Bronchodilator effect of oral salbutamol in asthmatics treated with corticosteroids

Parker, S.S.; Choo-Kang, Y.F.; Cooper, E.J.; Cameron, S.J.; Grant, I.W.

British Medical Journal 4(5780): 139-142


ISSN/ISBN: 0007-1447
PMID: 4939600
DOI: 10.1136/bmj.4.5780.139
Accession: 042422907

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In a double-blind trial the effect on ventilatory function of oral salbutamol (in two different doses) and a placebo were studied in 12 patients with chronic asthma receiving regular maintenance treatment with prednisolone. Salbutamol in a dose of 4 mg four times daily, given for a period of four weeks, produced a sustained and statistically significant increase in peak expiratory flow rate over the pretreatment recordings. This effect was not observed with a lower dose of salbutamol (2 mg four times daily) or with a placebo. Salbutamol in the higher dose would seem to be an effective and safe oral bronchodilator that can be recommended for the treatment of mild or moderate asthma. The duration of treatment in this study was, however, limited to four weeks, and it is not known whether effective bronchodilatation would be maintained if the drug were given for longer periods.