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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 42562

Chapter 42562 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Balák, K.; Avratová, L.; Fuchs, V.; Pakan, J.; Vojta, M., 1974:
Clinical diagnostics of chronic toxoplasmosis during gestation

Hurtienne, H., 1972:
Clinical diagnostics of vitreous body changes of the horse

Wifenaike, W.; Wijeratne, U.; Wifesooriya, M.A., 1972:
Clinical diagnsosis of left atrial myxoma with report of a case

Girolamo, R.F.; Gaythorpe, J.V., 1984:
Clinical diaphanography--its present perspective

Crowley, D.M., 1965:
Clinical diaries... as part of the teaching-learning process

Sakakida, H., 1972:
Clinical dietetics. 2. Standard for nutritional care in diseases

Kromann, H., 1984:
Clinical dietition in general practice. The effect of dietary advice to obese patients and diabetics

Kida, M., 1970:
Clinical difference between XO Turner's syndrome and 45,X-46,XX mosaicism

Tsuboi, Y.; Tokumaru, Y.; Hirayama, K., 1995:
Clinical difference between "proximal" and "distal" type of cervical spondylotic amyotrophy

Hollister, L.E., 1974:
Clinical differences among phenothiazines in schizophrenics. Introduction: specific indications for antipsychotics: elusive end of the rainbow

Benson, D.F., 1984:
Clinical differences among types of dementia

López Nogueira, J.M., 1970:
Clinical differences between diazepam and oxazepam

Matsumoto, T., 1971:
Clinical differences between neonatal transient and neonatal persistent myasthenia gravis

Miura, T.; Suzuki, M., 1984:
Clinical differences between typical and atypical cleft hand

Protas, I.I.; Votiakov, V.I., 1971:
Clinical differences in tick-borne encephalitis in Belorussia and the Khabarovsk region

Peredo López Velarde, M.A.; de la Cabada Cortés, F.J.; Robles Romo, M.; Ayala Gaytán, J.J.; Díaz Saldaña, J., 1980:
Clinical differences in typhoid fever caused by Salmonella typhi chloramphenicol-sensitive sensitive and resistant

Carayon, A., 1980:
Clinical differences of the 2 principal types of Hansenian peripheral neuritis

Koskelo, P., 1965:
Clinical differential diagnosis of anemias

Hitzig, W.H., 1973:
Clinical differential diagnosis of fat metabolism disorders

Slezak, H., 1965:
Clinical differential diagnosis of inflammatory and degenerative changes of the posterior pole of the eye

Tümmers, H.; Weissbach, L., 1973:
Clinical differential diagnosis of kidney tumors

Chess, S., 1974:
Clinical differentiation among children with initial language complaints

Koyama, Y.; Nakazono, M.; Aikawa, A.; Marumo, K.; Shinoda, M.; Sasaki, M.; Jitsukawa, S.; Murai, M.; Tazaki, H., 1983:
Clinical differentiation between benign and malignant renal tumors

Roos, R.; Hannemann, D.; Belohradsky, B.H., 1980:
Clinical differentiation between idiopathic respiratory distress, neonatal septicemia caused by group B streptococci and septicemia caused by other pathogens

Terlikowska, M.; Marzański, M., 1995:
Clinical differentiation between lethal catatonia and neuroleptic malignant syndrome: a case report

Chmura, U.; Juzwa, E., 1967:
Clinical differentiation between poliomyelitis and other enterovirus diseases

Koshy, A.; Deshpande, J.V.; Bahl, C.M., 1984:
Clinical differentiation between portal vein thrombosis (PVT), non-cirrhotic portal fibrosis (NCPF) and cirrhosis by discriminant analysis

Bondi, E.E.; Clark, W.H., 1980:
Clinical differentiation of adult-onset cavernous angioma from nodular malignant melanoma

Meissner, W.W., 1984:
Clinical differentiation of borderline syndromes from the psychoses

Lapshin, V.N., 1971:
Clinical differentiation of litigious syndromes in relation to problems of social rehabilitation

Ebner, F.; Donath, M.; Rämsch, K.D., 1984:
Clinical differentiation of nifedipine and other calcium antagonists

Liston, E.H.; La Rue, A., 1983:
Clinical differentiation of primary degenerative and multi-infarct dementia: a critical review of the evidence. Part I: Clinical studies

Liston, E.H.; La Rue, A., 1983:
Clinical differentiation of primary degenerative and multi-infarct dementia: a critical review of the evidence. Part II: Pathological studies

Mori, K.; Yamamura, Y.; Fujita, M., 1971:
Clinical differentiation of the modes of action of muscle relaxants

Obrzut, J.E.; Thweatt, R.C., 1970:
Clinical differentiation with the spiral aftereffect technique

Benson, C., 1973:
Clinical difficulties associated with the use of hydrophilic contact lenses for therapeutic use

Aker, J., 1995:
Clinical dilemmas in neuroanesthesia

Harvey, H.S.; Dunlap, M.B., 1967:
Clinical dilemmas in the use of penicillin in streptococcal illness

Anonymous, 1971:
Clinical direction

Shields, R.; Leinster, S.J., 1993:
Clinical directorates. Guidelines for surgeons

Anonymous, 1980:
Clinical disagreement: I. How often it occurs and why

Anonymous, 1980:
Clinical disagreement: II. How to avoid it and how to learn from one's mistakes. Department of Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario

Foster, P.J., 1981:
Clinical discussion groups: verbal participation and outcomes

Okajima, M.; Abe, T.; Nagahashi, C.; Yoshihara, T.; Sugiyama, S., 1972:
Clinical discussion: dermatoglyphics of the foot of newborn infants

Kato, S.; Senda, T.; Nemoto, M.; Kaneko, K.; Magara, M., 1971:
Clinical discussion: indication for gynecologic operation and selection of methods. 4

Tanaka, K.; Ogawa, T.; Murata, H.; Nishigaki, C.; Hashiguchi, 1971:
Clinical discussion: information on genetics essential for obstetricians and gynecologists. 1

Fujii, K.; Watanabe, Y.; Watanabe, K.; Fujioka, K.; Hashiguchi, S., 1971:
Clinical discussion: practical experience in the treatment of genital hemorrhage

Gordon, I.B.; Razumov, V.V.; Baranova, M.N.; Vitenberg, S.S., 1984:
Clinical disguises of opisthorchiasis

de Lorenzo, J.L.; Orsi, R., 1973:
Clinical disinfection of carbon steel periodontal instruments

Mathur, J.G., 1984:
Clinical disorders and hyperprolactinaemia

Siegel, R.L., 1984:
Clinical disorders associated with T cell subset abnormalities

Dons, R.F.; Havlik, R.; Taylor, S.I.; Baird, K.L.; Chernick, S.S.; Gorden, P., 1983:
Clinical disorders associated with autoantibodies to the insulin receptor. Simulation by passive transfer of immunoglobulins to rats

Grunstein, H.; Clifton-Bligh, P.; Colagiuri, S.; Rushworth, R.; Robertson, S.; Wilkinson, M.; Posen, S., 1984:
Clinical disorders in patients with hyperprolactinaemia. Experience with 59 patients

Klahr, S.; Lubowitz, H., 1968:
Clinical disorders of acid-base equilibrium

Elkinton, J.R., 1966:
Clinical disorders of acid-base regulation. A survey of seventeen years' diagnostic experience

Batlle, D.C.; Kurtzman, N.A., 1984:
Clinical disorders of aldosterone metabolism

Frame, B.; Marel, G.M., 1983:
Clinical disorders of bone and mineral metabolism

Solomon, H.M., 1970:
Clinical disorders of drug interaction

Zfass, A.M.; Doyle, J.S.; Farrar, J.T., 1966:
Clinical disorders of esophageal motility

Marks, V., 1980:
Clinical disorders of gastrointestinal hormones

Hill, H.R., 1984:
Clinical disorders of leukocyte functions

Quie, P.G., 1983:
Clinical disorders of phagocyte locomotion

Schuster, L.D., 1980:
Clinical disorders of pituitary and thyroid hyperfunction

Karacan, I.; Salis, P.J.; Williams, R.L., 1973:
Clinical disorders of sleep

Corrigan, J.J.; Van Wyck, D.B.; Crosby, W.H., 1983:
Clinical disorders of splenic function: the spectrum from asplenism to hypersplenism

Bell, N.H., 1982:
Clinical disorders of vitamin D metabolism

Anonymous, 1982:
Clinical dissent: why torticollis is a chronic condition among clinical nurses

Hung, L.Y.; Wang, P.Y.; Wang, Y.; Chia, L.G., 1995:
Clinical distinction between acute hemorrhagic and acute ischemic stroke by Siriraj stroke score

Jasiński, K., 1973:
Clinical distinctness of myocardial infarction in diabetic patients

Varaldo, P.E.; Soro, O.; Grazi, G.; Biavasco, F., 1981:
Clinical distribution and antibiotic sensitivities of staphylococcal strains isolated over an eight-month period

Falls, W.F., 1982:
Clinical disturbances in phosphate metabolism

Steinberg, M.H.; Hebbel, R.P., 1983:
Clinical diversity of sickle cell anemia: genetic and cellular modulation of disease severity

Tarsitani, D.; Cenacchi, V., 1965:
Clinical documentation concerning cystic formations of the floor of the mouth and of the corpus linguae

Ferrari, V., 1971:
Clinical documentation for the registration of drugs

Tardieu, G., 1968:
Clinical documentation of cerebral palsy. Methods of evaluation and therapeutic applications

Barner, H.B.; Kaiser, G.C.; Willman, V.L.; Hanlon, C.R., 1968:
Clinical documentation of hemodynamics of the disappearing pulse

Pittaluga, F., 1970:
Clinical documentation on a new Carlo Erba powdered milk. Introduction

Andreucci, S., 1967:
Clinical documentation on the use of FEM-amide + MAM in postoperative analgesia

Fletcher, G.H., 1973:
Clinical dose response curves of human malignant epithelial tumours

Fletcher, G.H., 1972:
Clinical dose-response curve of subclinical aggregates of epithelial cells

Mandel'tsvaig, Y.B., 1968:
Clinical dosimeter detectors for ionizing radiation based on semiconductor photoelectric transducers

Pavlov, A.S.; Titova, V.A.; Fondorka, M.P.; Nikologorskiĭ, A.V., 1980:
Clinical dosimetric aspects of the radiation therapy of endometrial cancer

Afanas'ev, B.P.; Kozlov, A.P.; Luk'ianov, V.P.; Rotenberg, M.Z.; Simbirtseva, L.P., 1974:
Clinical dosimetric studies of tissue heterogeneity in the pelvic area with irradiation on the Rokus and B5M-25 machines

Talairach, J.; Schaub, C.; Szikla, G.; Bonis, A.; Takeda, A., 1968:
Clinical dosimetry and long-term therapeutic results in Cushing's disease

Krongauz, A.N., 1970:
Clinical dosimetry and radiation technology

Furetta, C., 1982:
Clinical dosimetry and thermoluminescence

Chopp, M.; Portnoy, H.D.; Schurig, R.; Croissant, P., 1980:
Clinical dosimetry during cerebral arteriography

Feng, N.Y., 1983:
Clinical dosimetry in radiotherapy--basic radiation dosage

Baroncelli, G.; Feroldi, P.; Frata, P., 1980:
Clinical dosimetry in radium 226 and iridium 192 interstitial therapy of oral tongue cancer

Paquay, J.; Arnould, F.; Burton, P.; Piersotte, J.; Puffet, E.; Tinant, M., 1965:
Clinical double blind study of a geriatric combination, UCB 8262 or Geratar

Kneist, W.; Hempel, B.; Borelli, S., 1995:
Clinical double-blind trial of topical zinc sulfate for herpes labialis recidivans

Rowles, B.; Worthen, D.B., 1982:
Clinical drug information: a case of misinformation

Engelbart, S., 1983:
Clinical drug testing in the United States

Buschmann, G., 1972:
Clinical drug tests in swine

Hill, A.J., 1970:
Clinical drug trials. An appraisal of presentations in two medical journals

Oyer, P.E.; Miller, D.C.; Stinson, E.B.; Reitz, B.A.; Moreno-Cabral, R.J.; Shumway, N.E., 1980:
Clinical durability of the Hancock porcine bioprosthetic valve

Ionescu, M.I.; Smith, D.R.; Hasan, S.S.; Chidambaram, M.; Tandon, A.P., 1982:
Clinical durability of the pericardial xenograft valve: ten years experience with mitral replacement

Beloev, I.; Popova, V.; Kaloianova, A.; Orbetsov, M.; Tsolov, T., 1981:
Clinical dynamic ECG observations of the physical load tolerance of myocardial infarct patients

Trifonov, O.A., 1970:
Clinical dynamics of a pathocharacter personality development of affective-excitative form in children and adolescents

Kalachev, B.P.; Darenskiĭ, I.D., 1983:
Clinical dynamics of hypochondriacal disorders and mechanisms of their reversal during psychotherapy

Zhukovskaia, N.S., 1970:
Clinical dynamics of reactive conditions in the form of a phobic syndrome in children and adolescents

Molodetskikh, V.A., 1967:
Clinical dynamics of the reactive paranoid

Ledenev, B.A., 1981:
Clinical dynamics of the sthenic variant of developing schizoid (autistic) psychopathy

Catena, E., 1971:
Clinical dynamism of chronic bronchopneumopathies

Storozhakov, G.I.; Vereshchagina, G.S.; Malysheva, N.V., 1985:
Clinical echocardiography characteristics of cardiac myxomas

Rasmussen, S.; Corya, B.C., 1984:
Clinical echocardiography in acquired heart disease

Corya, B.C.; Rasmussen, S., 1981:
Clinical echocardiography: ten most useful patterns

Reiher, J., 1972:
Clinical echoencephalography

Kawabata, H.; Uchida, H., 1967:
Clinical echography in ophthalmology

Preisová, J.; Riebel, O.; Svacinová, J., 1973:
Clinical echography in orbital diseases

Randolph, T.G., 1966:
Clinical ecology as it affects the psychiatric patient

Tenholder, M.F., 1995:
Clinical economics through the kaleidoscope

Swintosky, J.V., 1973:
Clinical education and practice in pharmacy

Acha, P.N., 1965:
Clinical education in Latin American and developing countries

Anderson, C.T.; Sawner, K.A., 1972:
Clinical education in the nursing home setting. Preliminary report

Yamada, J.K.; Montague, E.C., 1984:
Clinical education model for staff training in orthopedic manual therapy

Stevens, B.J., 1981:
Clinical education of nurse students: an overlooked element

Lapointe, G.G., 1972:
Clinical education of outpost nurses

Kawashima, M., 1970:
Clinical education of students in the outpatient clinic

Burke, J.F., 1980:
Clinical education opportunities in Europe

Frierson, E.C., 1967:
Clinical education procedures in the treatment of learning disabilities

Canales, M., 1994:
Clinical education: a caring approach

Ramsden, E.L.; Dervitz, H.L., 1972:
Clinical education: interpersonal foundations

Greathouse, J.S., 1980:
Clinical education: our hope for the future

Abruzzese, R., 1994:
Clinical educator and resource

Sil'vestrov, V.P.; Konstantinova, I.V.; Koroleva, N.V.; Reznikov, I.P.; Guseva, O.A., 1981:
Clinical effect and changes in the indices of immune reactivity in patients with protracted pneumonia treated with levamisole

Miasnikov, L.A.; Krasnikov, I.A.; Nikolaeva, E.N.; Grigor'iants, R.A., 1967:
Clinical effect and hemodynamic changes during the use of Inderal

Ishihara, K.; Hayasaka, K.; Yamamoto, A., 1983:
Clinical effect and histopathologic observation of malignant melanoma by intratumoral administration of HuIFN- beta

Zañartu, J.; Rodriguez-Moore, G.; Pupkin, M.; Rosenberg, D.; Davansens, A.; Guerrero, R.; Rodriguez-Bravo, R.; Garcia-Huidobro, M.; Puga, J.A., 1968:
Clinical effect and mechanism of action in the continuous oral therapy using microdosis of chlormadinone acetate for the control of human fertility

Takata, N.; Yamada, T.; Kubota, T.; Kaneko, T., 1983:
Clinical effect and transfer into the wound exudate of cefroxadine used in the treatment of soft tissue infection

Matsuura, H.; Watanabe, T.; Kurimoto, S., 1969:
Clinical effect of 2-mercaptopropionyl-glycine (Thiola) for senile cataract

Tazaki, Y.; Omae, T.; Kuromaru, S.; Ohtomo, E.; Hasegawa, K.; Mori, A.; Kurihara, M.; Kutsusawa, N.; Okada, T., 1980:
Clinical effect of Encephabol (pyritinol) in the treatment of cerebrovascular disorders

Seki, M., 1970:
Clinical effect of Epimestrol (Org. 817

Nishimura, T.; Sugimoto, O.; Mori, T.; Yogo, I., 1969:
Clinical effect of F 6066 on ovulation

Imura, R.; Iyanaga, T.; Baba, K.; Hirose, T.; Mihara, T., 1968:
Clinical effect of Intensain for ischemic heart disease

Matsuo, S.; Tsuchida, S., 1980:
Clinical effect of KW-1062 on chronic complicated urinary tract infection

Maekawa, A., 1967:
Clinical effect of Kasugamycin on urinary tract infections due to Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Sato, G.; Ito, H.; Handa, Y.; Takahashi, I.; Iijima, K., 1971:
Clinical effect of L-DOPA and electromyographic study of Parkinsonism

Ishigami, J.; Kuroda, K., 1969:
Clinical effect of PPC for the palliative treatment of benign prostatic hypertrophy

Kimura, M.; Koida, T.; Fukuda, T., 1983:
Clinical effect of Peplomycin on recurrent breast cancer

Saito, H.; Ri, D.; Iizuka, T.; Yukawa, 1969:
Clinical effect of Transamin in otorhinolaryngology--by double blind methods

Iwasawa, T., 1967:
Clinical effect of Transamin, an antiplasmin agent, in otorhinolaryngology

Asahi, T.; Matsumura, Y.; Ozaki, Y.; Yoshimoto, J.; Kaneshige, T.; Kumon, H.; Tsushima, T.; Ohmori, H., 1982:
Clinical effect of UFT on bladder cancer

Masuda, F.; Arai, Y.; Tashiro, K.; Machida, T., 1984:
Clinical effect of UFT on urogenital tumors

Konno, K.; Oizumi, K.; Hayashi, I., 1970:
Clinical effect of Viccillin Meiji (mixture of aminobenzyl-penicillin and methylchlorophenyl isoxazolyl-penicillin)

Kunida, H.; Hatake, S.; Okamoto, M., 1974:
Clinical effect of a beta receptor blockader, oxprenolol, in hypertension--its relationship with renin-aldosterone activities

Baba, S.; Wada, K.; Hatano, T.; Kinoshita, H.; Sugimori, H.; Sasaki, T.; Miyano, K.; Maruyama, H.; Takimoto, I.; Inafuku, S., 1983:
Clinical effect of a cephalosporin derivative, cefotiam, on otorhinolaryngologic infections

D'Amico, G.; Romagnoni, M.; Scatolini, G.; Piane, C.; Castelluccio, A.; Cammi, L.; Rovelli, E., 1968:
Clinical effect of a new saluretic drug: ethacrynic acid

Sato, Y.; Mitsumoto, S., 1969:
Clinical effect of a new synthetic lipid medium-chain triglyceride

Takahashi, H.; Yoshida, K.; Matsuda, T.; Komatsu, H.; Toyoda, K.; Morita, M.; Nuka, O.; Sera, N., 1981:
Clinical effect of acetylspiramycin on primary atypical pneumonia in children

Du, J.Z., 1983 :
Clinical effect of amikacin. Report of 31 cases

Ono, T.; Takahara, H.; So, T., 1970:
Clinical effect of aminobenzyl penicillin (Pentrex 'Banyu') in puerperal infections

Takahashi, T., 1968:
Clinical effect of aminobenzyl penicillin (cilleral) injection in gall bladder diseases

Drago, J.R.; Santen, R.J.; Lipton, A.; Worgul, T.J.; Harvey, H.A.; Boucher, A.; Manni, A.; Rohner, T.J., 1984:
Clinical effect of aminoglutethimide, medical adrenalectomy, in treatment of 43 patients with advanced prostatic carcinoma

Nakauchi, K.; Shimada, K., 1974:
Clinical effect of ampicillin-dicloxacillin combination in chronic complicated urinary tract infections

Mizutani, A.; Takagi, K.; Horiba, M., 1974:
Clinical effect of ampicillin-dicloxacillin combination in respiratory infections of chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases

Linquette, M.; Fossati, P.; Luez, G., 1967:
Clinical effect of an equilibrating neuro and cardio sedative drug

Okumura, H.; Kim, S.; Kodaka, S., 1966:
Clinical effect of ananase for stagnation mastitis

Schaller, K., 1970:
Clinical effect of beta receptor blockader in angina pectoris caused by coronary sclerosis

Trifunović, S., 1984:
Clinical effect of beta-adrenergic blockers in the treatment of hypertension with regard to a decrease in peripheral resistance

Bekki, E.; Abe, H.; Sawada, Y.; Hashimoto, I.; Nakamura, T.; Mikami, J.; Kasai, Y.; Nakanishi, M., 1983:
Clinical effect of cefmenoxime on cholecystitis; its clinical efficacy and tissue concentration

Chimura, T.; Morisaki, N.; Goto, T.; Inoue, K.; Funayama, T., 1983:
Clinical effect of cefotetan against infectious diseases in obstetrics and gynaecology

Nakashima, T.; Makishima, K.; Toriya, Y.; Murata, Y.; Watanabe, H.; Kannae, S., 1983:
Clinical effect of cefotiam on otorhinolaryngologic infections

Aikawa, T.; Noguchi, S.; Fujimoto, N.; Mizushima, H.; Shibata, N.; Tomita, N.; Horii, A., 1983:
Clinical effect of cefroxadine on surgical infections

Masuda, F.; Minami, T., 1970:
Clinical effect of cephalexin for urinary tract infection

Idegami, K.; Mori, K.; Ikei, S.; Yamane, T.; Katabuchi, S.; Ichihara, T.; Sakamoto, K.; Morinaga, H.; Kanamitsu, T.; Beppu, T., 1984:
Clinical effect of cephems: cefoperazone in the treatment of postoperative infections

Tsukamura, M.; Inoue, T.; Kuwahara, T.; Yoshimoto, K.; Nakajima, N., 1981:
Clinical effect of chemotherapy including minocycline on lung infection due to Mycobacterium avium-Mycobacterium intracellulare

Kawamura, M.; Iwasaki, H.; Morishita, M.; Watanabe, T.; Makishima, T.; Maekawa, K.; Iwamoto, Y., 1983:
Clinical effect of chlorhexidine paste using an applicator on periodontal disease

Ogawa, Y.; Kimura, S.; Imajo, Y.; Hamada, F.; Inomata, T.; Ichiyanagi, A.; Miyaji, C.; Imanaka, K.; Oshitani, T.; Takashima, H.; Ohbayashi, K.; Takada, Y.; Kono, M., 1981:
Clinical effect of concomitant use of PSK on 121 cases of primary lung cancer (stage III, IV) treated with radiation combined with chemotherapy

Haider, A.; Miller, D.R.; Christenson, J.L.; Cushing, A.G.; Station, R.D., 1995:
Clinical effect of converting antidepressant therapy from fluoxetine to sertraline

Trendelenburg, F., 1970:
Clinical effect of cycloserine on cavity-size, frequency of improvement with remarks on control of side effects

Okumura, H.; Kim, S., 1965:
Clinical effect of dactil-OB as an uterine relaxant

Ikeda, K.; Hikima, T.; Kusunoki, K.; Watanabe, Y.; Ohara, M.; Fujihashi, H.; Shimojima, T.; Kurihashi, Y.; Maekawa, K.; Shimojima, T.; Kurihashi, Y., 1982:
Clinical effect of dentifrice containing dl-alpha-Tocopheryl nicotinate

Nichizen, K., 1969:
Clinical effect of dimorpholamin (Théraptique, 1064 TH) injection in vertigo and nystagmus

Itatsu, H., 1969:
Clinical effect of dipyridamole indicated by the prognosis of myocardial infarction

Oshima, Y., 1970:
Clinical effect of disodium cromoglycate in bronchial asthma--nationwide statistics in Japan

Perna, G.; Garimoldi, M.; Scarpazza, G., 1968:
Clinical effect of doxicycline in chronic and acute aspecific bronchopathies in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

Kotani, N., 1968:
Clinical effect of flucort ointment on eczema

Ookita, K.; Matsumoto, T., 1970:
Clinical effect of furadantin C on urological infection

Ezaki, K.; Okabe, K.; Domyo, M.; Abe, K.; Ogawa, M., 1982:
Clinical effect of human fibroblast interferon on malignant cancer. (2) Immunological study of the patients under treatment

Yoshida, M.; Ohta, M.; Muroi, K.; Takeda, K.; Kitagawa, S.; Tsuboyama, A.; Sakamoto, S.; Miura, Y.; Mutoh, Y., 1984:
Clinical effect of human lymphoblastoid interferon in patients with multiple myeloma

Romano, A.; Ladizensky, E.; Guarari-Rotman, D.; Revel, M., 1981:
Clinical effect of human-fibroblast-derived (Beta) interferon in treatment of adeno-virus epidemic keratoconjunctivitis and its complications

Romano, A.; Ladizensky, E.; Guarari-Rotman, D.; Revel, M., 1983:
Clinical effect of human-fibroblast-derived (beta) interferon in treatment of adeno-virus epidemic keratoconjunctivitis and its complication

Pacek, A.; Czyżewski, Ł.; Saran, M.; Wyzgał, J.; Szarpak, Ł., 2018:
24-hour Arterial Stiffness Monitoring in Kidney Transplant Recipients in the Early Postoperative Period

Nagai, M.; Arai, T., 1984:
Clinical effect of interferon in malignant brain tumours

Klemp, P.; Crone, P.; Nielsen, H.V.; Bojsen-Møller, J., 1981:
Clinical effect of intra-arterial insufflation of CO2 in the treatment of arterial insufficiency in the lower limbs

Nakamura, T.; Hashimoto, I.; Sawada, Y.; Mikami, J.; Nishindai, H.; Nakanishi, Y.; Kasai, Y., 1983:
Clinical effect of intramuscular injection of cefpiramide in infections associated with surgery

Abe, T.; Matsuda, J.; Kawasugi, K.; Yoshimura, Y.; Kinoshita, T.; Kazama, M., 1983:
Clinical effect of intravenous immunoglobulin on chronic idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura

Tsuji, Y.; Tomita, M., 1970:
Clinical effect of intravenous injection of potassium hetacillin (Versapen 'Bristol') on pre- and post-operative infections

Pedersen, C.B.; Sorensen, H., 1970:
Clinical effect of labyrinthectomy

Takimoto, M.; Oka, T.; Yoshioka, H.; Tsuchida, A.; Sanae, N.; Maruyama, S., 1983:
Clinical effect of latamoxef on newborn and premature infants

Toda, H., 1974:
Clinical effect of lividomycin on gonorrhea and lividomycin sensitivity of gonococci

Masaki, K.; Hattori, H.; Shimada, T.; Ota, M.; Kawagoe, F., 1970:
Clinical effect of local anesthetic agent, hexylcaine

Niijima, T.; Koiso, K.; Ueno, A.; Kawabe, K.; Umeda, T.; Kobayashi, K.; Akaza, H., 1982:
Clinical effect of long-term administration of PSK in a combination in patients with malignant urologic cancer

Motohiro, T.; Tanaka, K.; Koga, T.; Shimada, Y.; Tomita, N.; Sakata, Y.; Fujimoto, T.; Nishiyama, T.; Nakajima, T.; Ishimoto, K.; Tominaga, K.; Yamashita, F.; Watari, H.; Takajo, N.; Araki, H.; Kawano, Y.; Imai, S.; Yuasa, T.; Tanaka, Y.; Tsugawa, S.; Nagayama, K.; Yamamoto, M.; Komatsu, R.; Tanaka, C.; Yukizane, S.; Haraguchi, K.; Matsuo, H.; Ohta, M.; Kubota, K.; Shibuya, Y.; Oki, S., 1982:
Clinical effect of midecamycin acetate on whooping cough

Takimoto, Y.; Kitamura, K.; Fuse, T.; Kawazoe, K.; Hirano, D.; Amagai, T.; Kiyotaki, S., 1983:
Clinical effect of new alpha-adrenergic blocker on micturition disturbance of neurogenic bladder and lower urinary tract obstruction

Dłuźniewski, M.; Lada, W.; Raczkowska, A.; Mamcarz, A.; Podogrodzka, B.; Swiatowiec, A.; Jurgiel, R.; Sitkiewicz, W.; Pawińska, M., 1994 :
Clinical effect of nitrates (Olicard 40) and their influence on deforming of erythrocytes against the background of 24-hour catecholaminuria

Kaneko, J.; Takaishi, N.; Ida, H.; Abe, H.; Hosaka, M., 1969:
Clinical effect of nitrazepam on psychoneurosis with insomnia

Fabri, P.J.; Mirtallo, J.M.; Ebbert, M.L.; Kudsk, K.A.; Powell, C.; Ruberg, R.L., 1984:
Clinical effect of nonthrombotic total parenteral nutrition catheters

Miura, M.; Nakagawa, K.; Oyamatsu, T.; Noda, M.; Fukutani, K., 1970:
Clinical effect of oral cephalosporin C (cephalexin and cephaloglycin) and ampicillin upon acute cystitis: A study by double blind method

Murakami, M.; Murakami, E.; Takekoshi, J.; Hayase, S.; Shintani, H., 1973:
Clinical effect of oxprenolol in angina pectoris: comparison with a placebo and propranolol by double blind assay

Kubo, A., 1967:
Clinical effect of padrin on gastrointestinal diseases

Wada, H.; Mine, T.; Kawada, W., 1965:
Clinical effect of pimaricin on vaginal candidiasis (second clinical experiments)

Watanabe, S., 1968:
Clinical effect of pyrolnitrin ointment on superficial trichophytia

Zhang, K.Y., 1982:
Clinical effect of restoration of lost upper front teeth with titanium screw implants

Kadake, K.; Fukumoto, K.; Chikayasu, I.; Kawai, K.; Ida, K., 1973:
Clinical effect of rhubarb and glycyrrhiza extract tablets on constipation

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Clinical evaluation of 131-I-BSP retention in the blood 10 minutes after injection of 20 micro Ci

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Clinical evaluation of 2 preparations for the therapy of premenstrual syndrome

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Clinical evaluation of 3 per cent 2-chloroprocaine as an agent for epidural anesthesia--comparative study with 2 per cent xylocaine by using double-blind method

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Clinical evaluation of 6059-S in children, particularly in the treatment of bacterial meningitis

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Clinical evaluation of 67Ga-citrate scintigraphy for pulmonary carcinomas

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Clinical evaluation of 745 cases of primary lung carcinoma

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Clinical evaluation of Gallium scintigraphy based on questionnaires

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Clinical evaluation of HF 2159 in psychiatric therapy

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Clinical evaluation of Indocid in treatment of acute painful syndromes of radicular origin

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Clinical evaluation of Indocid. Observations gathered from several rheumatological centers

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Clinical evaluation of Intal in the treatment of atopic bronchial asthma (double-blind study)

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Clinical evaluation of Intenkordin

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Clinical evaluation of Isopast for filling defects in dental hard tissues

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Clinical evaluation of Konsul cortisol RIA kit as a method of serum cortisol estimation.

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Clinical evaluation of L-asparaginase. Introduction

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Clinical evaluation of Morfolep

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Clinical evaluation of Mysteclin F

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Clinical evaluation of Noveril in the treatment of depressive syndromes

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Clinical evaluation of Nuva-Fil

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Clinical evaluation of Ovestin in the treatment of climacteric disorders

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Clinical evaluation of P32 in cancer of the prostate

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Clinical evaluation of Pasta drug, ACESS-A, on gingivitis and marginal periodontitis by a double blind method

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Clinical evaluation of Pentrex (aminobenzyl penicillin) in the urinary tract infections

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Clinical evaluation of Peptichemio in some hemoblastoses and solid tumors

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Clinical evaluation of Peridontone ointment for topical treatment of oral mucosa erosions and small ulcerations

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Clinical evaluation of Polyvaccine vaccine administered orally in treatment of eye diseases

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Clinical evaluation of Prednisol plus

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Clinical evaluation of Profenid

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Clinical evaluation of Proscillaridin A, a glycoside of Scilla maritima

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Clinical evaluation of Prosta-caps

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Clinical evaluation of Provasan

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Clinical evaluation of Pseudomonas hyperimmune globulin

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Clinical evaluation of Pseudomonas hyperimmune globulin and plasma

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Clinical evaluation of Quilil

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Clinical evaluation of Remantadine in the treatment of influenza

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Clinical evaluation of Rhytmodan in heart rhythm disorders

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Clinical evaluation of Rifampicin in pulmonary tuberculosis. 1. A preliminary study. The results of Rifampicin treatment for advanced pulmonary tuberculosis resistant to conventional antituberculous drugs

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Clinical evaluation of Rifampicin in pulmonary tuberculosis. 2. A controlled trial on the clinical effects of chemotherapy with Rifampicin-INH-PAS and SM-INH-PAS for treatment of original cases of pulmonary tuberculosis

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Clinical evaluation of Rigevidon used for contraception

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Clinical evaluation of SE 1520 in the treatment of hypertension

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Clinical evaluation of SKF-14336 in the treatment of psychosis associated with organic brain syndrome

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Clinical evaluation of SPG (schizophyllan) as a therapeutic adjuvant after surgery of gastric cancer--controlled study by an envelope method

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Clinical evaluation of Salmonella carriers

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Clinical evaluation of Sedyn-A-forte, an analgesic injection containing analgin, diphenhydramine and diazepam

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Clinical evaluation of Sephadex gel filtration in estimation of bilirubin binding in serum in neonatal jaundice

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Clinical evaluation of Shearing's chamber lens

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Clinical evaluation of Silubin-retard

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Clinical evaluation of Sinequan

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Clinical evaluation of Sorbitol

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Clinical evaluation of T-1982 (cefbuperazone) in the pediatric infections

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Clinical evaluation of T1-201 myocardial ECT by a rotating gamma camera

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Clinical evaluation of T3 uptake (MAA)-test

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Clinical evaluation of TBG concentration measured with radioimmunoassay kit

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Clinical evaluation of TSH receptor antibodies in Graves' disease

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Clinical evaluation of Tc-99m-E-HIDA as a hepatobiliary imaging agent

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Clinical evaluation of Tegafur suppository in the treatment of uterine cancer--with special reference to the drug concentration in the blood, secretion from the pelvic dead space, and tissues of female genital organs

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Clinical evaluation of Teronac (mazindol) in the treatment of obesity in children. Part II. Anorectic properties and side effects

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Clinical evaluation of UNB 3-state myoelectric control for arm prostheses

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Clinical evaluation of Ubretid for various types of esotropia

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Clinical evaluation of Ubretid on neurogenic bladder dysfunction and on high serum beta-glucuronidase

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Clinical evaluation of Urocalun in urolithiasis

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Clinical evaluation of Vibramycin and Vibravenous in obstetrics and gynecology

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Clinical evaluation of Vibravenous (doxicillin) preparation in obstetrics and gynecology

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Clinical evaluation of WIN AM13146 in intestinal amebiasis

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Clinical evaluation of Wintomylon (nalidixic acid) in the urinary tract infections

Anonymous, 1981:
Clinical evaluation of Yamacillin 250mg in dental infections

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Clinical evaluation of Zaditen syrup in the treatment of children with bronchial asthma

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Clinical evaluation of Zwislocki acoustic bridge (in normal, otosclerotic and stapedectomised ears)

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Clinical evaluation of a 51Cr-labeled red blood cell survival test for in vivo blood compatibility testing

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Clinical evaluation of a 99m-Tc-DTPA solution

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Clinical evaluation of a S 30 dentifrice on periodontal disease using the double blind method

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Clinical evaluation of a Soviet bacterial filter

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Clinical evaluation of a Staphylococcus aureus bacterin (polyvalent somatic antigen)

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Clinical evaluation of a benzodiazepine derivative (oxazepam) in neuroses

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Clinical evaluation of a bitewing film holder

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Clinical evaluation of a bleomycin-group antitumor antibiotic bleomycetin

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Clinical evaluation of a butyrophenone derivative, methylperidol, in 40 cases of schizophrenia and other psychoses

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Clinical evaluation of a cancer antigen, CA 125, associated with ovarian cancer. I. Technical investigation and the reference value

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Clinical evaluation of a cation-exchange resin (calcium Serdolit) in the treatment and prevention of hyperkalemia

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Clinical evaluation of a combat restorative material: one year results

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Clinical evaluation of a complex ophthalmic solution containing colistin, chloramphenicol and chondroitin sulfate, with special reference to the latest bacteriological findings of suppurative lesions of the eye

Gentile, D.E., 1980 :
Clinical evaluation of a computerized dialysate-delivery system

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Clinical evaluation of a condensation product of metakresol-sulfonic acid with formaldehyde (Albothyl) in therapy of chronic cervicitis

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Clinical evaluation of a cytological method used in the determination of fetal hemoglobin

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Clinical evaluation of a depth electroencephalography electrode

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Clinical evaluation of a derivative of 6-beta-amidino penicillanic acid (preparation HX) in urinary tract infections

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Clinical evaluation of a desensitizing toothpaste

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Clinical evaluation of a disposable microenema

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Clinical evaluation of a dry socket dressing for postextraction pain

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Clinical evaluation of a dual sensor, rate responsive pacemaker

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Clinical evaluation of a femoral compression method for ischemic legs by transcutaneous oxygen tension measurement

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Clinical evaluation of a flat-plate membrane plasma exchange system

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Clinical evaluation of a fribrinolytic drug in an experimental cross-over study

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Clinical evaluation of a gingival massage agent (LPD) on gingivitis and marginal periodontitis using a double blind method

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Clinical evaluation of a glass-ionomer cement used as class Ii restorative material in primary molars

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Clinical evaluation of a group of epileptics treated with A-124