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Comparative studies on the biochemical properties, phage relationships and antigenic structure of S. aureus strains isolated from sheep

Vitkov, M.; Ivanov, P.; Gogov, I.

Veterinarno-Meditsinski Nauki 19(5): 34-39


ISSN/ISBN: 0324-1068
PMID: 6891139
Accession: 042614132

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Defined were the biochemical, phage, and antigenic properties of a total of 104 strains of S. aureus of the udder. It was found that by their biochemical behaviour 85 of the strains corresponded to var. ovis. Phage typing showed that the strains were lyzed in a highest percent by phages of groups IV and M. Dominating were the 42D/78/107/119 and 78 phages. Studies revealed that the strains were antigenically homogenic. Antigens h2 and k1k2 were characteristic of S. aureus var. ovis.

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