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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 42520

Chapter 42520 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Musto, P.; Barile, C.; Graziani, M., 1969:
Chemical mediators of pain

Anonymous, 1969:
Chemical mediators of the vascular phenomena of acute inflammation

Movat, H.Z., 1972:
Chemical mediators of the vascular phenomena of the acute inflammatory reaction and of immediate hypersensitivity

Mandache, F.; Prodescu, V.; Constantinescu, S.; Kover, G.; Giuroiu, V.; Luţescu, I.; Vasiliu, M.; Abramescu, N.; Ghergut, A.; Oprescu, S.; Creţulescu, G.; Georgescu, G.G.; Cristoveanu, A.; Zaharia, J.; Cantaragiu, S.; Stoica, A.; Wagner, A.; Horpos, C., 1980:
Chemical medullosclerosis with 40-percent sodium salicylate, combined with splanchnicosympathectomy, with or without contralateral adrenalectomy, in severe essential arterial hypertension. II. Clinical, paraclinical and technical studies. Results for a period of 2 to 20 years (original concepts and therapy)

Devoize, J.L.; Fuzeau, C.; Pin, J.C.; Bonnefoy, M., 1993:
Chemical meningitis after intradural injection of corticosteroids. Recovery without antibiotics

Gibbons, R.B., 1969:
Chemical meningitis following spinal anesthesia

Hurd, R.E.; Sieger, B.E., 1982:
Chemical meningitis secondary to metrizamide myelography

De Klerk, D.J.; Spence, J., 1974:
Chemical meningitis with intracranial tumours

Markula, C., 1983:
Chemical metal-plastic bonding of Kallocryl A and a chromium-cobalt-molybdenum alloy, as a significant prerequisite for denture hygiene

Zucconi, G., 1967:
Chemical method for determination of 15-alpha-OH-estriol in urine in pregnancy near term

Brazhnikova, M.G.; Lomakina, N.N.; Pokras, L.S.; Tolstykh, I.V., 1967:
Chemical method for determination of ristomycin

Gupta, S.; Sharma, K.; Narang, C.K.; Mathur, N.K., 1984:
Chemical method for identification of N-blocked group in pyroglutamic acid peptides

Nowak, K., 1966:
Chemical method for selectively breaking bound peptides

Bilich, B.E.; Bruĭ, G.F.; Gorbenko, I.M.; Egorov, V.P., 1984:
Chemical method of sterilizing plastic bacteriological dishes

Nieschlag, E.; Wickings, E.J.; Breuer, H., 1981:
Chemical methods for male fertility control. Expert consultation of the European Medical Research Council Advisory Subgroup on Human Reproduction

Bessiere, E.; Crockett, R.; L.R.beller, M.J.; Maurain, C.; Grenie, D., 1973:
Chemical methods for quantitative analysis of normal aqueous humour

Stein, L., 1972:
Chemical methods for removing radon and radon daughters from air

Pryor, W.A.; Castle, L., 1984:
Chemical methods for the detection of lipid hydroperoxides

Rozengard, V.I.; Rozengard, E.V., 1972:
Chemical methods for the quantitative determination of acetylcholine

Jorgić, S.; Faber, B.; Hajnsek, F., 1972:
Chemical methods of activation in diagnosis of epilepsy

Steubing, L., 1970:
Chemical methods of evaluation of quantitative occurrence of bacteria and algae in the soil

Jackson, H., 1973:
Chemical methods of male contraception

Bessière, E.; Crockett, R.; Le Rebeller, M.J.; Maurain, C.; Grenie, D., 1972:
Chemical methods of normal aqueous humor determination

Pearce, E., 1973:
Chemical methods of plaque control

Imura, N.; Sukegawa, E.; Pan, S.K.; Nagao, K.; Kim, J.Y.; Kwan, T.; Ukita, T., 1971:
Chemical methylation of inorganic mercury with methylcobalamin, a vitamin B12 analog

Cocks, G.G., 1968:
Chemical microscopy

Tsai, C.S.; Lin, Y.T.; Reyes-Zamora, C.; Fraser, J.A., 1974:
Chemical model for oxaloacetate decarboxylase

Belova, V.S.; Nikonova, L.A.; Raĭkhman, L.M.; Borukaeva, M.R., 1972:
Chemical model of an enzyme system oxidizing hydrocarbons

Gottschall, D.W.; Harder, R.R.; Wiley, R.A.; Hanzlik, R.P., 1984:
Chemical models for toxic metabolites of bromobenzene derivatives. Relative toxicity toward isolated hepatocytes

Bednar, R.A.; Colman, R.F., 1982:
Chemical modification A probe of the structure and function of the subunits of DPN-dependent isocitrate dehydrogenase

Stavrou, D.; Hultén, M.; Bilzer, T., 1981:
Chemical modification and antigenicity of glioma cells

Omura, S.; Miyano, K.; Nakagawa, A.; Sano, H.; Komiyama, K.; Umezawa, I.; Shibata, K.; Satsumabayashi, S., 1984:
Chemical modification and antitumor activity of herbimycin A. 8,9-Epoxide, 7,9-cyclic carbamate, and 17 or 19-amino derivatives

Dipple, A.; Shooter, K.V., 1974:
Chemical modification and biological inactivation of bacteriophage R17 by 7-bromomethylbenz(alpha)anthracenes

Nees, S.; Schmidt, W.; Schneider, F., 1971:
Chemical modification and catalytic activity of carbonate-hydro-lyase B from bovine erythrocytes. Modification of arginine, histidine, lysine, tyrosine and tryptophan

Funatsu, M., 1968:
Chemical modification and enzymatic activities of lysozyme

Jeffcoat, R., 1972:
Chemical modification and kinetic studies on glucarate hydro-lyase from a species of Pseudomonas A

Pietruszko, R.; Hempel, J.D.; Vallari, R.C., 1982:
Chemical modification and site of interaction of human aldehyde dehydrogenase E1 with disulfiram and iodoacetamide

Havsteen, B.H., 1973:
Chemical modification in the active site of delta-chymotrypsin

Iwasawa, H.; Ikeda, D.; Kondo, S.; Umezawa, H., 1982:
Chemical modification of 3'-deoxyamikacin

Umezawa, H.; Miyasaka, T.; Iwasawa, H.; Ikeda, D.; Kondo, S., 1981:
Chemical modification of 5,3',4'-trideoxykanamycin B

Kumagai, I.; Bartsch, M.; Subramanian, A.R.; Erdmann, V.A., 1983:
Chemical modification of 5S and 4.5S rRNAs in situ in spinach chloroplast ribosomes

Mäkinen, K.K.; Mäkinen, P.L.; Wilkes, S.H.; Bayliss, M.E.; Prescott, J.M., 1982:
Chemical modification of Aeromonas aminopeptidase. Evidence for the involvement of tyrosyl and carboxyl groups in the activity of the enzyme

Corbalan-Garcia, S.; Teruel, J.A.; Gomez-Fernandez, J.C., 1994:
Chemical modification of Ca(2+)-ATPase from sarcoplasmic reticulum with phenylglyoxal

Hayashi, S.; Suzuki, M.; Nakamura, S., 1983:
Chemical modification of Corynebacterium sarcosine oxidase: role of sulfhydryl and histidyl groups

Malm, B., 1984:
Chemical modification of Cys-374 of actin interferes with the formation of the profilactin complex

Swenson, R.P.; Williams, C.H.; Massey, V., 1982:
Chemical modification of D-amino acid oxidase. Amino acid sequence of the tryptic peptides containing tyrosine and lysine residues modified by fluorodinitrobenzene

Hashimoto, Y.; Shudo, K., 1985:
Chemical modification of DNA with muta-carcinogens. I. 3-Amino-1-methyl-5H-pyrido[4,3-b]indole and 2-amino-6-methyldipyrido[1,2-a:3',2'-d]imidazole: metabolic activation and structure of the DNA adducts

Brossmer, R.; Bohn, B.; Brandeis, W., 1973:
Chemical modification of Ehrlich ascites tumour cells by periodate and succinic anhydride: effects on metabolism and membrane permeability

Prasad, A.R.; Ybarra, J.; Nishimura, J.S., 1983:
Chemical modification of Escherichia coli succinyl-CoA synthetase with the adenine nucleotide analogue 5'-p-fluorosulphonylbenzoyladenosine

Satre, M.; Bof, M.; Issartel, J.P.; Vignais, P.V., 1982:
Chemical modification of F1-ATPase by dicyclohexylcarbodiimide: application to analysis of the stoichiometry of subunits in Escherichia coli F1

Tsutsumi, Y.; Nakagawa, S.; Mayumi, T., 1995:
Chemical modification of IL-6 with PEG

Marques-Negrão, H.H.; Mantovani, B., 1982:
Chemical modification of IgG tryptophan residues: effect on competition with immune complexes for macrophage receptors

Munroe, W.A.; Dunlap, R.B., 1982:
Chemical modification of Lactobacillus casei thymidylate synthetase with 1-fluoro-2,4-dinitrobenzene and 1,5-difluoro-2,4-dinitrobenzene

Urayama, O., 1983:
Chemical modification of Na+, K+-ATPase

Pull, I., 1970:
Chemical modification of a cerebral sodium-plus-potassium ion-stimulated adenosine triphosphatase preparation

Sandmeier, E.; Christen, P., 1982:
Chemical modification of a functional arginyl residue (Arg 292) of mitochondrial aspartate aminotransferase. Identification as the binding site for the distal carboxylate group of the substrate

McBurnette, S.K.; Mandy, W.J., 1974:
Chemical modification of a rabbit immunoglobulin allotypic specificity

Miura, K.; Tsuda, S.; Kakuchi, J.; Harada, F.; Ueda, T., 1983:
Chemical modification of adenine residues in mouse 5S rRNA with monoperphthalate: the secondary structure of 5S rRNA

Usanov, S.A.; Pikuleva, I.A.; Chashchin, V.L.; Akhrem, A.A., 1984:
Chemical modification of adrenocortical cytochrome P-450scc with tetranitromethane

Moss, D.W., 1970:
Chemical modification of alkaline phosphatases. The effects of amino-grp reagents on the electrophoretic mobilities and activities of phosphatases from several human tissues

Thomas, D.M.; Moss, D.W., 1972:
Chemical modification of alkaline phosphatases. The effects of several treatments on human placental alkaline phosphatase isoenzymes

Britten, C.; Hood, C.; Bird, M., 1995:
Chemical modification of alpha(1-3) fucosyltransferase defines residues of catalytic importance

Matsui, K.; Fukuda, K.; Kameda, Y., 1981:
Chemical modification of amino groups in alanine dehydrogenase from Bacillus natto KMD 1126

Chu, F.S.; Crary, E.; Bergdoll, M.S., 1969:
Chemical modification of amino groups in staphylococcal enterotoxin B

Reid, R.J.; Mizsak, S.A.; Reineke, L.M.; Zurenko, G.E.; Stern, K.F.; Magerlein, B.J., 1981:
Chemical modification of aminoglycosides. 3. Synthesis of 2"-deoxykanamycins from neamine

Akimoto, H.; Kawai, A.; Hashimoto, N.; Nomura, H., 1984:
Chemical modification of ansamitocins. II. Synthesis of 3-epimaytansionoids via 3-maytansinones

Kawai, A.; Akimoto, H.; Kozai, Y.; Ootsu, K.; Tanida, S.; Hashimoto, N.; Nomura, H., 1984:
Chemical modification of ansamitocins. III. Synthesis and biological effects of 3-acyl esters of maytansinol

Tanaka, H.; Yoshioka, T.; Shimauchi, Y.; Oki, T.; Inui, T., 1981:
Chemical modification of anthracycline antibiotics. III. 4"'-Amino, 4"'-alkylamino acid 4"'-amide derivatives of aclacinomycin A

Tanaka, H.; Yoshioka, T.; Yoshimoto, A.; Shimauchi, Y.; Ishikura, T.; Takeuchi, T.; Umezawa, H., 1983:
Chemical modification of anthracycline antibiotics. V. Synthesis of 2-hydroxyaclacinomycin A by chemical glycosidation

Fujita, H., 1984:
Chemical modification of anticancer agents from viewpoints of their pharmacokinetics

Signor, A.; Bonora, G.M.; Biondi, L.; Nisato, D.; Marzotto, A.; Scoffone, E., 1971:
Chemical modification of arginine by nitromalondialdehyde. Synthesis and properties of -(5-nitro-2-pyrimidyl) ornithyl derivatives

Onishi, M.; Hatano, H., 1970:
Chemical modification of bacterial alpha-amylase by monoiodoacetate

Takenaka, N., 1973:
Chemical modification of blood flow

Yamamoto, K.; Yoshioka, T.; Kato, Y.; Isshiki, K.; Nishino, M.; Nakamura, F.; Shimauchi, Y.; Ishikura, T., 1983:
Chemical modification of carbapenem antibiotics. Versatile methods for displacement of the C-3 sulfur side chain of carbapenems with other thiol groups

Vivanco-Martínez, F.; Bragado, R.; Albar, J.P.; Juarez, C.; Ortíz-Masllorens, F., 1980:
Chemical modification of carboxyl groups in human Fc gamma fragments: structural role and effect on the complement fixation

Johansen, J.T.; Livingston, D.M.; Vallee, B.L., 1972:
Chemical modification of carboxypeptidase A crystals. Azo coupling with tyrosine-248

Lahiri, S., 1981:
Chemical modification of carotid body chemoreception by sulfhydryls

Iwaguchi, T.; Sakurai, Y., 1972:
Chemical modification of cell membrane of Yoshida sarcoma cells by 6,6'-dithiodinicotinic acid and its effect on sensitivity to nitrogen mustard

Lönnroth, I.; Holmgren, J., 1974:
Chemical modification of cholera toxin for characterization of antigenic, receptor-binding and toxic sites

Bayer, E.; Bauer, B.; Eggerer, H., 1981:
Chemical modification of citrate synthase. Evidence against two geometrically separated catalytic sites per monomer

Chang, C.C.; Nakai, K.; Hayashi, K., 1970:
Chemical modification of cobratoxin from the venom of Formosan cobra (Naja naja atra)

Lu, H.S.; Talent, J.M.; Gracy, R.W., 1981:
Chemical modification of critical catalytic residues of lysine, arginine, and tryptophan in human glucose phosphate isomerase

Jänig, G.R.; Friedrich, J.; Smettan, G.; Bernhardt, R.; Ristau, O.; Ruckpaul, K., 1985:
Chemical modification of cytochrome P-450 LM2 with N-acetylimidazole. Evidence for the functional involvement of tyrosyl residues

Jänig, G.R.; Makower, A.; Rabe, H.; Bernhardt, R.; Ruckpaul, K., 1984:
Chemical modification of cytochrome P-450 LM2. Characterization of tyrosine as axial heme iron ligand trans to thiolate

Miura, K.; Tsuda, S.; Harada, F.; Ueda, T., 1983:
Chemical modification of cytosine residues of U6 snRNA with hydrogen sulfide (nucleosides and nucleotides. Part 49 [1])

Miura, K.; Tsuda, S.; Iwano, T.; Ueda, T.; Harada, F.; Kato, N., 1983:
Chemical modification of cytosine residues of mouse 5 S ribosomal RNA with hydrogen sulfide. (Nucleosides and nucleotides 43)

Miura, K.; Iwano, T.; Tsuda, S.; Ueda, T.; Harada, F.; Kato, N., 1982:
Chemical modification of cytosine residues of tRNAVa1 with hydrogen sulfide (nucleosides and nucleotides. XL)

Shimauchi, Y.; Hori, K.; Sakamoto, M.; Mutoh, Y.; Fukagawa, Y.; Hori, S.; Ishikura, T.; Lein, J., 1980:
Chemical modification of deltamycins. I. 4''-O-acyl analogs of deltamycins

Harada, M.; Hiraoka, B.Y.; Fukasawa, K.M.; Fukasawa, K., 1984:
Chemical modification of dipeptidyl peptidase iv: involvement of an essential tryptophan residue at the substrate binding site

Sams, C.F.; Matthews, K.S., 1984:
Chemical modification of dopamine beta-hydroxylase

Fuchs, S.; Gurari, D.; Silman, I., 1974:
Chemical modification of electric eel acetylcholinesterase by tetranitromethane

Rokushika, S.; Onishi, M.; Hiromi, K., 1970:
Chemical modification of enzyme proteins--list of literatures classified according to amino acid residues (1966-9)

Wold, F., 1973:
Chemical modification of enzymes

Martin, Y.C.; Jones, P.H.; Perun, T.J.; Grundy, W.E.; Bell, S.; Bower, R.R.; Shipkowitz, N.L., 1972:
Chemical modification of erythromycin antibiotics. 4. Structure-activity relationships of erythromycin esters

Krowicki, K.; Zamojski, A., 1973:
Chemical modification of erythromycins. 3. Spiroketals of 8-hydroxyerythromycin A

Krowicki, K.; Zamojski, A., 1973:
Chemical modification of erythromycins. I. 8,9-Anhydro-69-hemiketal of erythromycin A

Morimoto, S.; Takahashi, Y.; Watanabe, Y.; Omura, S., 1984:
Chemical modification of erythromycins. I. Synthesis and antibacterial activity of 6-O-methylerythromycins A

Krowicki, K.; Zamojski, A., 1973:
Chemical modification of erythromycins. II. 8-hydroxyerythromycin A

Krowicki, K.; Zamojski, A., 1973:
Chemical modification of erythromycins. IV. 8-hydroxyerythromycin B

Krowicki, K., 1974:
Chemical modification of erythromycins. V. Cyclic carbonates of 8-hydroxyerythromycin A

Ida, N.; Tokushige, M., 1984:
Chemical modification of essential histidine residues in aspartase with diethylpyrocarbonate

Brodwick, M.S.; Eaton, D.C., 1982:
Chemical modification of excitable membranes

Saito, Y.; Shimizu, A.; Matsushima, A.; Inada, Y., 1983:
Chemical modification of fibrinogen and the effect on fibrin formation

Sato, M.; Mochida, K.; Mori, Y.; Shirahata, K., 1981:
Chemical modification of fortimicins. II. Selective protection of fortimicins A and B

Mochida, K.; Sato, M.; Yoshiie, S.; Mori, Y.; Shirahata, K.; Kitaura, K., 1981:
Chemical modification of fortimicins. III. preparation of N-substituted fortimicin A derivatives

Price, P.A.; Nelson, C.; Williamson, M.K., 1984:
Chemical modification of gamma-carboxyglutamic acid, the vitamin K-dependent amino acid which binds Ca2+

Lee, H.C.; Forte, J.G., 1980:
Chemical modification of gastric microsomal potassium-stimulated ATPase

Freedman, R.B.; Radda, G.K., 1969:
Chemical modification of glutamate dehydrogenase by 2,4,6-trinitrobenzenesulphonic acid

Miura, K.; Tsuda, S.; Ueda, T.; Harada, F.; Kato, N., 1983:
Chemical modification of guanine residues of mouse 5 S ribosomal RNA with kethoxal. (Nucleosides and nucleotides 46)

Cheng, L.Y.; Tam, J.W., 1982:
Chemical modification of hemoglobin in intact whole cells: morphological studies by scanning electron microscope

Simon, S.R.; Konigsberg, W.H., 1966:
Chemical modification of hemoglobins: a study of conformation restraint by internal bridging

Messner, R.P.; Parker, C.W.; Williams, R.C., 1970:
Chemical modification of human and rabbit antistaphylococcal gamma G antibodies: effect of acetylation, carbamylation and amidination on opsonic activity

Rimon, A.; Sela, M., 1966:
Chemical modification of human erythrocytes by attachment of tyrosine and alanine peptides

Jaenicke, L.; Preun, J., 1984:
Chemical modification of hydroxynitrile lyase by selective reaction of an essential cysteine-SH group with alpha, beta-unsaturated propiophenones as pseudo-substrates

Nogimori, K.; Ito, K.; Tamura, M.; Satoh, S.; Ishii, S.; Ui, M., 1984:
Chemical modification of islet-activating protein, pertussis toxin. Essential role of free amino groups in its lymphocytosis-promoting activity

Inoue, S., 1967:
Chemical modification of kanamycin. 3. Syntheses of 6-amino-6-deoxy-2-manno-kanamycin and 6-hydrazino-6-deoxy-2-manno-kanamycin

Inoue, S., 1967:
Chemical modification of kanamycin. I. Synthesis of 6-amino-6-deoxy-kanamycin and 6-hydrazino-6-deoxy-kanamycin

Inouye, S., 1968:
Chemical modification of kanamycin. II. Syntheses of 3'-amino-3'-deoxykanamycin and 3'-amino-3'-deoxy-2'-mannokanamycin

Magerlein, B.J.; Birkenmeyer, R.D.; Kagan, F., 1966:
Chemical modification of lincomycin

Sinkula, A.A.; Lewis, C., 1973:
Chemical modification of lincomycin: synthesis and bioactivity of selected 2,7-dialkylcarbonate esters

Egorov, A.M.; Tishkov, V.I.; Dainichenko, V.V.; Popov, V.O., 1982:
Chemical modification of lysine residues in bacterial formate dehydrogenase

Svetasheva, T.G.; Sova, V.V.; Eliakova, L.A., 1983:
Chemical modification of lysine residues of beta-1,3-glucanase from Spisula sachalinensis

Harada, S.; Muroi, M.; Kondo, M.; Tsuchiya, K.; Matsuzawa, T., 1973:
Chemical modification of maridomycin, a new macrolide antibiotic

Schindler, M.; Rosenbusch, J.P., 1982:
Chemical modification of matrix porin from Escherichia coli: probing the pore topology of a transmembrane protein

Knauf, P.A.; Rothstein, A., 1971:
Chemical modification of membranes. I. Effects of sulfhydryl and amino reactive reagents on anion and cation permeability of the human red blood cell

Knauf, P.A.; Rothstein, A., 1971:
Chemical modification of membranes. II. Permeation paths for sulfhydryl agents

Gupta, M.N.; Vithayathil, P.J., 1980:
Chemical modification of methionines of ribonuclease A with o-benzoquinone

Kunz, B.C.; Richter, C., 1983:
Chemical modification of microsomal cytochrome P450: role of lysyl residues in hydroxylation activity

Copeland, L.; Deutsch, C.J.; Tu, S.I.; Wang, J.H., 1974:
Chemical modification of mitochondria. II. Effect of labeling on oxidative phosphorylation

Inada, Y., 1973:
Chemical modification of mitochondrial membrane

Rusckowski, M.; Paucker, M.; Dalton, B.; Ogburn, C.A., 1982:
Chemical modification of mouse interferons

Letts, D.; Chase, T., 1974:
Chemical modification of mushroom tyrosinase for stabilization to reaction inactivation

Postnikova, G.B., 1994:
Chemical modification of myoglobin by isothiocyanate reagents. The effect of modifying the N-terminal amino group on protein conformation

Shimada, T., 1969:
Chemical modification of myosin

Wells, J.A.; Yount, R.G., 1982:
Chemical modification of myosin by active-site trapping of metal-nucleotides with thiol crosslinking reagents

Tsuru, D.; Hirose, T., 1972:
Chemical modification of neutral subtilopeptidase amylosacchariticus: reduction of the nitrotyrosyl enzyme with Na-hydrosulfite

Fujiwara, K.; Tsuru, D., 1973:
Chemical modification of neutral subtilopeptidase by aromatic diazo compounds

Hayatsu, H., 1968:
Chemical modification of nucleic acid

Griffin, B.E., 1969:
Chemical modification of nucleic acid components and transfer ribonucleic acid

Tsai, K.H.; Kantesaria, P.; Marfey, P., 1974:
Chemical modification of nucleic acids: II. Reaction of calf thymus DNA with hydrazine and 2,4-dinitrophenyl-hydrazine

Löffler, H.G.; Schneider, F., 1974:
Chemical modification of one carboxyl-group of papain abolishes the catalytic activity of the enzyme

Kato, K.; Yagisawa, N.; Shimada, N.; Hamada, M.; Takita, T.; Maeda, K.; Umezawa, H., 1984:
Chemical modification of oxanosine. I. Synthesis and biological properties of 2'-deoxyoxanosine

Whitaker, J.R.; Perez-Villase ñor, J., 1968:
Chemical modification of papain. I. Reaction with the chloromethyl ketones of phenylalanine and lysine and with phenylmethyl-sulfonyl fluoride

Vlasov, V.V.; Lavrik, O.I.; Mamaev, S.V.; Khodyreva, S.N.; Chizhikov, V.E., 1980:
Chemical modification of phenylalanyl-tRNA synthetase and ribosomes of Escherichia coli with derivatives of tRNA-Phe carrying photoreactive groups on guanosine residues

Schwabe, W.W., 1971:
Chemical modification of phyllotaxis and its implications

Wynn, R.; Richards, F.M., 1995:
Chemical modification of protein thiols: formation of mixed disulfides

Levashov, A.V.; Kabanov, A.V.; Khmel'nitskiĭ, I.L.; Berezin, I.V.; Martinek, K., 1984:
Chemical modification of proteins (enzymes) by water-insoluble reagents

O'Leary, M.H.; Samberg, G.A., 1971:
Chemical modification of proteins by pyrylium salts

Maeda, H., 1973:
Chemical modification of proteins in liquid ammonia--S-S bound reduction and S- alkylation

Kanaoka, Y.; Nakayama, H., 1971:
Chemical modification of proteins---organic chemical approach

Schwenke, K.D.; Rauschal, E.J.; Linow, K.J.; Pähtz, W., 1981:
Chemical modification of proteins. 7. Effect of succinylation on some physico-chemical and functional properties of casein

Proll, J.; Schwenke, K.D., 1983:
Chemical modification of proteins. Part 9: Nutritive evaluation of succinylated faba bean proteins (Vicia faba L.)

Machida, M.; Sekine, T.; Kanaoka, Y., 1974:
Chemical modification of proteins. VI. The reaction of N-(p-(2-benzimidazolyl)phenyl)maleimide (BIPM) with the thiol groups of egg albumin

Mizutani, T., 1972:
Chemical modification of pseudouridylic acid in isoeleucine transfer ribonucleic acid from Torulopsis utilis with a radioactive carbodiimide

Mizutani, T., 1972:
Chemical modification of pseudouridylic acid in valine transfer ribonucleic acid I from Torulopsis utilis with a radioactive carbodiimide

Bhagat, R.M.; Kumar, A., 1983:
Chemical modification of radiation induced changes in erythroid cells of mouse bone marrow

Grachev, M.A.; Lind, A.Y.; Seét, M.B., 1973:
Chemical modification of rat liver 5S RNA by CME-carbodiimide

Nemes, P.P.; Miljanich, G.P.; Dratz, E.A., 1982:
Chemical modification of rhodopsin with imidoesters: synthesis of reagents, membrane permeability of reagents, and modification methods

Hummel, C.F.; Gerber, B.R.; Carty, R.P., 1984:
Chemical modification of ribonuclease A with 4-arsono-2-nitrofluorobenzene

Chang, C.; Lee, C.G., 1981:
Chemical modification of ribonucleic acid. A direct study by carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Cahalan, M.D.; Pappone, P.A., 1981 :
Chemical modification of sodium channel surface charges in frog skeletal muscle by trinitrobenzene sulphonic acid

Davis, D.J.; Vieira, B.J., 1983:
Chemical modification of spinach ferredoxin with diethylpyrocarbonate: evidence for the essential nature of the histidyl residue

Sano, H.; Sunazuka, T.; Tanaka, H.; Yamashita, K.; Okachi, R.; Omura, S., 1984:
Chemical modification of spiramycins. III. Synthesis and antibacterial activities of 4''-sulfonates and 4''-alkylethers of spiramycin I

Sano, H.; Sunazuka, T.; Tanaka, H.; Yamashita, K.; Okachi, R.; Omura, S., 1984:
Chemical modification of spiramycins. IV. Synthesis and in vitro and in vivo activities of 3'',4''-diacylates and 3,3'',4''-triacylates of spriamycin I

Davies, H.S.; Hartley, R.; Schild, H.O., 1972:
Chemical modification of spleen permeability factor

Caputo, C.; Perozo, E.; Bezanilla, F., 1994:
Chemical modification of squid axon K+ channel -SH groups with the organic mercurial compound p-hydroxymercuriphenylsulfonic acid (PHMPS)

Taniyama, H.; Sawada, Y.; Tanaka, S., 1974:
Chemical modification of streptothricin group antibiotics. II. Some amino derivatives in racemomycin-A and their biological activity

Otsuki, K.; Kajiwara, N.; Hatano, H., 1970:
Chemical modification of subtilisin BPN' by 5-diazo-1-H-tetrazole

Kishimoto, S.; Sendai, M.; Tomimoto, M.; Hashiguchi, S.; Matsuo, T.; Ochiai, M., 1984:
Chemical modification of sulfazecin. Synthesis of 4-methoxycarbonyl-2-azetidinone-1-sulfonic acid derivatives

van Berkel, W.J.; Weijer, W.J.; Müller, F.; Jekel, P.A.; Beintema, J.J., 1984:
Chemical modification of sulfhydryl groups in p-hydroxybenzoate hydroxylase from Pseudomonas fluorescens. Involvement in catalysis and assignment in the sequence

Davis, R.H.; Delaney, P.; Furfine, C.S., 1973:
Chemical modification of sulfhydryl residues of rabbit triosephosphate isomerase

Furuichi, Y.; Wataya, Y.; Hayatsu, H.; Ukita, T., 1970:
Chemical modification of tRNA-Tyr-yeast with bisulfite. A new method to modify isopentenyladenosine residue

Okumura, H.; Tokushima, Y.; Saiki, I.; Azuma, I.; Kiso, M.; Hasegawa, A., 1983:
Chemical modification of the C-6 substituent in the carbohydrate moiety of N-acetylmuramoyl-L-alanyl-D-isoglutamine (MDP), and the immunoadjuvant activity

Steffens, K.; Schneider, E.; Herkenhoff, B.; Schmid, R.; Altendorf, K., 1984:
Chemical modification of the F0 part of the ATP synthase (F1F0) from Escherichia coli. Effects on proton conduction and F1 binding

Waheed, A.; Shall, S., 1971:
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Chemical pollution of the sea

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Chemical pollution of the sea by man

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Chemical principles of memory

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Chemical probes of amino acid residues affect the active sites of the glucocorticoid receptor

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Chemical processing plant. Catalytic oxidation system kills tank exhaust odors

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