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Comparison of the hypotensive and metabolic effects of metoprolol therapy with a high fibre, low sodium, low fat diet in hypertensive type 2 diabetic subjects

Pacy, P.J.; Dodson, P.M.; Kubicki, A.J.; Fletcher, R.F.; Taylor, K.G.

Diabetes Research 1(4): 201-207


ISSN/ISBN: 0265-5985
PMID: 6099231
Accession: 042626757

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The clinical and biochemical response over a 3 month trial period of 21 hypertensive diabetics who were given metoprolol, 200 mg twice daily, have been compared to an age, sex, blood pressure, known duration of diabetes and diabetic treatment matched group who were treated with a high cereal fibre, low sodium and low fat diet. Both treatment groups had a significant reduction of systolic (p less than 0.001 on the diet; p less than 0.02 on metoprolol) and diastolic blood pressure (p less than 0.001 respectively). On metoprolol the heart rate significantly decreased throughout the study (p less than 0.001). Only the modified diet was accompanied with a reduction of mean glycosylated haemoglobin (p less than 0.01) and weight (p less than 0.001). By the end of the study mean serum triglyceride level was lower in the diet treated group (p less than 0.05) compared to the metoprolol group. In hyperlipidaemic patients only dietary therapy significantly decreased mean serum triglyceride (p less than 0.02) and glycosylated haemoglobin (p less than 0.001). We conclude that although both treatments had a similar hypotensive response only the modified diet beneficially influenced other cardiovascular risk factors. These data suggest that this diet might be considered an alternative to metoprolol in hypertensive diabetic patients.

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