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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 42456

Chapter 42456 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Miller, R.; Fields, J.P., 1981:
Care of insensitive feet

Han, X.H.; Bai, C., 1994:
Care of intrapleural Corynebacterium parvum in malignant pleural effusion

Fraser, A.G., 1965:
Care of intravenous infusions using double-bottle technique

Vasil'chenko, D.S.; Ostran', L.V., 1981:
Care of ischemic heart disease patients

Lundqvist, M.; Lundqvist, K., 1980:
Care of kidney patients must improve

Flax, H.J., 1984:
Care of knee injuries

Watson, B., 1968:
Care of laminectomy during pregnancy

Sachtleben, P., 1970:
Care of leukemic children and their parents

Koleta, F., 1971:
Care of lymphatic ducts and nodes in the treatment of cancer of external female genitalia

Pei, L.H.; Wang, S.X.; Ren, X.L., 1995:
Care of malignant tumors treated with ultraviolet irradiation and oxygenation of autotransfusion

Krüger, K., 1969:
Care of married women's young children

Wright, R.D., 1972:
Care of maternal health

Zeng, X.X.; Tan, H.L., 1994:
Care of melioidosis

Mori, I.; Ijuuin, Y.; Kawano, K.; Takeda, N.; Orita, K., 1971:
Care of menopausal patients

Xu, S.D.; Ma, Y.B.; Guo, Q.B., 1995:
Care of mental disorders in the perioperative period of kidney transplantation patients

Sawanishi, K.; Yamashita, A.; Okabe, T.; Tsuchiya, M.; Ito, M., 1972:
Care of mental health of dialyzed patients

Volkova, Z.I., 1967:
Care of mental patients with sleep disorders

Kodahl, T., 1983:
Care of mental patients. The mentally retarded are still being sacrificed on the altar of authorities

Linnhoff, B.; Henschenmacher, H.P., 1994:
Care of mental patients. The schizophrenic patient in the hospital and in a nursing home

Malik, S.C.; Jain, R.K., 1980 :
Care of mentally ill patients

Dorsz-Szteke, E.; Maciejewska-Dorsz, K., 1980:
Care of mentally ill patients in Szczecin in the 19th century

Anonymous, 1970:
Care of mentally retarded

Ena, L.M., 1983:
Care of middle-aged and elderly patients in therapy departments

Belyĭ, A.A., 1984:
Care of middle-aged and elderly patients with cardiovascular failure

Shimada, N., 1984:
Care of mild diabetes in pregnant patients

Chang, A.; Kelso, G.; Harris, M.; Jordan, A., 1981:
Care of mildly ill children enrolled in day-care centers: management by parents and by trained home workers

Feng, J.; Zhang, J., 1994:
Care of modified functional exercise of knee joint rigidity with dirigation equipment

Wunderlich, C., 1972:
Care of mongoloid children

Kadĕrová, V., 1969:
Care of mother and child in the Ostrava region

Chen, Z.L.; Chen, C.H., 1994:
Care of nasopharyngeal cancer patients after radiotherapy

Bregetzer, J., 1981:
Care of natural cavities

Li, J.; Chen, H.L., 1994:
Care of nerve root type cervical spondylosis treated by blocking the inferior cervical roots

Berestov, A.I., 1974:
Care of neurologic patients

Yoshitake, K., 1973:
Care of newborn infants

Procházková, E.; Janovský, M.; Melichar, V., 1983:
Care of newborn infants and mothers (rooming-in) at the Institute for Maternal and Child Care

Friedrich, W.; Hempel, I.; Raubold, H., 1980:
Care of newborn infants at risk in a neuropediatric dispensary (analysis and evaluation of results during 1970-1978)

Ishikawa, S., 1968:
Care of newborn infants in Japan

Ito, S., 1974:
Care of newborn infants. II. Instruction of infant care

Elizarova, I.P., 1970:
Care of newborn who have sustained asphyxia

Cheng, H., 1994:
Care of nitinol patellar concentration (NT-PC), internal fixation for treatment of patellar fractures during surgery

Garland, T.O., 1969:
Care of nursing personnel. A neglected aspect of hospital management

Tocilj, D.; Sbapnicar, J., 1980:
Care of open fractures of the distal part of the forearm

Stuzin, J.; Engrav, L.; Buehler, P., 1982:
Care of open wounds

Venter, A.M., 1981:
Care of our patients from a psychological viewpoint - facts or myths

Axelsson, A.; Hallén, O.; Ranman, P.O., 1974:
Care of out-patients with ear, nose and throat diseases

Meng, F.H., 1994:
Care of ovarian cancer treated with intraperitoneal chemotherapy

Olund, A.; Wisteds, B., 1981:
Care of parents with prenatal fetal death

Cao, Z.H., 1995:
Care of patient with multiple organ failure caused by cerebral apoplexy

Landau, R.L.; Ehrlich, E.N., 1974:
Care of patients

Epp, M.L., 1967:
Care of patients addicted to non-narcotic drugs

Möller, H.J.; Torhorst, A.; Wächtler, C., 1982:
Care of patients after attempted suicide: tasks, problems and possibilities of improvement

Bär, W.; Usbeck, W., 1971:
Care of patients after gastrectomy

Kawashima, M., 1984:
Care of patients and physician assistants--dilemma in practice

Vollmoeller, W., 1981:
Care of patients at risk for alcoholism in psychiatric health services (addiction treatment): orienting data

Sack, H., 1982:
Care of patients during and after radiotherapy of malignant otorhinolaryngologic tumors

Watanabe, T.; Shimizu, T.; Abe, T.; Iyomasa, Y., 1981:
Care of patients during open heart surgery with deep thermometry--the criteria of poor peripheral circulation

Ishihara, M., 1971:
Care of patients during urination and defecation

Hanada, K., 1970:
Care of patients following cesarean section

Wang, Y.Z., 1983:
Care of patients following removal of foreign bodies from the respiratory tract

Rogoz, B.D.; Holswade, G.R., 1966:
Care of patients having open-heart surgery

Wang, J., 1984:
Care of patients having tracheal carina resection and tracheoplasty

Codrescu, N., 1974:
Care of patients immobilized in plaster casts

Gardini, G.F., 1970:
Care of patients in advanced stages of cancer. Report of the activity of the Oncological Department of the Tumor League

Enjoubault, D., 1982:
Care of patients in continuous extension or subject to decubitus ulcers

Qvarford, M., 1972:
Care of patients in public health dentistry

Joseph, M., 1972:
Care of patients in respirator

Tarasova, O.I., 1966:
Care of patients in specialized departments

Saenger, E.L., 1971:
Care of patients involved in radiation accidents: recent advances

Ivan, E.; Ene, A., 1980:
Care of patients on a respirator

Anonymous, 1974:
Care of patients on anticoagulants

Tsekhanovskiĭ, B.G.; Bocharov, V.A.; Tarasova, L.S., 1980:
Care of patients suffering craniocerebral injury

Kendall, E.B., 1967:
Care of patients treated with sealed sources of radioisotopes

Liu, P., 1984:
Care of patients with Behcet's syndrome-caused serious ulcer of the legs

Zhang, W.J., 1983:
Care of patients with Dengue fever

Mowchenko, G., 1971:
Care of patients with G.I. diseases that have a psychological component

Layaz, C., 1981:
Care of patients with a bladder catheter

Romeijn, J.R., 1971:
Care of patients with a fatal disease in the terminal stages

Fineberg, H.V.; Scadden, D.; Goldman, L., 1984:
Care of patients with a low probability of acute myocardial infarction. Cost effectiveness of alternatives to coronary-care-unit admission

Anonymous, 1968:
Care of patients with abortion

Kovalová, J., 1974:
Care of patients with acute cerebrovascular disorders

Anonymous, 1971:
Care of patients with acute myocardial infarction

Huizhen, S., 1982:
Care of patients with acute promyelocytec leukemia complicated by disseminated intravascular coagulation

Manda, A.; Leca, M., 1983:
Care of patients with acute respiratory insufficiency

Liu, L.Z., 1984:
Care of patients with an intestinal fistula

Khalatov, S.K.; Krysik, R.M., 1983:
Care of patients with borderline states

Kots, I.I., 1973:
Care of patients with cardiovascular diseases

Drabkowska-Kaczmarek, A.; Ignaczak, A.; Dabrowska, K.; Nowicka-Sieroszewska, K., 1983:
Care of patients with cerebrovascular disorders in the health service area of one of Warsaw's neurological hospital departments. I. Hospital admissions

Schünemann, G., 1970:
Care of patients with chronic bronchitic syndrome in the District Dispensary for Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases in Rostock

Avacov, S., 1974:
Care of patients with chronic enterocolitis and ulcerative colitis

Tsuji, N., 1980:
Care of patients with chronic gastrointestinal diseases caused by alcohol dependence

Smith, J.S., 1971:
Care of patients with claucoma

Francis, A.M.; Polissar, L.; Lorenz, A.B., 1984:
Care of patients with colorectal cancer. A comparison of a health maintenance organization and fee-for-service practices

Yan, Q.X., 1984:
Care of patients with complete auriculo-ventricular block following open heart surgery

Wimo, A.; Karlsson, G.; Sandman, P.O.; Winblad, B., 1995:
Care of patients with dementia--a ticking cost bomb?

Avisov, P.B., 1984:
Care of patients with different traumatic injuries

Chernyshev, I.A., 1982:
Care of patients with disordered mental functions

Suzuki, H., 1983:
Care of patients with elevated intracranial pressure

Ahmed, K.Mokim.; Pandita, R.K.; Singh, D.Kumar.; Hunt, C.R.; Pandita, T.K., 2018:
β1-Integrin Impacts Rad51 Stability and DNA Double-Strand Break Repair by Homologous Recombination

Rohmann, H.; Schröder, G.; Scholz, B., 1966:
Care of patients with heart defects in pregnancy, during labor and puerperium

Stobbe, H.; Heine, K.M., 1971:
Care of patients with hematologic diseases in the capital city Berlin as well as in the districts of Potsdam and Frankfurt (Oder)

Halter, F., 1973:
Care of patients with ileostomy

Ricordeau, P.; Hollender, L.; Loygue, J., 1969:
Care of patients with ileostomy or colostomy

Lónyai, T., 1981:
Care of patients with implanted artificial heart valves

Hámori, A., 1965:
Care of patients with kidney diseases

Staffler, E., 1980:
Care of patients with laryngeal carcinoma. 1

Staffler, E., 1980:
Care of patients with laryngeal carcinoma. 2

Písa, Z.; Hurych, J., 1974:
Care of patients with myocardial infarct

Moser, M.; Wüthrich, R., 1971:
Care of patients with neurologic and other disorders in a day center. Day care center Egliseeholz of the Society for Public Welfare in Basel

Nagata, K., 1981:
Care of patients with pain and the use of narcotics as one method--bio-psycho-socio-ethical approaches to the terminal patients

Fengwu, L., 1982:
Care of patients with pseudomembranous enteritis after chemotherapy

Vyslouzil, Z.; Dolenský, J., 1974:
Care of patients with respiratory insufficiency

Onuki, M., 1972:
Care of patients with respiratory insufficiency--a case of terminal cancer with bronchial asthma

Golovach, V.I., 1980:
Care of patients with respiratory organ diseases

Howie, J.G.; Heaney, D.J.; Maxwell, M., 1995:
Care of patients with selected health problems in fundholding practices in Scotland in 1990 and 1992: needs, process and outcome

Inoue, H.; Nakamura, T.; Sugai, T.; Furusho, F.; Uzawa, M., 1970:
Care of patients with severe mental or physical handicap

Bazilevskaia, Z.V., 1980:
Care of patients with spinal and spinal cord injuries

Durda, I.I., 1981:
Care of patients with strangulated hernias

Hain, S.; Richter, K., 1995:
Care of patients with systemic hematologic diseases

Armstrong, D.; Tedder, E., 1969:
Care of patients with the carcinoid syndrome

Kusztos, D., 1969:
Care of patients with varicose veins

Frohner, G.; Slavicek, R., 1983:
Care of patients with very small mouth openings

Zhang, F.M.; Shi, Y.F., 1994:
Care of pediatric endoscopy of the upper alimentary tract

Fan, X.L., 1994:
Care of pediatric pneumonia from the viewpoint of the characteristics of pediatric esophageal dynamics

Kashchenko, V.V.; Sinitsa, V.I., 1982:
Care of pemphigus patients

Dock, W., 1973:
Care of people with coronary arterial obstruction

Noak, J., 1995:
Care of people with psychopathic disorder

Gui, Y.Y., 1994:
Care of percutaneous angioplasty for renal artery stenosis

Saha, S.K., 1983:
Care of perineal wound in abdominoperineal resection

Keirse, M., 1981:
Care of persons in acute crisis situations

Tian, Y., 1994:
Care of phimosis treated with balloon dilatation

Cording, R., 1980:
Care of physically handicapped children

Arendt, W., 1968:
Care of physically handicapped children and adolescents in the GDR

Almind, G., 1985:
Care of pre-school children

Gerber, H.U.; Herrmann, U.; Bab, W., 1971:
Care of pregnancies complicated by heart disease from the obstetric and anesthesiologic viewpoint

Baranyi, E.; Tamás, G.; Szalay, J.; Békefi, D.; Dimény, E.; Petrányi, G.; Anda, L.; Brooser, G.; Gáti, I.; Magyar, I., 1980:
Care of pregnancy in diabetic women from the viewpoint of internal medicine

Kamata, S., 1971:
Care of pregnant women and hormone determination

Wittmann, K.; Virág, M., 1973:
Care of pregnant women with cardiac insufficiency and management of labor

Kawakami, H., 1971:
Care of pregnant women with diabetes

Keller, J., 1965:
Care of pregnant women with marked varicosis

Guceanu, M.; Pintilie, M.; Ifrim, A., 1971:
Care of premature infants in a rural maternity home

Kong, Y.P.; Yu, X.H., 1994:
Care of primary liver cancer treated by double embolization of the hepatic and splenic arteries

Szewczyk, H., 1967:
Care of prisoners from the mental health viewpoint

Berger, H., 1980:
Care of private patients in teaching hospitals: a perspective of the referring physician

Spranger, H., 1981:
Care of proximal cavities from the periodontal viewpoint

Toyoshima, T., 1973:
Care of puerperal patients following discharge from the hospital--toward more effective postnatal management

Laine, E.; Jomin, M.; Carbonnel, B.; Andreussi, L., 1972:
Care of pyocyanic meningitis by intrathecal injection of sulfamide

Wu, J.M.; Wu, H.Y., 1994:
Care of radical surgery of Budd-Chiari syndrome

Akimoto, M.; Sano, C.; Tsukada, S.; Shinohara, N., 1984:
Care of refractory decubitus ulcers in patients with spinal cord injuries

Nilsson, E., 1966:
Care of respiration and air passages in connection with barbiturate poisoning

Crom, D.B.; Pratt, C.B., 1982:
Care of retinoblastoma patients and their families

Li, X.L., 1994:
Care of rheumatoid arthritis treated with bee acupuncture

Nazareth, I.; King, M.; Davies, S., 1995:
Care of schizophrenia in general practice: the general practitioner and the patient

Ammann, H., 1968:
Care of school children with hearing and speech disorders

Sørrig, K., 1983:
Care of senile patients. Wrong placement in psychiatric hospitals

Frey, C.F., 1984:
Care of serious trauma in southern Sweden

Weicker, W., 1973:
Care of seriously sick patients in a district hospital

Kershaw, C.R.; Vincent, S.H., 1981:
Care of service children on the Gosport Peninsula

Cosset, J.M.; Dubray, B.; Chauveinc, L.; Perdereau, B.; Campana, F., 1995:
Care of severe accidental irradiation victims

Lu, X.L.; Zhang, S.H.; Cui, Z.Z., 1995:
Care of severe aplastic anemia treated with immunosuppressive drugs

Schranz, D.; Stopfkuchen, H.; Wiss, R.; Jüngst, B.K.; Emmrich, P., 1983:
Care of severely asphyctic preterm and term infants

Kotov, I.A.; Platonov, I.F., 1981:
Care of severely burned patients

Palmgren, L., 1995:
Care of sick refugees--how shall we handle it? Illegal immigrants as an ethical problem in health care

Wilhelm, A., 1967:
Care of skin injuries of the hand

Scheunemann, H., 1984:
Care of skull injuries in childhood

Uzelac, S., 1983:
Care of soft tissue injuries in a garrison ambulatory care service

Kodýtek, V., 1969:
Care of staff reserves for economic and technical services of the National Institutes of Health

Roper, N., 1965:
Care of staff's back

Kopecki, E.S., 1967:
Care of stainless steel in hospital use

He, C.F., 1994:
Care of stiff-man syndrome

Kistenev, B.A.; Zakharova, V.A., 1980:
Care of stroke patients

Xavier, D.A.; Olinto, F.; Cunha, E.F.; Eisenmberg, S.; Netto, E.D.; Olinto, M., 1968:
Care of surgical patients in pediatrics

Clavé, M., 1982:
Care of surgical patients with esophageal neoplasms

Gorset, O.; Paulsen, E.M., 1980:
Care of teeth and dental prostheses in homes for the aged and nursing homes

Ihm, P.; Schnell, H., 1971:
Care of teeth in periodontally injured dentition by toothbrush and water jet

Hansson, A.K., 1984:
Care of tetraplegic patients

Solomon, N.; Tayback, M., 1970:
Care of tha aged

Duval, A.; Hennessy, K., 1983:
Care of the Broviac catheter

Doran, E.M., 1983:
Care of the Hickman catheter in children

Angeles, J., 1983:
Care of the M.I. patient in shock

Anthony-Tkach, C., 1981:
Care of the Mexican-American patient

Davis, R.W., 1971:
Care of the Parkinsonian patient

Pomerantz, R., 1982:
Care of the acutely ill older adult. Considerations in the physician's approach

Hepler, M., 1982:
Care of the acutely ill older adult. Facing death together

Demmerle, B., 1982:
Care of the acutely ill older adult. General nursing care

Timan, B.; Goldfarb, D.; Curtis, B., 1982:
Care of the acutely ill older adult. Home safe

DeYoung, M., 1982:
Care of the acutely ill older adult. Planning for discharge

Feldman, A., 1982:
Care of the acutely ill older adult. Transfer: nursing home to hospital

Schwartz, D., 1982:
Care of the acutely ill older adult: Part one. Catastrophic illness: how it feels

Lichtenstein, V., 1982:
Care of the acutely ill older adult: Part two. Nutritional management

Finnegan, L.P.; MacNew, B.A., 1974:
Care of the addicted infant

Dealy, M.F.; Pazola, K.; Heislein, D.M., 1995:
Care of the adolescent undergoing an allograft procedure

Ivey, J.; Weld, L., 1983:
Care of the adult patient with Tetralogy of Fallot

Miner, P.D.; Canobbio, M.M., 1994:
Care of the adult with cyanotic congenital heart disease

Pomykala, B., 1981:
Care of the aged and handicapped. A look back and future perspectives

McDowell, W., 1968:
Care of the aged and human values

Piha, A., 1965:
Care of the aged and sick in homes and hospitals in the United States

Sé, L.O., 1971:
Care of the aged in Denmark and Sweden

Moravcová, M., 1981:
Care of the aged in England

Coni, N.K., 1982:
Care of the aged in France

Anonymous, 1981:
Care of the aged in Scandinavia

Svendsen, T., 1984:
Care of the aged in institutions

Chang, M.K., 1980:
Care of the aged in the People's Republic of China

Aoki, N., 1984:
Care of the aged in the United States. 11. Home hospice programs at Dallas, Nyack, and San Francisco

Aoki, N., 1984:
Care of the aged in the United States. 8. Nursing care at nursing homes. 2: San Francisco and Oklahoma City

Keirse, M., 1983:
Care of the aged in the hospital

Pfaff, A.B.; Asam, W.H., 1982:
Care of the aged in the intermediate state between self care and outside help

Nesnídal, J., 1982:
Care of the aged population in Czechoslovakia

Sperl, M., 1984:
Care of the aged population in Denmark

Tsuji, N., 1982:
Care of the aged related to excretion

Budtz-Jørgensen, E., 1983:
Care of the aged. Oral care should have the same priority as other care

Madsen, A., 1983:
Care of the aged. Residents must live till they die not merely survive

Eisdorfer, C., 1981:
Care of the aged: the barriers of traditions

Anonymous, 1982:
Care of the aged: the role for nursing

Nisbet, G., 1971:
Care of the aging. A progress report on community services in Britain

Birkelund, S., 1971:
Care of the alcoholic

Winninger, A.L., 1974:
Care of the amputation stump

MacKenzie, H.J., 1982:
Care of the asthmatic patient

Shibata, K.; Sudo, K.; Nakajima, S., 1971:
Care of the asthmatic patient during the prolonged attack

Hübschen, K., 1973:
Care of the at risk birth

Abbott, C., 1981:
Care of the bereaved

Stern, B.L.; Williams, T.J., 1967:
Care of the bladder after gynecologic surgery

Pieritz, E., 1968:
Care of the bladder in the treatment of paraplegic patients

Spitsin, O.N., 1973:
Care of the bronchial tree in patients with chronic pneumonia

Bush, C.A.; Stone, H.H., 1972:
Care of the burn wound with topical Neosporin

Reid, W.H., 1974:
Care of the burned hand

Hansen, L.A., 1993:
Care of the cancer patient

Starr, N.J., 1981:
Care of the cardiac patient after noncardiac surgery

Cohen, A., 1984:
Care of the care-givers

Norton, V., 1981:
Care of the carers

Nanninga, J.B., 1980:
Care of the catheter-dependent patient

Vazquez, R.M.; Jarrard, M.M., 1984:
Care of the central venous catheterization site: the use of a transparent polyurethane film

Misawa, H., 1972:
Care of the child during parenteral infusion

FitzPatrick, N., 1966:
Care of the child following tonsillectomy

Pesamosca, A., 1965:
Care of the child operated on for congenital hip luxation

Curley, M.A.; Molengraft, J., 1994:
Care of the child supported on high frequency oscillatory ventilation

Olmsted, R.W., 1970:
Care of the child with a fatal illness

Perez, R.C.; Beckom, L.; Jebara, L.; Lewis, M.A.; Patenaude, Y., 1984:
Care of the child with a gastrostomy tube: common and practical concerns

Green, M., 1967:
Care of the child with a long-term, life-threatening illness: some principles of management

Anonymous, 1967:
Care of the child with cancer: panel discussion

Salcă, M., 1973:
Care of the child with cardiovascular disease

Wagner, P.L.; Stapleton, J.A.; Stein, R.; Wadina, C., 1984:
Care of the child with fever: a quality assurance study

Gault, P.L., 1969:
Care of the child with meningitis

Rokicka, T., 1983:
Care of the child with neoplastic disease

Vintovkina, I.S., 1982:
Care of the child with pneumonia being treated at home

Anonymous, 1983:
Care of the children of divorce

Canavan, D.I., 1967:
Care of the chronic alcoholic

Shoji, H.; Seki, T.; Masuko, M.; Daikoku, S., 1983:
Care of the chronic rheumatoid arthritis patient from a case study

Reich, R., 1973:
Care of the chronically mentally ill--a national disgrace

Finch, H., 1966:
Care of the colon rectum cancer patient

Flaherty, M.J., 1982:
Care of the comatose: complex problems faced alone

Vosátka, F., 1972:
Care of the complicated pregnancies in the Karlovy Vary district

Chen, M., 1994:
Care of the complications of interventional arterial chemotherapy

Patrick, M.L., 1967:
Care of the confused elderly patient

Gehrz, R.C., 1984:
Care of the critically ill child

Hodes, H.L., 1969:
Care of the critically ill child: endotoxin shock

Filler, R.M.; Eraklis, A.J., 1970:
Care of the critically ill child: intravenous alimentation

Hathaway, W.E., 1970:
Care of the critically ill child: the problem of disseminated intravascular coagulation

Weil, M.H.; Shubin, H.; Soffer, A., 1973:
Care of the critically ill patient

Spira, M.; Moore, J.; Hardy, S.B.; Gerow, F., 1969:
Care of the decubitus ulcer patient

Bennett, R.G., 1983:
Care of the demented: long-term care institution, home and family care, and hospice

Dreher, W., 1967:
Care of the dental prostheses

Margolis, A., 1967:
Care of the diabetic child in Poland

Farquhar, J.W.; Campbell, M.L., 1980:
Care of the diabetic child in the community

Malins, F.M.; Stuart, F.M., 1972:
Care of the diabetic in England

Lane, M.M., 1972:
Care of the diabetic in the nursing home

Wells, H.R., 1968:
Care of the diabetic patient who undergoes emergency abdominal surgery

Lennert, K.A.; Knüppel, E., 1981:
Care of the difficult duodenal stump in stomach resection according to Billroth I

Nisce, Z.P., 1981:
Care of the disabled: challenges to nursing contributions and future directions of nursing in the field of community health

Jeune, M., 1965:
Care of the diseased child in rural and urban areas. Infantile hospitals

Bylund, G., 1982:
Care of the dying has improved - but there is still much to learn

Agate, J., 1973:
Care of the dying in geriatric departments

Barritt, P.W., 1984:
Care of the dying in one practice

Keywood, O., 1974:
Care of the dying in their own home

Lamerton, R., 1972:
Care of the dying. 2. Attitudes to deathbed nursing

Lamerton, R., 1972:
Care of the dying. 3. The right time to die

Lamerton, R., 1972:
Care of the dying. 4. Teamwork

Lamerton, R., 1973:
Care of the dying. 5. Listening to the dying

Lamerton, R., 1973:
Care of the dying. 6. The pains of death

Lamerton, R., 1973:
Care of the dying. 7. Religion and the care of the dying

Ryndes, T.; Brown, R.S., 1982:
Care of the dying. Issues in pain management: Part II

MacAdam, D.B., 1983:
Care of the dying. Relevance of the hospice concept to general practice

Brown, R.S., 1981:
Care of the dying/hospice

Price, B., 1983:
Care of the dying: facing death

Ryndes, T.; Brown, R.S., 1981:
Care of the dying: issues in pain management

Ruggles, R.L.; Abols, I., 1983:
Care of the ear canal and mastoid

Knak, G., 1980:
Care of the edentulous jaw with partial removable dentures

Mills, G.H., 1984:
Care of the elderly and chronically ill

Anderson, F., 1972:
Care of the elderly cardiac in the British Isles

Ragan, C.A., 1971:
Care of the elderly ill--a scandal in our society

White, W., 1970:
Care of the elderly in Cardiff

Dalgaard, O.Z., 1982:
Care of the elderly in Denmark. Special aspects including geriatrics and long term medicine

Megyeri, K.A., 1982:
Care of the elderly in Hungary

Anonymous, 1984:
Care of the elderly in Netherland

Smith, T., 1984:
Care of the elderly in The Netherlands

Jensen, F.T., 1982:
Care of the elderly in a large provincial city

Hodes, C., 1973:
Care of the elderly in general practice

Donaldson, L.J., 1983:
Care of the elderly in hospitals and homes: foci of discontent

Reichel, W., 1980:
Care of the elderly in rural America

McCall, J., 1974:
Care of the elderly in the E.E.C

Maguire, J., 1970:
Care of the elderly in the community. A public health approach

Bartoszewski, J.; Halaunbrenner, J., 1972:
Care of the elderly patient in modern psychiatric therapeutics

Salmon, R.B.; Breslau, L.; Ford, A.; Kohn, R.R.; Powell, I., 1984:
Care of the elderly, demented, and dying patient

Gingras, G.; Sherman, E.D., 1984:
Care of the elderly--assessing future needs

Elefterin, C., 1983:
Care of the elderly. The hospital's changing role

Sadler, C., 1982:
Care of the elderly: growing old in Europe

Butler, R.N., 1981:
Care of the elderly: special needs for special people

Ilie, D., 1965:
Care of the enuretic child

Terao, K., 1971:
Care of the expectant mother during the 3rd and 4th stages of pregnancy

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Care of the fetus during labour

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Care of the high-risk newborn infant

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Care of the infant in winter

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Care of the injured. Who will do it?

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Care of the mentally sick

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Care of the mentally subnormal

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Care of the metabolic patient by the health care team. Glossary

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Care of the newborn infant

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Care of the newborn infant after childbirth

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Care of the newly-diagnosed HIV positive patient

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Care of the patient for cordotomy

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Care of the patient in a wedge turning frame

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Care of the patient in coma

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Care of the patient in renal disease

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Care of the patient on the percutaneous intra-aortic counterpulsation balloon

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Care of the patient receiving antineoplastic drugs

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Care of the patient receiving therapy with betamimetic agents

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Care of the patient under local anesthesia

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Care of the patient with arrhythmia

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Care of the patient with coronary heart diseases

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Care of the patient with fracture of the upper extremity of the femur

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Care of the patient with low vision

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Care of the patient with renal disease

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Care of the patient with schizophrenia

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Care of the patient with stroke

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Care of the patient with temporomandibular joint syndrome

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Care of the senile elderly

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Care of the subnormal

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Care of the subnormal in Great Britain

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Care of the surgically speechless patient

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Careers in nursing: public health nurse, a community asset

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Careful food handling: a must

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Careful nurses integrating

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Careful ordering can reduce the errors in heparin dosage

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Careful planning called a must for good hospital/HMO relations

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Careful planning ensures a happy outcome. Caring for pregnant women with diabetes

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Careful plant design intensifies space use, accommodates changing needs

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Careful presentation of evidence helps clear hospital

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Careful purchasing, good personnel management cut costs for pharmacy

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Careful reduction of congenital dislocation of the hip joint

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Careful selection of journals for the waiting room

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Careless examination (rejection)

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Careless mothers: a problem of social pediatrics

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Careless talk can cause misery

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Careless words are costly

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Carelessness can be fatal

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Carelessness of diabetics

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Carers need care

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Caretakers' views on responsibilities for the care of the demented elderly

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Carex brevicollis

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Carex--plant of medical science

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Carey Coombs' murmur

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