Section 43
Chapter 42,517

Charges disease in the state of Aguascalientes. Isolation of a new strain of Trypanosoma cruzi in the state of Aguascalientes. (I)

Gómez Torres, R.; Rodríquez Vázquez, M.L.; Mooser Barandum, O.; Ramírez Isunza, J.M.

Archivos del Instituto de Cardiologia de Mexico 53(2): 139-142


ISSN/ISBN: 0020-3785
PMID: 6411014
Accession: 042516937

In 1974, two adult specimens of triatoma were obtained in the municipality of Calvillo, Aguascalientes. Tripomastigotes were found by studying their excreta in the microscope. Since no reports of naturally infected triatoma were reported from Aguascalientes, we decided to further study this finding. Additional triatoma specimens were collected from this municipality and their excreta was infected to albino mice. Twenty one days later the animals had parasitemia and with tripomastigotes, some of them died. The survivors were sacrificed and their heart was obtained for histological sections all of them had nests of amastigotes. Cultures were performed from the blood of infected animals employing as a nest NNN (Novy, Mc Neal, Nicolle), and epimastigotes and tripomastigotes grew. The lesions found in the histological study, the evolutive forms of the parasite in the transmitting insect and the host, strongly suggest the presence of trypanosoma cruzi.

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