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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 42381

Chapter 42381 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Bertrand, L.; Labauge, R.; Vergues, J., 1965:
Bilateral and regressive postural paralysis of the sciatic nerve in a young vintager

Pouillaude, J.M.; Sauvage, P.J.; Sellem, C.; François, R.; Duquesnel, J., 1980:
Bilateral and severe segmental stenosis of intracranial carotids and their branches in a 10 1/2 month old girl with a pneumococcal meningitis

Pejic, R., 1982:
Bilateral and simultaneous amaurosis fugax

Magistroni, A., 1968:
Bilateral and simultaneous subcutaneous rupture of the Achilles tendons

Salle, B.; Dutruge; Belleville, J.; Germain, D.; Duquesnel, J., 1967:
Bilateral and symmetric arterial thrombosis of the lower extremities in a 4 1/2-month-old infant

Ramelli, E.; Tralli, G., 1972:
Bilateral and symmetric paralysis of cranial nerves associated with pansinusitis

Rapisarda, P.; Petrotta, S.G., 1966:
Bilateral and symmetrical osteochondrosis of the knee

Bidder, T.G.; Strain, J.J.; Brunschwig, L., 1970:
Bilateral and unilateral ECT: follow-up study and critique

Miller, K.W.; Herzberg, F., 1969 :
Bilateral and unilateral maxillary fourth molars. Case reports

Itakura, T.; Ozaki, F.; Nakai, E.; Fujii, T.; Hayashi, S.; Komai, N., 1983:
Bilateral aneurysm formation developing from junctional dilatation (infundibulum) of the posterior communicating arteries. Case report

Religa, Z.; Sitkowski, W., 1980:
Bilateral aneurysm of bifurcated vascular prosthesis

Noterman, J.; Warszawski, M.; Jeanmart, L.; Brihaye, J., 1972:
Bilateral aneurysm of the internal carotid artery in the cavernous sinus: case report

Salmo, N.A.; Shukur, S.T.; Abulkhail, A., 1981:
Bilateral aneurysmal bone cysts of the maxilla

McConachie, N.S.; Jacobson, I., 1994:
Bilateral aneurysms of the cavernous internal carotid arteries following yttrium-90 implantation

Hauke, P., 1973:
Bilateral angiography of the vena ophthalmica in alcoholic delirium

Appleby, R.S.; Kinder, R.S., 1971:
Bilateral angle-closure glaucoma in a 14-year-old boy

Diallo, J.; Bassabi, S., 1971:
Bilateral aniridia

Pashayan, H.; Dallaire, L.; MacLeod, P., 1973:
Bilateral aniridia, multiple webs and severe mental retardation in a 47,XXY-48,XXXY mosaic

Masuoka, H.; Kobayashi, M.; Kaito, K.; Yoshida, M.; Sekita, T.; Saeki, A.; Nishiwaki, K.; Shimada, T.; Ochiai, S.; Ootsubo, H., 1995 :
Bilateral ankle ulcers associated with hydroxyurea therapy for chronic myelogenous leukemia

Fox, L.M.; Thurmon, J.C., 1969:
Bilateral ankyloblepharon congenita

Beaver, R., 1982:
Bilateral ankylosis of hips and knees

Minnigerode, B., 1968:
Bilateral ankylosis of the cricoarytenoid joint and obturating subglottic laryngeal stenosis following translaryngeal tracheal intubation lasting for several days

Wallace, L.; Stern, M., 1974:
Bilateral ankylosis of the mandible in the open position. Review of the literature and report of a case

Hyman, B.N.; Hagler, W.S., 1970:
Bilateral annular choroidal detachment and myopia

Michiels, J.; Maes, O., 1965:
Bilateral annular detachment of the retina

Martelo-Villar, F.J., 1980:
Bilateral anomalous flexor sublimis muscle to the index finger

Hong, G.X.; Xian, W.Q.; Zhu, T.B., 1982:
Bilateral anomalous muscle belly of the flexor digitorum superficialis: a case report

Peyresblanques, J.; Bouineau, J., 1971:
Bilateral anophthalmia (apropos of a case)

Serville, F.; Broustet, A.; Peyresblanques, J.; Bouineau, J., 1974:
Bilateral anophthalmos. Facial anomalies and t(4;14) translocation

Konopizky, B.E.; Endres, M., 1984:
Bilateral anophthalmus--a rare autosomal recessive disease picture

Naik, G.C.; Kataria, R.N.; Dash, R.J., 1982:
Bilateral anorchia

Martinón Sánchez, F.; Fariña Guerrero, P.; Martinón Sánchez, J.M.; García Rodríguez, J.L.; Sancho Cerquella, V., 1984:
Bilateral anorchia in 2 brothers

Boyar, R.M.; Russotto, J.A., 1971:
Bilateral anorchia with sickle-C disease

Simpson, J.L.; Horwith, M.; Morillo-Cucci, G.; McGovern, J.H.; Levine, M.I.; German, J., 1971:
Bilateral anorchia: discordance in monozygotic twins

Vignola, G., 1973:
Bilateral anotia associated with a tracheo-esophageal fistula, ectopic pancreas, vertebro-costal anomalies and anal imperforation. A new malformative syndrome?

Batra, D.V., 1965:
Bilateral anterior and posterior lenticonus

Goss, A.N., 1968:
Bilateral anterior dislocation of the mandible

Hartney-Velazco, K.; Velazco, A.; Fleming, L.L., 1984:
Bilateral anterior dislocation of the shoulder

Noczyński, L.; Pawlowski, A.; Makowski, Z.; Lubowicz, B., 1973:
Bilateral anterior dislocation of the shoulder with vascular and neurologic sequelae

Markel, D.C.; Blasier, R.B., 1994:
Bilateral anterior dislocation of the shoulders with greater tuberosity fractures

Salem, M.I., 1983:
Bilateral anterior fracture-dislocation of the shoulder joints due to severe electric shock

von Cramon, D.; Albus, M., 1980:
Bilateral anterior infarct and hydrocephalus aresorptivus. Complications of a ruptured aneurysm of the anterior communicating artery

Verhagen, W.I.; Dalman, J.E., 1995:
Bilateral anterior interosseus nerve syndrome

Salsali, M., 1969:
Bilateral anterior mediastinal node dissection combined with pulmonary resection for Hodgkin's disease of mediastinum

Gynning, J.B.; Hansen, H.S., 1995:
Bilateral anterior shoulder luxation--an overlooked case

Kennelly, B.M.; Blumberg, L., 1968:
Bilateral anterior tibial claudication. Report of two cases in which the patients were cured by bilateral fasciotomy

Berky, M.; Novák, J., 1980:
Bilateral anterior tibial compartment syndrome following burn of lower extremities

Sweeney, H.E.; O'Brien, G.F., 1965:
Bilateral anterior tibial syndrome in association with the nephrotic syndrome. Report of a case

Hermosura, B.; Dickey, M.W., 1967:
Bilateral anterior tibial syndrome. Report of a case

Sinha, S.N.; Kumar, A., 1980:
Bilateral antrochoanal polyps

Raszeja, S., 1966:
Bilateral aortic rupture as a medicolegal problem

Mateos Rodríguez, F.; Almeida Parra, J.; Jiménez López, A.; Fuertes Martín, A., 1995:
Bilateral apical empyema secondary to a spinal epidural abscess

Boudin, G.; Chomette, G.; Guillard, A.; Hauw, J.J.; Der Agupian, P., 1972:
Bilateral aplasia of the internal carotid artery. Apropos of an anatomo-clinical case

Barnett, K.C.; Grimes, T.D., 1974:
Bilateral aplasia of the optic nerve in a cat

Van Goethem, H.; Van Goethem, C., 1981:
Bilateral aplasia of the radius with abnormal hooking of the claviculae and sucrose-maltose intolerance

Pashayan, H.; Fraser, F.C.; McIntyre, J.M.; Dunbar, J.S., 1971:
Bilateral aplasia of the tibia, polydactyly and absent thumb in father and daughter

Roach, M.; Akazawa, P.F.; Pickett, B.; Purser, P.; Parkinson, D.; Meyler, T.S.; Margolis, L.W., 1994:
Bilateral arcs using "averaged beam's eye views": a simplified technique for delivering 3-D based conformal radiotherapy

Livshits, M.A.; Cheremnykh, A.A., 1966:
Bilateral arrhenoblastoma of the ovaries with malignization

Thompson, G.A.; Collins, R.E., 1981:
Bilateral arterial injury in the lower limbs associated with open pelvic fractures: a case report

Bergquist, E., 1971:
Bilateral arteriovenous fistulae. A complication of vertebral angiography by direct percutaneous puncture. Two cases, one with spontaneous closure

Fourrier, P.; Bert, G., 1972:
Bilateral aseptic bone necrosis of the femoral condyles

Hendry, W.F., 1982:
Bilateral aseptic necrosis of femoral heads following intermittent high-dose steroid therapy

Good, A.E., 1974:
Bilateral aseptic necrosis of femur following a 16-day course of corticotropin

Lopatinskaia, L.N., 1993:
Bilateral aseptic necrosis of the heads of the first metatarsal bones

Jurik, A.G.; Nielsen, P.O., 1984:
Bilateral aseptic necrosis of the humeral head

Oláh, J., 1968:
Bilateral aseptic necrosis of the os pisiforme

Ivanchuk, I.V., 1973:
Bilateral aseptic necrosis of the semilunar bones in the carpus

Oláh, J., 1969:
Bilateral aseptic osteonecrosis

Chaouat, D.; Lambrozo, J.; Baffet, A.; Vignaud, D., 1984:
Bilateral aseptic osteonecrosis of the femoral head in acromegaly

Jaffrès, R., 1966:
Bilateral aseptic osteonecrosis of the hip in a patient with hemochromatosis

Záhorská, T., 1970:
Bilateral aseptic talus necrosis

Balkany, T.J.; Sires, B.; Arenberg, I.K., 1980:
Bilateral aspects of Meniere's disease: an underestimated clinical entity

Besson, M.J.; Kemel, M.L.; Gauchy, C.; Glowinski, J., 1982:
Bilateral asymmetrical changes in the nigral release of [3H]GABA induced by unilateral application of acetylcholine in the cat caudate nucleus

Soni, S.R., 1973:
Bilateral asymmetrical extradural hematomas. Case report

Singh, P.I.; Maini, B.K.; Singh, I., 1981:
Bilateral asymmetry in H-reflex latency in the human lower limbs

Starr, M.S.; Kilpatrick, I.C., 1981:
Bilateral asymmetry in brain GABA function?

Wetherington, R.K., 1983:
Bilateral asymmetry in cone epiphysis of the middle phalanx, fifth finger

Watson, J.E., 1967:
Bilateral asymmetry in noise induced hearing loss

Staley, R.N.; Green, L.J., 1971:
Bilateral asymmetry in tooth cusp occurrence in human monozygotic twins, dizygotic twins, and nontwins

Gruzelier, J.H., 1973:
Bilateral asymmetry of skin conductance orienting activity and levels in schizophrenics

McNeil, R.; Medina, A.M., 1967:
Bilateral asymmetry of the long bones of the extremities of the pigeon Columba livia and the parrott Amazona amazonica

Kano, T.; Takagi, K.; Adachi, T.; Yamada, M.; Muto, Y., 1984:
Bilateral asymptomatic enlargement of salivary glands in a male patient with anorexia nervosa

Herman, M.; Rocek, V.; Rehulka, M.; Indrák, K.; Gumulec, J.; Dusek, J., 1995:
Bilateral asymptomatic masses in posterior mediastinum. Intrathoracic extramedullary hematopoiesis

Sethney, T.; Whiting, J.C.; Stanisic, T.H.; Hillman, B.J.; Graham, A.R.; Drach, G.W., 1983:
Bilateral asynchronous renal tumors

Hosokawa, S.; Nishimoto, N.; Miyoshi, S.; Iwao, N.; Mizutani, S., 1984:
Bilateral asynchronous ureteral tumors associated with a horseshoe kidney: a case report

Jungblut, R.; Neveling, R., 1970:
Bilateral atresia of the choana--simple surgical method and clinical follow-up treatment

Kawashima, Y.; Takano, H.; Matsuda, H.; Danno, M.; Miyamoto, T., 1973:
Bilateral atrial myxoma

Yipintsoi, T.; Donavanik, L.; Bhamarapravati, N.; Jumbala, B.; Prachaubmoh, K., 1967:
Bilateral atrial myxoma with successful removal. Report of a case

Schiele, R., 1981:
Bilateral atrioventricular valve endocarditis in a cow as metastasis of reticuloperitonitis caused by a foreign body

Wolter, J.R., 1984:
Bilateral attachment of corneal endothelium to lens implants in corneal collapse at death: a pseudophakic eye with a Fuchs' epithelioma

Moore, J.R.; Weiland, A.J., 1980:
Bilateral attritional rupture of the ulnar nerve at the elbow

Kugler, B.T.; Caudrey, D.J.; Gruzelier, J.H., 1982:
Bilateral auditory acuity of schizophrenic patients: effects of repeated testing, time of day and medication

Partheniadis, E., 1965:
Bilateral auricle appendages

Bates, G.W.; Abide, J.K., 1982:
Bilateral autoamputation of the fallopian tubes

Bolton-Maggs, B.G.; Helal, B.H.; Revell, P.A., 1984:
Bilateral avascular necrosis of the capitate. A case report and a review of the literature

Manzaneque González, L.; Mayoral Martín, L.; Jiménez Ocaña, C.; Corzo Delgado, J.E.; Sánchez-Matas Rodríguez, P.; Grilo Reina, A., 1994:
Bilateral avascular necrosis of the femur head in an HIV-positive male

Hughes, E.C.; Schumacher, H.R.; Sbarbaro, J.L., 1971:
Bilateral avascular necrosis of the hip following Leriche syndrome

Lee, S.S.; Gutman, E., 1972:
Bilateral avascular renal metastases. A case report

Lorente-Sanchez, S.; Grigor'ian, G.A., 1982 :
Bilateral avoidance reflex elaborated by electric stimulation of the dorsal hippocampus in the rat

Match, R.M.; Corrylos, E.V., 1983:
Bilateral avulsion fracture of the triceps tendon insertion from skiing with osteogenesis imperfecta tarda. A case report

Pillet, J.; Rognon, L.; Albaret, P.; Rouleau, P.; Soret, J.Y., 1974:
Bilateral avulsion of the renal pedicles due to closed injury. Apropos of a case

Steele, K., 1983:
Bilateral axillary vein thrombosis

Raja, P.N.; Magotra, M.L.; Kapoor, B.S.; Narayanaswami, A.S.; Madan, V.S., 1982:
Bilateral basal arterial occlusions with telangiectasia over basal ganglia (Moyamoya disease)

Brannan, T.S.; Burger, A.A.; Chaudhary, M.Y., 1980:
Bilateral basal ganglia calcifications visualised on CT scan

McCollough, N.C.; Jennings, J.J.; Sarmiento, A., 1972:
Bilateral below-the-knee amputation in patients over fifty years of age. Results in thirty-one patients

Lüning, M.; Biedermann, F., 1967:
Bilateral bending of the distal joint of the little finger (Kirner's deformity)

Wheatley, K.K.; Lemak, L.L.; Sasso, R.D., 1983:
Bilateral benign adult cystic ovarian teratomas: case report and review of complications

Liang, J.C.; Juarez, C.P.; Goldberg, M.F., 1983:
Bilateral bicolored irides with Hirschsprung's disease. A neural crest syndrome

Brantigan, O.C.; Moszkowski, E., 1966:
Bilateral biopsy of non-palpable cervical lymph nodes. Diagnosis and prognosis in carcinoma of the lung

Stalker, W.H.; Allen, G.W., 1983:
Bilateral blind epithelized tracts associated with the inferior labial frenum

Duhamel, E.; Goetz, G.; Braun, J.P.; Baumgartner, J., 1965:
Bilateral blindness after fractures of both orbits

Vogiatzis, K.V., 1983:
Bilateral blindness due to necrotizing scleritis in a case of Wegener's granulomatosis

Harris, G.J., 1981:
Bilateral blindness due to orbital lymphoma

Brownstein, S.; Nicolle, D.A.; Codère, F., 1983:
Bilateral blindness in temporal arteritis with skip areas

Jessen, K.; Hagelsten, J.O., 1970:
Bilateral blood pressure measurement during anesthesia

Leone, C.R.; Hernandez, R., 1972:
Bilateral blowout fractures

Rosenberg, M.W.; Shah, D.M., 1980:
Bilateral blue toe syndrome. A case report

Cánovas Llorens, D.L.; Carbonell Casasús, J., 1994:
Bilateral bony choanal atresia in an adult

Gravlee, G.P.; Hudspeth, A.S.; Toole, J.F., 1984:
Bilateral brachial paralysis from watershed infarction after coronary artery bypass. A report of two cases and review of the predisposing anatomic and physiological mechanisms

Davini, V.; Rivano, C.; Borzone, M.; Capuzzo, T.; Altomonte, M., 1984:
Bilateral brain abscesses. Report of 2 cases

Matsumoto, A.; Busto, R.; Kogure, K.; Scheinberg, P.; Reinmuth, O., 1974:
Bilateral brain edema following unilateral cold injury

Pistolese, M.; Richichi, G.; Catalano, V., 1968:
Bilateral branch block. Electrocardiographic aspects and its importance in the origin of complete atrio-ventricular block

Fernandez, F.; Gay, J.; Lenègre, J., 1974:
Bilateral branch block: study of electrocardiographic aspects and of the anatomic and electric correlations in 100 cases with major histological lesions of the bundle of his. II. Study of the anatomic and electric correlations

Fernandez, F.; Gay, J.; Lenègre, J., 1974:
Bilateral branch block: study of the electrocardiographic aspects and of the anatomic and electric correlations in 100 cases with major histological lesions of the 2 branches of the bundle of his. i. Study of the electrocardiographic aspects

Princer, M.H.; Plotkin, R.P.; Brownstein, H.S., 1971:
Bilateral branchial cartilages

Lee, W.K.; Root, A.W.; Fenske, N., 1982:
Bilateral branchial cleft sinuses associated with intrauterine and postnatal growth retardation, premature aging, and unusual facial appearance: a new syndrome with dominant transmission

Hsiao, K., 1984:
Bilateral branching contributes minimally to the enhanced ipsilateral projection in monocular Syrian golden hamsters

Johnson, M.; Lloyd, H.E., 1974:
Bilateral breast cancer 10 years after an augmentation mammaplasty: case report

Giordano, C.; Damba, A.; Ciari Júnior, C., 1965:
Bilateral breast cancer and pregnancy

Lindberg, J.; Tallgren, U., 1969:
Bilateral breast cancer as a complication of a prostatic cancer, treated with hormones

Burns, P.E.; Dabbs, K.; May, C.; Lees, A.W.; Birkett, L.R.; Jenkins, H.J.; Hanson, J., 1984:
Bilateral breast cancer in northern Alberta: risk factors and survival patterns

Schell, S.R.; Montague, E.D.; Spanos, W.J.; Tapley, N.D.; Fletcher, G.H.; Oswald, M.J., 1982:
Bilateral breast cancer in patients with initial stage I and II disease

Finney, G.G.; Finney, G.G.; Montague, A.C.; Stonesifer, G.L.; Brown, C.C., 1972:
Bilateral breast cancer, clinical and pathological review

Adami, H.O.; Holmberg, L.; Rimsten, A., 1984:
Bilateral breast cancer--an underestimated source of knowledge?

Kułakowski, A.; Rózycki-Gerlach, W.; Al-Jassaf, H., 1984:
Bilateral breast cancer. A clinical problem

Richiger de Arranz, E.; Tozzini, R.; Miechi, J.H.; Adorni, R.; Reviglio, E., 1969:
Bilateral breast cancer. Simultaneous and recurrent secondary breast cancer

Titius, B.R.; Göhring, U.J.; Scharl, A., 1995:
Bilateral breast carcinoma after recurrent myxoid liposarcoma of the breast

Slomska, J.; Niepolomska, W.; Górski, C.; Hliniak, A.; Nowak, K., 1972:
Bilateral breast carcinoma among cases treated at the Institute of Oncology in Gliwice

Cervi, G.C.; Coniglio, A.; Vittoria, A.; Marini, G.; Giulini, S.M.; Biasca, F.; Tiberio, G., 1983:
Bilateral breast carcinoma. Considerations on 11 treated cases

D'Alonzo, U., 1968:
Bilateral breast carcinoma: histopathological patterns and critical considerations

Fahmy, J.L.; Wood, B.P.; Miller, J.H., 1995:
Bilateral breast involvement in a teenage girl with Burkitt lymphoma

Memis, A.; Killi, R.; Orguc, S.; Ustün, E.E., 1995:
Bilateral breast involvement in acute lymphoblastic leukemia: color Doppler sonography findings

Bloomberg, T.J.; Glees, J.P.; Williams, J.E., 1980:
Bilateral breast lumps: an unusual feature of extramedullary plasmacytoma

Moreno, A.; Gonzalo, M.A.; Sarasa, J.L.; Herrera-Pombo, J.L., 1995:
Bilateral breast metastases as the first manifestation of an occult ileocecal carcinoid

Scott, J.; Robb-Smith, A.H.; Burns, I., 1974:
Bilateral breast metastases from carcinoma of the prostate

Chopra, J.S.; Chandar, K., 1972:
Bilateral breast metastases from malignant melanoma of the eye

Boris, P., 1984:
Bilateral breast metastasis from a primary uveal melanoma

Hartel, E.; Prokscha, G.W., 1981:
Bilateral breast neoplasms

Garusi, G.; Donati, E., 1970:
Bilateral breast tumors or breast tumors associated with uterine tumors

Lundgren, R., 1984:
Bilateral bronchial carcinoma

Sztark, F.; Thicoïpé, M.; Favarel-Garrigues, J.F.; Velly, J.F.; Lassié, P., 1995:
Bilateral bronchial rupture: problems of respiratory management

Wiesner, B., 1972:
Bilateral bronchography in children

Baldini, G.; Haack, D.C.; Weinstein, S., 1981:
Bilateral buccolingual forces produced by extraoral traction

Chung, E.K.; Morgan, E.J., 1969:
Bilateral bundle branch block

Shetty, N.; Gould, L., 1969:
Bilateral bundle branch block in an asymptomatic patient

Hashida, E.; Maekawa, F.; Shirai, T., 1965:
Bilateral bundle branch block. Report of two cases

Rosenbaum, M.B.; Elizari, M.V.; Lázzari, J.O.; Halpern, M.S.; Nau, G.J., 1971:
Bilateral bundle branch block: its recognition and significance

Godman, M.J.; Alpert, B.A.; Julian, D.G., 1971:
Bilateral bundle-branch block complicating acute myocardial infarction

Szczeklik, A.; Frydecka, I., 1972:
Bilateral bundle-branch block in myocardial infarct

Glessner, J.R.; Davis, G.L., 1966:
Bilateral calcaneonavicular coalition occurring in twin boys. A case report

Rabenseifener, L.; Belz, R., 1982:
Bilateral calcaneus fractures

Vizkelety, T.; Aszodi, K., 1968:
Bilateral calcareous bursitis at the elbow

Brocklebank, L.M., 1982:
Bilateral calcified choroid plexus: a case report

Springer, P., 1981:
Bilateral calcified facial blood vessels

Tytle, T.; Rosin, D., 1984:
Bilateral calcified ovarian fibromas

Anonymous, 1980:
Bilateral calf claudication complicated by hyperthyroidism

Katerndahl, D.A., 1981:
Bilateral calf pain

Cox, C.E., 1965:
Bilateral calyceal-ileal-cutaneous anastomosis

Steg, A.; Benassayag, E.; Draoui, D.; Galian, P., 1969:
Bilateral cancer of the kidney. One-stage extended right nephrectomy and partial left nephrectomy

Pytel', I.A.; Aliaev, I.G., 1983:
Bilateral cancer of the kidneys

Bazhenova, A.P.; Iagunova, L.V., 1970:
Bilateral cancerous lesion of the breast

Czech, D.A.; Stein, E.A., 1984:
Bilateral cannula system for intracranial chemical microinjection in small animals

Khavari, K.A.; Feider, A.J.; Warburton, D.M.; Martin, R.A., 1967:
Bilateral cannulaf for central administration of drugs in rats

Bouchat, J.; Marsol, C., 1967:
Bilateral capsular cataract and radar

Fell, S.C.; Sprayregen, S.; Becker, N.H., 1966:
Bilateral carcinoid tumors of the mediastinum

Spissu, M.; Trignano, M.; Soro, P.; Fantini, A., 1981:
Bilateral carcinoma of the breast (personal experience)

Smith, B.C., 1968:
Bilateral carcinoma of the breast in living mother and daughter. A report of cases

Pasi, P.L.; Longo, O.A.; Barg, S., 1969:
Bilateral carcinoma of the breast. 10 year follow-up. Carcinoma of the colon

Adami, H.O.; Hansen, J.; Jung, B.; Lindgren, A.; Rimsten, A., 1981:
Bilateral carcinoma of the breast. Epidemiology and histopathology

Schmidt, P.H.; Verdonk, G.J., 1967:
Bilateral carcinoma of the ear

Assor, D., 1974:
Bilateral carcinoma of the parotid, one cancer arising in a Warthin's tumor

Böhm, W., 1968:
Bilateral carcinomatous and sarcomatous degeneration of an uterine polyp

Najafi, H.; Cagle, J.E.; Javid, H.; Julian, O.C., 1969:
Bilateral carotid arteriography. Its adequacy in cerebrovascular insufficiency evaluation

Owada, Y.; Sakuta, Y., 1995:
Bilateral carotid artery agenesis with corpus callosum hypogenesis--a case report

Sensenig, D.M., 1974:
Bilateral carotid artery endarterectomy at one operation

Mandel, M.M.; Strimel, W.H., 1969:
Bilateral carotid artery occlusion in a young adult. Clinicopathological report of a case associated with oral contraceptives

Howard, G.F.; Ho, S.U.; Kim, K.S.; Wallach, J., 1984:
Bilateral carotid artery occlusion resulting from giant cell arteritis

Winter, B., 1980:
Bilateral carotid body resection

Winter, B., 1972:
Bilateral carotid body resection for asthma and emphysema. A new surgical approach without hypoventilation or baroreceptor dysfunction

Sullivan, C.E., 1980:
Bilateral carotid body resection in asthma: vulnerability to hypoxic death in sleep

Hirsch, J.H.; Killien, F.C.; Troupin, R.H., 1980:
Bilateral carotid body tumors and cyanotic heart disease

Fokin, A.A.; Zakharov, V.E., 1980:
Bilateral carotid chemodectoma

Hickey, R.F.; Ehrenfeld, W.K.; Hamilton, F.N.; Larson, C.P., 1972:
Bilateral carotid endarterectomy with attempted preservation of carotid body function

Kim, S.W.; Lee, K.C., 1970:
Bilateral carotid ligation. Case report

Martin, P.J.; Levy, M.N.; Zieske, H., 1969:
Bilateral carotid sinus control of ventricular performance in the dog

García-Albea, E.; Hernández, J.; Cubero, A.; Satorre, J., 1982:
Bilateral carotid stenosis after cervical radiotherapy

Jones, R.R.; Wetzel, N., 1970:
Bilateral carotid vertebrobasilar rete mirabile. Case report

Winter, B., 1970:
Bilateral carotid-body resection

Larson, C.P., 1970:
Bilateral carotid-body resection

West, C.G., 1980:
Bilateral carotid-cavernous fistulae: a review

Kubin, H.; Ortner, W.D., 1973:
Bilateral carotis-sinus-cavernosus fistula

Paterson, D.C., 1966:
Bilateral carpal and tarsal tunnel syndrome

Pellegrino, E.A.; Olson, J.R., 1972:
Bilateral carpal lunate ganglia

Cruz Martínez, A.; Arpa, J.; Pérez Conde, M.C.; Ferrer, M.T., 1984:
Bilateral carpal tunnel in childhood associated with Schwartz-Jampel syndrome

Gleason, T.F.; Abraham, E., 1982:
Bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome associated with unilateral duplication of the flexor digitorum superficialis muscle: a case report

Gouet, P.; Castets, M.; Touchard, G.; Payen, J.; Alcalay, M., 1984:
Bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome due to tuberculosis tenosynovitis: a case report

Klaerke, A.; Jacobsen, B.A., 1984:
Bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome during chronic hemodialysis

Wilson, K.M.; Buehler, M.J., 1994:
Bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome in a normal child

Janz, C.; Brock, M.; Kern, B.C., 1995:
Bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome--surgical therapy--prognostic factors and results

Segal, N., 1982:
Bilateral cataract caused by electrocution

Masek, P.; Janula, J., 1982:
Bilateral cataract extraction

Engelbrecht, G.C.; Stulting, A.A., 1984:
Bilateral cataract extractions in one session. A report on 134 consecutive cases

Payrau, M., 1968:
Bilateral cataract, band-shaped keratopathy and tetany

Lebinger, T.G.; Goldman, K.N.; Saenger, P., 1983:
Bilateral cataracts as the initial sign of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus in a child

Medeiros A deS; de Carvalho, R.M., 1973:
Bilateral caverno-saphenous shunt for priapism: 4 case reports

Fundarò, P., 1969:
Bilateral cavernous hemangioma of the ovary: report of a case and review of the literature

Mills, R.P.; Insalaco, S.J.; Joseph, A., 1981:
Bilateral cavernous sinus metastasis and ophthalmoplegia. Case report

Boedecker, R.A.; Bradley, H.J.; Sty, J.R., 1981:
Bilateral cavitary disease with a history of recurrent upper respiratory infections

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Bilateral cecoureteroceles causing urinary retention in the newborn

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Bilateral central and centrocaecal scotomata due to mass lesions

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Bilateral central choroid sclerosis

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Bilateral central dislocation of the hip. A case report

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Bilateral central hip joint dislocation due to electric shock

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Bilateral central retinal artery occlusion in homocystinuria. A case report

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Bilateral central retinal vein occlusion and circulating anticoagulant

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Bilateral central retinal vein occlusions in a patient with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. Clinicopathologic correlation

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Bilateral central scotomata due to intracranial tumour

von Cramon, D., 1981:
Bilateral cerebellar dysfunctions in a unilateral meso-diencephalic lesion

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Bilateral cerebellopontine angle air-CT cisternography

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Bilateral cervical and thoracic epidural blockade complicating interscalene brachial plexus block: report of two cases

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Bilateral cervical carotid aneurysms treated by resection and replacement grafts. Report of a case

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Bilateral cervical hernia of lung with soft-tissue protrusion in suprasternal fossa

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Bilateral cervical rib and subclavian aneurysm

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Bilateral cervical rib syndrome complicated by osteolysis of the distal phalanges

Müller, J.H.; Schmidt, K.H.; Lüning, M.; Bürger, K., 1969:
Bilateral changes in Klippel-Trenaunay-Weber syndrome with malformations in the arterial, venous and lymphatic vascular system

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Bilateral changes in soma size of geniculate relay cells and corticogeniculate cells after neonatal monocular enucleation in rats

Wychulis, A.R.; Beahrs, O.H., 1965:
Bilateral chemodectomas

Glauser, F.L., 1974:
Bilateral chemosis and conjunctival venous engorgement in cardiopulmonary failure

Mednick, J.; Crowther, D., 1965:
Bilateral cherry-red spots without clinical cerebral degeneration

Klems, H.; Kölbel, R., 1971:
Bilateral chisel fracture of the radius head

Ekutsu, M.; Kabwé, P.; Bélé-Binda, N.; Sabwé, M.; Muyunga, J.; Bidabé, A.M., 1984:
Bilateral choanal atresia in the newborn infant. Role of the anesthesiologist

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Bilateral choanal atresia in the newborn. (Two case reports)

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Bilateral choanal atresia in the newborn: plan of action

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Bilateral choanal atresia in two members of one family

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Bilateral choanal atresia. A newborn emergency

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Bilateral choanal atresia: a neonatal respiratory emergency

Seigert, R.F.; Wilson, S.D.; Kauffman, H.M., 1972:
Bilateral cholangiojejunostomy for sclerosing carcinoma of the intrahepatic bile ducts

Evard, J.P., 1970:
Bilateral choleateatoma of the renal pelvis

Protasevich, G.S.; Kovalik, P.V., 1984:
Bilateral cholesteatoma of the middle ear

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Bilateral cholesteatoma of the middle ear: 2 case reports

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Bilateral cholesteatoma with the tympanum intact and bilateral facial paralysis

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Bilateral chondrodermatitis nodularis antihelicis

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Bilateral choreoathetosis

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Bilateral choroid metastases revealing adenocarcinoma of undetermined origin

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Bilateral choroid plexus papillomas of the lateral ventricles--report of two cases and review of literatures

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Bilateral choroidal hemangiomas and facial nevus flammeus

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Bilateral choroidal melanomas: a case report

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Bilateral choroidal metastases from male breast carcinoma

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Bilateral choroidal metastases from "adenoma" of the bronchus

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Bilateral choroidal osteoma with subretinal neovascularization

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Bilateral choroidal osteomas associated with fatal systemic illness

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Bilateral chronic non-obstructive interstitial nephritides

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Bilateral chronic otorrhea: recurring chronic meningitis. Therapeutic problems

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Bilateral chronic sialadenitis overlying hamular processes. Report of a case

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Bilateral chronic subdural haematomas; surgical or non-surgical treatment

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Bilateral chronic subdural hematoma following septicemia with toxic damage of the bone marrow

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Bilateral chronic suppurative otitis with giant polyps

Károlyi, A.; Juhász, E.; Molnár, S.; Ungrischpek, G., 1984:
Bilateral chylothorax associated with chylous ascites

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Bilateral chylothorax associated with sclerosing mediastinitis

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Bilateral chylothorax complicating Mustard repair of transposition of the great vessels

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Bilateral chylothorax following thymectomy: resolution following unilateral drainage

Curci, M.R.; Dibbins, A.W., 1980:
Bilateral chylothorax in a newborn

Raĭkevich, N.P., 1980:
Bilateral chylothorax in blunt trauma to the chest cavity

Tucker, S.M., 1967:
Bilateral chylothorax with multiple osteolytic lesions? Generalized abnormality of lymphatic system

Saraceno, C.A.; Farrior, R.T., 1981:
Bilateral chylothorax. Rare complication of neck dissection

Galentine, P.; Sloas, H.; Hargett, N.; Cupples, H.P., 1981:
Bilateral cicatricial ectropion following topical administration of 5-fluorouracil

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Bilateral cingulum lesions and stimulation in man with lateralized impairment in short-term verbal memory

Svitko, E.I., 1965:
Bilateral circumscribed posttraumatic intracranial hematoma

Kawahara, N.; Arabori, Y., 1971:
Bilateral clavicular fracture in an unusual circumstance complicated by multiple rib fractures

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Bilateral cleft lip and a primary forked flap: a preliminary report

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Bilateral cleft lip and palate: presurgical treatment

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Bilateral cleft lip repair: "putting it all together"

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Bilateral cleft lip repairs: review of 160 cases, and description of present management

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Bilateral clefts of the primary palate

Golden, S.M.; Perman, K.I., 1980:
Bilateral clinical anophthalmia: drugs as potential factors

Cheng, S.F., 1974:
Bilateral coccidioidal epididymitis

Cernea, P.; Lupescu, E., 1971:
Bilateral coloboma of the papilla of the optic nerve

Secchi, A.G., 1967:
Bilateral colobomatous pit of the optical papilla associated with macular degenerative manifestations. Study of 3 cases in the same family

Calì, G., 1965:
Bilateral communicating radicular cysts of the maxilla

Gonzalez, E.; Momtaz-T, K.; Freedman, S., 1984:
Bilateral comparison of generalized lichen planus treated with psoralens and ultraviolet A

Lydon, J.C.; Spielman, F.J., 1984:
Bilateral compartment syndrome following prolonged surgery in the lithotomy position

Mehdorn, H.M.; Towfight, A.H.; Jamjoom, Z.A.; Kalff, R.; Schmit-Neuerburg, K.P., 1983:
Bilateral compartment syndrome in the lower legs caused by over-exertion following a military march

Mulliken, J.B., 1995:
Bilateral complete cleft lip and nasal deformity: an anthropometric analysis of staged to synchronous repair

Sokolov, A.M., 1966:
Bilateral complete dislocation of the mandible of many years duration

Zaragoza, R.A.; Zimmerman, A.F., 1968:
Bilateral complete duplication of renal pelves and ureters

Gurgenidze, R.V.; Sharshenidze, S.V.; Bardavadze, O.S., 1973:
Bilateral complete hemianopsia with partial restoration of the visual field in a case of cerebro-cranial injury

Laurenti, C.; D.D.minicis, C., 1983:
Bilateral complete ureteric duplication with bilateral ectopic orifices

Malinovskiĭ, I.L.; Mitroshin, A.N., 1984:
Bilateral complication of shoulder dislocations

Cowie, R.A.; Tsementzis, S.A., 1983:
Bilateral compound fractures of the infant skull caused by dog bite

Murali, S.R.; Ashcroft, P.; Scotland, T., 1995:
Bilateral compression of the median nerve by supracondylar spurs

Usák, J., 1972 :
Bilateral concomitant rupture of the distal tendon of the biceps

Aslanova, I.F., 1971:
Bilateral conditioned-reflex connections in instrumental defensive reflexes

Schröder, D.; Dietze, U., 1973:
Bilateral congenital absence of tear secretion and keratitis sicca assiciated with premature synostosis of all skull sutures

Hickey, W.F.; Wagoner, M.D., 1983:
Bilateral congenital absence of the abducens nerve

Laboccetta, F.; Pignataro, E., 1970:
Bilateral congenital absence of the patella

Fisher, S.R.; Farmer, J.C.; Baylin, G., 1982:
Bilateral congenital absence of the stapes and cervical spine anomaly

Foretich, E.A.; Cardo, V.A.; Zambito, R.F., 1973:
Bilateral congenital absence of the submandibular duct orifices

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Bilateral congenital absence of the vas deferens. Diagnostic features of seminal picture in 42 new cases

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Bilateral congenital anophthalmos (a case report)

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Bilateral congenital anophthalmos. Report of a case

Derevianko, I.M., 1967:
Bilateral congenital anterior diaphragmatic hernia in a child

Caserta, S.; Laurà, G., 1980:
Bilateral congenital camptodactylia of the IF of the hallux. Presentation of case

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Bilateral congenital carpal fusion in a champion golfer. A case report

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Bilateral congenital choanal atresia associated with anomalies of the foregut

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Bilateral congenital coloboma of lids, fusion of gums and the temporomandibular joints

Mehta, M.H., 1972:
Bilateral congenital contracture of the ilio-tibial tract

Schneeweiss, A.; Rath, S.; Neufeld, H.N., 1981:
Bilateral congenital coronary artery fistula

Schmidt, W., 1983:
Bilateral congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation of the lung. Analysis of a case

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Bilateral congenital dislocation of head of radius with brachydactylia in British Guiana--case report

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Bilateral congenital dislocation of hips: diagnosis on a bone scan

Ionescu, A.; Lavrov, S.; Milicescu, S., 1972:
Bilateral congenital elevation of the scapula associated with the Klippel-Feil syndrome

Firat, T.; Ozkan, S., 1973:
Bilateral congenital entropion of the upper eyelids

Fogg, R.A., 1980:
Bilateral congenital facial paralysis

Livingstone, J.A.; Burd, D.A., 1995:
Bilateral congenital fatty heel pads

Calogero, B.; Iodice, S.; D'Onofrio, M., 1965:
Bilateral congenital fistula of the ear communicating with the tympanum

Kozlowski, K., 1965:
Bilateral congenital hypoplasia of the cubitus and bilateral calcaneo-cuboidal synostosis in a young girl

Divine, R.D.; Anderson, R.L.; Bumsted, R.M., 1983:
Bilateral congenital lacrimal sac mucoceles with nasal extension and drainage

Schiller, H.M.; Yatteau, R.F.; Madge, G.E., 1970:
Bilateral congenital lobar emphysema

Tournier, G.; Designolle, M.; Binet, J.P.; Cloup, M.; L.B.nt, H.; Devilleger, H.; Rojas-Miranda, A.; Gerbeaux, J., 1973:
Bilateral congenital lobar emphysema. Successful 1-stage right middle and left upper lobectomy

Wustrow, T.P.; Martin, F., 1983:
Bilateral congenital lower lip fistulas

Butler, B.W.; Shafer, A.D., 1966:
Bilateral congenital lumbar hernia

Wang, R.; Zubick, H.H.; Vernick, D.M.; Strome, M., 1984:
Bilateral congenital middle ear cholesteatomas

Jayanthi, V.R.; Churchill, B.M.; Thorner, P.S.; McLorie, G.A.; Khoury, A.E., 1995:
Bilateral congenital midureteral adynamic segments

Kishikawa, T.; Toda, T.; Ito, H.; Yamaguchi, S.; Kuroda, M.; Matsuyama, K., 1981:
Bilateral congenital multicystic dysplasia of the kidney

Krahmer, R., 1970:
Bilateral congenital muscular variation of forearm and thigh in a black-colored marsh cow

Moskow, B.S., 1982:
Bilateral congenital nasopalatine communication

Garner, A.; Griffiths, P., 1969:
Bilateral congenital ocular defects in a foal

Weider, D.J.; Musiek, F.E., 1984:
Bilateral congenital oval window microfistulae in a mother and son

Panndorf, H.; Krahmer, R., 1969:
Bilateral congenital patella dislocation in a foal

Turro, O.R.; Mieres, A.; D.F.na, N.; Ferrari, O., 1967:
Bilateral congenital polycystic kidney in infants

Brooks, S., 1984:
Bilateral congenital pseudarthrosis of the clavicles--case report and review of the literature

Anonymous, 1966:
Bilateral congenital talonavicular synostosis

MacCallum, W.D., 1968:
Bilateral connate incisors. A case report

Fanibunda, K.; Thompson, R.P., 1981:
Bilateral connated permanent upper central incisors

Gersh, R.P.; Isler, S., 1973:
Bilateral connation of primary molars: report of a case

Wilson, V.J.; Yoshida, M., 1969:
Bilateral connections between labyrinths and neck motoneurons

Mel'nikov, V.V., 1971:
Bilateral connections in the secondary signal system

Janakiraman, K.; Gadgil, B.A.; Buch, N.C., 1971:
Bilateral contraception with unilateral intra-uterine device in the rat

Mushimoto, E.; Mitani, H., 1982:
Bilateral coordination pattern of masticatory muscle activities during chewing in normal subjects

Karcz, J.; Janus, K., 1969:
Bilateral coral shaped urolithiasis of urinary tracts in infants and young children

Topilow, H.W.; Cykiert, R.C.; Goldman, K.; Palmer, E.; Henkind, P., 1981:
Bilateral corneal dermis-like choristomas; an X chromosome-linked disorder

Henkind, P.; Marinoff, G.; Manas, A.; Friedman, A., 1973:
Bilateral corneal dermoids

Bonnet, I., 1973:
Bilateral corneal lesions due to the projections of cosmetics and hygienic products, by aerosols

Sprague, J.B.; Forstot, S.L., 1980:
Bilateral corneal leukomas

Weiss, J.; Degnan, M.; Leupold, R.; Lumpkin, L.R., 1981:
Bilateral corneal opacities. Occurrence in a patient treated with oral isotretinoin

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Bilateral corneal opacity in a dog--successful treatment with vit. A

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Bilateral coronal and right lambdoidal craniosynostosis. Case report and review of the literature

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Bilateral coronaro-pulmonary fistula. Apropos of a new case with review of the literature

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Bilateral coronary artery--pulmonary artery fistulas. Report of five cases and review of the literature

González Juanatey, J.R.; Amaro Cendón, A.; Iglesias Carreño, C.; Rubio Alvarez, J.; Gil de la Peña, M., 1985:
Bilateral coronary fistula with drainage into the pulmonary artery associated with aortic insufficiency

Muldoon, C.J., 1971:
Bilateral coronoid hyperplasia

Marra, L.M., 1983:
Bilateral coronoid hyperplasia, a developmental defect

Hecker, R.; Corwin, J.O., 1980:
Bilateral coronoid hyperplasia: review of the literature and report of case

Heeney, D.J.; Koo, A.H., 1980:
Bilateral cortical blindness associated with carotid stenosis in a patient with a persistent trigeminal artery: case report

Khunadorn, N.; Kalumpaheti, R., 1970:
Bilateral cortical blindness from cerebral infarction

Fisher, M.; McQuillen, J.B., 1981:
Bilateral cortical border-zone infarction. A pseudobrainstem stroke

Drut, R.; Pawlow, D., 1971:
Bilateral cortical cerebellar sclerosis

Capelli, A.; Bertoni, F.; Martinelli, G., 1970:
Bilateral cortical necrosis

Bouissou, H.; Fabre, M.T.; Familiadès, J.; Kanoun, T., 1968:
Bilateral cortical necrosis of kidney. Experimental and etiopathogenic study

Varagunam, T.; Panabokke, R.G., 1970:
Bilateral cortical necrosis of the kidneys following snakebite

Way, J.B., 1970:
Bilateral corticopontine projection in two diprotodonts--a degeneration study

Grislain, J.R.; Mussini, J.; de Berranger, P.; Mainard, R.; Nomballais, F., 1968:
Bilateral costal chondroma in the newborn

Gerl, A.; Tavan, S., 1980:
Bilateral craniectomy in the treatment of severe traumatic brain edema

Pollack, R.P., 1984:
Bilateral creeping attachment using free mucosal grafts. A case report with 4-year follow-up

Harford, E., 1966:
Bilateral cros. Two sided listening with one hearing aid

Ohigashi, Y.; Hamanaka, T.; Yamashita, S.; Tokuriki, Y.; Tanabe, H., 1983:
Bilateral crossed visuomotor ataxia--a case report

Ectors, M.; Cauchie, C.; Demaertelaere-Laurent, E., 1970:
Bilateral crural involvement in a hemophiliac with an electromyographic study

Gueguen, B.; de Rohan-Chabot, P.; Goulon, M., 1983:
Bilateral crural paralysis during a ride on a motorcycle

Das, B., 1974:
Bilateral cryptophthalmos

Ishwarchandra; Mulak, J.S., 1966:
Bilateral cryptophthalmos (ablepharon). (A case report)

Gupta, G.P.; Gogi, R., 1981:
Bilateral cryptophthalmos-syndactyly syndrome

Neves Neto, E.; Tasca, J.; de Oliveira, C.A., 1969:
Bilateral cryptorchism treated surgically by incision in the lower inguino-abdominal crease and placement between the skin and tunica dartos

Jünemann, H.; Schilling, H., 1984:
Bilateral cup-shaped bone apophysis of the patella--an unusual variation of the growing skeleton

Staheli, L.T.; Clawson, D.K.; Capps, J.H., 1966:
Bilateral curving of the terminal phalanges of the little fingers. Report of two cases

Sakamoto, E.; Stratigos, G.T., 1973:
Bilateral cutaneous sinus tracts of dental etiology: report of case

King, L.R., 1967:
Bilateral cutaneous ureterostomy: a new external appliance for urine collection

Calvo Mateo, M.A.; Ibarz Servio, L.; de Torres Mateos, J.A., 1980:
Bilateral cyst of the seminal vesicles

Nakamura, Y.; Nakashima, T.; Nakashima, H.; Hashimoto, T., 1981:
Bilateral cystic nephroblastomas and botryoid sarcoma involving vagina and urinary bladder in a child with microcephaly, arhinencephaly, and bilateral cataracts

Juhl, M.; Larsen, K.E.; Nielsen, H.V., 1983:
Bilateral cystic seminal vesicles associated with unilateral renal agenesis

Correll, R.W., 1980:
Bilateral cysts of the jaw occurring with multiple skin lesions

Przeklasa, W.; Wlodyka, J., 1974:
Bilateral damage of recurrent laryngeal nerves following operations of nonmalignant thyroid hypertrophy

Rose, A.M., 1966 :
Bilateral deafness after removal of the left ear

Sale, C., 1969:
Bilateral deafness due to stapes surgery

Krasheninnikov, V.F., 1974:
Bilateral deafness following radiation treatment

Lecoq, P.J.; Haut, J.; Limon, S., 1974:
Bilateral degenerative retinal lesions in 2 univiteline twins with retinal detachment in 1

Neil, M.J.; Conacher, C., 1984:
Bilateral delta phalanx of the proximal phalanges of the great toes. A report on an affected family

Crinzi, R.A., 1982:
Bilateral dentigerous cysts of the mandible

Carsten, A.L.; Caveness, W.F.; Roizin, L.; Machek, J., 1970:
Bilateral depression in photic-evoked response as a late effect of unilateral visual cortex x-irradiation

Carsten, A.L.; Caveness, W.F.; Roizin, L.; Machek, J., 1970:
Bilateral depression in photo-evoked response as a late effect of unilateral visual cortex X-irradiation

Skinhoj, E., 1965:
Bilateral depression of CBF in unilateral cerebral diseases

Singh, G.; Schulz, E., 1984:
Bilateral deprivation amblyopia

Takiguchi, P.S.; Ratz, J.L., 1984:
Bilateral dermatomal neurofibromatosis

Berlowski, J.; Kosiński, J., 1971:
Bilateral dermoplasty of the nasal septum in the treatment of a case of Rendu-Osler disease

Brouillette, J.N., 1995:
Bilateral deselection

Robecchi, A.; Secondo, G.; Barboso, B., 1967:
Bilateral destructive coxarthrosis during alkaptonuric arthropathy in 2 sisters

Weiss, S.W.; Kelly, W.D., 1983:
Bilateral destructive synovitis associated with alpha mannosidase deficiency

Duhamel, E.; Goetz, G., 1965:
Bilateral detachment of the retina during eclampsia

Curley, F.J.; Hubmayr, R.D.; Raptopoulos, V., 1984:
Bilateral diaphragmatic densities in a 72-year-old woman

Firestone, F.N.; Taybi, H., 1967:
Bilateral diaphragmatic eventration: demonstration by pneumoperitoneography

Clay, M.G.; Munro, A.I., 1971:
Bilateral diaphragmatic hernia from blunt injury causing a Budd-Chiari syndrome: use of liver and spleen scan in demonstrating the defects

DiBenedetto, R.J.; Firth, M.; Ham, E.; Causey, D., 1983:
Bilateral diaphragmatic paralysis

Luce, J.M.; Huseby, J.S.; Marini, J.J., 1980:
Bilateral diaphragmatic paralysis as a cause of respiratory failure

Thomas, N.E.; Passamonte, P.M.; Sunderrajan, E.V.; Andelin, J.B.; Ansbacher, L.E., 1984:
Bilateral diaphragmatic paralysis as a possible paraneoplastic syndrome from renal cell carcinoma

Chandler, K.W.; Rozas, C.J.; Kory, R.C.; Goldman, A.L., 1984:
Bilateral diaphragmatic paralysis complicating local cardiac hypothermia during open heart surgery

Kohorst, W.R.; Schonfeld, S.A.; Altman, M., 1984:
Bilateral diaphragmatic paralysis following topical cardiac hypothermia

Aldrich, T.K.; Herman, J.H.; Rochester, D.F., 1980:
Bilateral diaphragmatic paralysis in the newborn infant

Abdine, H.; el-Sayed, M.A.; Ibrahim, S.A., 1974:
Bilateral differential spectrophotometric determination of amphetamine sulphate in tablets

Anderson, E.E.; Harper, J.M.; Small, M.P.; Atwill, W.H., 1968:
Bilateral diffuse Wilms tumor: a 5-year survival

Hustin, J.; Chef, R., 1972:
Bilateral diffuse nephroblastoma. Considerations on a further case

Sale, G.E.; Storb, R., 1983:
Bilateral diffuse pulmonary ectopic ossification after marrow allograft in a dog. Evidence for allotransplantation of hemopoietic and mesenchymal stem cells

Lucas, G.L., 1980:
Bilateral digital artery thrombosis: a case report

Lin, L.; Dowden, W.E.; Langeland, K., 1982:
Bilateral dilaceration

Soskolne, W.A., 1967:
Bilateral dilatation of the submandibular ducts. A case report

Tolin, B.S.; Del Pizzo, W., 1995:
Bilateral discoid medial menisci. Case report

Michelson, D., 1980:
Bilateral dislocated fractures of the talus

Taddei, L., 1983:
Bilateral dislocation fractures of the wrist joint

Joseph, D.; Bruskewitz, R.C., 1982:
Bilateral dislocation of rear tip extenders from the inflatable penile prosthesis

Diallo, J.; Turcat, J.P., 1971:
Bilateral dislocation of the crystalline lens

Jensen, U.H.; Rud, B., 1983:
Bilateral dislocation of the elbows

Caldwell, R.A., 1967:
Bilateral dislocation of the hips

Markowicz, M.; Trzaskoś, J.; Sulzycki, K., 1983:
Bilateral dislocation of the knee joints complicated by subacute ischemia of the limb

Brown, R.J., 1984:
Bilateral dislocation of the shoulders

Iakirevich, A.L., 1966:
Bilateral dislocation of the testes

Sumskiĭ, L.I.; Kuksova, N.S., 1982:
Bilateral disorders in the perceptual function of the brain in patients with unilateral lesions as a result of acute cerebral circulatory disorders

Miller, R.J., 1965:
Bilateral dissimilar renal lesions as a source of reversible hypertension: a case report

Gomes, B.C.; Renner, R.P., 1982:
Bilateral distal extension removable partial dentures (I)

Gomes, B.C.; Renner, R.P., 1982:
Bilateral distal extension removable partial dentures (II)

Gumbs, V.L.; Segal, D.; Halligan, J.B.; Lower, G., 1982:
Bilateral distal radius and ulnar fractures in adolescent weight lifters

Herrick, R.T., 1983:
Bilateral distal radius and ulnar shafts in adolescent weight lifters

Stern, M.B.; Grant, S.S.; Isaacson, A.S., 1967:
Bilateral distal tibial and fibular epiphyseal separation associated with spina bifida. A case report

Caplan, L.R., 1983:
Bilateral distal vertebral artery occlusion

Rohrbaugh, J.W.; Newlin, D.B.; Varner, J.L.; Ellingson, R.J., 1984:
Bilateral distribution of the O wave

Korf, J.; Postema, F., 1980:
Bilateral dopamine metabolism in the striatum after unilateral application of tetrodotoxine in the midbrain of the rat

Brückner, L., 1983:
Bilateral dorsal atlas arch aplasia--a cause of false evaluation following trauma

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Bilateral dorsal midtarsal dislocations

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Bilateral double ureters associated with megaureter and megacolon

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Bilateral double-rooted maxillary primary canines. An abbreviated case report

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Bilateral duplication of the submandibular ducts

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Bilateral dysgenetic polycystic parotid glands. Morphological analysis and differential diagnosis of a rare disease of the salivary glands

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Bilateral dysgerminoma

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Bilateral dysmelia and micromelia

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Bilateral dysplasia of the neck of scapula and associated anomalies

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Bilateral dysplasia of the scapular neck

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Bilateral earlobe keloids

Malik, S.R.; Sood, G.C.; Gunguli, G.; Singh, G., 1968:
Bilateral eccentric fixation

Bonnet, M.; Ravault, A.; Juginger, 1971:
Bilateral eccentric fixation caused by acquired organic lesions of the macula

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Bilateral eccentric fixation in straight amblyopia

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Bilateral ectasia of the sclera

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Bilateral ectopic breast of the vulva. Report of a case

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Bilateral ectopic cuspids erupted between the central and the lateral incisors treated by means of a removable appliance

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Bilateral ectopic opening of simplex ureters in girls. Report of 9 cases

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Bilateral ectopic pheochromocytoma with renovascular hypertension. Report of a case

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Bilateral ectopic pregnancy. A case report

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Bilateral ectopic ureter in a male dog with urinary incontinence

Harris, F.A., 1968:
Bilateral effects of skin stimulation on thalamic neurons

Nakamura, Y.; Nagashima, H.; Mori, S., 1973:
Bilateral effects of the afferent impulses from the masseteric muscle on the trigeminal motoneuron of the cat

Tayob, A.A.; Shively, R.A., 1980:
Bilateral elbow dislocations with intra-articular displacement of the medial epicondyles

Iacono, W.G.; Tuason, V.B., 1983:
Bilateral electrodermal asymmetry in euthymic patients with unipolar and bipolar affective disorders

Iacono, W.G., 1982:
Bilateral electrodermal habituation-dishabituation and resting EEG in remitted schizophrenics

Troeger, H.; Heinrich, P.; Seifert, A.; Tredt, H.J.; Rinke, W., 1971:
Bilateral embolism of the renal arteries

Aĭvazian, A.V., 1970:
Bilateral embryonal cancer of the testes in intra-abdominal cryptorchism

Bruchmüller, W.; Kuhl, K.D., 1970:
Bilateral embryonal sarcoma of the middle ear

Fauré, C.; Grodemange, M.; Alison, F.; Sarrut, S., 1966:
Bilateral emphysema in the premature. (Wilson-Mikity syndrome)

Kuwahara, O.; Koshiyama, K., 1983:
Bilateral emphysematous giant bullae successfully resected with marked improvement of pulmonary function

Gonchar, M.A.; Prigorodova, N.P.; Tret'iakov, N.A., 1970:
Bilateral emphysematous pyelonephritis with thrombosis of the renal vessels

Tiurikov, I.A., 1971:
Bilateral encephalo-trigeminal angiomatosis in association with glaucoma and affection of the hearing organ

Norman, M.G., 1980:
Bilateral encephaloclastic lesions in a 26 week gestation fetus: effect on neuroblast migration

Brass, K., 1970:
Bilateral encephalomalacia from bilateral dissecting aneurysm of the internal carotid arteries during labor

Okazaki, O.; Yano, Y.; Mizuno, Y.; Tsuchiya, M.; Hiramatsu, K., 1974:
Bilateral endocrinically inactive cancer of the adrenal cortex

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Bilateral endogenous Klebsiella endophthalmitis

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Bilateral endogenous endophthalmitis

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Bilateral endometriosis of the canal of Nuck simulating strangulated hernia

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Bilateral endoscopic splanchnicectomy through a posterior thoracoscopic approach

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Bilateral enlargements of the hard palate: a diagnostic dilemma

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Bilateral enterobius vermicularis salpingo-oophoritis

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Bilateral eosinophilic granuloma of the temporal bone in a 2-year-old boy

Ritchie, A.W.; Hindmarsh, J.R., 1983:
Bilateral epididymal sarcoid

Ahmed, I., 1980:
Bilateral epileptiform discharges in multiple sclerosis

Bülow, B., 1980:
Bilateral epiphyseolysis of the femur head

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Bilateral esophageal hernia with an elevated esophagus in a child

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Bilateral essential bone cyst of the mandible. Report of an unusual case

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Bilateral ex vivo renal artery reconstruction with autotransplantation

Falor, W.H., 1964:
Bilateral excision of scalene lymph nodes. Bilateral catheterization of the thoracic duct with emphasis on the right thoracic duct

Vieillemaringe, J., 1973:
Bilateral excision of the submaxillary gland in the newborn female mouse: effect on the adrenal glands

Chulanov, V.I., 1970:
Bilateral exclusion of the small intestine with multiple fistulas

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Bilateral exophthalmos and lymphoblastic aleukaemic leukaemia

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Bilateral exophthalmos in seminoma

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Bilateral exploration in children with unilateral inguinal hernia

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Bilateral external ophthalmoplegia

Sussman, H.I., 1980:
Bilateral external root resorption

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Bilateral extra-adrenal pheochromocytoma with unilateral stenosis of the renal artery

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Bilateral extra-uterine pregnancy in a multipara with a history of twins

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Bilateral extracranial aneurysms of the internal carotid artery. Case report

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Bilateral extracranial occlusion of the internal carotid artery

Sieffert, G.F.; Weinstein, P.R.; Moore, W.S., 1982:
Bilateral extracranial-intracranial bypass before carotid ligation for hemorrhage into a pharyngocutaneous fistula

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Bilateral extraction of luxated lens in a single surgical procedure

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Bilateral extrauterine pregnancy. A case of super-fetation?

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Bilateral extreme microphthalmos

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Bilateral extrinsic ophthalmoplegia in infectious mononucleosis

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Bilateral facet to spinous process fusion: a new technique for posterior spinal fusion after trauma

de Crousaz, G.; Despland, P.A., 1974:
Bilateral facial and trigeminal neuritis in the course of herpes simplex infection. 2 cases

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Bilateral facial edema as adverse effect of pergolide

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Bilateral facial microsomia associated with separation of the posterior portions of the maxilla. A case report

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Bilateral facial microsomia. Diagnosis, classification, treatment

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Bilateral facial myokymia following cardiopulmonary arrest

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Bilateral facial nerve paralysis associated with Mycoplasma pneumonia infection

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Bilateral facial nerve paralysis following arterial embolization for epistaxis

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Bilateral facial pain, an isolated sign of digitalis poisoning

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Bilateral facial palsy

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Bilateral facial palsy complicating infectious mononucleosis in infancy

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Bilateral facial paralysis

Fortes-Rêgo, J., 1985:
Bilateral facial paralysis and diabetes: report of a case

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Bilateral facial paralysis following fracture of the petrous pyramid

Crossan, J.F.; Wynne-Davies, R.; Fulford, G.E., 1983:
Bilateral failure of the capital femoral epiphysis: bilateral Perthes disease, multiple epiphyseal dysplasia, pseudoachondroplasia, and spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia congenita and tarda

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Bilateral familial carotid body tumors: report of a patient with an occult contralateral tumor and postoperative hypertension

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Bilateral fat necrosis of the breast: report of a case

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Bilateral fatigue fracture of femoral neck

Dietzel, F.; Schirmer, H.F., 1972:
Bilateral fatigue fracture of the first rib, caused by typical stress

Düben, W.; Putzki, H.; Düben, G., 1984:
Bilateral fatigue fracture of the tibia

Blatz, D.J., 1981:
Bilateral femoral and tibial shaft stress fractures in a runner

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Bilateral femoral head collapse in an adolescent with brachydactyly (multiple epiphyseal dysplasia tarda type 1c)

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Bilateral femoral head fracture with posterior hip dislocation

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Bilateral femoral head necrosis in a 19-year-old girl suffering from hemolytic anemia treated with prednisone

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Bilateral femoral hernias in a prepubertal boy

Leone, G., 1981:
Bilateral femoral hypoplasia in an adult male

Hobby, J.L., 1995:
Bilateral femoral neck fracture as a complication of massive enterectomy

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Bilateral femoral neck fracture caused by anticonvulsant osteomalacia

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Bilateral femoral neck fractures

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Bilateral femoral neck lesions--overloading damage, Looser's transformation zone or Milkman's syndrome? Cases and discussion

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Bilateral femoral paralysis following laparotomy for gynecologic and non-gynecologic procedures. Pathogenetic hypotheses

DiGiacinto, T.M.; Willscher, M.K.; Conway, J.C., 1980:
Bilateral fetal hydroceles in utero

Meizner, I.; Barnhard, Y., 1995:
Bilateral fetal pelvic kidneys: documentation of two cases of a rare prenatal finding

Hassim, A.M., 1969:
Bilateral fibroadenoma in supernumerary breasts of the vulva

Ghosh, A.K., 1972:
Bilateral fibrosarcoma of the ovary following hysterectomy

Sheehan, K.M.; Gordon, S.; Tanz, R.R., 1995:
Bilateral fibula fractures from infant walker use

Faucher, R.R.; Bryant, R.A., 1983:
Bilateral fixed splints

Samra, K.A.; Sorour, O., 1968:
Bilateral flap operation for craniosynostosis

Crivellato, E.; Trevisan, G.; Grandi, G.; Lepore, L., 1983:
Bilateral follicular basal cell nevus with comedo-like lesions

Collignon, J.; Carlier, G., 1974:
Bilateral form of Stürge-Weber disease with a rare abnormality of the venous drainage

Taussig, G., 1980:
Bilateral forms of primary osteochondritis of the hip

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Bilateral four-part fractures with posterior dislocation of the shoulder. A case report

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Bilateral fracture of first rib

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Bilateral fracture of medial condyle of humerus in child

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Bilateral fracture of the clavicle in the newborn

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Bilateral fracture of the femoral neck complicating uremic bone disease prior to chronic hemodialysis

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Bilateral fracture of the femur in a subject with transverse myelitis

Jones, D., 1974:
Bilateral fracture of the first rib with bilateral pneumothorax

Dwivedi, S.C.; Varma, A.N., 1983:
Bilateral fracture of the first ribs

Merville, L.; Bouhours, G., 1966:
Bilateral fracture of the mandible at the level of a large cystic lesion in an edentulous injury

Nanda, S.; Mohanti, R.C., 1968:
Bilateral fracture of the neck of the femur

Clyburn, T.A.; Lionberger, D.R.; Tullos, H.S., 1982:
Bilateral fracture of the transverse process of the atlas

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Bilateral fractures of femoral neck in patients with moderate renal failure receiving fluoride for spinal osteoporosis

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Bilateral fractures of first rib

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Bilateral fractures of the clavicle. (Description of a case and considerations)

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Bilateral fractures of the epiphyses of the femur head in a child. A case report

Anonymous, 1982:
Bilateral fractures of the femoral neck

Tibone, J.E.; Lombardo, S.J., 1981:
Bilateral fractures of the inferior poles of the patellae in a basketball player

Geldmacher, J., 1969:
Bilateral free transplantation of flexor tendons

Ulmer, E.; Kocher, K., 1973:
Bilateral free-end denture providing a simple fixation of the frontal teeth (patient asks to preserve lower front teeth)

Markutzik, J., 1973:
Bilateral free-will posterior shoulder dislocation

Miyazaki, Y.; Suematsu, K., 1969:
Bilateral frontal craniotomy

McIntosh, H.D.; Morris, J.J.; Whalen, R.E.; Hernandez, R.R.; Hackel, D.B., 1967:
Bilateral functional subaortic stenosis in the alligator

Serrano, J., 1972:
Bilateral fusion of teeth

Cuvelier, B.; Zouari, A.; Nocton, F., 1984:
Bilateral galactocele in an infant

Schmidt, P.; Kopsa, H.; Zazgornik, J.; Kotzaurek, R., 1973:
Bilateral gangrene of legs in tertiary hyperparathyroidism

McGucken, R.B., 1972:
Bilateral gangrene of the fat in a Nigerian infant

Adeyokunnu, A.A., 1982:
Bilateral gangrene of the feet associated with Salmonella infection in children with sickle cell anaemia

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Bilateral gaze paralysis with positive computerized tomography findings. A clinicoanatomic correlation

McCornack, E.B., 1980:
Bilateral genu recurvatum after skeletal traction

Laditan, A.A., 1983:
Bilateral genu vara in childhood

Sokal, M.; Peckham, M.J.; Hendry, W.F., 1980:
Bilateral germ cell tumours of the testis

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Bilateral germ-cell tumors of testes

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Bilateral germinal cell tumour in a 30-year-old man complaining of subfertility

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Bilateral giant carotid-ophthalmic aneurysm. Clinical case

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Bilateral giant cell arteritis with skin necrosis in the temporal region

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Bilateral giant cell reparative granuloma. Report of a case

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Bilateral giant cell reparative granulomas with appearance of cherubism: report of case

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Bilateral giant coral-shaped nephrolithiasis

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Bilateral giant hyperostotic meningioma. Case presentation

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Bilateral giant intracavernous carotid aneurysms treated by bilateral carotid ligation

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Bilateral giant lobular emphysema. Radical treatment by simultaneous double thoracotomy in a one-month-old infant

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Bilateral giant pulmonary air cysts. Report of three surgically treated cases with pre- and postoperative physiologic data

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Bilateral giant xanthelasma. Surgical ablation technic

Miovski, D.; Ivanov, J., 1964:
Bilateral glaucoma and Sturge-Weber-Kraubbe syndrome

Johnson, B.L., 1983:
Bilateral glaucoma caused by nasal carcinoma obstructing schlemm's canal

Saran, N.; Winter, F.C., 1967:
Bilateral gliomas of the optic discs associated with neurofibromatosis

Strader, R.J., 1971:
Bilateral globular maxillary cyst

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Bilateral globulomaxillary cysts. Report of a case

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Bilateral glomus caroticum tumors

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Bilateral glomus tumors of the temporal bone. Report of a case

Martínez Ibáñez, F.; Pérez García, C.; Antón Aranda, E.; Martí Cabane, J.; Celador Almaraz, A.; Imizcoz Echeberría, C., 1983:
Bilateral gluteal amyotrophy and fibrosis of iatrogenic origin

Parry, S.W.; Mathes, S.J., 1982:
Bilateral gluteus maximus myocutaneous advancement flaps: sacral coverage for ambulatory patients

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Bilateral gonadoblastoma in a case of Turner syndrome with 40,XO monosomy

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Bilateral gonadoblastoma with dysgerminoma. A case report

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Bilateral gonadoblastoma/dysgerminoma in a 46 XY individual: case report with hormonal studies

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Bilateral granular cell myoblastoma of the lip: report of case

Wittich, A.C., 1982:
Bilateral groin hernia in a female infant: case report

Dao, A.H.; Adkins, R.B., 1980:
Bilateral gummatous orchitis

McIntyre, M.W., 1969:
Bilateral gunshot perforations with retention of useful vision: a case report

Kadiri, A.; Chraibi, A., 1994:
Bilateral gynecomastia revealing malignant feminizing adrenocortical carcinoma

Komprda, J., 1973:
Bilateral habitual dislocation of the extensor carpi ulnaris tendon in identical twins

Cristofaro, R.L.; Heskiaoff, D., 1981:
Bilateral habitual hip dislocation in a child with Down's syndrome: a case report

Mooney, D., 1973:
Bilateral haemorrhages associated with disc drusen

Olive, D.; Prevot, J.; Coupe, B.; Plenat, J.F.; Bretagne, M.C.; Schmitt, M., 1982:
Bilateral hamartoma of the chest wall

Renders, G.; Defloor, E., 1972:
Bilateral hamartomas of the kidney

Schaberg, S.J.; Daniels, C.A.; Loomer, L.; Addante, R.R., 1993 :
Bilateral hard palate masses

Greenwald, A.M., 1973:
Bilateral head-on impactions

Leblanc, M.; Michiels, R.; Beaufils, J.P.; Justrabo, E., 1968:
Bilateral hematomas of the adrenal glands. Complication of anticoagulant treatment. (Apropos of 1 further anatomo-clinical case

Barrett, J.; Ehrlichman, H., 1982:
Bilateral hemispheric alpha activity during visual imagery

Saiz, A.; Blesa, R., 1994:
Bilateral hemodynamic infarcts after cardiac surgery

Finelli, P.F., 1984:
Bilateral hemorrhagic infarction of the pallidum

Burlina, A.; Fantin, I., 1964:
Bilateral hemorrhagic infarction of the testicle in the newborn

Dubois, A.; Maubon, A.; Mouliade, C.; Reynaud, D.; Rouanet, C.; Yeche, S.; Rouanet, J.P., 1995:
Bilateral hemorrhagic necrosis of the adrenal glands in antiphospholipid syndrome: diagnostic pitfall and rare cause of acute abdominal pain syndrome

Glassow, F., 1969:
Bilateral hernias in the female

Rummelt, V.; Folberg, R.; Rummelt, C.; Palay, D.A.; Mathers, W.D.; Parys-van Ginderdeuren, R.; Krachmer, J.H.; Yi, H., 1995:
Bilateral herpes simplex virus type 2 keratitis: a clinicopathologic report with immunohistochemical and ultrastructural observations

Srenger, Z., 1969 :
Bilateral herpetic keratitis

Gottschild, D.; Schmidt, F., 1972:
Bilateral hexadactylism with unilateral hyperphalangy of the thumb

Bruni, B.; Caffaratti, E., 1970:
Bilateral high amputation for peripheral diabetic vasculopathy. Clinico-arteriographic aspect

Olszewski, S.; Kowalski, A.; Strońska, H.; Sapeta, K., 1981:
Bilateral high ligation of the ureters after gynecological surgery

Hainer, J.W., 1973:
Bilateral hilar adenopathy

King, T.E.; Fisher, J.; Schwarz, M.I.; Patzelt, L.H., 1982:
Bilateral hilar adenopathy: an unusual presentation of renal cell carcinoma

Anonymous, 1973:
Bilateral hilar lymphadenopathy

Baramki, T.A.; Leddy, A.L.; Woodruff, J.D., 1983:
Bilateral hilus cell tumors of the ovary

Woods, J.E.; Sim, F.H.; Anderson, C.F.; Johnson, W.J., 1972:
Bilateral hip arthroplasty after renal transplantation. Total rehabilitation of the patient

Udvarhelyi, I.; Kremsier, K.; Korányi, A., 1981:
Bilateral hip arthroplasty of a young patient with Bechterew's disease performed in one sitting

Orpwood, J., 1981:
Bilateral hip arthroplasty. Two hips for old

Menzoian, J.O.; Brook, D.L.; Deckers, P.J.; Elia, P.R.; Harrower, H.W., 1972:
Bilateral hip disarticulation with total thigh flaps for extensive decubitus ulcers: a case report

High, W.J., 1970:
Bilateral hip disarticulations

Rasmussen, K.E., 1970:
Bilateral homonymous hemianopsia following ventriculography

Frontera, A.T., 1974:
Bilateral homonymous hemianopsia with preservation of central vision

Abad, V.C.; Wolintz, A., 1982:
Bilateral horizontal gaze palsy

Schiffter, R., 1971:
Bilateral horizontal gaze paralyses. Clinical analysis of three cases

Connolly, J.F., 1982:
Bilateral humeral fractures in a 75-year-old woman

Osebold, W.R.; Kody, M.H., 1994:
Bilateral humeral head osteonecrosis following spinal cord injury: a case report illustrating the importance of adhering to the recommendations of the Second National Acute Spinal Cord Injury Study

Keramidas, D.C.; Doulas, N.; Fotis, G.; Anagnostou, D.; Voyatzis, N., 1980:
Bilateral hydronephrosis and hydroureter due to hydatid cyst in the pouch of Douglas

Okruzhko, I.F., 1971:
Bilateral hydronephrosis as a complication of chronic lympholeukemia

McDonnell, P.J.; Qualman, S.J.; Hutchins, G.M., 1984:
Bilateral hydrothorax as a life-threatening complication of central venous hyperalimentation

Hyman, R.A.; Voges, V.; Finby, N., 1973:
Bilateral hypernephroma

Saxon, A.; Gottesman, J.; Doolas, A., 1980:
Bilateral hypernephroma with solitary pancreatic metastasis

Valdivia Uría, J.G.; López López, J.A.; Taberner Llop, J.; Villarroya Rodríguez, S.; Romero Aguirre, F., 1982:
Bilateral hypernephroma: amplified left nephrectomy and ex-situ right renal tumorectomy

Bernstein, L.; Fernandez, B., 1984:
Bilateral hyperplasia of the coronoid process of the mandible. Report of a case

York, B.V.; Cockerham, S., 1983:
Bilateral hyperplasia of the coronoid processes in siblings

Miyasaka, Y.; Nakayama, K.; Matsumori, K.; Beppu, T.; Kurata, A.; Satoh, K.; Kitahara, T.; Morii, S.; Owada, T.; Yada, K., 1982:
Bilateral hypertensive intracerebral hemorrhage diagnosed by CT scan: report of five cases and review of literature

Serrao, P.; Nicolò, A.; Alfarano, A., 1981:
Bilateral hypertensive pneumothorax: clinical case in newborn

Tayloe, J., 1966:
Bilateral hypogastric artery ligation for control of bladder hemorrhage. A case report

Johnson, C.D.; Smith, L.L.; Woolley, M.M., 1965:
Bilateral hypogastric artery ligation for exigent pelvic hemorrhage

Karel, I.; Brachfeld, K., 1965:
Bilateral hypoplasia and aplasia of the optic nerve

Lányi, A.; Drobný, M., 1983:
Bilateral hypoplasia and occlusion of the internal carotid artery of non-arteriosclerotic origin

Guy, G.; Elouatassi, K.; Lancien, G.; L.M.rec, B.; Pecker, J., 1974:
Bilateral hypoplasia of the internal carotid arteries. Apropos of an anatomo-clinical case

Ernest, C.; Hirsch, J.F.; Metzger, J.; Chahinian, P.; Leblanc, J.; Godeau, P., 1973:
Bilateral hypoplasia of the internal carotid with persistance of an admirable network. Apropos of a case in an adult

Carella, A.; Cavone, L.; Lamberti, P., 1969:
Bilateral hypoplasia of the vertebral artery in a patient with craniocervical malformation

Ebner, F., 1982:
Bilateral hypoplasia or the internal carotid artery

Sikora, E.; Bednarski, Z., 1972:
Bilateral idiopathic pneumothorax

Stepanik, J., 1969:
Bilateral idiopathic retinoschisis in a 4-year-old boy

Lynch, E.J.; Ahlberg, K.F., 1984:
Bilateral idiopathic root resorption of upper first premolars

Cracchiolo, A.; Hall, C.B., 1970:
Bilateral iliac osteotomy. The first stage in repair of exstrophy of the bladder

Herzberg, F., 1971:
Bilateral impacted mandibular second and third molars

Callaghan, J.H., 1973:
Bilateral impaction of lower third molars in association with bilateral dentigerous cyst formation. A case report

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Bilateral impactions of all mandibular molars

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Bilateral impactions of mandibular first, second, and third molars

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Bilateral impedance rheography in deep venous thrombosis. Role of respiratory maneuvers and saphenous occlusion

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Bilateral inability to grasp due to multiple (ten) congenital trigger fingers

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Bilateral incyclotropia following inferior oblique surgery

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Bilateral independent breast cancer in the records of the Radiotherapy Clinic in the years 1960-1971

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Bilateral infantile megaureter associated with bilateral bifid ureter

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Bilateral infarction of the anterior cingulate gyri and of the fornices. Report of a case

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Bilateral infective endocarditis

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Bilateral inferior alveolar and lingual nerve block

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Bilateral inflammatory carcinoma of the male breast

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Bilateral inflammatory exophthalmos in staphylococcal meningitis

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Bilateral influences from the motor cortex on lumbar ventral horn interneurons

Pinel, J.; Caquet, R.; Trotoux, J.; Richard, R., 1971:
Bilateral influenzal recurrent paralysis

Constans, J.P.; Dilenge, D.; de Divitiis, E.; Aboulker, J., 1965:
Bilateral infraclinoid carotid aneurysms

Soul, J.O.; Dewar, E.P., 1984:
Bilateral inguinal herniae--a reappraisal of dogma

Robert, Y., 1983:
Bilateral injection of contrast medium for dacryocystography

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Bilateral injury of the ureter in the course of gynecologic surgery

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Bilateral interaction of vagal vasomotor reflexes

Gool, R.Y., 1968:
Bilateral intercostal block for abdominal surgery. (A reappraisal)

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Bilateral intermittent exophthalmos caused by acquired toxoplasmosis

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Bilateral internal carotid aneurysms in the petrous temporal bones

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Bilateral internal carotid artery occlusion. Its surgical management

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Bilateral internal carotid occlusion with unusual collateral pathways. Report of a case

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Bilateral internal carotid occlusion: a clinical and radiological study

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Bilateral internal iliac (hypogastric) artery ligation to control obstetric and gynecologic hemorrhage. A ten-year review at the community hospital level

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Bilateral internal iliac artery ligation for massive recurrent haemorrhage following urethral dilatation--(a case report)

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Bilateral internal iliac artery ligation in prostatectomy. An evaluation

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Bilateral internal mammary artery implants. Operative technic--a preliminary report

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Bilateral internal ophthalmoplegia in a patient with sarcoidosis

Dyer, R.C., 1970:
Bilateral internal resorption

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Bilateral internuclear ophthalmoplegia after intrathecal chemotherapy and cranial irradiation

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Bilateral internuclear ophthalmoplegia after trauma

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Bilateral internuclear ophthalmoplegia associated with fourth ventricular epidermoid tumor. Case report

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Bilateral internuclear ophthalmoplegia from doxepin overdose

Ford, C.S.; Cruz, J.; Biller, J.; Laster, W.; White, D.R., 1983:
Bilateral internuclear ophthalmoplegia in carcinomatous meningitis

Bodziner, R.A.; Singer, W.; Hedges, T.R., 1983:
Bilateral internuclear ophthalmoplegia in meningoencephalitis

Gillman, M.A.; Sandyk, R., 1984:
Bilateral internuclear ophthalmoplegia reversed by naloxone

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Bilateral internuclear ophthalmoplegia, ataxia and dystonia caused by posttraumatic pedunculoprotuberantial hematoma

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Bilateral internuclear ophthalmoplegia. Association with occlusive cerebrovascular disease

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Bilateral interstitial cell tumour of testes

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Bilateral interstitial hernia in the newborn infant

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Bilateral intra-parotid metastasis of a small cell bronchial epithelioma

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Bilateral intracarotid amytal injection. A study of dysphasia, disturbance of consciousness and paresis

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Bilateral intracavernous carotid aneurysms mimicking a prolactin-secreting pituitary tumor

Vinogradova, V.M.; Manteĭfel', I.B., 1983:
Bilateral intracentral interaction in the olfactory system of teleost fish in the guppy Poecilia reticulata Peters

Boeminghaus, F., 1968:
Bilateral intracorporal perfusion for transplantation of cadaver kidneys

Ono, J.; Mimaki, T.; Okada, S.; Yamanishi, Y.; Morimoto, K.; Shimada, N.; Yabuuchi, H., 1983:
Bilateral intracranial granulomas as a complication of infected subdural peritoneal shunt

Clayman, H.M.; Jaffe, N.S.; Jaffe, M.S.; Luscombe, S.M., 1983:
Bilateral intraocular lens implantation

Ring, C.C., 1984:
Bilateral intraocular lens implants

Campanacci, M.; Gulino, G., 1974:
Bilateral intraosseous mucous cysts

Engelking, R.; Richard, K.E., 1971:
Bilateral intraperitoneal bladder rupture

Ivancenco, O.; Popa, N., 1972:
Bilateral intrathoracic (right pulmonary, left diaphragmatic) hydatid cyst: consecutive bilateral thoracotomy

Sigman-Igra, Y., 1974:
Bilateral intraventricular conduction disturbance: its electrocardiographic diagnosis

Schoenwald, M.B.; Orkin, L.A., 1974:
Bilateral intravesical ureteral ligation. Complication of Cooper's ligament suspension

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Bilateral involvement of the cerebellopontine angles by malignant melanoma metastasis: a case report

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Bilateral irido-chorio-retinal coloboma in a case of ringed chromosome 18

Hirst, L.W., 1995:
Bilateral iridocorneal endothelial syndrome

Zukowski, L., 1967:
Bilateral iritis prior to erythema nodosum

Kuchynka, P.; Smutková, J., 1983:
Bilateral ischemia of the optic nerve papilla

So, R.C.; Siu, O.T.; Chin, M.K.; Chan, K.M., 1995:
Bilateral isokinetic variables of the shoulder: a prediction model for young men

Raso, A.M.; Abeatici, S., 1984:
Bilateral isolated aneurysms of the iliac arteries associated with reno-uretero-vesical malformations and with retroperitoneal fibrosis

Badrawy, R., 1967:
Bilateral ivory osteoma of the nasal bones. (First case recorded)

Reichel, M.; Diaz Cascajo, C., 1995:
Bilateral jawline nodules in a child with a brain-stem glioma. Poststeroid panniculitis

Szulc, W.; Kutrzebski, A.; Górecki, A., 1982:
Bilateral joint instability

Hasan, M.; Srimal, R.C.; Maitra, S.C., 1980:
Bilateral jugular vein ligation-induced alterations in the ventricular ependyma: scanning electron microscopy

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Bilateral juvenile granulosa cell tumors in a 4-month-old dysmorphic infant. A clinical, histologic, and ultrastructural study

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Bilateral juxtapapillary subretinal neovascularization associated with pseudotumor cerebri

Chen, C.J.; Furr, P., 1983:
Bilateral keratoconus in a patient with gyrate atrophy and hyperornithinemia

Bisaria, K.K., 1967:
Bilateral keratoconus with ocular hypertension and the natural cure of one eye

Charleux, J., 1966:
Bilateral keratoplasty and simultaneous extraction of the crystalline lens in a child less than 3 months old

Mälzer, G., 1968:
Bilateral kidney agenesis

Mazzoni, G.; D.M.rtino, C.; Demofonti, A.; Valli, A., 1971:
Bilateral kidney allografts in unselected pigs with caval and portal venous drainage

Bengtsson, U.; Bergentz, S.E.; Hansson, L., 1969:
Bilateral kidney arterial stenosis with kidney insufficiency and extreme salt retention

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Bilateral kidney cancer in adult. Apropos of 5 cases

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Bilateral kidney cortex necrosis as shock equivalent in myocardial infarct

Kolihová, E.; Koutecký, J., 1971:
Bilateral kidney tumors in children

Rosselli, D., 1982:
Bilateral labiopalatoschisis--early closing of the osseous fissure through free graft of periosteum in one stage

Török, J., 1972:
Bilateral laparotomy within the frame of cesarean section in cattle

Akopian, R.G.; Alifanova, R.V., 1981:
Bilateral laryngocele

Antoniv, V.F.; Abramovich, M.Iu., 1968:
Bilateral laryngocele in a patient with laryngeal cancer

Kalff, R.; Jamjoom, Z.; Mehdorn, M.; Towigh, A.H., 1984:
Bilateral lateral tibial syndrome following a military march

Landay, M.J.; Chaw, C.; Bordlee, R.P., 1982:
Bilateral left lungs: unusual variation of hilar anatomy

Slater, R.R.; Weiner, T.M.; Koruda, M.J., 1994:
Bilateral leg compartment syndrome complicating prolonged lithotomy position

Herdemerten, S.; Tackmann, W., 1973:
Bilateral leg nerve paralysis following mandrax intoxication

Brizuela, A.F.; Lewin, L.; Ferrario, F., 1972:
Bilateral leiomyoma in the hard palate

Arvis, G.; Steg, A., 1971:
Bilateral leiomyosarcoma of the kidney (apropos of a case)

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Bilateral lengthening of short lower limbs. 26 cases treated with the Ilizarov method

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Bilateral lengthening of the carotid arteries as an etiologic factor in cerebral infarct

Széman, S., 1982:
Bilateral lesion of the brachial plexus caused by the use of crutches

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Bilateral lesion of the occipital lobes. A case study. Course of recovery and neuropsychologic considerations

Vendelovskiĭ, I.I.; Serdiuk, N.D.; Savel'ev, V.A., 1974:
Bilateral lesion of the orbits in Wegener's granulomatosis

Iaroslavtsev, I.K., 1969:
Bilateral lesions of recurrent nerves in thyroid cancer

Scheving, L.E.; Tsai, T.H.; Powell, E.W.; Pasley, J.N.; Halberg, F.; Dunn, J., 1983:
Bilateral lesions of suprachiasmatic nuclei affect circadian rhythms in [3H]-thymidine incorporation into deoxyribonucleic acid in mouse intestinal tract, mitotic index of corneal epithelium, and serum corticosterone

Lutherer, L.O.; Lutherer, B.C.; Dormer, K.J.; Janssen, H.F.; Barnes, C.D., 1983:
Bilateral lesions of the fastigial nucleus prevent the recovery of blood pressure following hypotension induced by hemorrhage or administration of endotoxin

Patri, P., 1983:
Bilateral lichen striatus

Sangmit, S.; Prasertkul, V., 1974:
Bilateral ligation of hypogastric arteries during prostatectomy: An evaluation

Bao, Z.M., 1982:
Bilateral ligation of internal iliac artery with simultaneous intermittent block of external iliac blood supply during total cystectomy

Sinner, W.; Freese, P., 1965:
Bilateral ligation of the hypogastric artery and endocoagulation in hemorrhaging bladder tumors

Mainetti, J.M.; Zabludovich, S.; Bergsztein, A.I., 1968:
Bilateral lighiasic hydropyonephrosis; pyeloplasty with a new uterus implantation

Hill, J.C., 1995:
Bilateral linear corneal ectasia. An unusual case and its surgical management

Dilley, J.J.; Perry, H.O., 1968:
Bilateral linear scleroderma en coup de sabre

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Bilateral lipoma of the tongue with postoperative complications: report of case

Poggenpol', V.S.; Palamarchuk, G.F.; Riabukha, N.A., 1982:
Bilateral lobectomy in metachronous multiple primary lung cancer

Bolla, M.; Vrousos, C.; Bouchet, Y.; Geindre, M.; Pasquier, D.; Gabelle, P.; Pissas, A., 1980:
Bilateral lobular in situ carcinoma discovered by sub-cutaneous mastectomy

Willems, M.H.; Braakman, R.; Van Linge, B., 1984:
Bilateral locked facets in the thoracic spine

Harrold, B.P., 1973:
Bilateral loin pain after oral frusemide

Felderhof, J.; van Essen, A.G.; Oosterhof, P.G., 1968:
Bilateral loop ureterostomy in young children as a temporary measure in severe obstruction of the urinary tract

Büttner, U.; Ott, M.; Helmchen, C.; Yousry, T., 1995:
Bilateral loss of eighth nerve function as the only clinical sign of vertebrobasilar dolichoectasia

Worthington, P., 1980:
Bilateral low condylectomy of the mandible

Ritsema, G.H., 1995:
Bilateral lower extremity compression sonography

Mikyska, V., 1972:
Bilateral lower limb amelia

Spencer, R.P.; Datu, J.A., 1980:
Bilateral lower limb uptake of bone scanning agents

Blebea, J.; Strothman, G.; Fowl, R., 1995:
Bilateral lower-extremity US for deep venous thrombosis

Julie, R.; Pélissier-Combescure, O.; Kevorkian, B.; Legré, R.; Magalon, G., 1985:
Bilateral lunato-triquetral synostosis with bilateral fracture of the scaphoid bone

Kläber, H.G., 1994:
Bilateral lung hypoplasia and pancreas anulare--case report of dizygotic twins

Abbatucci, J.S., 1982:
Bilateral lung irradiation as adjuvant therapy in osteogenic sarcoma

Terasawa, T.; Tateishi, T., 1968:
Bilateral lung neoplasms originating from a cicatrix at different time sequence

Gadzhiev, S.A.; Appazov, F.S.; Aleksandrov, O.V., 1972:
Bilateral lung resection in bronchiectasis

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Bilateral lung transplantation. Preliminary report

Ebel, R., 1973:
Bilateral luxation of large joints

Kalný, J.; Danĕk, J., 1973:
Bilateral luxation of the shoulder joints

Khandheria, B.K.; Asper, R., 1982:
Bilateral lymphadenitis in a Filipino woman

Gilbert, J.G., 1974:
Bilateral lymphoepithelioma of the tonsils

Nath, K.; Nema, H.V.; Shukla, B.R.; Rahi, A.H., 1967:
Bilateral lymphoid infiltration of the conjunctiva

Vitiello, L., 1968:
Bilateral macrocystic degeneration of the posterior pole of the retina. A clinical contribution

Gibson, A.C., 1970:
Bilateral macrodontism of mandibular third molars with impaction of second molars

Hartsfield, J.K.; Bixler, D., 1984:
Bilateral macrostomia in one of monozygotic twins

Freedman, J.; Gombos, G.M., 1971:
Bilateral macular coloboma, keratoconus, and retinitis pigmentosa

Merritt, J.C.; Risco, J.M.; Pantell, J.P., 1982:
Bilateral macular infaction in SS disease

Lods, F.; Szepetowski, G.; Duplay, H., 1973:
Bilateral macular lesions and non-toxoplasmic evolutive encephalopathy

Leopold, P.; Vianey-Passols, E., 1982:
Bilateral macular placoid epitheliopathy in a rectangular form

Raja, S.C.; Fekrat, S.; Connor, T.B., 1995:
Bilateral macular vitelliform lesions in a thrombocytopenic patient

Yassur, Y.; Snir, M.; Melamed, S.; Ben-Sira, I., 1981:
Bilateral maculopathy simulating 'cherry-red spot' in a patient with Crohn's disease

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Bilateral magnetizing apraxia. Anatomo-clinical and cinematographic study of a case

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Bilateral malignant Brenner tumor of the ovary

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Bilateral malignant Brenner tumor. A light and electron microscopic study

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Bilateral malignant Brenner tumor: report of a case with ultrastructural study

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Bilateral malignant Brenner's tumor. Apropos of a case

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Bilateral malignant choroidal melanomas

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Bilateral malignant exophthalmos

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Bilateral malignant exophthalmos revealing acute leukemia

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Bilateral malignant glaucoma; a case report

Giarelli, L.; Silvestri, F.; Brandt, M., 1972:
Bilateral malignant melanoma of the choroid bilaterally associated with a benign melanoma

Delaney, P.V.; Mungall, I.P., 1971:
Bilateral malignant phaeochromocytomas presenting as massive retroperitoneal haemorrage

Kazeev, K.N.; Kuratev, L.V.; Bazarova, E.N.; Dzhikiia, T.S., 1981:
Bilateral malignant pseudochromaffinoma

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Bilateral malignant testicular tumors. DNA distribution in a case of pseudoseminoma

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Bilateral malignant tumors of the testicles

Devitt, J.E., 1971:
Bilateral mammary cancer

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Bilateral mammary carcinoma in the light of lymphography

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Bilateral mammary carcinoma; immunologic implications

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Bilateral mammary metastases from carcinoma of the prostate during oestrogen therapy

Wishan, M., 1967:
Bilateral mandibular arthroplasty

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Bilateral mandibular dentigerous cysts in a seven-year-old child

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Bilateral mandibular osteoma: clinical case

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Bilateral mandibular subperiosteal denture implants. Case report

Kowalski, R., 1972:
Bilateral mandibular supernumerary permolars

Santangelo, M.V., 1968:
Bilateral mandibular supernumerary premolars

Schofield, P.F.; Fox, H., 1966:
Bilateral massive adrenal haemorrhage as a cause of postoperative death

Sethana, B.B.; Mysorekar, V.R., 1971:
Bilateral maxillary forth molars in a human cadaver

Norris, L.H.; Baghaei-Rad, M.; Maloney, P.L.; Simpson, G.; Guinta, J., 1984:
Bilateral maxillary squamous odontogenic tumors and the malignant transformation of a mandibular radiolucent lesion

Glushkov, E.S., 1971:
Bilateral measurement of arterial pressure in the temporal and brachial arteries

Fein, J.M., 1971:
Bilateral medial rectus weakness

Berardi, G.; Fornaci, M.; Lemmi, L., 1971:
Bilateral megaureter. Case report

Giarelli, L.; Silvestri, F.; Brandt, M., 1972:
Bilateral melanoblastoma of the choroid associated on both sides with a benign melanoma

Walsh, T.J.; Packer, S., 1971:
Bilateral melanocytoma of the optic nerve associated with intracranial meningioma

Rohr, J.; Gauthier, G., 1984:
Bilateral meningiomas of the optic nerves associated with partial unilateral Duane's syndrome

Sood, G.C.; Malik, S.K.; Gupta, D.K.; Gupta, A.N., 1966:
Bilateral meningiomas of the orbit

Jensen, A.D.; Naidoff, M.A., 1973:
Bilateral meningococcal endophthalmitis

Chauser, B.M.; Green, J.P.; Klein, H.Z., 1971:
Bilateral metachronous dysgerminoma with a 15-year interval

Ming, A.L., 1967:
Bilateral metastatic carcinoma of the choroid from carcinoma of the breast

Lyons, D.C., 1968:
Bilateral metastatic carcinoma of the mandible: report of case

Landers, J.H.; Chappell, C.W., 1981:
Bilateral metastatic endophthalmitis

Merino Angulo, J.; Bilbao Ercoreca, F.; del Villar Negro, A.; de la Riva Aguinaco, C.; Aguirre Errasti, C., 1983:
Bilateral metastatic gynecomastia. An unusual manifestation of small-cell pulmonary carcinoma

Burpee, J.C.; Starke, W.R., 1971:
Bilateral metastatic intraocular nocardiosis

Tomić, F.; Martinović, V., 1964:
Bilateral metastatic malignant melanoma of the ovary

Szymanski, C.M., 1972:
Bilateral metastic intraocular hemangiosarcoma in a dog

Israel, M.P.; Lorenzetti, D.W., 1974:
Bilateral microhemangiomas of the pupillary border with later hyphema

Wessberg, G.A.; Wolford, L.M., 1981:
Bilateral microneurosurgical reconstruction of inferior alveolar nerves via autogenous sural nerve transplantation

Rains, D.E.; McCoy, D.A.; Nelson, E.J., 1972:
Bilateral microphthalmos in monozygous twins

Ferrer Arata, A.; Gómez Morales, A.; Franke, E., 1966:
Bilateral microphthalmos with cysts

Crawley, J.N.; Kiss, J.Z.; Mezey, E., 1984:
Bilateral midbrain transections block the behavioral effects of cholecystokinin on feeding and exploration in rats

Brookes, G.B., 1982:
Bilateral middle ear carcinomas associated with Waldenström's macroglobulinemia

Neumann, M.A., 1981:
Bilateral mineral deposits in basal ganglia and cerebellum

Norlin, R., 1965:
Bilateral mixed tumor of the parotid initially regarded as pharyngeal neoplasm

Praytor, R.B., 1966:
Bilateral mixed tumors of the palate

Arnold, R.W., 1995:
Bilateral monocanalicular silicone loop: predictable home removal of nasolacrimal stents

Mandell, R.B., 1966:
Bilateral monocular diplopia following near work

Johannessen, J.V.; Haneberg, B.; Moe, P.J., 1973:
Bilateral multicystic dysplasia of the kidneys

Malik, S.R.; Gupta, A.K.; Singh, G., 1969:
Bilateral multiple congenital pits in the optic disc with opaque nervefibres and maculopathy

Altkemper, R., 1972:
Bilateral multiple corpus luteum cysts in pregnancy with a blighted ovum

Pettersson, F., 1970:
Bilateral multiple lutein cysts in normal single pregnancy. Report of a case

Black, F.O.; Sando, I.; Hildyard, V.H.; Hemenway, W.G., 1969:
Bilateral multiple otosclerotic foci and endolymphatic hydrops, histopathological case report

Eberhardt, K.; Hartmann, W.; Städtler, F.; Hartung, W., 1994:
Bilateral multiple pulmonary coin lesions--adenoid cystic carcinoma of the lung with 14-year follow-up

Mehta, R.S.; Bhargava, S., 1967:
Bilateral multiple pulmonary hydatid cysts

Rilke, F.; Magro, B.; Cavezzale, C., 1970:
Bilateral multiple theca lutein cysts of the ovary in normal pregnancy at term. (Observations on a case)

Merle d'Aubigné, R.; Tubiana, R., 1968:
Bilateral mutilations of the hands

Carvalho, A.C.; Silva, C.O.; Gimenes, A.C.; Godoy, M.F.; Succi, J.E.; Miro, M.L.; Magosso, E.A.; Hermann, J.L.; Andrade, J.C.; Buffolo, E.; Gallucci, C., 1980:
Bilateral myxoma - preoperative diagnosis and successful surgical removal

Hirsch, S.E.; Waltman, S.R.; LaPiana, F.G., 1973:
Bilateral nanophthalmos

Novick, N.L.; Lawson, W.; Schwartz, I.S., 1984:
Bilateral nasal bone osteophytosis associated with short-term oral isotretinoin therapy for cystic acne vulgaris

Mahler, D.; Tovi, F.; Zirkin, H., 1984:
Bilateral nasal glandular cysts: an occasional finding in rhinoplasty

Perzin, K.H.; Lefkowitch, J.H.; Hui, R.M., 1981:
Bilateral nasal squamous carcinoma arising in papillomatosis: report of a case developing after chemotherapy for leukemia

Brandao, G.S.; Ebling, H.; Faria e Souza, I., 1974:
Bilateral nasolabial cyst

Waldrep, A.C.; Capodanno, J.A., 1966:
Bilateral nasolabial cysts: report of case

Vistnes, L.M.; O'Connor, G.B.; McGregor, M.W., 1968:
Bilateral nasolabial flaps in nasal vestibular reconstruction. Report of a case

Mauriello, J.A.; Mostafavi, R., 1994:
Bilateral nasolacrimal duct obstruction associated with Crohn's disease successfully treated with dacryocystorhinostomy

Mees, K.; Permanetter, W., 1982:
Bilateral neck cyst--a rare clinical observation

Rufino, C.D.; MacComb, W.S., 1966:
Bilateral neck dissections. Analysis of 180 cases

Martines, F., 1971:
Bilateral necrosis of adrenal cortex by connatal listeriosis

Hueber, R.; Gerhard, L.; Bergener, M., 1969:
Bilateral necrosis of hippocampus and basal temporal lobe. Case report

Schrecke, G.; Kaul, A., 1967:
Bilateral necrosis of the galea in the parietal region in giant cell arteritis

May, V.; Aristoff, H.; Glowinski, J.; Belpomme, A., 1972:
Bilateral necrosis of the humeral head with omarthrosis in myocardial infarct

Hilderson, J.; de Reuck, J.; Thienpont, L.; de Hemptinne, D.; Thiery, M.; Ringoir, S., 1974:
Bilateral necrosis of the renal cortex and panencephalopathy in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy

Stafford, R.F.; Sonis, S.T.; Shklar, G., 1981:
Bilateral necrotizing sialometaplasia: a case report

Sebag, A.; Garel, L.; Pariente, D.; Sauvegrain, J., 1984:
Bilateral neonatal nephromegaly: value of echography

Payne, J.E.; Silcott, G.R.; Mendez, R.; Barbour, B.H.; Berne, T.V., 1973:
Bilateral nephrectomy and renal homotransplantation for malignant nephrosclerosis

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