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Bioequivalence of a slow-release potassium tablet and a liquid potassium supplement

Lowance, D.C.; Murad, F.; Darrow, W.R.; Bonus, L.

International Journal of Clinical Pharmacology Therapy and Toxicology 20(5): 204-208


ISSN/ISBN: 0174-4879
PMID: 7095919
Accession: 042391259

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The rate and extent of potassium absorption from a slow-release potassium chloride tablet and a 10% potassium chloride solution were compared in 12 healthy male volunteers, 18-25 years old. A single 48 mEq potassium dose of the tablet released potassium 30 min slower than the same dose of potassium chloride solution. Potassium was completely absorbed from both preparations within 24 h. Complete absorption was confirmed by quantitative determination of fecal potassium excretion. Gastrointestinal tolerance was good with both preparations, although the incidence of adverse experiences was slightly higher with the liquid preparation. "Bad taste" was not associated with the slow-release tablet; 92% of the subjects reported "bad taste" with the potassium chloride solution.

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