., 1970:
Bacteremic Bacteroides infections

Guisasola-Gorrochategui, L.F.; Santamaría-Jauregui, J.M.; Gómez-Criado, M.C.; Badía-Figuerola, N.; Maudes, A.; Bouza, E., 1984:
Bacteremic Escherichia coli pneumonia: an unusual condition

Iannini, P.B.; Claffey, T.; Quintiliani, R., 1974:
Bacteremic Pseudomonas pneumonia

Witt, D.; Olans, R.N., 1982:
Bacteremic W-135 meningococcal pneumonia

Hall, W.J., 1970:
Bacteremic consumptive coagulopathy

Yamasaku, F., 1974:
Bacteremic diseases. 3. Determination of antibiotic level of the blood and its clinical significance in septicaemia and bacterial endocarditis

Vracin, W.; Gage, K.; Ortega, G.; Berk, S.L., 1982:
Bacteremic group G streptococcal pneumonia

Coto, H.; Gage, K.; Ekenna, O.; Berk, S.L., 1982:
Bacteremic group G streptococcal septic arthritis

Phair, J.P.; Riesing, K.S.; Metzger, E., 1980:
Bacteremic infection and malnutrition in patients with solid tumors: investigation of host defense mechanisms

Musher, D.M.; Wallace, R.J., 1983:
Bacteremic infections caused by nontypable Haemophilus influenzae in patients with dysgammaglobulinemia

Ortega, G.; Smith, B.; Boelen, L.; Berk, S.L., 1984:
Bacteremic non-typeable Hemophilus influenzae pneumonia

Murphy, T.F.; Fine, B.C., 1984:
Bacteremic pneumococcal pneumonia in the elderly

Kalin, M., 1982:
Bacteremic pneumococcal pneumonia: value of culture of nasopharyngeal specimens and examination of washed sputum specimens

Gutiérrez-Guisado, J.; Moro, M.J.; Ramos, J.M.; Díaz-Curiel, M., 1995:
Bacteremic pneumonia caused by Neisseria meningitidis in an elderly patient

Ramos, J.M.; Fernández-Aramburo, A.; Domine, M.; Fernández-Roblas, R., 1995:
Bacteremic pneumonia due to Moraxella catarrhalis in an immunosuppressed patient

Phair, J.P.; Bassaris, H.P.; Williams, J.E.; Metzger, E., 1983:
Bacteremic pneumonia due to gram-negative bacilli

Aguado García, J.M.; Fernández Guerrero, M.L.; Díaz Curiel, M.; Collazos González, J.; Molins Otero, A.; Gómez Garcés, J.L.; Soriano García, F., 1984:
Bacteremic pneumonias caused by gram-negative aerobic bacilli in the adult. Apropos of 35 cases

Martin, W.J., 1967:
Bacteremic shock

Anderson, G.V., 1965:
Bacteremic shock and pregnancy

Pytel', I.A., 1967:
Bacteremic shock as a complication of acute suppurative pyelonephritis

Maldacea, F.; Pingi, C., 1969:
Bacteremic shock caused by Escherichia coli during salmonellosis. Prior gastric resection

McHenry, M.C., 1969:
Bacteremic shock due to gram-negative bacilli. Some concepts of pathogenesis and management based on recent developments

Gonzalez, C.A.; Benavides De Anda, L.; Garcia Roel, R.; Pisanty, J.; Rodriguez, M., 1967:
Bacteremic shock in gyneco-obstetrics

Neme, B., 1971:
Bacteremic shock in tocogynecology: physiopathology and therapeutic implications

Pytel', A.Ia.; Goligorskiĭ, S.D., 1965:
Bacteremic shock in urologic patients

Tanaka, J.; Sato, T.; Kamiyama, Y.; Jones, R.T.; Cowley, R.A.; Trump, B.F., 1982 :
Bacteremic shock: aspects of high-energy metabolism of rat liver following living Escherichia coli injection

Miragliotta, G.; Fumarola, D., 1982:
Bacteria - platelet interaction: current status of investigations

Perlmann, P., 1969:
Bacteria and autoimmunity

Bremm, K.D.; Brom, H.J.; König, W.; Bohn, A.; Theobald, K.; Bhakdi, S.; Lutz, F.; Fehrenbach, F.J., 1983:
Bacteria and bacterial exotoxins induce leukotriene formation from human polymorphonuclear granulocytes

Prilepin, N.A.; Semenov, B.F., 1980:
Bacteria and bacterial vaccines as nonspecific modulators of immunological reactivity

Goswitz, J.T., 1974:
Bacteria and biliary tract disease

Hughes, W.H.; Davies, R.R., 1970:
Bacteria and cadmium-treated fabrics

Hofstad, T., 1967:
Bacteria and caries. Recent experimental investigations

Ford, B.J.; van Leeuwenhoek, A., 1982:
Bacteria and cells of human origin on van Leeuwenhoek's sections of 16741,2

Soloway, R.D.; Crowther, R.S., 1995:
Bacteria and cholesterol gallstones: molecular biology comes to gallstone pathogenesis

Loos, M., 1985:
Bacteria and complement--a historical review

Scott, A.J., 1971:
Bacteria and disease of the biliary tract

Młynarczyk, A., 1982:
Bacteria and drug resistance

Grüngreiff, K., 1980:
Bacteria and endotoxins in liver diseases

Birn, H., 1970:
Bacteria and fibrinolytic activity in "dry socket"

Tabata, M.; Nakayama, F., 1981:
Bacteria and gallstones. Etiological significance

Fahrländer, H., 1980:
Bacteria and inflammatory bowel diseases

Engquist, S.; Lundberg, C., 1984:
Bacteria and inflammatory cells in maxillary sinusitis

Jachertz, D., 1968:
Bacteria and macromolecules

Bru Villaseca, L., 1980:
Bacteria and magnetic cells

Cetta, F., 1995:
Bacteria and pathogenesis of gallstones

Anonymous, 1967:
Bacteria and periodontal diseases

Boey, J.; Wong, J.; Ong, G.B., 1982:
Bacteria and septic complications in patients with perforated duodenal ulcers

Fransén, H.; Tunevall, G., 1969:
Bacteria and serologic reactions against bacteria in patients hospitalized with acute respiratory illness

Rycroft, R.J., 1980:
Bacteria and soluble oil dermatitis

Aries, V.; Crowther, J.S.; Drasar, B.S.; Hill, M.J.; Williams, R.E., 1969:
Bacteria and the aetiology of cancer of the large bowel

Hill, M.J.; Drasar, D.S., 1973:
Bacteria and the aetiology of human cancer

Hill, M.J., 1974:
Bacteria and the etiology of colonic cancer

Fahrländer, H., 1980:
Bacteria and the intestinal tract

Anonymous, 1968:
Bacteria and the skin

Kendall, M.J.; Nutter, S.; Hawkins, C.F., 1972:
Bacteria and the xylose test

Hahn, W.; Böttcher, F., 1967:
Bacteria and their resistance in pyogenous infections of the jaw region

Maissouradzé, G.I., 1965:
Bacteria antagonistic to Brucella and trials of obtaining new specific antibiotics against the brucellosis of domestic animals

Choi, S.J., 1984:
Bacteria as an etiological agent of human dental caries

Meadows, P.F., 1971:
Bacteria as cell surface markers on normal and malignant mammalian cells

Rylander, R., 1982:
Bacteria as etiological agents in byssinosis and other lung disease

Shamim, R., 1972:
Bacteria as friends and foes to human beings

McCall, M.S.; White, J.D.; Frenkel, E.P., 1970:
Bacteria as specific binding agents for an isotopic assay of serum folate

Prellner, K., 1980:
Bacteria associated with acute otitis media have high Clq binding capacity

Hussong, D.; Damaré, J.M.; Weiner, R.M.; Colwell, R.R., 1981:
Bacteria associated with false-positive most-probable-number coliform test results for shellfish and estuaries

Calladine, C.R., 1974:
Bacteria can swim without rotating flagellar filaments

Gorbachevskiĭ, G.I., 1965:
Bacteria carriage in dysentery

Makhmudov, O.S.; Abyzgil'dina, F.Kh.; Murzamukhamedov, M.A., 1972:
Bacteria carrier state in dysentery in children

Bichkovs'kiĭ, V.N., 1970:
Bacteria carriers during the stage of low diphtheria morbidity

Martinović, J.; Stajic, M.; Petreska, D.; Nikolić, P.; Adasević, V., 1985:
Bacteria causing respiratory infection in children and their sensitivity to antibiotics

Sarasombath, S.; Kongsamran, S.; Tung, N.; Sriguietkajorn, A., 1983:
Bacteria causing septicemia in immunocompromised host

Schmid, W., 1966:
Bacteria causing urinary tract infections and their sensitivity to antibiotics and chemotherapeutics

Krasil'nikov, N.A.; Satdykov, S.I., 1969:
Bacteria counting in termite intestines

Ilialetdinov, A.N.; Alieva, R.M.; Dzhusupova, D.B., 1983:
Bacteria decomposing alpha-methylstyrol

Ishida, M.; Ogino, H.; Matsunaga, T.; Hori, T.; Hayashi, H., 1983:
Bacteria detected in the retention fluid and the surface of mucous membrane in chronic sinusitis

Matsuda, M.; Yamasaki, M.; Gyobu, Y.; Kubota, K., 1971:
Bacteria flora of feces of Lagopus mutus japonicus in Mt. Tateyama

Lapage, S.P.; Johnson, R.; Holmes, B., 1973:
Bacteria from intravenous fluids

Khan, F.A.; Akhter, N.; Siddiqi, S.H., 1981:
Bacteria in Lahore's school girls. A preliminary study

Winton, F.W.; Keay, A.J., 1968:
Bacteria in a hospital nursery: laboratory and clinical studies

In, K.L., 1966:
Bacteria in acne lesions

Kitzmiller, J.L., 1973:
Bacteria in amniotic fluid

Gupta, J.P.; Yadava, D.N., 1984:
Bacteria in bile and their hazards in biliary tract surgery

Anonymous, 1984:
Bacteria in cat scratch disease

Anonymous, 1971:
Bacteria in cream

Anthony, E.H., 1970:
Bacteria in estuarine (Bras d'Or Lake) sediment

Anonymous, 1970:
Bacteria in faeces and food

Nicholes, P.S., 1970:
Bacteria in laundered fabrics

Kass, E., 1970:
Bacteria in periodontal diseases. Comments

Anonymous, 1970:
Bacteria in periodontal diseases. Discussion

Butterworth, S.T., 1970:
Bacteria in renal casts

Hewitt, W.L., 1970:
Bacteria in sputum--contaminants or culprits?

Rees, T.A., 1970:
Bacteria in suction machines

Bölter, C.; Hagemeister, P., 1982:
Bacteria in the Douglas pouch

Shimura, H., 1967:
Bacteria in the bile in bile duct diseases and their antibiotic sensitivity

Kune, G.A.; Schutz, E., 1974:
Bacteria in the billary tract. A study of their frequency and type

Nyholm, K., 1967:
Bacteria in the bladder urine and the vas deferens in prostactectomized patients

Palva, T.; Kärjä, J.; Palva, A.; Raunio, V., 1969:
Bacteria in the chronic ear. Pre- and postoperative evaluation

Cuschieri, A., 1968:
Bacteria in the common hepatic duct in patients undergoing cholecystectomy

Anonymous, 1968:
Bacteria in the hospital environment

Hausmann, K., 1972:
Bacteria in the macronucleus of Loxophyllum meleagris

Sipilä, P.; Jokipii, A.M.; Jokipii, L.; Karma, P., 1981:
Bacteria in the middle ear and ear canal of patients with secretory otitis media and with non-inflamed ears

Ojala, K.; Sorri, M.; Vainio-Mattila, J.; Palva, A., 1982:
Bacteria in the middle ear and nasopharynx in patients with chronic otitis media

Takahashi, T.; Kanai, J., 1967:
Bacteria in the saccus conjuctivalis in contact lense wearers

Sokolov, V.E.; Ushakova, N.A.; Feoktistova, N.Iu.; Vasil'eva, N.Iu., 1995:
Bacteria in the secretion of auxiliary sacs in the opening of the cheek pouches in Campbell hamsters

Quie, P.G., 1969:
Bacteria in the sputum. Pediatric patients with chronic pulmonary disease

Anonymous, 1981:
Bacteria in the stomach

Gruss, J.D., 1965:
Bacteria in toilet handles

Snydman, D.R., 1983:
Bacteria in total parenteral nutrition catheters

Seibert, F.B.; Yeomans, F.; Baker, J.A.; Davis, R.L.; Diller, I.C., 1972:
Bacteria in tumors

Nikitin, G.A., 1966:
Bacteria involved in the process of methanic fermentation of alcoholic molasses mash

Lidwell, O.M.; Lowbury, E.J.; Whyte, W.; Blowers, R.; Stanley, S.J.; Lowe, D., 1983:
Bacteria isolated from deep joint sepsis after operation for total hip or knee replacement and the sources of the infections with Staphylococcus aureus

Goodwin, C.S.; Wood, M.J., 1970:
Bacteria isolated from plantar ulcers of Ethiopian leprosy patients, with the antibacterial drug sensitivities of the isolates

Cabassi, E.; Allodi, C.; Perna, A., 1970:
Bacteria isolated from the Adriatic Sea and changes in fish

Mochida, O.; Kawawaki, C.; Iori, F.; Saruwatari, K.; Hayashi, A., 1974:
Bacteria isolated from the blood - result in the last 6 years

Kurdziel, Z., 1982:
Bacteria isolated from the environment of the traumatic-orthopedic hospital departments

Cavanagh, P.; Marsden, P.D., 1969:
Bacteria isolated from the gut of some Reduviid bugs

Ogura, S.; Kimura, S.; Furuya, M.; Kobayashi, Y.; Hosokawa, A., 1969:
Bacteria isolated from the middle ear discharge and their drug sensitivity

Yoshioka, H.; Matsumiya, H.; Hayashi, N.; Ueda, K.; Okudaira, N., 1968:
Bacteria isolated from the urine and their antibiotic sensitivity

Catsaras, M., 1970:
Bacteria isolated in the course of the Mackenzie test for Escherichia coli typell

Baaj, A.J.; Bouamama, L.; Moulay, I.; Nejmi, C.; Sekkat, A.; Sekkat, A., 1980:
Bacteria isolated in the hospitals of Rabat and their antibiotic sensitivity

Acar, J.F.; Bariety, J.; Bourquelot, P.; Brisset, J.M., 1974:
Bacteria isolated in urinary infections

Katz, D., 1980:
Bacteria isolation from patients undergoing antibiotic therapy

Talmadge, K.; Kaufman, J.; Gilbert, W., 1980:
Bacteria mature preproinsulin to proinsulin

Nativelle, R.; Deparis, M., 1968:
Bacteria modified by parietal alteration. Streptococci, staphylococci, pneumococci; their frequency in hemocultures. Attempted interpretation

Fraser, D.W., 1981:
Bacteria newly recognized as nosocomial pathogens

Leon-S, F.E., 1995:
Bacteria no! Fungus yes!

Kholodkova, E.V.; Raginskaia, V.P., 1972:
Bacteria of genus Providencia (review of the literature)

Martini, A., 1965:
Bacteria of malignant tumors

Smith, R.F.; Evans, B.L., 1972:
Bacteria of porcine skin, xenografts, and treatment with neomycin sulfate

Zubkov, M.N., 1983:
Bacteria of the Acinetobacter genus in intestinal dysbacteriosis

Popovici, M.; Szegli, L.; Soare, L.; Bădulesco, E.; Neguţ, M.; Floresco, D., 1968:
Bacteria of the Arizona group in the etiology of intestinal disorders

Neguţ, M.; Szegli, L.; Răiculescu, M., 1972:
Bacteria of the Serratia genus incriminated in the etiology of certain cases of septicemia in infants

Petitprez, M.; Leclerc, H., 1969:
Bacteria of the Sphaerotilus-Leptothrix group

MacGregor, A.J.; Hart, P., 1970:
Bacteria of the extraction wound

Iacona, V.A.; Simonetta, A.C.; Renzulli, P.M., 1995:
Bacteria of the genus Bacillus in chicken carcasses and hamburgers

Sticht-Groh, V., 1981:
Bacteria of the genus Campylobacter, isolated from middle-aged persons

Andreoni, O., 1970:
Bacteria of the genus Listeria, Yersinia and Moraxella: further problems of infectious pathology

Povazhna, T.M., 1973:
Bacteria of the genus Pseudomonas in the pathology of insects

Kuznetsov, V.G.; Bagriantsev, V.N.; Gudkov, A.V., 1994:
Bacteria of the genus Yersinia in the drinking water sources of Vladivostok

Anonymous, 1969:
Bacteria of the gut

Kolker, I.I.; Borisova, O.K.; Bogatova, I.S., 1983:
Bacteria of the species Acinetobacter calcoaceticus as the possible etiological factor in infectious complications in burns

Krasil'nikov, N.A.; Satdykov, S.I., 1970:
Bacteria of the termite intestines

Smith, D.C., 1971:
Bacteria on antibiotic tulle

Millner, P.D.; Ericson, K.E.; Marsh, P.B., 1982:
Bacteria on closed-boll and commercially harvested cotton

Sanzhieva, E.U.; Zavarzin, G.A., 1971:
Bacteria oxidizing carbon monoxide

Iurovskaia, E.M., 1971:
Bacteria oxidizing thiocyanates in industrial waste waters

Avdeeva, T.A.; Smirnova, L.A.; Vasser, N.R.; Poslanchik, A.L.; Bartysheva, V.A., 1970:
Bacteria providencia as possible agents of dysentery-like diseases

Selenka, F.; Ruschke, R., 1965:
Bacteria quantity and fecal indicators in the water of Lake Constance

Moseley, B.E., 1969:
Bacteria resistant to radiation damage

Ritzerfeld, W., 1974:
Bacteria resistence with special regard to infections resistence (author's transl

Anonymous, 1971 :
Bacteria responsible for cancerogenesis

Gehanno, P.; Astier, P.; Fernandez, G.; Christol, D., 1982:
Bacteria seen in acute otitis media in children hospitalised for infectious diseases

Geating, J.A.; Rudek, F.P., 1969:
Bacteria sensor for reprocessed water--microbiological research, design, and fabrication. AMRL-TR-68-173

von Graevenitz, A.; Strouse, A.; Grinstead, C., 1970:
Bacteria that can be isolated and aren't

Walsby, A.E., 1983:
Bacteria that grow at 250 degrees C

Dubach, U.C., 1967:
Bacteria variations in chronic bacteriuria

Rippon, J.W., 1972:
Bacteria vs. fungi

Soli, G.; Bens, E.M., 1972:
Bacteria which attack petroleum hydrocarbons in a saline medium

Popovíci, M., 1972:
Bacteria with conditioned pathogenicity. Problemsin the laboratory diagnosis. Criteria for differentiation

Smith, D.G., 1969:
Bacteria with their coats off: spheroplasts, protoplasts and L-forms

Redfield, D.C.; Overturf, G.D.; Ewing, N.; Powars, D., 1980:
Bacteria, arthritis, and skin lesions due to Kingella kingae

Hill, M.J., 1983:
Bacteria, bile acids and large bowel cancer

Gracey, M.; Burke, V.; Oshin, A.; Barker, J.; Glasgow, E.F., 1971:
Bacteria, bile salts, and intestinal monosaccharide malabsorption

Gorbach, S.L.; Tabaqchali, S., 1969:
Bacteria, bile, and the small bowel

Schachtele, C.F., 1981:
Bacteria, diet and the prevention of dental caries: part II

Dwoskin, J.Y.; Kundsin, R.B.; Soderdahl, D.; Wilfert, C.M., 1970:
Bacteria, viruses and mycoplasmas in the lower urinary tract of a group of renal transplant recipients

Fekety, F.R.; Caldwell, J.; Gump, D.; Johnson, J.E.; Maxson, W.; Mulholland, J.; Thoburn, R., 1971:
Bacteria, viruses, and mycoplasmas in acute pneumonia in adults

Coulanges, P.; Zeller, H.; Clerc, Y.; Rodhain, F.; Albignac, R., 1980:
Bacteria, viruses, parasites, pathology and experimental pathology of Malagasy Lemurs. Interest for man

Coulanges, P.; Zeller, H.; Petter, J.J., 1980:
Bacteria, viruses, parasites, pathology and experimental pathology of Malagasy lemurs. Analytical bibliography

Wendland, W.; Kowalke, K., 1969:
Bacteria- and pyrogen filtration of infusion solutions

Risdall, R.J.; Brunning, R.D.; Hernandez, J.I.; Gordon, D.H., 1984:
Bacteria-associated hemophagocytic syndrome

Shalaby, M.R.; Weck, P.K., 1983:
Bacteria-derived human leukocyte interferons alter in vitro humoral and cellular immune responses

Burke, J.F., 1969:
Bacteria-free nursing unit--a new approach to isolation procedures

Shockley, R.K.; Kleinman, R., 1982:
Bacteria-immune system interactions. III. Isolation of a Bacillus globigii cell wall component involved in binding to human lymphocytes

Shockley, R.K.; Kleinman, R., 1983:
Bacteria-immune system interactions. IV. Effect of various treatments on the binding of bacteria to human lymphocytes

Kleinman, R.; Whigham, E.A., 1983:
Bacteria-immune system interactions. VIII. Modulation of human cytotoxic reactions by crude lipoteichoic acid extracts of Bacillus globigii

Kleinman, R.; Lewis, J.A., 1983:
Bacteria-immune system interactions. X. Effects of aging on Balb/c mice response to Escherichia coli

Lewis, J.A.; Kleinman, R., 1983:
Bacteria-immune system interactions. XI. Age-associated changes in nude mice responsiveness to bacteria

Kleinman, R.; Lewis, J.A., 1983:
Bacteria-immune system interactions. XII. Effects of aging on Balb/c mice responsiveness to Salmonella typhimurium

Forsgren, A.; Banck, G.; Grubb, A., 1980:
Bacteria-immunoglobulin-lymphocyte interactions--new aspects

Yang, J.L.; Liu, W.F., 1982:
Bacteria-induced platelet aggregation and the effects of some drugs

Bakkerud, K.G.; Nissen, P., 1980:
Bacteria-mediated uptake of choline sulfate by plants: bacterial effectiveness

Linz, R.; Lejour, M., 1971:
Bacteria-poor inoculation in liquid media

van Iterson, W.; den Kamp, J.A., 1969:
Bacteria-shaped gymnoplasts (protoplasts) of Bacillus subtilis

Calenoff, E.; Guilford, F.T.; Green, J.; Engelhard, C.S., 1983:
Bacteria-specific IgE in patients with nasal polyposis. A preliminary report

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Bacteria-specific antibody in the urine of patients with acute pyelonephritis and cystitis

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Bacterial contamination in an eye hospital

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Bacterial contamination in the hospital

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Bacterial contamination of human tumor samples

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Bacterial contamination of the atmosphere during the sprinkling irrigation of fields with the effluents from animal husbandry farm complexes

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Bacterial contamination of the blood compartment originating from the dialysate in haemodialysers

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Bacterial contamination of the small intestine is an important cause of occult malabsorption in the elderly

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Bacterial defense8of the saliva

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Bacterial diagnosis

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Bacterial diarrhea: diarrhea caused by entero-invasive bacteria

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Bacterial diarrheas

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